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  • Day 14, afternoon

    8/4/2015 1:37:24 PM, by SNOWANGEL135

    I had 110 cal for breakfast, 24 oz of water. Now I'm having 505 cal for lunch which will take me up to 615 cal total! Just checking in. :)... Read more

  • Day 14, morning

    8/4/2015 10:19:48 AM, by SNOWANGEL135

    187.6 this morning! Good good. :) Tonight I'm having a cocktail or two with a friend, so I need to make sure to plan for that in my day. ... Read more

  • Day 13, night

    8/4/2015 12:52:11 AM, by SNOWANGEL135

    Totals for the day: 1605 cal, 120 oz water. Made some great soup for dinner!... Read more

  • Day 13, morning

    8/3/2015 12:24:10 PM, by SNOWANGEL135

    Up to 188.1 this morning. :( Well, it was bound to happen eventually -- you go up and down if you weigh yourself every day, and so far I'd surpr... Read more

  • Doing it "Right"

    8/3/2015 2:51:21 AM, by SALAM4545

    Recently I shared about my diagnoses of pre diabetes, and how my doctor had me research different weight loss meds, and my struggle to decide whe... Read more

  • Day 12, night

    8/3/2015 12:36:22 AM, by SNOWANGEL135

    Today was alright! Not the total best it could possibly be, but also thoroughly passable. 1890 cal of food (and I did get in a little exercise), ... Read more

  • Sparkers Rock

    8/2/2015 7:33:15 PM, by TRILLIANTOO

    It has been years since I have been a regular member of SparkPeople. I love this site, but got enough of a handle on my food & etc I didn't need ... Read more

  • Trying and Succeeding

    8/2/2015 6:19:16 PM, by JANEDOE12345

    Hey, I am losing weight! Down from size 22-24 pants to a pair of very tight 18's! It works if you work it and I am worth it! My, it has been... Read more

  • Day 12, morning

    8/2/2015 9:53:47 AM, by SNOWANGEL135

    187.0 lbs this morning! I've officially lost 5 pounds! I've had 180 calories this morning, and 12 oz water. Here's my new ticker! ... Read more

  • Day 11 summary

    8/2/2015 2:59:44 AM, by SNOWANGEL135

    Weighed in at 187.8, same as yesterday! Weird day today. Bridal shower, then party. Low appetite. As a result, I think I consumed something lik... Read more

  • Quietly Juice Fasting

    8/1/2015 9:31:17 PM, by INSPIREDSOUL

    I switched things out a bit. I joined a private, paid online juicing group. It's day 3 today. While it is challenging, its not too bad. They ... Read more

  • Dance 10, night

    8/1/2015 1:20:47 AM, by SNOWANGEL135

    Day end: 2010 cal, 114 oz water. Goodnight sparkers!... Read more

  • Day 10, after dinner

    7/31/2015 8:35:39 PM, by SNOWANGEL135

    I had dinner -- 900 calories of food, 350 of beer. Then I had 300 calories of ice cream. So total, I'm at 360+1200+350 = 1910. That's... a... Read more

  • Day 10, second check-in

    7/31/2015 2:15:34 PM, by SNOWANGEL135

    I had some iced coffee with whole milk, so about 40 calories there, bringing me up to 360. I'm starting into another bottle of water, which will... Read more

  • Day 10, first check-in

    7/31/2015 12:07:20 PM, by SNOWANGEL135

    I had a piece of fruit and some lunch-type snacks, 60+160+100 = 320 calories so far. And I got through 42 oz of water! I'm feeling fine rig... Read more

  • Day 10, morning

    7/31/2015 11:33:26 AM, by SNOWANGEL135

    After three days at the same weight, I get to update my ticker again!!! I'm down to 187.8, down 4.2 pounds from where I started! Next milestone... Read more

  • Day 1: Fast Food Free

    7/31/2015 10:40:11 AM, by MELINDAGRASS79

    Ok, my goal is to not have any fast food in August so here goes! I'm lucky that I work next door to a grocery store. Guess I'll have to do some s... Read more

  • Day 9, night

    7/31/2015 1:03:00 AM, by SNOWANGEL135

    1935 calories total. I was doing pretty darn well and then I ate a burrito. Still, anyway, calories lower than the last few days, which is good... Read more

  • Day 9, afternoon

    7/30/2015 1:09:20 PM, by SNOWANGEL135

    Hey, so update! I had some light caffeine last night to see if it helped with the headache, and it did. And then a friend came over and was in ... Read more

  • Fast Food Junkie

    7/30/2015 9:26:17 AM, by MELINDAGRASS79

    So, after careful consideration, I have come to realize, that I am addicted to fast food. This addiction probably stems from my utter dislike of ... Read more

  • Day 8, night

    7/29/2015 10:19:29 PM, by SNOWANGEL135

    2135 cal. I wonder why I've been so hungry lately?? 96 oz of water... And I'm getting a headache for the third night in a row, I wonde... Read more

  • Day 8, evening

    7/29/2015 6:49:20 PM, by SNOWANGEL135

    Up to 74 oz water! Yay. Looking forward to making some mushroom pasta tonight!... Read more

  • Day 8, water update!

