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  • Vitamins and other updates

    10/5/2015 9:33:31 AM, by KATRICK528

    Friday, it happened again. I got up, I took the vitamins, and then I got ready. I was headed out the door when stuff started coming up, and it wa... Read more

  • Birth Control, Vitamins and Supplements (possible TMI)

    10/1/2015 10:04:40 AM, by KATRICK528

    For years, I have been taking a shot for my birth control. I started it in highschool before I was active as a way to manage my periods. They wou... Read more

  • Softball and Phones

    9/30/2015 10:15:54 AM, by KATRICK528

    My brother and sister-in-law play softball. It is just one of those local leagues. Yesterday, I joined them. My brother messaged me on ... Read more

  • Routine Plans

    9/25/2015 1:32:42 PM, by KATRICK528

    I think I have the schedule for implementing my routines. Here is the everyday per week detailed plan. It might be hard to see on here. <... Read more

  • Time for Routines

    9/25/2015 10:10:30 AM, by KATRICK528

    I have gotten almost everything on my checklist done for my apartment. I have LED strips along the bottom of my bathroom cabinet. It works g... Read more

  • update and the power of prayer

    9/17/2015 6:46:18 PM, by MREE777

    The power of prayer was demonstrated today in grace upon grace. I am always amazed at the love and mercy that God showers upon me. My ... Read more

  • Why do people steal?

    9/16/2015 11:52:38 PM, by MREE777

    Why do they feel they have the right to steal? Someone stole my keys at work today and opened up a case and stole about $600 worth of mercha... Read more

  • I have moved!

    9/9/2015 9:33:57 AM, by KATRICK528

    On Saturday Aug 29th, I got the keys to my new place! I love the layout. I like the placement. I have even noted what my mileage was when I ... Read more

  • My reasons...

    9/5/2015 9:54:38 AM, by AMBERLASHELL

    Everyone has their reasons to lose weight. Here is the... Read more

  • Been awhile, but I am still here.

    9/4/2015 6:55:17 AM, by CHRIMSONFYRE

    Sorry for the lack of blogs lately. I just can't seem to get my words down on paper for some reason. There is so much going on in life lately, ... Read more

  • Every day......

    9/3/2015 8:32:25 AM, by QUADCMOM

    I heard this from Joyce Meyer yesterday and it fits very well here: EVERY DAY YOU ARE GOING IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION IS ANOTHER DAY YOU ARE NO... Read more

  • My glass is half full.....

    9/2/2015 8:28:02 AM, by QUADCMOM

    In 2008 I joined Sparkpeople. I was fully motivated and excited. I lost 75 pounds by the middle of 2009. I maintained for several months. I was i... Read more

  • Just breathe

    8/31/2015 7:37:53 PM, by MANDYLOVE_76

    Some days are so much harder than others. It might be a day that workouts are easy but the emotional state not so good. Maybe it's a day that foo... Read more

  • Getting back on track

    8/30/2015 6:49:54 PM, by LEAN7980

    I have been m.i.a for a while. I was laid off in April of this year so I pretty much stop watching what I ate and became pretty sedative at home ... Read more

  • walking

    8/30/2015 8:59:13 AM, by MREE777

    I've taken to tracking my walking. I walk a lot at work each day. Between 3-5 miles just in the store. (On my feet for 6-9 hours depending on ... Read more

  • anyone know

    8/29/2015 6:55:49 PM, by MREE777

    where my quick tracking for the day went? No longer on the SP main page and I wanted to track my walking. 5 miles today!... Read more

  • Was in the ER last night.

    8/28/2015 8:32:37 AM, by ELLAPOOR

    I was suppose to stay home today after being in the ER last night. But I need to get somethings done. I feel a little bit better. How everyone... Read more

  • time for weekly weigh in

    8/27/2015 10:19:21 PM, by SUNNYGILMAN

    I can't wait to get to work tonight. It's time for my weigh in. I'm pretty sure I'll be down. I'm fitting into shirts easily that made me look pr... Read more

  • It is a great day God has let us have!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8/25/2015 9:29:57 AM, by ELLAPOOR

    I have been away for a while but here I am. I have not lost anything since the last time I posted but I am still walking and feeling great. I a... Read more

  • 8/17/15-8/24/15

    8/24/2015 2:53:03 PM, by CHYSMITH86

    I weighed 285... I'm down to 280... Staying motivated... Read more

  • cheat day.

