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  • Mercedes Half Marathon Coundown - 7

    2/8/2016 8:29:19 AM, by DSCROW

    Seven days till the big half marathon. I have done everything I can to be ready. Have some runs planned early this week then last run 3 miles F... Read more

  • Weigh-In -- 7Feb16

    2/7/2016 11:58:39 PM, by MT-MOONCHASER

    Well, I'm still here, not progressing, but not regressing. The goals I have been setting each week haven't been working, so this week I'm no... Read more

  • Alzheimer's, the DMV and Insanity

    2/7/2016 9:04:25 PM, by 1BEARWIFE

    Yesterday was DH's driving test. He has Alzheimer's, and it ain't getting any better, nor will it. So the DMV sends him this notice that hi... Read more

  • Some good news

    2/7/2016 8:20:49 PM, by LKWQUILTER

    Today the oncologist said Ashley's white cells are now up to 2.2 and his platelets have come up from 15 to 130 so that is good. They will not g... Read more

  • It's working!

    2/7/2016 7:28:25 PM, by LATEDAKAREN

    Ran my poodle Danni at an agility trial today and we ran with more speed and energy than usual. I feel great and Danni is happy that I'm running ... Read more

  • Awareness of Priority changes

    2/7/2016 7:03:02 AM, by DSCROW

    I have always been aware that the first thing on my schedule is Lunch during the work week and Church on the weekends. Now the second is my race... Read more

  • Ashley in the hospital

    2/6/2016 9:06:51 PM, by LKWQUILTER

    Friday I took Ashley to the dr. again. His left thumb joint, right foot were red and swollen. Apple Care told us we needed to go see his oncolo... Read more

  • Week 209...weigh in...

    2/6/2016 8:03:38 PM, by DOVESEYES

    Morning All..., Not a great week for me, Last week 68.0 kg (149.60 lbs) This week 68.4 kg (150.48 lbs) so a small gain of 0.4 ... Read more

  • Hayes Corner

    2/6/2016 5:36:54 PM, by ASTROSCOPUS

    Another really nice block, and I finally used some of my leftover Doctor Who fabric. Of course I got the whole thing put together and realized t... Read more

  • Hot Chocolate 5 K

    2/6/2016 7:05:05 AM, by DSCROW

    I'm up early to go run. My husband has decided to come with me which is a bonus :). He is my biggest supporter. I tried to get him o come walk... Read more

  • Trim Healthy Mama?

    2/6/2016 2:24:24 AM, by QUILTINGBEAJ

    I am not trim, not healthy, but I'm a mama......ha! My daughter in law introduced me to this plan of weight loss-I am becoming healthier and I ... Read more

  • The Letter X

    2/6/2016 2:17:32 AM, by ASTROSCOPUS

    Very late night since I spent time with friends after work, so I didn't finish Friday's block until just after midnight. Finally got my thread i... Read more

  • Treadmill was golden today

    2/5/2016 9:44:45 PM, by DSCROW

    I had been chilly and cold yesterday so this morning I lacked the motivation needed to go out into the cold and run. But I didn't bail...I went ... Read more

  • Eating and Alzheimer's challenges

    2/5/2016 11:19:56 AM, by 1BEARWIFE

    DH has Alzheimer's, and I am seeing so many changes in him coming on fast. Just an example: He used to be a big time veggie and salad eater... Read more

  • Old Favorite

    2/4/2016 8:26:32 PM, by ASTROSCOPUS

    Still having to use my old (NOT favorite) machine - it sews sideways, and not in a good way. I've had to resew almost half of the seams. ... Read more

  • Let's try this again

    2/4/2016 6:06:38 PM, by AWROSS

    It wouldn't post before. I went to the gym yesterday, did an hour of water aerobics, walked 10 minutes in the water and ten more on the pati... Read more

  • Making Choices for ME

    2/4/2016 1:13:04 PM, by 1BEARWIFE

    Yesterday we went to Costco. DH was out of his blueberry muffins, so that was the "primary" reason we went. That, and to pick up milk. ... Read more

  • A step back

    2/4/2016 11:22:01 AM, by FABGRAMMA

    Well I was doing fairly well then had to make a trip to the city to see my sisters, lot's of running with one for some errands, doesn't drive and... Read more

  • Second obedinece class...for Bella

    2/4/2016 7:45:38 AM, by DSCROW

    Hmmm...I don't know if you have attended these classes before but I am the one being trained and scored not Bella :). It has been fun and she is... Read more

  • Finally was able to walk a 5k

    2/4/2016 12:16:46 AM, by LIZZIE93-4

    Some of you may or may not know that I had gastric bypass surgery on Dec 15 2015. By Dec 31st I was at the gym walking on the treadmill with the ... Read more

