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  • I Made It Through

    5/22/2015 6:18:16 AM, by MRSSCHENCK

    Yesterday was a bit rough in the beginning. I binged out on more than a few crunchy, salty, carb filled snacks, but I made it through. For some r... Read more

  • torn muscles?

    5/21/2015 10:59:24 PM, by CRISCOBEAR

    So back in march i decided to fall down some stairs. It started as any normal day- limping about on the dumb limb while getting usual house work ... Read more

  • That's brisk, baby!

    5/21/2015 10:25:41 AM, by MRSSCHENCK

    Does anyone remember that old tea commercial? I think it was Lipton. Anywho.... I'm feeling a bit down today but my determination won out an... Read more

  • Favorite Juicing Recipes?

    5/20/2015 7:13:51 AM, by MRSSCHENCK

    I think I'm going to start juicing for the next 30 days to get a boost on my weight loss efforts. I know that there are plenty of recipes o... Read more

  • My plan!

    5/20/2015 5:00:19 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I will do a workout DVD, take a long walk or do youtube workouts for a minimum of 40 minutes at least 4 times a week. The walks will be at least ... Read more

  • Why Are You So Cruel?

    5/19/2015 6:47:07 AM, by MRSSCHENCK

    It's so hard to feel positive when the scale goes up instead of down. All of the tracking and exercising. This is why I stoppe... Read more

  • Worries

    5/19/2015 12:40:15 AM, by CRAZY_BREEZY

    My new Dr. has agreed to titrate me off the medications, but I will still have withdrawl symptoms. I know ginger can help with stomach upset. I... Read more

  • Advice anyone?

    5/18/2015 3:44:20 PM, by CRAZY_BREEZY

    Okay, let me get kind of personal. I am on 11 meds, plus several supplements. 8 of those medications are for my mental issues. My new Dr., who... Read more

  • Non Scale Victory

    5/18/2015 3:21:55 PM, by MRSSCHENCK

    I just realized that I've been sprinting up my stairs. Wow, what a change from dragging myself upstairs. And one time when my knees were botherin... Read more

  • Update on stress test.

    5/18/2015 12:16:42 AM, by DJ4HEALTH

    I did have the stress test done and there was an abnormality in the test but don't know what that means since I have not seen a cardiologist yet.... Read more

  • I know I need to work on my character.....

    5/17/2015 9:41:13 AM, by EOWYN2424

    esp self control, patience and gentleness. I also need to learn to be more patient with my parents because they are getting old and hence, they a... Read more

  • Lupus Walk

    5/17/2015 6:15:14 AM, by MRSSCHENCK

    Today's the Walk To End Lupus on the boardwalk in Ocean City, NJ. Plenty of exercise today!... Read more

  • Protein Struggle

    5/16/2015 7:57:37 AM, by MRSSCHENCK

    I'm still struggling to meet the required protein each day. This morning I... Read more

  • No Problem

    5/16/2015 7:31:07 AM, by MRSSCHENCK

    I've been battling cravings and fatigue for the past couple of days. It hasn't been as bad as in the past. A taste here, a taste there. But those... Read more

  • We Got This!

    5/15/2015 8:11:13 AM, by MRSSCHENCK

    Today is one of those "blah" days where i really don't feel like tracking or exercising...or eating right for that matter. But, I refuse to ... Read more

  • Don't Let Me Down

    5/14/2015 8:54:12 AM, by MRSSCHENCK

    Yesterday, my body was begging for rest but my mind, spirit and soul were craving exercise. I went on the elliptical and had my best workout of ... Read more

  • I have to be more patient with myself!

    5/13/2015 11:01:52 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I have been logging my food here as best I can. I may have skipped a few days but I'm determined to log my food more consistently because it's im... Read more

  • One of Them Days

    5/13/2015 6:49:38 AM, by MRSSCHENCK

    For my new sparkfriends and anyone who doesn't know, I have Lupus. Some days I'm burdened with pain and fatigue. This is one of those days.... Read more

  • Simple Works For Me

    5/12/2015 7:22:07 AM, by MRSSCHENCK

    When I apply all of the tools that SP offers, this weight loss thing seems pretty simple. Breakfast: Read more

  • What the What?!

    5/11/2015 7:10:07 AM, by MRSSCHENCK

    My mother-in-law called me yesterday to go out on a movie date. She is one of those naturally thin beauties who can eat whatever she wants and st... Read more

  • Mindless Eating

    5/10/2015 8:58:05 AM, by MRSSCHENCK

    My men/children keep asking me what I want for Mother's Day. The only thing that I want is peace and quiet today. A day to sit and watch Lifetime... Read more

  • Keep It Going!

