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  • Goal Met

    5/25/2015 9:48:51 AM, by YENDUCHAKA

    I've been within a pound of my goal weight for the past month, so I think it's safe to say that I've reached my goal. Finally! Four years after... Read more

  • back in stride again

    5/13/2015 11:20:22 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    I AM BACK !! I completed my circuit training, did 3 loads of laundry, packed my bags to come home, and prepared a scrumptious, healt... Read more

  • having the flu part two

    5/12/2015 9:43:21 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    Still feeling like crap . A total of 5 plank pushups was all I could manage. As I'm sitting here feeling disoriented, I feel like I... Read more

  • suffering from the flu....not much to do

    5/11/2015 9:05:27 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    Woke up this morning to a stuffed nose, aching body, and the malaise that accompanies the flu. BUT I DIDN'T SNACK DURING THE NIGHT HAHA!!!! I've ... Read more

  • happy mommies day!!

    5/10/2015 9:10:06 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    Today turned out to be a pretty good day. I allowed myself a few treats since it was a special day, and I totally enjoyed them. Funny thing is, I... Read more

  • surviving the grocery temptation

    5/9/2015 11:35:32 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    Well I did it!! I resisted the temptation of my evil nemesis KETTLE CORN!! I also fought off keebler Sandies and Baby Ruth's. I can remember the ... Read more

  • Day 3, look at me!

    5/8/2015 11:33:10 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    NO JUNK FOOD DURING THE NIGHT!! Boy is that a big deal for me! The real test comes tonight seeing as how my daughter went to the grocery store. ... Read more

  • watch out for the wafers!!

    5/7/2015 8:56:07 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    Well it's day two and so far so good. Except for the small matter of 16 vanilla wafers during the night. I made up for it though. Sixteen extra s... Read more

  • Finnegan begin again

    5/6/2015 10:56:02 AM, by JENNGLENN527

    Well here I am back in the blogosphere after a long absence. I've been doing well, as I've been taking fitness classes and working with a persona... Read more

  • getting back in the game

    4/23/2015 8:44:57 AM, by YENDUCHAKA

    The past several weeks my weight has been lower than it was before I got pregnant, which I am very happy about. I can't be proud of it, because ... Read more

  • Lost

    2/24/2015 6:30:17 PM, by TLLUTZ

    I have a wonderful family. But, I have come to realize this family isn't a functioning support system for me to reach my goals. I am not the ty... Read more

  • Weigh in Wednesday selfie

    2/19/2015 11:14:50 PM, by EM4488

    2 lbs less than last week -- but I wouldn't say that I lost 2 lbs....its j... Read more

  • Keep Gaining

    2/15/2015 1:06:46 PM, by EM4488

    Weigh in 240.8 this week. Got a ton of chocolate for my bday. And for val... Read more

  • Is it nap time?

    2/6/2015 1:48:03 AM, by EM4488

    New temp job is awesome and insanely busy and insanely so much to do to catch up. Working 8.5 hr days at the shop, and bringing home 5-7 ho... Read more

  • The answer? 3000.

    1/19/2015 9:55:50 PM, by EM4488

    Yep. Both days of this weekend, tracked: 3K each. OUuuuuuuuuuuuch. Expected. Not going to get it get me down. Today, I worked my tiny... Read more

  • Holy Fatty

    1/18/2015 11:27:05 PM, by EM4488

    Not me, my foods! I've made some DELICIOUS-ly bad choices the last two days. I need to track it. Yesterday I had a Perkins breakfast, com... Read more

  • How did I not blog for four days?

    1/16/2015 6:50:11 PM, by EM4488

    I'm trying a new years resolution to blog often. Get things off my chest. Keep me accountable. Keep a document of whats goin' on over... Read more

  • Day one of the rest of my life!!!

    1/12/2015 11:19:26 PM, by EM4488

    Too dramatic? Maybe. But I mean it this time dang it all. Today, after a week of not, I got up and worked out. I had yet another horribl... Read more

  • Wonderful Wonderbag!

    1/10/2015 1:14:56 PM, by EM4488

    Why am I happy today? Well, I'm forcing myself to be happy, because in all honesty, my anxiety is a level freaking 11 today. BUT - I got two p... Read more

  • Happiness in the midst of poo

    1/8/2015 8:11:23 PM, by EM4488

    Remember last blog's sleepless night. Ha! Last night was a ditto. Now, it had nothing to do with pets, just insomnia and pain. But, I went to bed... Read more

  • A Small Road Bump

    1/8/2015 5:50:36 PM, by EKBUHL

    January is the favorite month to start a workout program. I am not opposed to start now, but I know that many people do not stick with what they ... Read more

  • Well, that was a rough night!!!

