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  • Cabbage soup

    8/26/2015 9:11:19 AM, by CJKAYA

    cool summer day and tons of veggies from garden. What else to do with them but to make cabbage soup. We all remember that diet. It is a good w... Read more

  • The Sparkpeople Balanced Life Challenge

    8/25/2015 6:22:57 PM, by ZANDASMOM1

    So...I am forever trying to get back onto Spark in a consistent way. But lately its just been such a struggle!!! UGH!!! So here I am on the co... Read more

  • To busy to track

    8/25/2015 2:17:08 PM, by JUNESHOPE

    Ug...I've been so busy with my daughter's first day of school, I haven't tracked for about 3 days now. I think I'... Read more

  • Day 31

    8/25/2015 7:50:23 AM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Rainy again today, half my walk was fine, but then the other half was very wet. I walked for an hour and a half and covered 6 miles, which was go... Read more

  • Another POUND Bites the Dust!

    8/24/2015 11:23:50 AM, by JUNESHOPE

    Happy Dance The weight is continuing to come off, and that makes me so happy. I'm staying on this no matter what, but it is so e... Read more

  • Day 30

    8/24/2015 9:46:53 AM, by GODRICKIMMY

    It has been so rainy today, I had to cycle in the rain and got very wet. I did just under an hour of cycling. I was really proud that I cycled de... Read more

  • 49 of 90

    8/23/2015 10:54:31 PM, by MAGA99

    Really tired but I'm already a blog behind; so just a quick one. My son and his family were down from Jersey for the weekend; it was great. ... Read more

  • 24 questions to focus on when I tend to overeat. From Judith S. Beck.

    8/23/2015 8:46:49 PM, by CTUPTON

    Note: I saw this in a spark friend's blog. I found it very useful. My own responses are shown. All the Beck books are about Cognitive Behavi... Read more

  • Day 29

    8/23/2015 2:22:45 PM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Today I could've easily not exercised, but I pushed myself and walked for just over an hour. It was hard going, but I'm glad that I did it. ... Read more

  • Day 28

    8/23/2015 5:23:23 AM, by GODRICKIMMY

    I'm writing this blog post a day late because I was so tired and still a little ill yesterday. It was my rest day, which I appreciated, having b... Read more

  • Eating out in Keystone, SD

    8/22/2015 10:31:39 PM, by CANYON_GAL

    I love the wood carved sign outside. ... Read more

  • Getting my mind right. Day 3.

    8/22/2015 5:38:51 PM, by MISSTIA27

    It's been a very long, rough Summer. I broke my foot in March and couldn't run for a couple months. My 50 year old maple dropped a car-sized b... Read more

  • Slow but sure

    8/22/2015 9:02:41 AM, by LINDAVB4251

    I am not a runner. I have tried, and it just isn't my cup of tea. It would probably be different if I had a running buddy. However, I have been m... Read more

  • 48 of 90

    8/21/2015 10:28:18 PM, by MAGA99

    My internet has been acting up for the last few days but so far today we good I've been so truly Blessed: I finally got approved for my di... Read more

  • Picture Day from Keystone, SD

    8/21/2015 8:35:04 PM, by CANYON_GAL

    Sorry that I haven't posted much lately. Work has been busy this last month but today was my day off so I had to go down to the post office in ... Read more

  • salmon and "blistered pears" yum taste combination

    8/21/2015 4:09:29 PM, by CTUPTON

    The whole meal was a few things over arugula and a light vinaigrette dressing. But I have salmon and the "blistered" pears left for my dinne... Read more

  • Gluten free me!

    8/21/2015 1:14:20 PM, by RADOOGA

    Afternoon Sparklies, hope you are all well. We have had fun and games here. My DAd was taken into hospital by ambulance on Wednesday night, aft... Read more

  • Avocado Alert

    8/21/2015 12:55:36 PM, by LTJOHANSEN

    Previously posted on Wouldn’t it be nice if money literally did grow on trees? Can you imagine picking tw... Read more

  • In pursuit of staying power

    8/21/2015 11:16:53 AM, by PATTYCAKE17

    It took 15 long years to lose 100 pounds and it will take the rest of my life to keep it off permanently. But that is a challenge I welcome now, ... Read more

  • Day 27

    8/21/2015 8:46:36 AM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Lovely cycle in the sunshine this morning, cycled 6 and a quarter miles in just over an hour. The only problem was that the guy who serviced my b... Read more

  • Setting my Fall goals. Day 1.