    7/29/2015 3:37:46 PM, by SNOWANGEL135

    Up to 42 oz of water! That's more like it. Read more

  • Day 8, afternoon

    7/29/2015 1:19:35 PM, by SNOWANGEL135

    1040 calories... going to take time off and drink water now, though. 10 oz of water. Gotta work on that! ... Read more

  • cheated on my diet :(

    7/29/2015 11:52:38 AM, by DDR1190

    Today I am disappointed at myself, I have been trying to stop eating and drinking from Dunkin donuts and today I was running late and grabbed dun... Read more

  • Day 8, morning

    7/29/2015 9:58:29 AM, by SNOWANGEL135

    188.8 lbs today, same as yesterday! I will have 330 calories for breakfast, and some water... and coffee, of course. Read more

  • Day 7, before bed

    7/28/2015 11:52:14 PM, by SNOWANGEL135

    2240 cal today... Could be better. I think I'm coming down with a cold and that might contribute to the increased appetite I've felt today... Fee... Read more

  • Day 7, early evening

    7/28/2015 4:25:43 PM, by SNOWANGEL135

    Up to 1030 calories now... I had a little ice cream. But I was thinking of binging on more than that and I stopped myself! Yay for me. ... Read more

  • Day 7, afternoon

    7/28/2015 3:27:12 PM, by SNOWANGEL135

    560 cal for lunch, so I'm up to 850 calories. 32 oz of water, I'll drink more soon!!... Read more

  • Day 7 weigh-in!

    7/28/2015 10:10:37 AM, by SNOWANGEL135

    I'm at 188.8, down 3.2 pounds from where I started! Yay! Breakfast today will be 290 calories:... Read more

  • Sick.

    7/28/2015 8:01:21 AM, by -KIMMI-

    Everything was going really well. Was getting up early and getting a workout in with the hubby. Just 20 minutes, but that is a great start for ... Read more

  • Day 6, after dinner

    7/27/2015 9:20:09 PM, by SNOWANGEL135

    I had dinner and dessert, and I'm at 1700 calories. I'm also at 96 oz of water and am drinking a bit more. Getting in a fight with the fiance, ... Read more

  • Day 6, evening

    7/27/2015 6:15:13 PM, by SNOWANGEL135

    I'm at 950 calories, about 72 oz water. Waiting for my fiance to get home so we can make dinner together... ... Read more

  • Fantasy expectations

    7/24/2015 7:36:53 PM, by JOANNANOW

    The start page on my spark site says I have lost 45 lbs. since April 2011. It's been almost a year since I wrote a blog. I have lost most of tha... Read more

  • 5am wake up call!

    7/23/2015 6:11:35 AM, by -KIMMI-

    So this past week has been a flop. I'm up 3 lbs, did not track, and there is a possibility that ice cream and chinese food were involved at some... Read more

  • The beginning 524

    7/22/2015 11:40:15 PM, by GODDESSMODEON

    HELLO IM Hannah. 24, mom of three super cool kids, bartender at a country club. I'll probably blog more than use the trackers. I Th... Read more

  • Things just keep GETTING BETTER !

    7/22/2015 12:01:54 PM, by INSPIREDSOUL

    I never knew, never imagined, that I could find ... Read more

  • Walks and Reflections

    7/20/2015 10:58:18 PM, by SALAM4545

    My kids have a week of camp, which means I am free in the mornings to take long walks in Downtown Sacramento, one of my favorite places. ... Read more

  • Good-bye, my friends!

    7/20/2015 5:15:42 PM, by MEADSBAY

    Tomorrow I am heading down to our gorgeous second home on the island of Anguilla, off the coast of St. Martin. People are surprised... Read more

  • Lifestyle Changes are healing my body.

    7/20/2015 1:08:10 PM, by INSPIREDSOUL

    On July 4th, I declared my independence from cooked, processed foods. The results has been quite remarkable. It feels like my body is healing. ... Read more

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