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  • 146/365

    5/26/2015 11:07:24 PM, by ERIN8482

    I didn't get my break till 5 pm again. I did have my protein bar early to help myself make it through it helped. But by eating lunch I wasn't h... Read more

  • 145/365

    5/25/2015 10:33:12 PM, by ERIN8482

    Crazy busy day at work today. I didn't get to take lunch until 5 pm. Since I get off at 6 it seems silly to take a break then but I was hungry ... Read more

  • 144/365

    5/24/2015 11:47:51 PM, by ERIN8482

    Had a rather lazy day. I just couldn't get the gumption up to do much.... Read more

  • 143/365

    5/23/2015 11:58:36 PM, by ERIN8482

    My mom and I hit a bunch of garage sales this morning and picked up some good deals. Lots of books. I'm always sidetracked the second I see a b... Read more

  • 142/365

    5/22/2015 11:01:10 PM, by ERIN8482

    Today was an okay day. I was doing pretty good calorically most of the day, but once I got home I overate and ended up over my limit by about 20... Read more

  • 141/365

    5/21/2015 11:21:00 PM, by ERIN8482

    I didn't go to pump class. I am hoping my knee is better by next weeks class. I missed it. I did go to the gym but I ended up being pressed for... Read more

  • 140/365 Weigh in day

    5/20/2015 10:43:17 PM, by ERIN8482

    I stayed the same. I'm okay with that. As I said before I need to work on my nutrition and I did feel that I ate too much over the weekend even... Read more

  • 139/365

    5/19/2015 10:15:15 PM, by ERIN8482

    Back to the working world today. It was not a good day. A lot of problems accumulated over the long weekend. And I just couldn't seem to get ah... Read more

  • 138/365

    5/18/2015 9:59:33 PM, by ERIN8482

    My last day off. I spent most of the day doing chores . I went out with my aunt for a belated Birthday dinner. In the end I did go over my cal... Read more

  • 137/365

    5/17/2015 11:13:05 PM, by ERIN8482

    Another great day. I came very close to going over my calories today due to some extra snacking. Hit the gym, dropped a bunch junk off at the go... Read more

  • 136/365

    5/16/2015 11:58:20 PM, by ERIN8482

    I love long weekends. I am getting so much done. I worked a bit on my apartment, I got all of my laundry done. I worked on cleaning out my gra... Read more

  • 135/365

    5/15/2015 11:59:39 PM, by ERIN8482

    It was really weird to have my day off on a friday. I decided I wanted to go to a body pump class since I was unable to go to my usual one yeste... Read more

  • 134/365

    5/14/2015 10:50:20 PM, by ERIN8482

    4 whole glorious work free days to look forward to. I also realized that it is a fireworks weekend which means my dog will not be happy but othe... Read more

  • 133/365-Getting closer

    5/13/2015 11:26:53 PM, by ERIN8482

    Weight tonight: 304 lbs Total Weight lost to date : 90 lbs Only 5 lbs to go to my Under 300 goal. I am so close. I got to cross of... Read more

  • 132/365

    5/12/2015 10:40:24 PM, by ERIN8482

    Busy day. I lived up to my promise to myself and went to the gym after work. I found myself super hungry today. But since the only food availab... Read more

  • 131/365

    5/11/2015 10:42:57 PM, by ERIN8482

    I left early for work today, but with the traffic there was no way I was going to make it to my cat sitting gig and make it to work on time. I on... Read more

  • 130/365

    5/10/2015 10:12:58 PM, by ERIN8482

    Crazy busy day at work. I didn't pack a lunch today because I was out of bread and figured I would be able to run out and pick up a sub, but no ... Read more

  • 129/365

    5/9/2015 10:02:26 PM, by ERIN8482

    Wow, the day flew past it was so busy. I ended up waking up early, like an hour before my alarm went off. That's always the worst. But I got m... Read more

  • 128/365

    5/8/2015 11:17:25 PM, by ERIN8482

    I really don't have much to say today. I'm exhausted. I wish I could sleep in tomorrow, but I need to get up early and workout before meeting a... Read more

  • 127/365

    5/7/2015 11:03:21 PM, by ERIN8482

    I enjoyed my usual Thursday routine, hit my body pump class, did some grocery shopping and some errands. I treated myself to a hair cut and colo... Read more

