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  • The Eighteenth Day

    6/3/2015 5:14:25 PM, by DALLASLACROIX

    So for the first time since Mom's passing, I'm coping on her birthday in a healthier way. I haven't done any binge eating and while I do feel sad... Read more

  • The Seventeenth Day

    6/2/2015 4:55:23 PM, by DALLASLACROIX

    Getting closer to tomorrow and I have to keep the goal in mind of not doing my emotional eating like I do usually and doing healthy alternatives.... Read more

  • The Sixteenth Day

    6/1/2015 2:46:48 PM, by DALLASLACROIX

    How is it June already?! Got a tough day in a couple days (June 3rd) - my Mom's birthday. She died unexpectedly at the end of 2008 and so he... Read more

  • My "Snapshot" Way of Tracking

    6/1/2015 12:15:06 PM, by DARKCHILD1971

    It's been explained to me sooo many times in sooo many different ways the importance of tracking, but I can't seem to get the hang of it. I've t... Read more

  • The Fifteenth Day

    5/31/2015 4:20:00 PM, by DALLASLACROIX

    The start of the third week! Went out to one of the local farmer's markets today. Scored some delicious strawberries, white corn and local meat a... Read more

  • The Fourteenth Day

    5/30/2015 4:40:31 PM, by DALLASLACROIX

    Two weeks in and feeling good! Baseball game went well last night - I ate a healthy meal beforehand so I only got a bottle of water while at the ... Read more

  • The Thirteenth Day

    5/29/2015 12:57:48 PM, by DALLASLACROIX

    Baseball game today! The challenge will be of course to find things to eat that won't entirely wreck the calorie and other stuff goals for today.... Read more

  • The Twelfth Day

    5/28/2015 3:54:56 PM, by DALLASLACROIX

    Winding down to hitting the end of week two! Been trying my best to enjoy the weather when it's good and get outside - sunlight, fresh air and sc... Read more

  • The Eleventh Day

    5/27/2015 3:33:57 PM, by DALLASLACROIX

    Just got home from what's now my new doctor's office! Super nice, friendly staff and it all went well. Pleasantly surprised that my vitals were l... Read more

  • The Tenth Day

    5/26/2015 12:43:38 PM, by DALLASLACROIX

    Steadily heading down week number 2 and continuing to work on making a better me! I'm daily blogging to help myself keep track of any progress I ... Read more

  • The Ninth Day

    5/25/2015 3:11:30 PM, by DALLASLACROIX

    Today I went clothes shopping, as I had been gifted some money and thought it best to update my wardrobe a bit. Still having to buy larger sizes ... Read more

  • The Eighth Day

    5/24/2015 5:45:58 PM, by DALLASLACROIX

    Well, as it is Sunday, and that is the day I've picked for my weekly weigh in day, it was time to step on the scale! Hooray, I'm down that f... Read more

  • The Seventh Day

    5/23/2015 3:09:08 PM, by DALLASLACROIX

    What?! It's already been a week?! Crazy how time flies! This week has been spent pretty much learning the ins and outs of Sparkpeople, worki... Read more

  • The Sixth Day

    5/22/2015 4:06:54 PM, by DALLASLACROIX

    So it's been a long time since I've had to job hunt, for varying reasons (one mainly being that I took way longer than the average person to get ... Read more

  • The Fifth Day

    5/21/2015 2:04:03 PM, by DALLASLACROIX

    Today I'm going to talk about my feet. The two things on the ends of my legs that help me stand, walk, etc. They hate socks (a sensory issue as p... Read more

  • The Fourth Day

    5/20/2015 12:55:44 PM, by DALLASLACROIX

    One thing I realize I did earlier on, when I wasn't really a serious mindset to start working on getting healthy again, was give up soda. It's be... Read more

  • The Third Day

    5/19/2015 1:06:07 PM, by DALLASLACROIX

    Getting settled into the SparkPeople site, and have started to read the books on my Kindle. I like that there isn't really a 'diet' and that it's... Read more

  • The Second Day

    5/18/2015 10:45:02 AM, by DALLASLACROIX

    Goals for today, the second day, include the following: Clean out my refrigerator/freezer to make room for healthier options and get rid of ... Read more

  • The First Day

    5/17/2015 10:05:41 PM, by DALLASLACROIX

    The time has come to tackle the elephant in the room, which is that I am unhealthy. In fact, I'm so unhealthy that I have started to avoid loo... Read more

  • Listen to yourself

    5/6/2015 9:34:10 AM, by DMARTIN302

    It's been five years since I changed my lifestyle. First I just changed my eating -- the continued weight gain meant I added running. Still gaini... Read more

  • Back to Weight Watchers Meetings

    4/27/2015 8:20:27 AM, by DUKEFAN86

    After many inconsistent months on Weight Watchers Online, I decided to go back to a Weight Watchers meeting last week. I was surprised to be down... Read more

  • 2015 Spring 5% Challenge

    3/27/2015 8:05:26 AM, by SUNSHINEYOURWAY

    I am so excited about starting the Spring 5% Challenge. I completed the Winter Challenge and enjoyed it so much that I decided to come back for ... Read more

  • Wow it's been nealy a Year!

