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  • 324/365- All my bags are packed I'm ready to go

    11/21/2015 12:00:24 AM, by ERIN8482

    Well that pretty much says it all. I keep going back into my suitcase and changing and removing stuff. At this point I am within the weigh limit... Read more

  • 323/365

    11/19/2015 11:34:06 PM, by ERIN8482

    Lots of last minute trip preparations today, I'm still packing, I'm probably taking too much with me, as soon as I weigh my suitcase I will figu... Read more

  • 322/365

    11/18/2015 11:57:39 PM, by ERIN8482

    Weigh in day- the scale was not kind, as expected. up 2 lbs. So I told myself Okay, take a deep breath, and realize it is only 2 lbs (okay 4 lbs... Read more

  • 321/365

    11/17/2015 11:24:48 PM, by ERIN8482

    Well back to work today, Other then having to carry a box of kleenex around with me everywhere I went, it was an okay day. I forgot that I had ag... Read more

  • 320/365

    11/16/2015 10:46:24 PM, by ERIN8482

    I took another sick day today. Which is going to seriously suck on payday, but I need to try to get better. I'm heading back to work tomorrow, ... Read more

  • 319/365

    11/15/2015 10:27:27 PM, by ERIN8482

    Horribly ill today, made it to work to essentially turn around and head home. slept the majority of the day away and was finally able to eat som... Read more

  • 318/365

    11/14/2015 10:45:00 PM, by ERIN8482

    My work day wasn't too bad, however I've entered the whining stage of my cold. I hate being a whiner, but lets just say the kleenex box and I ar... Read more

  • 317/365

    11/13/2015 11:33:00 PM, by ERIN8482

    I've left my blog too late in the day again! So much to do, I'm trying to pack, clean, catch up on everything I need to do, work on Christmas pr... Read more

  • 316/365

    11/12/2015 11:35:10 PM, by ERIN8482

    I had a really busy day, and I have lots to share, however it will have to wait till tomorrow. Thanks for all of the encouraging comments on my ... Read more

  • 315/365- Weigh in day.

    11/11/2015 11:38:26 PM, by ERIN8482

    Up 2 lbs. I guess that lazy weekend caught up with me. and the over eating. Well I willl have to lose them by next weeks, so I can gain them ... Read more

  • 314/365

    11/10/2015 10:49:22 PM, by ERIN8482

    Calories good, no gym tonight. So exhausted. I can't wait to go bed.... Read more

  • 313/365

    11/9/2015 11:19:12 PM, by ERIN8482

    A bit of a stressful Monday, but I made it to the gym after work. I feel so much better. I cruise away in 12 days!... Read more

  • 312/365

    11/8/2015 11:14:54 PM, by ERIN8482

    I'm a bit disappointed in myself today. I didn't go to the gym, I didn't get as much done as I could have. I did have a headache but that did g... Read more

  • 311/365

    11/7/2015 11:56:46 PM, by ERIN8482

    I had a scary situation last night, my mom was feeling ill and left work early yesterday. By the time I got home to check on her she was really ... Read more

  • 310/365

    11/6/2015 11:48:07 PM, by ERIN8482

    So happy it is the weekend, I have so much to do to get ready. Hope everyone has a good weekend.... Read more

  • 309/365

    11/5/2015 11:52:43 PM, by ERIN8482

    My day off was spent at work. My dog's procedures went well, and he is resting comfortably at home with me. I was going to leave him at my work ... Read more

  • 308/365

    11/4/2015 11:58:04 PM, by ERIN8482

    weigh in day 291 lbs stayed the same. Today was a pretty good day. They have finally started working on our short staffing problem at work... Read more

  • 307/365

    11/3/2015 11:47:36 PM, by ERIN8482

    Nothing new, calories seemed to add up fast today, but some days are just like that.... Read more

  • 306/365

    11/2/2015 11:27:54 PM, by ERIN8482

    A regular monday, Midway through the afternoon, I remembered that I needed to go to the gym, it's the first day I really haven't wanted to go, bu... Read more

  • 305/365

    11/1/2015 11:16:32 PM, by ERIN8482

    So was everyone thrown off kilter by the time change, I was hungrier earlier all day today, but on the other hand I actually had almost a full ni... Read more

