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  • Cooking

    9/18/2016 6:09:56 PM, by SOULFISH80

    The photo is my husband's dinner last night. Roasted v... Read more

  • Afternoon

    9/18/2016 3:57:40 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I'm having a cup of after-lunch coffee and watching tv while I surf the web. I'm also nearing the finish of the blue shawl I'm knitting. Awh... Read more

  • a new week

    9/18/2016 2:00:33 PM, by MOMMY445

    i have a somewhat busy week coming up this week. i am also helping my daughter to fund raise for her school. that is not due back to the school f... Read more

  • 14 Weeks!

    9/18/2016 12:04:53 PM, by RAIMA426

    That's all that's left til the New Year! For some reason this feels doable. Committing myself fully to this healthier living. Moving my butt d... Read more

  • Day 20: Getting Back into the Swing of Things

    9/18/2016 1:53:43 AM, by CHARMING_GIRL

    I'm feeling better. I'm not sure if it was something I ate, my sensitive system, or a bug I got from babysitting. My stomach doesn't hurt at al... Read more


    9/17/2016 10:17:52 PM, by WHITEANGEL4

    We went to Market this morning as we had some orders to get ready. We had a few sales and it started dropping off. We went to the new house. H... Read more

  • Day 115

    9/17/2016 7:36:57 PM, by SARA-SMILE125

    Daily Goals: 10k Steps. Eat within my range, 1,200 - 1,650 max. Close kitchen by 7:30PM Read more

  • When your sweet tooth kicks in..

    9/17/2016 5:48:19 PM, by RAIMA426

    And all you want are pancakes, apples, and a lil syrup... Read more

  • Little things

    9/17/2016 12:18:01 PM, by SOULFISH80

    I had an awesome lunch out yesterday and was able to change it to suite my dietary needs. I'm so glad I thought outside the box and asked if they... Read more

  • Thoughts

    9/17/2016 11:57:54 AM, by LADYIRISH317

    If I ever have my own home again, I'm going to USE my belongings. I have new-looking cookware that's a couple of years old, shelves of pristine c... Read more

  • Today I Learned..

    9/16/2016 10:03:26 PM, by RAIMA426

    What 2 tbsp of peanut REALLY looked like SHOCKER compared to what I was doling myself out under the disguise of the 'healthy' snack... Read more


    9/16/2016 9:55:54 PM, by WHITEANGEL4

    Well the doctor gave Hubby today off so we got up and started loading my car. We put in pillows, some pans and pots, potholder, a ham and some s... Read more

  • Day 19: Not Feeling Good :(

    9/16/2016 9:00:44 PM, by CHARMING_GIRL

    Last night I was heading to bed and my stomach was bothering me. I'm not sure what it was the set it off but I didn't get much sleep. I was to... Read more

  • Day 114: Friday Workout

    9/16/2016 7:40:50 PM, by SARA-SMILE125

    Daily Goals: 10k Steps. Eat within my range, 1,200 - 1,650 max. Close kitchen by 7:30PM Read more

  • it's friday

    9/16/2016 2:47:50 PM, by MOMMY445

    another week is coming to a close. i am taking it easy today and not doing too much. i am still very active. i am just not taking on anything ex... Read more

  • Fridaaaayyyyy

    9/16/2016 12:18:35 PM, by SOULFISH80

    Tim comes home tomorrow, which is great, I missed that guy this week! It's been a low energy week. I gave myself the benefit of the doubt, and fi... Read more

  • Our Year of No Sugar: One Family's Grand Adventure

    9/16/2016 4:32:05 AM, by IMAVISION

    262 494 Read more

  • Day 18: Tried Some New Foods Today

    9/16/2016 2:24:34 AM, by CHARMING_GIRL

    I did a few things to help with my healthy living journey. I bought a pedometer. I had two already but they needed new batteries and the batter... Read more

  • 2016 Cross Country Season

    9/15/2016 11:36:07 PM, by HOT_MAMA_13

    Will had to sit out the very first meet of the 2016 season back on Tuesday because we didn't have his physical done in time. His appointment was ... Read more