    3/9/2015 1:46:49 AM, by CKMATHERLY

    Wow, I haven't written a blog entry in nearly a year. I've been working 3rd shift and dealing with that transition. I feel hugely fat as I have... Read more

  • Apps and websites that keep me motivated to maintain my weight loss

    3/6/2015 12:52:40 PM, by EMARTIN1974

    Someone asked which websites other than Sparkpeople keep me motivated to maintain my weightloss - to be honest, there are only a few websites tha... Read more

  • What Keeps You Motivated?

    3/6/2015 10:48:04 AM, by EMARTIN1974

    What keeps you motivated to lose weight, or to maintain your weight loss if you're already at your goal? There are a few things that keep me mot... Read more

  • Starting to go down again

    3/6/2015 9:48:30 AM, by EMARTIN1974

    I'm happy to say that after gaining 5.5 pounds over the past month, I'm starting to go down again. I reached a high of 124 last week, which is th... Read more

  • Fast food frenzy

    1/29/2015 11:31:50 PM, by MELTAWAYMONY

    Day 4...Yep only day 4 in my path to lose 100 pounds and I freaked out. Fast food lunch, candy from the vending machine, and pizza delivery for d... Read more

  • Accountability

    1/28/2015 7:02:23 PM, by MELTAWAYMONY

    Day 3 I have a mentor at work. She took more than half our time today to quiz me about my exercise regimen...and how I need to get one and stick ... Read more

  • 100 Pound Melt

    1/26/2015 6:41:13 PM, by MELTAWAYMONY

    Day 1 - I am here and I am started. What do they say? A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. I wonder how long it will take me to mov... Read more

  • Maintaining is not Easy..

    1/13/2015 6:33:06 AM, by SUNSHINEYOURWAY

    I entered the world of Maintenance back in November, and it certainly is not easy. I have been keeping up with recording in my Food Tracker and ... Read more

  • Challenges to Start 2015

    1/7/2015 1:42:11 PM, by SUNSHINEYOURWAY

    This week I started Two Challenges. One is a 12 Week Quick Fitness Challenge and the other is a 12 week Galloway Half Marathon Tra... Read more

  • BACK!

    1/1/2015 5:34:42 PM, by READINGGAL

    I'm BACK after 3 months of struggle. I gained 5 pounds back in October because I was struggling with various issues. Then I gained another 5 poun... Read more

  • Last year and the new year

    12/31/2014 9:49:13 PM, by SOMEPLACE2BE

    2014 has been one of those years full of changes and tragedy. I am extremely proud of the way that I responded to these and have grown closer to ... Read more

  • Marvelous Monday!

    12/29/2014 7:04:23 PM, by SOMEPLACE2BE

    I'm getting back to the grind today after what seemed to be an impossible month. My husband was laid off from his job and we are having to scramb... Read more

  • 5th Year Spark Anniversary!

    12/15/2014 8:33:01 AM, by SUNSHINEYOURWAY

    WOW! Thank you Spark People and thank you Lightening Runner for introducing me to The Spark People. I have accomplished so much and Spark Peop... Read more

  • 90 days until my golden birthday!

    11/29/2014 5:27:54 PM, by MRSFIT27

    If you're wondering what a golden birthday is, it's when you turn the age of your birthday DAY. For example.. if your birthday is December 25th, ... Read more

  • Day 1

    11/18/2014 2:08:41 AM, by CRAZYWRITER

    So staying on track can be hard. I went back to school and suddenly all my goals disappeared along with all my hard work. I am happy to say that ... Read more

  • Checking In

    11/9/2014 10:22:50 PM, by SOMEPLACE2BE

    It's been a few since I posted a blog on here, but I just wanted to let everyone know I'm doing alright. I lost 12 pounds this week so I'm feelin... Read more

  • Gained back 3 of the pounds I lost :(

    10/24/2014 9:02:28 AM, by EMARTIN1974

    Well, this week I gained back 3 of the 5 pounds I lost last week. I think I need to go back to doing what I did last week - getting less of my ca... Read more

  • The Results Are In

    10/22/2014 10:46:34 PM, by SOMEPLACE2BE

    So today started with me calling into work because I had pulled my back out again doing dishes last night (lifting crockpot). It ended up being a... Read more

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