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  • Nutty Apple Salad

    1/14/2015 12:49:21 AM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, How'bout a healthy salad? YES you can have seconds! Take a peek! Ingredients~ 2 Granny Smith Apples 3 stal... Read more

  • Gonna be sore in the morning.

    1/13/2015 11:28:42 PM, by MRSTUGGY

    So today I joined the gym. If felt good to start working out. Plan is to go everyday and keep going. So glad that I did and proud of myself. It ... Read more

  • Today is going to be a struggle

    1/13/2015 3:29:52 PM, by FIFIKK

    my husband went back to work today. He supported me these last ten days like no other. He took care of the kids and cooked and motivated me when ... Read more

  • Pizza Casserole

    1/13/2015 10:54:50 AM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, We are having a pizza night tonight but take note, this is not your ordinary pizza but oh so good! Take a peek! Ing... Read more

  • Still getting back on track.

    1/13/2015 8:17:11 AM, by ELLAPOOR

    Last night was not a good night I ate more then I was suppose for dinner, but that is not going to stop me. I did not get this way over night an... Read more

  • Blessings, January 13, 2015

    1/13/2015 7:59:02 AM, by JAGRIF

    My goal is to list at least three blessings every day. Here are today's blessings: 1. Books, books, and more books. 2 My kids ... Read more

  • Big Night Tonight!!!

    1/13/2015 6:05:58 AM, by DONNAKOVAC

    eeek! Tonight's the night! One of the most important interviews of my life, and I only have half of my references lined up! I'm gonna have to ste... Read more

  • Wow

    1/12/2015 12:58:15 PM, by SNOOKUMS19

    I'm up 2.6 pounds in two weeks. Ugh. That was a wake up call. I will be better. It's time. I hope life will get back to normal now that the ... Read more

  • How Do I Get So Lost, So Quickly?

    1/12/2015 11:49:39 AM, by RECHAD

    Can I just tell you how happy I am that SP has made blogs, etc, available on the app!!! That is the only reason that it looks like I have been go... Read more

  • Morning, Monday!

    1/12/2015 10:06:34 AM, by NSALDANA2012

    Been feeling really fantastic and wanted to just share! My Elliptical is not yet assembled but is scheduled for this afternoon. Regardless, I h... Read more

  • It is getting back to where I was.

    1/12/2015 8:13:28 AM, by ELLAPOOR

    The weekend was better then the other weekend. I see that I am getting back to where I was. It is not that hard as I wanted to make it. All I ... Read more

  • Blessings, January 12, 2015

    1/12/2015 7:47:41 AM, by JAGRIF

    My goal is to list at least three blessings every day. Here are today's blessings: 1. I am healthy and happy. 2. DS is responsible... Read more

  • When do I stop dreaming?

    1/12/2015 3:09:44 AM, by FIFIKK

    Since I started here, 9 days ago, I find myself dreaming of the day I reach my goal. It's only been 9 days but have felt a difference in many thi... Read more

  • Cajun Shrimp Skewers

    1/12/2015 12:49:59 AM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, The super bowl is upon us soon and I have a yummy super bowl appetizer that your guests are going to love! Take a peek! ... Read more

  • What I will do with my too big clothes

    1/11/2015 8:56:53 PM, by TAMMYRENEED

    i think I will always keep a few of them just as a symbol of how far I've come The rest I will donate to the local battered women's shelter. I ... Read more

  • it's sunday

    1/11/2015 3:04:44 PM, by MOMMY445

    i'm getting what i need ready for work this week, today. my daughter says hi! all of the birds say hello,hello. a catch up day for me. i may not ... Read more

  • January 11, 2015

    1/11/2015 8:50:11 AM, by JAGRIF

    My goal is to list at least three blessings every day. Here are today's blessings: 1. Time for church. DS and I are playing handbells t... Read more

  • Strawberry Lime Jam

    1/11/2015 1:09:01 AM, by MEMORIES7

    Hello Sparkfamily, Do I have any canners out there in sparkland? Me, me, me! I am making jam tomorrow! Take a peek! Ingredients~ ... Read more

  • My thoughts on self-esteem, Part 2

    1/11/2015 12:25:18 AM, by OLDEROWL

    A friend mentioned that I should not post as if I am lecturing as I am only a lay person and do not have professional credentials. Sorry for com... Read more

  • Going to make a difference.

    1/11/2015 12:14:17 AM, by MRSTUGGY

    So talking to my husband tonight we both agree that it's time to do a lot of changes. I got a new job so I will be working 2 jobs for a littl... Read more

  • Weekly Email & Blog Check-In: Learning to Dance

    1/10/2015 6:01:32 PM, by SPARKGUY

    Hi Everyone Here is the video mentioned in my email: