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Juicer Alert. Calling all juice fasters.
7/6/2014 5:52:24 AM,  25 COMMENTS

439 If your a juicing lover and need help with juicing I found a great site. It's called Juicing radio. It's packed full of long talk...  Read more


#100happydays - Day 19 & 20
7/5/2014 9:16:54 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Yippee! 20 days down can't believe it. Day 19 - I'm happy because its July 4th 283 and I know that I live in a country where I'm not going to be...  Read more


Today's dumb joke.
7/5/2014 9:01:33 PM,  14 COMMENTS

If your canoe gets a flat tire while rowing up a tree, how many pancakes does it take to get to the moon? answer: Yellow because snakes don't ha...  Read more


Around 2 AM, Thursday and Saturday morning
7/5/2014 5:52:23 PM,  3 COMMENTS

we were awakened by two different incidents. On Thursday morning shortly before two AM, a car's headlights came streaming into our bedroom window. I...  Read more


Back to what works
7/5/2014 5:01:47 PM,  9 COMMENTS

I am so happy to be back into healthy eating. All that food prepared with white flour (blah!) did a number on my system. Just to think I enjoyed t...  Read more


How WE MAKE YOU buy our foods
7/5/2014 2:38:49 PM,  23 COMMENTS

Below is a link on how food marketers get you convinced and hooked into purchasing their foods. It's a very short video 7 minutes. www....  Read more


Freedom from numbers
7/5/2014 11:02:33 AM,  5 COMMENTS

It seems wherever I go I am hit with the importance of numbers. I am going to focus on numbers pertaining to weight. 192 I'm stuck trying to fi...  Read more


It has come to pass.... and all is well....
7/5/2014 9:35:03 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I sold my company and am in the process of refocusing on the work that I want to do. That's always fun for an entrepreneur because it's like starting...  Read more


Our dear little dog
7/4/2014 8:09:39 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Well, Jethro is pretty much velcroed to us when we are in the same area. But he chose to sleep in the basement den last night. Our three bunnies sta...  Read more


A beautiful long hike at a state park today
7/4/2014 7:51:04 PM,  7 COMMENTS

There are more pictures, and so many more are of even more beautiful areas at this state park, but this gives you a bit of an idea of what it was l...  Read more


Delicious FOOD PORN
7/4/2014 1:33:11 PM,  24 COMMENTS

I decided to start making FOOD PORN. It's a way to show the world that you can make healthy substitutes in exchange for not so good foods...  Read more


Vacation Part 2 - Time on the Cruise Ship
7/4/2014 1:22:50 PM,  7 COMMENTS

It was an amazing time on the cruise ship. However, we don't think we'll do it again. We got a room...  Read more


today's dumb joke
7/4/2014 12:24:23 PM,  10 COMMENTS

Why order a taco when you can ask it politely? ...  Read more


Oh My
7/3/2014 6:44:58 PM,  12 COMMENTS

Started my day by eating home made biscuits and butter. Am having tests to find out if I have Celiac disease. Have been off all grains for a while...  Read more


7/3/2014 5:36:56 PM,  27 COMMENTS

240 Last night I was talking to the cat. Yup, I am the crazy lady who talks to her cats and her plants. I am the kind of person who t...  Read more


#100happydays - Day 18
7/3/2014 3:24:34 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Day 18 – Well I am happy today because I pushed through a “I don't wanna” morning. I woke up and I just didn't want to get up. My body was tired and...  Read more


'I have New Attitude'!
7/3/2014 12:09:00 PM,  14 COMMENTS

Finally, I'm off of the antibiotics! I praise the Lord for all of the mighty lessons He is teaching me! Isaiah 43:19 New International V...  Read more


Poor Jethro
7/3/2014 11:51:00 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Jethro, our Pekinese, is still shaking every time he hears any firework go off, even when they are quite some distance from our house. We have alread...  Read more


It's almost the weekend!
7/3/2014 11:39:09 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Hooray! I have a 4 day weekend this week, starting tomorrow, but really starting this afternoon since I am leaving work early!! I finally called a l...  Read more


'Tis Thursday, Thankfully!
7/3/2014 7:16:51 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Looking forward to a cooler weekend. The days have been sweltering! Sitting in front of the fan to try to cool off. Not much luck. So glad to go o...  Read more


Pineapple Angelfood Cake--2 ingredients!
7/3/2014 7:07:36 AM,  24 COMMENTS

I don't usually put sweet desserts in my blog to help me remember, but I wanted to remember this SP cake recipe.  Read more


Good Habits
7/2/2014 9:09:41 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Working on building the next good habit/streak of increasing my lean body mass and strength while adding this to my previous good habits....  Read more


It's ALL Good....
7/2/2014 8:31:35 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Well, here I am, back on the grid after a fabulous vacation away from cell phone towers and the internet. I sure did not want to come back to reality...  Read more


7/2/2014 6:51:47 PM,  8 COMMENTS

After seeing the doctors yesterday I made a trip to the library to do some research. Checked out a few books and got down to reading about Celiac di...  Read more


#100happydays - Day 17
7/2/2014 3:29:52 PM,  4 COMMENTS

244 Day 17 - I am 334 today because I am so encouraged by others who have stood where I am and kicked butt and took names. I am encouraged by...  Read more


Welcome July !
7/2/2014 12:13:28 PM,  28 COMMENTS

232 I have been wanting to do a juice fast, but I haven't had the willpower to make it stick. Instead I have been modifying it to make it...  Read more


I'm Back
7/1/2014 11:57:35 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I always loved that line by Jack Nicholson in "The Shining" even though it is a very scary movie, at least to me. I have always been on SparkPeople,...  Read more


What is your favorite summer fun thing to do?
7/1/2014 4:58:32 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Happy July Sparkbuddies! As we enter into the warmer months in my part of the world I am looking forward to walks at the park, beautiful sunsets, ca...  Read more


Homemade Kefir Nut Milk experiments and other ramblings.
7/1/2014 4:46:57 PM,  20 COMMENTS

90 Zippity do da zippity day, my oh my what a wonderful day. 67 Plenty of 110 degree sunshine headed my way. 378 A am grateful f...  Read more


#100happydays - Day 16
7/1/2014 1:28:02 PM,  1 COMMENTS

334 Day 16 - I love vintage/classic cars and trucks. I'm a big history buff. It makes me all happy and twitter-patted when I see one rol...  Read more


7/1/2014 11:56:56 AM,  6 COMMENTS

It's July! Which means 3 months from now I will officially be off active duty! Hooray! Still so much to do between now and then. I am planning to...  Read more


Fuhrman's Shredded Cabbage Slaw
7/1/2014 8:19:07 AM,  14 COMMENTS

Shredded Cabbage Slaw Serves: 6 Ingredients: 2841/4 small red cabbage, thinly shredded 1/2...  Read more


Fuhrman's Fruit, Fennel and Chinese Cabbage Salad with Blueberry Pomegranate Dressing
7/1/2014 8:11:06 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Fruit, Fennel and Chinese Cabbage Salad with Blueberry Pomegranate Dressing Serves: 6 Ingredients: 551 For...  Read more


I found a way to report the fake emails I believe I am receiving!
7/1/2014 7:13:14 AM,  10 COMMENTS

Fight fake emails •Forward suspicious emails to •Make sure you're using the latest internet browser. •Visit the P...  Read more


PayPal problem
7/1/2014 6:33:46 AM,  7 COMMENTS

I told the buyer I am not shelling out any of my money to anyone. chris This is an email supposedly from PayPal--it has a logo and actually looks...  Read more


7/1/2014 4:55:39 AM,  2 COMMENTS

It's been almost 2 months now since I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, told I was Pre-Diabetic, have high Cholesterol, and low Vitamin D. Since then...  Read more


#100happydays - Day 15
6/30/2014 8:38:48 PM,  0 COMMENTS

521 Day 15 - I love my little niece. She is a handful at times but I love her enthusiasm. So today the little nymph went with me on my walk. We wa...  Read more


Busy Weekend
6/30/2014 7:07:03 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I took a 1/2 day off on Friday to go hiking with a friend. Of course with unpredictable Oregon, even the end of June isn't safe from rain, and we got...  Read more


starting to feel better!
6/30/2014 4:24:15 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I am starting to feel better.. I had to go to another doctor and they were able to get my ears back to normal and actually I can hear better now then...  Read more


The Reasons I do things...
6/30/2014 3:19:29 PM,  0 COMMENTS

One thing I've been thinking about today is this... I've been so gung ho about doing this healthy eating thing and overcoming my food issues once...  Read more


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