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  • Just not enough time in the day

    8/5/2016 9:54:13 AM, by RLKARMAN

    I admit it, I'm a recovering perfectionist! However, I made strides last night when I turned in an unfinished research paper (due by midnight). A... Read more

  • Tilapia Oreganato

    8/5/2016 9:44:05 AM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, Have you got your omega 3's today? Well then here they are! Take a peek! Read more

  • How Do I Stop This?

    8/4/2016 9:38:36 PM, by CRYSALLIS1

    How do I stop my daily cycle of over eating & procrastinating? I can talk a good talk & I believe in m... Read more

  • I have quit looking for me in certain places ... it's about time !!

    8/4/2016 5:57:23 PM, by MOMMABEAR121

    When adversity strikes, whether it be loss of your job, an illness, a natural disaster or when you take a big hit that really knocks you off your... Read more


    8/4/2016 10:12:17 AM, by WHITEANGEL4

    Well we are waiting on this and that. No answers. No set pattern to follow. This drives me insane. I am one m that likes to have all my ducks... Read more

  • Bobbing Up and Down

    8/4/2016 10:10:19 AM, by GAILRUU

    Those 10 pound marks are really difficult for me to get past. I am not sure if it is physiological or psychological. I am very close to my goal... Read more

  • Papaya Salad

    8/4/2016 9:05:15 AM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, Go on out the back door and on that tree over there you will find one of these to make some of this! Take a peek! Read more


    8/3/2016 3:48:06 PM, by WHITEANGEL4

    Well we are waiting for information on our closing date. One person gives us one date and then when I called our mortgage people they gave me a ... Read more

  • Spiced Tea

    8/3/2016 9:15:30 AM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, Time for a TALL glass of this! Take a peek! Read more


    8/2/2016 9:04:09 PM, by WHITEANGEL4

    Well yesterday I was on my way to the shop,when I had to turn around and take care of the insurance on our home. I got there today and was busy ... Read more

  • Breakfast suggestions?

    8/2/2016 9:37:59 AM, by GODWITHINME

    It seems that breakfast is always one I have an issue with. I end up eating nothing at all. It is so hot, oatmeal is out for me & most cereals ar... Read more

  • Blueberry Watermelon Limeade Ice Pops

    8/2/2016 1:56:32 AM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, Guess what? I am going to cool you down! Take a peek! Read more


    8/1/2016 3:44:52 PM, by WHITEANGEL4

    Well I hope all this run NJ Ing around ends up in our closing next week. We first heard our closing is on the 19th so Hubby went to work and sch... Read more

  • PS baby bee-hives arrived

    8/1/2016 3:33:33 PM, by MIMULUSBUG

    just had to let you know our baby bee hives arrived! Chris/hubby & I are so excited!!!! -mim... Read more

  • FYI - We received $1500 grant award!

    8/1/2016 3:30:56 PM, by MIMULUSBUG

    Despite all my frustration working on WV Humanities Council mini-grant, I am happy to report that we: (Monroe County Historical Society, WV) rece... Read more

  • 8/1

    8/1/2016 2:05:28 PM, by ALOVEBEAM

    oatmeal with apples, hemp, flax, almond milk handfull of deluxe nuts cobb salad with handful of fries... Read more

  • Goat Cheese

    8/1/2016 1:23:28 PM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, Are you out of cheese? Well then let's make some! Take a peek! Read more

  • Run Day One - I did it

    8/1/2016 10:43:07 AM, by SHIRE33

    I've been wanting to do this all summer and today I finally just did it. Went to the bike trail and got my first run in. /happy dance/ I'm u... Read more


    7/31/2016 9:29:15 PM, by WHITEANGEL4

    We opened the market today. We left early as we were going to,St Augustine to pick up some things I had ordered. We also went by to Eat at one ... Read more

  • Weight loss but issues

    7/31/2016 4:44:58 PM, by TYMBERWOLFE

    Well. I lost about a pound and a half this week , I am proud of that. The last week was a long one but nothing compared to the one c... Read more