    1/7/2015 2:12:02 PM, by EM4488

    Well, first time in....ever(?)....I just got up after noon. 1:00 pm was my rise and freakin' shine. My evening started out, going to bed at... Read more

  • I took all five pets to the vet......

    1/6/2015 10:07:43 PM, by EM4488

    ......because I am a glutton for punishment!! Happiness of today? Surviving the trip to the vet! And everyone getting a (pretty much) clean... Read more

  • I cheated on you, sparkpeople

    1/5/2015 3:09:51 PM, by EM4488

    It is true. Today I joined the free trial of "dailyburn". Really customized and seemingly use-friendly. Haven't started the videos yet, b... Read more

  • Bring on the happy....and the cough syrup

    1/4/2015 4:40:01 PM, by EM4488

    In my effort to maintain happiness all year, yesterday I drove to my moms and got her some groceries. Then went to visit my gram, and she also ne... Read more

  • My new years resolution(s)

    1/1/2015 5:31:48 PM, by EM4488

    My new years revolution: to do something everyday to bring happiness to my life. No matter big or small, make a conscious effort to be happy. ... Read more

  • Best workout EVER!!!!

    12/30/2014 9:32:18 PM, by SNACKER1983

    Went to the gym this afternoon for an hour of cardio with my trainer.. Then My son and i spent an hour and a half at a cardio kick boxing class. ... Read more

  • Reasons why I am determined to lose the damned weight again....

    12/30/2014 8:45:34 PM, by EM4488

    I am back up to 5lbs more than my original weight. Currently waddling in at 230 lbs. Time to try. Really, really try. Reasons why I a... Read more

  • Safe exercise for RA

    12/7/2014 11:19:33 PM, by JENNIEVAND

    I am 37 years old and I have had Rheumatoid Arthritis (Rheumatic Immune Disorder) for 5 years, diagnosed 3 years ago. I have about 100 lbs to tak... Read more

  • walkin' on sunshine

    12/4/2014 5:19:05 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    I went walking today and it felt fabulous. I found out I gained weight, which I suspected, but I'm not even stressing over that. The weather was ... Read more

  • sleep

    12/2/2014 3:46:48 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    I slept in again. I don't know if I'm recovering from playing grandmama or what. I really want to change things around and get back on a schedule... Read more

  • keep on truckin

    11/29/2014 4:48:29 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    As a result of staying up late to watch a programme, I slept rather late. Past noon in fact. I jumped up, rinsed my hair, washed my face and proc... Read more

  • baby girl, you're big!!!!

    11/28/2014 7:41:12 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    Yesterday I looked at myself and finally saw what I had been trying not to. I have gotten big. There is no getting around it, I'm big. I would sa... Read more

  • starting over

    11/4/2014 6:59:18 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    well, i am on my way back to the old homestead. first i will be going to celebrate my daughter's birthday, then i will return for thanksgiving. w... Read more

  • i just don't know

    11/3/2014 12:11:41 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    i am not sure why i seem to be having no success in this weight loss endeavour. i am trying my best to eat right. sure i slip up every now and ag... Read more

  • one day at a time

    10/15/2014 11:47:53 AM, by JENNGLENN527

    after much thought, i have decided to change my approach to this whole weight loss thing. first off, i am going to focus more on healthy eating a... Read more

  • love what is there and do not compare

    10/14/2014 2:15:19 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    i think one of my biggest problems in this weight loss game are the unfair comparisons i make between myself and other people. it's not just regu... Read more

  • First entry

    10/10/2014 10:52:50 AM, by THEDOORS1973

    This is my first blog entry. I don't know how often I will write stuff here. I am very happy for what I accomplished today. I went for a walk.... Read more

  • pirate booty

    10/3/2014 5:00:08 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    pirate booty. 4 small bags. in the middle of the night. enough said. today i am trying to move past endless snacking and see where i went wrong. ... Read more

  • time for me

    9/30/2014 5:57:30 PM, by JENNGLENN527

    I love my daughter's. Immensely. That is why I semi moved to Buffalo to help care for my grandchildren while my eldest has the internship of her ... Read more

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