    8/20/2015 7:45:45 PM, by MISSTIA27

    My daughter starts 5th grade on Monday. I'm 32 years old (almost), and once again I've left ONEderland. I'd normally mope about, cry at my hus... Read more

  • Day 26

    8/20/2015 3:14:06 PM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Had a very tired day today, so felt quite subdued. Only managed to fit a walk in in the evening time. I felt exhausted by then, but managed to wa... Read more

  • Blogging

    8/20/2015 1:14:07 PM, by JUNESHOPE

    I blog almost every day just because it keeps me focused. I'm happy that I'm losing weight, and I know how fast t... Read more

  • Foods to boost your mood

    8/20/2015 11:44:22 AM, by FLMARIE

    Happy, angry, excited, frustrated and anxious are just some of the different moods and emotions we can have throughout the day. Some things in li... Read more

  • Summertime

    8/19/2015 11:36:37 PM, by KIKKI-G

    Summer is going by so fast, I can't believe its almost the end of August! This is my first year in 4 years not being in school. Even though I had... Read more

  • 47 of 90

    8/19/2015 11:22:37 PM, by MAGA99

    Still not able to excise much so my main focus has been on changing m eating habits. It's not easy to eat right when you have to cook all your fo... Read more

  • Day 25

    8/19/2015 12:59:22 PM, by GODRICKIMMY

    I'm glad that I chose to cycle this morning, as it is pouring down this afternoon. I was so tired though, I almost procrastinated, but eventually... Read more

  • One Month!

    8/19/2015 12:12:52 PM, by JEN3582

    Hello and Happy Wednesday! Today marks one month that I have been back on Weight Watchers. In that time I have lost 7.8 pounds! Today also m... Read more

  • 20 lbs down! yeah!!

    8/19/2015 11:04:51 AM, by JUNESHOPE

    20 lbs down total, 15 lbs down since restart on June 12th. So I'm pretty happy that calorie counting is working, and the SP food tr... Read more

  • Not moving for another whole year! I am not happy about this!

    8/19/2015 10:22:01 AM, by CTUPTON

    Our daughter has to be in CT twice a month for another whole year. If she does not live with us, she has no place to go. This is a very hard deci... Read more

  • Doing the math

    8/19/2015 1:34:24 AM, by JELLYBEAN007

    I've been exercising regularly (and hard!) and eating well for several weeks now, but not lost an ounce. I've checked various recommendations and... Read more

  • 46 of 90

    8/18/2015 11:21:53 PM, by MAGA99

    I wrote out my blog went to post it and my internet went out I'm too tired to type up another one so this is it for today good night and ... Read more

  • Day 24

    8/18/2015 2:44:33 AM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Just weighed myself this morning, and I am at 195 pounds! I'm proud to have lost 8 pounds so far. Long may the steady weight loss continue ... Read more

  • 45 of 90

    8/17/2015 9:59:17 PM, by MAGA99

    HALF WAY POINT YEAAAAAAAAAH Well I'm half way thru my 90 blogs Now its time to start a regular exercise program for me. I found some cha... Read more

  • Daughter starting school

    8/17/2015 9:56:19 PM, by JUNESHOPE

    Well, my daughter is getting ready to start school on Tuesday. Life is going to be soooooo different starting next week. It's Pre-K... Read more

  • Day 23

    8/17/2015 7:51:56 AM, by GODRICKIMMY

    Went cycling for an hour again today. Had a really good workout and went just over 6 miles. I downloaded an app called 'Mapmyfitness', and used... Read more

  • 44 of 90

    8/16/2015 11:48:49 PM, by MAGA99

    I wrote this a little over 2 yrs ago UP & DOWN 7/3/13 up and down - - - upside down  balloons float away  worms dig deeper deeper... Read more

  • Broke through!!

    8/16/2015 10:46:39 AM, by JUNESHOPE

    Yeah!!! I finally broke out of the 250's and now in the 240's. whew! 260's....-GONE 250'S.... GONE! now in the 240's!! ... and NOT F... Read more

  • Advice for young People

    8/16/2015 9:57:49 AM, by OLDEROWL

    Leo Babauta of Zen Habits wrote a wonderful piece of advice for people in their 20's. I am 69 and I think the advice is good for people in their... Read more

  • I'm baaack

    8/16/2015 9:55:25 AM, by TEHILA1

    I have been on a long journey, a journey that has taken me on many detours from health and weight gain. It was painful, emotional and costly both... Read more

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