    9/15/2016 11:28:14 PM, by WHITEANGEL4

    Long day, up early getting Coco across town for her grooming. Ate breakfast with Hubby as we waited on her. I had oatmeal, fruit and tea. Took... Read more

  • Slowed Down

    9/15/2016 11:16:11 PM, by CHBADILLO

    Well ...not by choice...but i have slowed down a little. I've been in the hospital with a really bad UTI and Vertigo. My dr told me to go to ER b... Read more

  • Day 113

    9/15/2016 7:42:38 PM, by SARA-SMILE125

    Daily Goals: 10k Steps. Eat within my range. Close kitchen by 7:30PM Exceptions: Sugar-free lemonade or hot herbal tea, (depending on... Read more

  • In the 140s!

    9/15/2016 2:04:35 PM, by WHITNEYLD

    This is my munchkin taken this morning. She is my ang... Read more

  • When things change....

    9/15/2016 1:16:35 PM, by SOULFISH80

    This is a changing time of year. It's noticeably cooler and getting darker earlier. This time of year is magical to me and I'm soaking it up. I'v... Read more

  • a bright and sunny day

    9/15/2016 1:06:25 PM, by MOMMY445

    i printed out the movie tickets i won. they are for the movie storks. even my daughter is interested in seeing it. if she does not hear from one ... Read more

  • Final Goal Weight Deadline Approaching!

    9/15/2016 9:06:49 AM, by RED_WRITINGHOOD

    Great week so far, 1.5 pounds down for the week, as of this morning and 2 more days to go, and 72.5 down since beginning the Naturally Slim progr... Read more

  • Where I Have Been...

    9/15/2016 8:01:22 AM, by ROXYZMOM

    Still working on the NEDA Newark, DE Walk. A little l... Read more


    9/14/2016 11:32:19 PM, by WHITEANGEL4

    Both Hubby and I were really shaggy in the hair department. We had an appointment at 6:30 to get a trim. I believe we have to go at least every... Read more

  • Day 17: Tired...

    9/14/2016 11:01:36 PM, by CHARMING_GIRL

    I'm wiped out tonight. Just exhausted. I did okay with my food intake. I stayed on track but because I had the second serving of my Tuscan Tof... Read more

  • Middle of September!!!

    9/14/2016 7:38:34 PM, by CATHYS07

    How goes the journey?!?! Most days I wake up very pleased. Clothes are fitting better, waist measurement is down to near 30 and I keep forgetti... Read more

  • Day 112: Daily Goals Accountability

    9/14/2016 7:35:42 PM, by SARA-SMILE125

    Day 112 Daily Goals: 10k Steps. Eat within my range. Close kitchen by 7:30PM Exceptions: Sugar-free lemonade or hot herbal tea, (depe... Read more

  • These blogs are awesome..

    9/14/2016 7:23:41 PM, by RAIMA426

    I love coming back to SP and being able to look at my ups and downs over the past couple years.. I've been gone for several months and slackin... Read more

  • La Triviata

    9/14/2016 5:18:24 PM, by LADYIRISH317

    I'm convinced that hospital lab people are vampires. Not only do they take your blood, but you never see them after dawn. This morning the l... Read more

  • Educational

    9/14/2016 12:27:18 PM, by SOULFISH80

    Each day holds new education about myself and specifically my body and it's been fun! The cutting coffe experiment was a huge fail, for now. I've... Read more

  • a beautiful day

    9/14/2016 11:39:59 AM, by MOMMY445

    it is a very windy and much cooler day here today. my daughter says hi! i feel that the job interview this morning went really well. i will know ... Read more

  • Day 16: First Time Cooking with Tofu!

    9/14/2016 12:03:38 AM, by CHARMING_GIRL

    Today was a first for a few things. I started off my day by making a Tuscan Tofu Scramble. It was different for me. It was my first experiment... Read more


    9/13/2016 9:49:19 PM, by WHITEANGEL4

    Well we have class 3 evenings a week. I had a class last evening and tonight. While I was in class Hubby hung the antique 3 panel screen which ... Read more

  • Day 111

    9/13/2016 7:41:13 PM, by SARA-SMILE125

    Daily Goal: 10k Steps. Daily Calorie Range: 1,200 - 1,650 max. Read more

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