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  • Happy Valentne's Day

    2/14/2016 10:38:55 AM, by POSEY440

    Hope you have a nice day friends. Happy Valentin's Day Read more

  • #day 27 of 350

    2/11/2016 7:45:28 PM, by OZMAN80

    Have finished my heart rehab.I'm feeling great and ready to see what this old body can do. Need to be more active and push the limits a little mo... Read more

  • Sweating to the Oldies

    2/10/2016 6:21:22 AM, by LOVELYLILLITH84

    The gym I frequent only has news and sports on the tvs. And sone kind of electronic funk music playing...so I Pandora-ed today. Decided to do s... Read more

  • day#24 of 350

    2/8/2016 7:03:00 PM, by OZMAN80

    t's been a busy super bowl weekend. Sunday was not one of my best days,but today is a new day. Just got back from my heart rehab work out. feelin... Read more

  • day# 22 of 350

    2/6/2016 10:33:45 AM, by OZMAN80

    This journey is going good, but not great. I need to step it up a lot. It has helped that I personalized my calendar to keep up with the days. It... Read more

  • The BLACK Man by R.Slade

    2/4/2016 6:17:00 AM, by SAX_88

    The Black Man First let me state that for every Black Man- There is at least one great woman to give credit, you understand. ... Read more

  • Rough day

    2/3/2016 9:50:28 AM, by LOVELYLILLITH84

    Had a horrible day at work despite an awesome morning at the gym yesterday. Truthfully all I wanted last night was to go walk away my stress...... Read more

  • First day

    2/2/2016 8:05:53 AM, by LOVELYLILLITH84

    My real goal is to have fun. Bottom line. So I walked on the treadmill for a little while and used a few pieces of the gym equipment. I could... Read more

  • February

    1/31/2016 10:42:56 AM, by POSEY440

    Here comes Spring it is right around the corner. Love Spring. Read more

  • Spring

    1/24/2016 10:28:10 AM, by POSEY440

    Anyone else ready for Spring I am, Had enough snow here in Upstated New York thank you.... Read more

  • Poem For A King (by R.Slade)

    1/19/2016 1:28:15 AM, by SAX_88

    Poem For A King (Written on 15Jan01, in respectful honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.) Today is a holiday so many take for g... Read more

  • fell off the wagon!

    1/16/2016 10:23:18 PM, by OZMAN80

    It's hard to believe that you can lose so much weight,feel good about yourself and then put it right back on again. Well that is were I am right ... Read more

  • Home is where the heart is

    1/14/2016 12:02:58 PM, by JORDANCLARK78

    I am super excited to go home tomorrow. I have been dealing with some issues and I really need my mama! I am having mg severe stress and anxiety ... Read more

  • Update

    1/12/2016 12:17:20 PM, by JORDANCLARK78

    I post about stress a lot because stress used to define lots of my decisions. I am an emotional eater. I always will be one. I struggle with eati... Read more

  • This past week

    1/11/2016 12:16:16 PM, by JORDANCLARK78

    My first full week of 2016 went well for the most part. I was able to identify my weaknesses in my health plan and where I would struggle most bu... Read more

  • Functional Anatomy

    1/9/2016 4:17:25 PM, by DEEKELLYE

    My next class is called functional anatomy. It look... Read more

  • Let the Goals Begin

    1/1/2016 10:56:17 PM, by JORDANCLARK78

    While I have been very mindful of the areas I need to work on in my life, I have worded my goals this year to be more about dreaming big and expe... Read more

  • Happy New Year

    1/1/2016 4:04:28 PM, by POSEY440

    Thought I would share my Mom's blooming flowers she has had this 2 years and it is rare to have this in Upstate New York, yet they are terrifc. ... Read more

  • New Year and No Resolutions

    1/1/2016 9:18:22 AM, by THEODORE1958

    As have been my practice the last few months I record how I did the previous month. I did okay last month. I started December at 245.8 and this m... Read more