    5/9/2015 7:23:36 AM, by MRSSCHENCK

    According to my weigh-in report and my Fitbit scale, I've lost 3 lbs since I started my daily weigh-ins 10 days ago. Yay me! Now... Read more

  • It's gonna be an AWESOME day!

    5/8/2015 7:18:48 AM, by MRSSCHENCK

    How do I know? Because I say so! I have my water bottle. Already did 1.15 miles on the elliptical. ... Read more

  • Energy, where are you?

    5/7/2015 9:31:12 AM, by MRSSCHENCK

    I started off this week so strong but now I'm starting to fizzle out. I'm going to listen to my body and take it easy today. No... Read more

  • i broke myself

    5/6/2015 12:47:04 PM, by CRISCOBEAR

    So i finally gave in and checked the scales opinion on my weight control journey. The snotty machine is my arch nemesis in many ways. That scal... Read more

  • Better Late Than Never

    5/6/2015 12:37:23 PM, by MRSSCHENCK

    Ooops! I forgot to post my morning motivation. I feel like I'm dragging behind today. Time to catch up. My day started with the alarm w... Read more

  • I'm Going Down!

    5/5/2015 6:53:09 AM, by MRSSCHENCK

    According to my Fitbit scale... I'm down a pound! Did you get your 8 hours of sleep last night? Of course you did. That means w... Read more

  • Trim Down challenge - day 1

    5/4/2015 10:51:36 PM, by AUTUMNMDOVE

    Hey everyone. I got my Trim Down Fiber starter kit. I am all ready feeling a difference. I have a lot more energy, and I stay full longer. I am a... Read more

  • Oh No She Didn't!

    5/4/2015 6:46:00 AM, by MRSSCHENCK

    Yesterday was day two of perfect days. I got my fitness in and my nutrition report for the day was spot on. Perfect amount of fats, carbs and pro... Read more

  • Random morning thoughts.

    5/4/2015 5:20:59 AM, by AUTUMNMDOVE

    Goooood morning everyone! I am hoping this is one of my good days. So far, ... Read more

  • Who's With Me?

    5/3/2015 9:50:46 AM, by MRSSCHENCK

    Hope everyone is doing well and looking forward to another great day! I did wonderfully yesterday and it was such a good feeling. The feeling was... Read more

  • Enjoy your weekend!!!

    5/2/2015 4:28:07 PM, by AUTUMNMDOVE

    How are you all doing today? I really hope you're all having a good start t... Read more

  • Let's Go!

    5/2/2015 6:48:17 AM, by MRSSCHENCK

    Good morning, sparkpeople! It's a new day. Time to: Drink our water. Move our bodies. Eat healthy. Take steps towards our goals. ... Read more

  • I NEED to do this!!!!

    5/2/2015 5:45:02 AM, by AUTUMNMDOVE

    I can not wait to start this new supplement. I'm also going to try a better portion control meal program. They have something called the 21 day f... Read more


    5/1/2015 8:50:16 PM, by MRSSCHENCK

    Wow! I'm so thankful for the food tracker. I can't believe just how many calories I actually consume in a day. I'll definitely be using it f... Read more

  • Slimming Meals That Heal

    5/1/2015 3:32:43 PM, by CWCREATIONS

    I want to reach out & update all my friends & a great many others, that I've created a group, & I long for members to join me. I have plenty of ... Read more

  • Time passes soooo fast!!!!

    4/18/2015 5:51:42 AM, by EOWYN2424

    Seems like only yesterday I posted on my blog. But lo! it's already the following Saturday today! I'm having another lazy Saturday but after this... Read more

  • adding more activity

    4/12/2015 1:48:44 PM, by CRISCOBEAR

    So i read in a members chat about a spark people chair cardio video the other day. I was sitting here on the deck working on some Avon stuff whe... Read more

  • Had a bad day, need to vent...

    4/12/2015 1:34:43 AM, by AUTUMNMDOVE

    I am not one to be negative. I try to support others and I try to pass positive things to others. But today was unfortunately one of those opposi... Read more

  • Just a lazy Saturday!

    4/11/2015 9:24:56 AM, by EOWYN2424

    I've done nothing all day but spark and surfing the net in general! Saved a few good articles from I had my Mom for company today... Read more

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