  • 126/365- Weigh in day

    5/6/2015 11:27:26 PM, by ERIN8482

    The only time I enjoy being wrong in on weigh in day. I swore up and down I would be up, but I lost 2 lbs. Time to change my countdown whit... Read more

  • 125/365

    5/6/2015 12:07:35 AM, by ERIN8482

    i forgot to blog! I'm having a lot of computer issues so I'm having to do this on my iPod. I made it back to the gym and stayed within my calorie... Read more

  • 124/365

    5/4/2015 10:54:19 PM, by ERIN8482

    well I woke up with a sore throat this morning so I think a lot of yesterday's lack of motivation may have had something to do with it. I was try... Read more

  • 123/365

    5/3/2015 10:44:03 PM, by ERIN8482

    so I did it again. I overrate, I had no physical activity. All my good intentions went out the window. I've felt blah most of the day and then I ... Read more

  • 122/365

    5/3/2015 12:04:03 AM, by ERIN8482

    I overate today but only by a couple of hundred calories. I'll do better tomorrow.... Read more

  • 121/365

    5/1/2015 11:35:02 PM, by ERIN8482

    Yeah! The weekend. So much to do, lots of laundry, cleaning and cooking, but I am looking forward to the gym, a nice walk and maybe an inaugural... Read more

  • 120/365- A good day.

    4/30/2015 11:55:09 PM, by ERIN8482

    Yeah the day I have been waiting for all week, My day off and to make it even better Pay day. It was a good day. Headed to the gym for my body p... Read more

  • 119/365

    4/29/2015 11:55:59 PM, by ERIN8482

    Weigh in day: No weight change. But I felt that was going to be the case. Tonight at my weigh in someone in my group had a large weight gai... Read more

  • 118/365

    4/28/2015 11:27:12 PM, by ERIN8482

    A regular day. My mood was a bit better after a good night sleep. Nutrition numbers were all on par. Weigh in is tomorrow, I'm not feeling like... Read more

  • 117/365

    4/27/2015 10:51:27 PM, by ERIN8482

    Today was a rough day. I was unusually cranky most of the day, tired from the weekend of work. I kept snapping at every little thing that was s... Read more

  • 116/365

    4/26/2015 10:54:32 PM, by ERIN8482

    Today was pretty much the same as yesterday. Long work day. So glad tomorrow is Monday. Only three more work days till my favorite day of the ... Read more

  • The "during" - the now.

    4/26/2015 10:30:17 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    Life is now. Always. This summarizes some pretty good points. ca... Read more

  • 115/365

    4/25/2015 10:48:51 PM, by ERIN8482

    I just squeaked on the right side of my calorie line, I mean I only had 10 calories left over! Part of the problem was that I ended up working l... Read more

  • 114/365

    4/24/2015 11:49:52 PM, by ERIN8482

    My computer is acting up again so I'm having trouble logging on to the site. Way to many ads clogging up the screen and slowing everything down t... Read more

  • 113/365

    4/23/2015 10:51:05 PM, by ERIN8482

    Made my gym class and my Doctor's appointment. Somehow I ended up over my calories for the day. I think because I snacked a bit more heavily on... Read more

  • 112/365- Weigh in Day

    4/22/2015 11:07:10 PM, by ERIN8482

    308.........that is a 3 lb loss. only 9 lbs to go. And I got to change my fridge goal signs. That is always fun. Read more

  • 111/365

    4/21/2015 10:18:01 PM, by ERIN8482

    Nothing much to report today. I went to the gym after work just stayed in my calorie range. Tomorrow is weigh in day I am hoping for staying th... Read more

  • 110/365

    4/20/2015 10:31:54 PM, by ERIN8482

    I have had a really munchie day which has NOTHING with it being 420. Ha ha! But I am still not back on schedule. It didn't help that my day tra... Read more

  • 109/365- weekend catchup

    4/19/2015 10:40:33 PM, by ERIN8482

    So I did try to blog over the weekend but it wasn't very easy doing so on my i pod with the spark app. I had to keep it short and sweet. Once I... Read more

  • 108/365

    4/18/2015 11:28:05 PM, by ERIN8482

    Despite the two meals out today I have stayed within calories I will blog more about the weekend when I'm not on my mobile... Read more

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