  • Great

    1/1/2016 5:03:20 AM, by IMANINIAMCNAIR1

    Hey this app is a great help. I have maintain my weight just by using your calories chart. Thanks for the help... Read more

  • Happy New Years Eve

    12/31/2015 2:21:18 PM, by JORDANCLARK78

    What are your goals for next year?... Read more

  • Full Force Ready

    12/30/2015 9:18:26 PM, by JORDANCLARK78

    I'm ready for this new year. I'm ready for my goals to be met and I'm ready for me to love myself and see changes in myself in all aspects.... Read more

  • Happy Dance

    12/29/2015 2:39:44 PM, by DEEKELLYE

    I am seriously doing a happy dance. There's an empt... Read more

  • Christmas

    12/27/2015 6:35:15 PM, by DEEKELLYE

    Other than work and sleep my Christmas was good. I ... Read more

  • Merry Christmas

    12/25/2015 2:30:10 PM, by POSEY440

    Here is a picture of my Christmas catuas it bloomed today, thought it was something to share, for today Read more

  • Family, Food, and Fun

    12/24/2015 10:38:43 AM, by JORDANCLARK78

    Spend the next couple of days with a focus on enjoying family and food. Prepare and plan for the yummy foods you'll be eating so that there are n... Read more

  • Loving Yourself

    12/21/2015 11:19:37 AM, by JORDANCLARK78

    Recently, I have found that I spend so much of my time loving and taking care and focusing on other people that I really don't spend time focusin... Read more

  • Direct Deposit

    12/19/2015 11:43:50 AM, by DEEKELLYE

    This is the first Waffle House that I have worked a... Read more

  • Deep Freezer

    12/17/2015 3:28:57 PM, by DEEKELLYE

    I know it's nothing exciting but to us it is. We fi... Read more

  • Follow Up

    12/16/2015 12:01:27 PM, by JORDANCLARK78

    So, yesterday I posted about some possible stress relievers. I have implemented them into the past day and feel better. I know stress is natural,... Read more

  • Stress

    12/15/2015 12:34:28 PM, by JORDANCLARK78

    I stress so much. I kept wondering why I wasn't losing weight with everything I was doing and implementing in order to be healthy. Any stress rel... Read more

  • Back at it!

    12/14/2015 1:54:52 PM, by JORDANCLARK78

    I've been out of the gym a month now from my pneumonia down fall but today is the day I get back at it and at least walk and do some ab workout. ... Read more

  • How to Adjust Meal Plans when you Cheat

    12/10/2015 12:50:26 PM, by JORDANCLARK78

    This morning I was craving a chicken biscuit from Hardees and without knowing the calories ate 600 just for breakfast 👎. Therefore, I cut out ... Read more

  • Awareness

    12/9/2015 11:53:59 AM, by JORDANCLARK78

    The great blessing about wanting to lose weight and have a healthy body is the fact that you are aware. I got sick with severe pneumonia about 3,... Read more

  • Welp....so much for that Valentine's Day goal

    12/7/2015 1:39:56 PM, by LISAZO79

    It's that time when it feels like the year is in a hurry to end. Sorry I haven't posted for anyone wondering where I was (no one I'm sure lol). ... Read more

  • Happy Holidays

    12/3/2015 2:13:51 PM, by POSEY440

    ... Read more

  • First Plateau

    12/2/2015 8:24:00 AM, by THEODORE1958

    Another month is over and I stuck to my plan. But November is the month I hit my first plateau. I started the month at 248.4 lbs and ended the mo... Read more

  • Switched

    12/1/2015 12:11:24 AM, by DEEKELLYE

    At some point in the last week one of the servers I... Read more

  • Happy Thanksgiving

    11/23/2015 11:05:00 AM, by POSEY440

    ... Read more

  • The Sickness is Here

    11/21/2015 9:12:00 AM, by JORDANCLARK78

    I got sick on Thursday and missed 2 days of work and ever since have not eaten well because I can't eat much. My weight gain has been bad this we... Read more

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