  • Lost pup - ABQ area

    7/31/2016 10:52:35 AM, by RLKARMAN

    In case any of my fellow ABQ team members are out and about, we're looking for a pup... you can call 505.264.8758 if you find him (his name is Ba... Read more

  • The Last Day of July

    7/31/2016 10:07:43 AM, by GAILRUU

    Tomorrow is weigh in day at WW and I am hoping to be back to my pre camping trip weight. My goal for August will be to get to my goal and back t... Read more

  • Cucumber Soup

    7/31/2016 9:27:01 AM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, Head on out to your garden for this yummy and not to mention HEALTHY recipe! Take a peek! Read more

  • Enjoy the journey - milestones matter

    7/31/2016 8:24:42 AM, by SHIRE33

    Today I hit 209, which is a nice number because it means I have less than 10 pounds to go to be back in Onderland. I dropped 1.8 pounds this week... Read more

  • Low Calorie Coleslaw

    7/30/2016 8:34:12 AM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, Oh, your going on a picnic you say? Well then do not forget this! Take a peek! Read more

  • Feeling good!

    7/29/2016 1:57:53 PM, by GODWITHINME

    I am wearing an outfit that I couldn't fit into a month ago & I feel great! It really motivates me when that happens. ☺... Read more


    7/29/2016 10:15:10 AM, by WHITEANGEL4

    Well, I am up and out of here. I shop We greens for most of our household items. I am not a Walmart person, so I coupon, watch for sales at Way... Read more

  • Goat Cheese Penne With Arugula

    7/29/2016 9:48:51 AM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, I just love goat cheese or any cheese for that matter and penne, YUM! With arugula? That's even better yet! Take a peek! Read more

  • Good Morning

    7/29/2016 9:05:21 AM, by LILMOMMA356

    Have an Awesome day... Read more

  • Finally

    7/29/2016 12:27:13 AM, by SHERRYE2014

    Woo hoo! I finally budged the scale. I didn't think it would happen. Since May, I have lost 9 lbs. The last 6 lbs have been this month. I just ho... Read more

  • 7/28

    7/28/2016 9:35:30 PM, by ALOVEBEAM

    Inlet hash brown French toast Quocmole Tortilla... Read more

  • Chores can burn calories!

    7/28/2016 9:09:03 PM, by GODWITHINME

    Though I didn't get any exercise in today. I was busy running errands & kept my pace quick. Then did some yard work & gardening which is always f... Read more

  • Cactus Pear Salad

    7/28/2016 9:48:34 AM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, A simple lunch idea for a hot and humid day as today! Take a peek! Read more


    7/28/2016 9:09:36 AM, by WHITEANGEL4

    Well today is Coco ' s spa,day so we are off. I think I am taking a day off from working in the house. I am tired of this and have so far to go... Read more

  • Good Morning

    7/28/2016 6:57:48 AM, by LILMOMMA356

    Hope everyone has a great day...... Read more

  • FINALLY...Progress

    7/27/2016 10:00:41 PM, by EMBRACINGHAPPY

    Well, at last I have something new to report. I have been on Spark since Feb. 4th, 2016 (so over 5 months), and I started losing weight in Sept 2... Read more

  • What makes a good day?

    7/27/2016 6:29:47 PM, by GODWITHINME

    Eating the right foods for my body, getting in a good workout, & then being good to myself & getting 10 minutes in a hydromassage. Plus, I have h... Read more

  • July 26

    7/27/2016 5:04:48 PM, by ALOVEBEAM

    I am not measuring right now but writing down what I'm eating as a start Rice n peas corn Carrots Spaghetti R
    ed tomato sauce Puts Caesar d... Read more

  • Eye Opener

    7/27/2016 1:05:05 PM, by FRANKRSMITH

    I am fascinated. Truly. How fast time goes by. I have just reignited my desire to get in shape. But I am amazed at how much time has passed since... Read more


    7/27/2016 10:52:58 AM, by WHITEANGEL4

    I am enjoying a relaxing morning with a big cop of green tea before I start my day. I have me car loaded with things for Goodwill so that will ... Read more

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