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National Siblings Day
4/10/2014 9:00:51 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I just found out it's national siblings day. So here are my pictures with my siblings. Some of them are old - like 40+ years old. lol This...  Read more


Spark Tracker survives
4/10/2014 8:53:16 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Can you believe my Spark Tracker went through the wash, on regular cycle, with a full load of laundry, and through the dryer, and is doing fine? Crazy...  Read more


Day 3 of DietBet10 - Day 10 of DietBet4
4/10/2014 8:53:03 PM,  0 COMMENTS

This one will be short and sweet. I'm sick. Full on ill. My cold has moved into my lungs. No cardio for me today. I cancelled work toda...  Read more


Who is the Most Loviest Today? Streak day 35.
4/10/2014 2:29:12 PM,  31 COMMENTS

You are the most BEAUTIFUL person around. They way your eyes light up, your smile, the spring in your step. Your perfect the way you are...  Read more


Another painful day. Darn
4/10/2014 1:01:04 PM,  19 COMMENTS

My own fibromyalgia pain is really bad today! I had a virus a couple of weeks ago. Probably it has triggered a FM flare. I just took tramadol. I h...  Read more


4/10/2014 10:53:56 AM,  11 COMMENTS

Just wanted to pop in real quick and post an update on my knee. I decided to do an easy 2 mile run yesterday since my knee seemed to be doing better,...  Read more


Am I listening to my body? Or am I finding excuses?
4/10/2014 9:47:31 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I'm still not feeling well. In fact, my cold is coming to it's peak soon. It's mostly a head cold. I usually don't let a cold keep me from gett...  Read more


An Angel came today. Streak Day 34.
4/9/2014 10:42:53 PM,  35 COMMENTS

43 Sometimes you need an Angel. Things were going all wrong. Things that should of not of been hard and challenging were overly difficul...  Read more


Confession Time
4/9/2014 9:44:32 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I try to keep focused in my blogging. Stay positive about the progress I've made, and that I can keep making progress. But right now I'm going t...  Read more


Day 2 of DietBet10 - Day 9 of DietBet4
4/9/2014 7:30:14 PM,  0 COMMENTS

So far so good today. I got on the scale this morning. This one is for DietBet4 DietBet10 As you can see, both goal weights are...  Read more


Na Na Na Na Nine!
4/9/2014 3:51:47 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Those old songs that went something like this are running through my mind right now. Like: NaNaNaNa NaNaNaNa Dip Dip Dip DO AAAAAAAAAAAAAA Shan...  Read more


Wednesday April 9th I WON !!!!!
4/9/2014 3:22:00 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I won the 20.00 gift card I was so surprised when I get back from my trip I will know what it is for breakfast was same as yesterday...  Read more


Tuesday April 8th Stayed the Same
4/9/2014 3:09:43 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Got really sick after eating tonight. Up half the night in pain. TOM came today and I am guessing that something in my Chinese dinner had gluten in it...  Read more


Monday April 7th
4/9/2014 3:05:56 PM,  2 COMMENTS

breakfast double egg white 6 inch on multi flat bread veggie and southwest sauce lunch ...  Read more


Let's have a little fun
4/9/2014 3:04:03 PM,  6 COMMENTS

There were three Indian squaws. One slept on a deer skin, one slept on an elk skin, and the third slept on a hippopotamus skin. All three became pregn...  Read more


Sunday April 6th
4/9/2014 3:02:08 PM,  1 COMMENTS

breakfast lunch dinner ...  Read more


Saturday April 5th
4/9/2014 2:58:59 PM,  0 COMMENTS

breakfast lunch out with my sister shopping dinner ...  Read more


The week is slowly moving
4/9/2014 11:58:50 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Anyone else feel as if the week is dragging by? I havent got much to do at work this week. I made a to-do list and then felt saddened by the lack of...  Read more


Today's Kick in the Butt
4/9/2014 8:36:44 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I really don't like mornings at the best of times. But today I really don't want to get up. I'm feeling sick. This head cold is wearing heavily on...  Read more


Struggling with fatigue and body pain.
4/9/2014 5:17:00 AM,  24 COMMENTS

I hate body pain! I am even sore to the touch. I am assuming the recent virus has caused a fibromyalgia flare. Lots of tissue bumps under the skin....  Read more


cont. Details about exercising in the water. I learned lots from this article.
4/8/2014 7:31:06 PM,  8 COMMENTS  Read more