  • 304/365

    10/31/2015 11:22:02 PM, by ERIN8482

    Happy Halloween everyone! The trick is to stay away from the treats.... Read more

  • 303/365

    10/30/2015 10:37:14 PM, by ERIN8482

    I am really feeling that squat track from class yesterday. Sitting down is a a very slow movement today. This is my work weekend, so no gym unt... Read more

  • 302/365

    10/29/2015 11:43:24 PM, by ERIN8482

    I had a hard time getting out of bed this morning so I made it to Pump class with a minute to spare, It was good class, I still hate lunges. I ... Read more

  • 301/365 Weigh in Day

    10/29/2015 12:24:31 AM, by ERIN8482

    Back down to 291.4, so drooped about 3.6 lbs.... Read more

  • 300/365

    10/27/2015 11:28:15 PM, by ERIN8482

    Can their really be only 65 days left in the year? It's hard to believe, I know that the time will fly. Today was my mom's birthday, I rushed h... Read more

  • 299/365

    10/26/2015 11:13:17 PM, by ERIN8482

    My work day was quite busy, I finally got to break for lunch at 5:30 pm. Since my shift ends at 6 I was just going to leave but I was feeling si... Read more

  • Been a while...

    10/26/2015 4:52:22 AM, by TRACYZABELLE

    Been away a while and decided it is time to concentrate on me again... I have been yo-yo ing over the past few years but now is the time to get ... Read more

  • 297 &298 /365

    10/25/2015 11:31:05 PM, by ERIN8482

    I had a really busy weekend. First off I stayed up super late to watch the ball game. a sad disappointing end for the Blue Jays. Up super earl... Read more

  • 296/365

    10/23/2015 11:57:39 PM, by ERIN8482

    I worked all day and went to a warehouse liquidation sale afterwork, so I didn't get home till 930. So no gym today, I'm beat, and I'm off this... Read more

  • 295/365

    10/22/2015 9:25:39 PM, by ERIN8482

    I went to a different gym for pump class, it was super full, I just found room in the front of the room, and only had minimum weights, so I had ... Read more

  • 294/365- Weigh in day

    10/21/2015 11:32:22 PM, by ERIN8482

    Another gain, up two pounds. I was not pleased, but not particularly surprised. I was kind of mad at first. I was always within calories so wh... Read more

  • 293/365

    10/20/2015 10:38:35 PM, by ERIN8482

    Super tired from staying up late and watching election coverage. Made for a rough few hours at work. I perked up around lunch. no gym tonight. ... Read more

  • 292/365

    10/19/2015 11:25:40 PM, by ERIN8482

    What a day! Went to work, there was a surprise 25th work anniversary party for someone which involved cake. I did indulge in a small piece, wow... Read more

  • 291/365

    10/18/2015 11:05:02 PM, by ERIN8482

    Same old same old. So glad tomorrow is Monday, not what you usually hear from people. Also extremely glad tomorrow is election day and I will n... Read more

  • 290/365

    10/17/2015 10:22:57 PM, by ERIN8482

    Busy long day at work, within calories for the day. Night all.... Read more

  • 289/365

    10/16/2015 10:45:43 PM, by ERIN8482

    I made it to the morning class by the skin of my teeth. It was a fuller class so I ended up near the front. I liked the instructor, a lot of en... Read more

  • 288/365

    10/15/2015 10:32:07 PM, by ERIN8482

    I had to work today, but I have tomorrow off now. I'm hoping to make the morning pump class at the gym, but it is 9:15 am and it's my only day t... Read more

  • 287/365

    10/14/2015 11:21:51 PM, by ERIN8482

    Post thanksgiving weigh in up to 293, that's a 4 lb gain. Well deserved but I am okay with it. It could have been worse. ... Read more

  • 286/365

    10/13/2015 11:12:44 PM, by ERIN8482

    Back to work today, I have been beat all day. But I still hauled my butt to the gym though.... Read more

  • 285/365

    10/12/2015 11:24:47 PM, by ERIN8482

    Happy Thanksgiving. It was a really nice weekend. I was invited to a friends for dinner yesterday and I had dinner with my family today. So two... Read more

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