  • Philadelphia Pavement

    2/3/2016 9:30:48 PM, by ASTROSCOPUS

    Cool weather at last, and a simple block, meant I had time to make a big batch of veggie soup. Yummy and full of fiber. Might take... Read more

  • Wicked lightning storm but no tornado here

    2/3/2016 7:12:16 AM, by DSCROW

    I awoke at to wicked lightning and heavy rain around two am. I walked through the house and pulled plugs on power strips for the main electronic... Read more

  • Feeling Prickly

    2/2/2016 9:44:19 PM, by ASTROSCOPUS

    Yeah! No migraine today - I was grateful for a low-throb headache all day. Then I started working on today's block (Prickly Pear). Fairly easy,... Read more

  • Day 144: Feb 2nd

    2/2/2016 6:56:56 PM, by GODMYPORTIONNOW

    I am fast approaching a major milestone, I have almost been on this new lifestyle for 150 days. When my doc said back in September I needed to l... Read more

  • Vision, plus today

    2/2/2016 6:12:10 PM, by AWROSS

    In a year, I would like to be able to walk easily, without pain. I want to hike again. I want to do bits and pieces of the Appalachian Trail, es... Read more

  • Winter tornados are a problem here

    2/2/2016 7:51:41 AM, by DSCROW

    So we have unseasonably warm weather which translates into problematic storms in the south when warmth and cold rain meet. Likely it wont crash ... Read more

  • Baby Bunting

    2/1/2016 9:41:21 PM, by ASTROSCOPUS

    Woke up with a migraine. Finally got past it this afternoon, but am still foggy. Fogginess meant I sewed one row into the block backwards - fix... Read more

  • Day 143: Feb 1st

    2/1/2016 8:50:50 PM, by GODMYPORTIONNOW

    So yesterday was even worse than Saturday, Sis had horrible nightmares all night and when she woke up at 4:45 am she needed to get out of the hou... Read more

  • Still Green and Growing

    2/1/2016 5:13:28 PM, by AWROSS

    ...at least I hope, at my age, I'm still growing. ... Read more

  • Beautiful day

    2/1/2016 5:06:41 PM, by DSCROW

    It is already 77 degree's today. Where did this come from... Now they say severe storms and tornado warnings tomorrow. UGH. It's winter and I... Read more

  • Weigh-In -- 31Jan16

    2/1/2016 12:04:29 AM, by MT-MOONCHASER

    Where did January go? This week around here it seemed more like March weather. We've had a chinook most of the week, so a lot of the snow has m... Read more

  • Ribbon Quilt

    1/31/2016 9:35:08 PM, by ASTROSCOPUS

    Another beautiful, sunny day in Texas - what else is January for? Got a visit from my mom, in between her time staying with a friend in the hosp... Read more

  • walking, and laundry, and building, and washing dogs....

    1/31/2016 6:38:33 PM, by DSCROW

    OH ya I also cooked dinner and grocery shopped. It has been a busy full day and I am now setting down. There were a lot of things that needed d... Read more

  • Hawaiian Nine Patch

    1/30/2016 11:55:47 PM, by ASTROSCOPUS

    Today I made Mrs. Keller's Nine Patch - it wound up looking a lot more like Hawaii than I had planned, but I like it. Seems like this isn't a ne... Read more

  • Week 208... weigh in...

    1/30/2016 10:17:19 PM, by DOVESEYES

    Dear Sparkies, Great weather this week for January, rains and humidity. We even had to have blankets on the bed. Normally at this time of ye... Read more

  • Day 141: Jan 30th

    1/30/2016 8:31:33 PM, by GODMYPORTIONNOW

    Today was hectic at work a lot of things to get done, So I didn't get a chance to eat lunch at work so I knew our afternoon walk would be delayed... Read more

  • Race day 5 k at the beach then long ride home :)

    1/30/2016 8:32:19 AM, by DSCROW

    Up and ready to run Second annual Casino Bridge 5 K. A little celebration after the run, shower, a little last minute slot play, then 5 hour rid... Read more

  • My body is not my own

    1/30/2016 7:10:32 AM, by MELJEFFREY

    Today's prayer from Beth Moore's Praying God's Word... Read more

  • Kansas Troubles

    1/29/2016 9:46:33 PM, by ASTROSCOPUS

    It's finally Friday! This weekend may be a wonderful time to go see one of the downtown parks since the weather is going to be so beautiful. Th... Read more

  • Day 140: Jan 29th

    1/29/2016 7:08:14 PM, by GODMYPORTIONNOW

    I am super pumped today, I got 60 mins of exercise in, did the daily dare on Darebee (modified -40 wall push-ups), got my brand new sneakers toda... Read more

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