Water aerobics and improving muscle strength.
4/8/2014 7:27:25 PM,  8 COMMENTS

Due to viscosity(think pouring honey vs pouring alcohol ), drag forces and frontal resistance, water provides a resistance which is proportional to th...  Read more


Day 1 of DietBet10 - Day 8 of DietBet4
4/8/2014 7:09:04 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Yep. You read that right. I'm in two DietBets. One is a 4 weeks to loose 4%. The other is 6 months to loose 10%. They kind of work together. One...  Read more


Water aerobics and heart rate. Improved venous return without high bood pressure!
4/8/2014 6:11:08 PM,  9 COMMENTS

H2O HEART RATE The unique properties of water enable your heart to work more efficiently. The hydrostatic pressure of water pushes eq...  Read more


Race season starting...
4/8/2014 6:08:19 PM,  2 COMMENTS

These are races from last year and times 4-19 young life 5k 34:40 4-27 Harrison 5k 31:21 5-3 Stive for 5 6k 36:57 6-8 Diaper dash 5k 30:37...  Read more


Whatever you FOCUS on is where your energy goes. Stread day 33.
4/8/2014 1:29:02 PM,  62 COMMENTS

I am CULTIVATING good things in my life. My focus is on all things HEALING. My world seems more beautiful when I enjoy the simple things in...  Read more


Knee is improving!
4/8/2014 10:56:31 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I am happy to report that my knee is feeling better! Its about 75%, and that is making me feel good. I wore my large patella-femoral knee brace to w...  Read more


This Day 8 of My 'Self' Challenge
4/8/2014 8:03:39 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Yesterday was great! Got in more than 15,000 steps. Stayed in all of my suggested nutrient trackers and today I weighed in! After one week of my 's...  Read more


The highs and lows
4/7/2014 11:53:43 PM,  3 COMMENTS

So today is day one of the "Drop a Ton" challenge at work. The goal is to have us lose 2,000 pounds combined. So many of us signed up it works out t...  Read more


Gentleness. Streak day 32.
4/7/2014 3:33:05 PM,  30 COMMENTS

Making progress doesn't mean I need to be the meanest, baddest, toughest workouts. 326 I make more progress being gentle with myself...  Read more


Day 7 of 30 day 'Self' Challenge
4/7/2014 12:29:07 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Before noon today I met the goal I set for steps. I plan to keep going. I need to do flex/strength exercises. Up to this point I have met the fiber...  Read more


Back from a long weekend...
4/7/2014 11:20:31 AM,  7 COMMENTS

I took Friday off work and it was nice to have a day to myself :) I got up around 8am, ate breakfast, and then worked on cleaning my house a bit. Va...  Read more


3 Good Baby Steps
4/7/2014 11:04:00 AM,  5 COMMENTS

I read a blog post this morning that reminded me of my once desperate, hopeless feeling that I would forever be in the obese weight category. The post...  Read more


Don't sit. Just move. Mostly all day long! SP article info.
4/7/2014 8:11:24 AM,  11 COMMENTS

SP whole article link---is at the bottom of this blog. "By now you've probably heard the latest research. Sitting is even worse for...  Read more


Winter in Fenway (Home of the Red Sox!)
4/6/2014 10:31:47 PM,  12 COMMENTS

300 60 300 60 300 60 300 60 300 60 304 for checking this out. I hope you enjoy it as much as we Visions have. I must admit that I had...  Read more


Going in Circles
4/6/2014 10:27:22 PM,  6 COMMENTS

On this journey of better health do you ever or have you ever found yourself going around in circles, never making any kind of progress? At this momen...  Read more


Scale Tale
4/6/2014 12:27:58 PM,  7 COMMENTS

Queen AmQ, Monarch of all in her Purview (temporarily transmogrified into the Bunny Queen for the Easter Season), did this day hippity hop on down to...  Read more


I had a great time at the baby shower!
4/6/2014 11:17:29 AM,  17 COMMENTS

Because of caregiving I have not been attending family celebrations. The drive, getting caregivers to take over, just getting my outfit to...  Read more


Blessed Detoxing. Streak Day 31.
4/6/2014 10:47:00 AM,  31 COMMENTS

It has been said every 10 days your body detoxes when one eats SUPER FOODS and NUTRIENT RICH JUICES the way I am. My body is DETOXING. Whil...  Read more


Day 4 and 5 of Self Challenge
4/5/2014 10:07:39 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Day 3 and 4 went well. Today, day 5, was not as good as the other days. Was out at the craft show and went over on total calories, but was mostly in...  Read more


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