    8/22/2015 3:43:27 PM, by SUNNYGILMAN

    I work overnight and was on my way home this morning, and my coworker called and asked if I could work for her and be back at 2pm instead of 11 ... Read more

  • seeing results

    8/21/2015 12:33:22 AM, by SUNNYGILMAN

    I started about two weeks ago cutting out sugar and processed foods, eating organic foods, and taking flax seed meal every day. The scale is fina... Read more

  • Diabetes? Me? I need help

    8/16/2015 5:41:45 PM, by KERRYDALLAS

    I think I may have type 2 diabetes. I have symptoms. I'm 57 and about 20 pounds overweight. It runs in my family. So it's time I get serious ab... Read more

  • It ends tonight

    8/15/2015 4:45:13 PM, by MANDYLOVE_76

    i signed my divorce papers this week. While most are celebrating the fact they can get married, I'm becoming a statistic. It's not what I wanted ... Read more

  • just needed to vent (don't have to read)

    8/12/2015 8:26:45 AM, by MREE777

    yesterday was a very bad day... I had a very hard time going to sleep the night before and had to be up at 3:30am so that I could be at work... Read more

  • American Discovery Trail

    8/9/2015 11:03:54 AM, by MREE777

    I find the idea interesting; a network of trails connected crossing the country. If anyone's done this, it would be great to hear about it! ... Read more

  • Question

    8/8/2015 11:47:21 AM, by MREE777

    Has anyone here walked the American Discovery Trail?... Read more

  • Apartment Layout Ideas

    8/3/2015 9:56:52 AM, by KATRICK528

    I have been spending a decent amount of time preparing to move, thinking of where furniture would go, and how to decorate. I have created a 3D mo... Read more

  • It is time!!!!!!!!!!!!

    8/3/2015 9:48:18 AM, by ELLAPOOR

    I cannot remember a time where I was not big. I have been big since a little girl. I do remember all the mean and hurtfully word that other kid... Read more

  • companion meal?

    8/3/2015 8:17:00 AM, by MREE777

    Yesterday all of my diet rules went out the window. A friend sent me a text early saying that her father has passed away that morning and she w... Read more

  • Defeating discouragement

    8/1/2015 10:49:14 AM, by MREE777

    Yesterday I ate within my carb range and walked almost 10,000 steps. And yet, I gained a pound. Along with some weird allergy that showed up on... Read more

  • My new challenge...

    7/27/2015 4:30:57 PM, by ASGMCCARTY

    /gettin-fit-day-1/ Today, I start a pretty good challenge with my... Read more

  • Nighttime snacking

    7/24/2015 10:15:04 PM, by MREE777

    my nemesis.... Did fairly well with my eating during the day, but then I got off of work a little early. My roommate wanted to go to ch... Read more

  • I have lost a total of 55 lbs.

    7/23/2015 8:07:22 AM, by ELLAPOOR

    I have not be on here lately but I want to come back. As of July 22, 2015 I have lost a total of 55 lbs and I feel great. I am now under 200 lb... Read more

  • Today

    7/22/2015 6:44:54 PM, by MRSFLYTHE

    So I've been doing yoga and cut way down on sodas and after just two days I can already feel a difference in my attitude and my posture. Why I di... Read more

  • What a difference 2lbs can make!

    7/18/2015 9:44:33 AM, by MREE777

    I confess; I ate way over my carbs yesterday. I fully expected to have gained weight today. Instead, I was down 2lbs! That was so encouraging... Read more

  • Moving and Debt

    7/17/2015 10:20:02 AM, by KATRICK528

    I moved in with my mom to quickly deal with some debt. While dealing with my debt, I have also been putting a little aside each month so tha... Read more

  • Working on Me

    7/17/2015 9:46:53 AM, by KATRICK528

    I started seeing a Chiropractor a few months ago. Last month, I requested either to get a scan done to see what is wrong, or to get a referral to... Read more

  • Thinkin' Out Loud Thursday, July 16th

    7/16/2015 12:16:28 PM, by TEXASGIDGET

    I know it has been a bit since I have posted a blog... Read more

  • goal setting

    7/14/2015 8:42:28 AM, by MREE777

    there's a good article on SP about goal setting this morning. I admire those who can set a long term goal and work their way to it. I'm... Read more

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