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  • Countdown to 30

    11/21/2017 9:12:16 AM, by SORCERER_MICKEY

    Seven months from today I'm turning 30...and I'm really excited! No really, I'm super excited! I love birthdays, and I especially love celebratin... Read more

  • I Don't vs. I Can't

    11/20/2017 3:53:03 PM, by JLPEASE

    Well, here's the thing. I think I wrote a long time ago about finding the key to break my bad habit of smoking and how I wish I could find it ag... Read more

  • Good Things

    11/11/2017 7:45:38 PM, by JLPEASE

    A while back I posted a blog asking for advice on online journaling software. I ended up getting a free account through Penzu. There is a Pro o... Read more

  • Car Crash, "..you heal you."

    11/2/2017 4:09:45 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    Oct 14th, about two weeks ago I was hit from behind on the freeway. My very old car protected me, and it might be wishful thinking, but after the... Read more

  • Movers are coming.

    10/31/2017 6:44:36 AM, by KIYOSHI04

    Weighed in yesterday at a low 131. Movers come today to pack us up. We will be in South Carolina on Sunday. Till Friday the movers are here pac... Read more

  • Staying the course during the move

    10/19/2017 6:18:35 AM, by KIYOSHI04

    Moving in ...I don't know how many days. Movers come on Halloween. We leave November 5th. Not happy about the move to South Carolina. But holdin... Read more

  • Sad Today

    10/15/2017 5:07:06 PM, by JLPEASE

    I am feeling sad today because I just found out that one of my friends died. I was out for a walk with my dog about a month ago and walked by he... Read more

  • Aging WITH my body

    10/4/2017 7:06:23 PM, by KRISLEEB

    So, I'm at the dr's office growling about having gained weight and it's GOT to be my thyroid levels are off. She looked me in the eye & said, ha... Read more

  • Happy Sparkaversary to me

    8/15/2017 9:47:32 AM, by POSEY440

    I joined Spark August 16 th 2009, long time ago. Also long time trying to reach goal and maintain it, I keep trying. Yesterday went for m... Read more

  • Back after a Lot of Stuff happened

    8/5/2017 10:19:35 AM, by 4A-HEALTHY-BMI

    I moved back to NY State two years ago with the bf and we're homesteading off the grid in the Adirondack Mountains, living in a cabin built in 18... Read more

  • Journal Software

    7/30/2017 3:55:30 PM, by JLPEASE

    I have tried to keep a journal going for some time, but I never seem to have my notebook with me when I want to write. The best solution is for ... Read more

  • Bonus team blogs

    7/7/2017 10:39:54 AM, by POSEY440

    So is it me just noticed bonus team points is back on bottom of spark points list. Takes you to your team list and you get the flags again and ge... Read more

  • Happy 4th of July

    7/4/2017 9:19:45 AM, by POSEY440

    ... Read more

  • Big Brother

    6/28/2017 9:21:31 AM, by POSEY440

    Well friends here it comes again, for the 19th season, Big Brother starts tonight. Now I do not have many vices, but this show is my addiction I ... Read more

  • Discouraged

    6/16/2017 10:45:34 AM, by POSEY440

    Why and how do you get things to work right? I did 11 flights of stairs, get done my Fitbit only says 5 floors on it. I went from the basement to... Read more

  • Motivator of the day! But I'm barely here.

    6/8/2017 10:22:29 PM, by KIYOSHI04

    Well I appreciate being motivator of the day. I'm not here often anymore. Ive been doing this for a long time now--9 years! So I don't have... Read more

  • 150 pounds lost.

    6/5/2017 7:26:49 AM, by KIYOSHI04

    I'm weighing in around 134-132 pounds. Still busting my butt working out in the times I have "free." Early mornings, nap time and after e goes ... Read more

  • Upset

    5/29/2017 10:14:19 AM, by POSEY440

    Sorry to say I Was doing garage sale yesterday at my sisters and my knee popped have had pain. Swelling, little upset it is my left leg, it is ... Read more

  • Happy Red Nose Day

    5/25/2017 8:49:50 PM, by POSEY440

    ... Read more

  • Happy Mothers Day

    5/14/2017 10:50:46 AM, by POSEY440

    Saw this on another page had to share it to Mothers H - Hugs Available 24/7 A - Always There P - Prepared for Anything P ... Read more

  • WHY I still SP and BLC

    5/7/2017 2:41:12 PM, by ROX5CAR

    I've been on Sparkpeople since 2010. I was in the morbidly obese range, unhealthy, and looked at people like they were crazy for the exercise the... Read more


    4/30/2017 8:37:39 AM, by ROX5CAR

    I have been a BLC member since Round 13. This is the best team here on SP. It keeps me accountable, and I meet so many new people on the same jou... Read more

  • May blooms

    4/28/2017 1:46:51 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    This month has been intense, as April is often transformative to me. I'm always reminded of "April showers bring May flowers." So, let's see it b... Read more

  • First 100 days 2017 Stats

    4/18/2017 7:17:49 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    Physical March 2017 Results: Blood Sugar – 89 (65-99 Normal) Blood count normal White Blood count – Elevated 10.9 (norm 3.4-10.8 , but s... Read more

  • Happy Easter

    4/15/2017 6:57:52 PM, by POSEY440

    It is early Easter morning for me. Took a early morning walk what a sunrise on this Australian seashore. Read more

  • Day 82

    3/28/2017 6:04:30 PM, by LADYLUCKNY67

    I can't believe it, but our 12 week challenge at work ends in just 2 days! I saw a new low on the scale this morning, 235!!! I am feeling reall... Read more

  • Low tide

    3/20/2017 5:42:08 PM, by POSEY440

    This morning it was low tide and overcast try this may work? Read more

  • Confusion

    3/19/2017 9:04:12 PM, by POSEY440

    Well Fere I am in Australia and can you believe I did not celebrate St Patrick's Day, I never saw it. I left Thursday for Australia got her Satur... Read more

  • Success

    3/18/2017 4:59:59 PM, by POSEY440

    Well friends I made the trip, got a couple bucket lists done, did longest flight in life 13 hrs. Got to my son's home here it is a 6 am this morn... Read more

  • Day 72

    3/18/2017 1:03:33 PM, by LADYLUCKNY67

    It has been a while since I have posted an update. It is now day 72 since the office challenge started and only 12 days left until it ends on Ma... Read more

  • Why

    3/10/2017 10:42:19 AM, by POSEY440

    Anyone know why they have two Explore Content on spark points list just put total together seems best confusing changes. Hate it right now.... Read more

  • Upset

    3/9/2017 12:04:40 PM, by POSEY440

    I do not like these new changes ca't find anything and it is not giving me points I know I posted to. Looks like my point count will go way down ... Read more

  • Hello March!

    3/1/2017 3:38:59 PM, by -AMANDA

    So long February! February is my least favorite mo... Read more

  • Hello

    2/11/2017 1:23:17 PM, by AMYK83

    I'm back. It's really easy to get sidetracked apparently. I admit I fall a little victim to feeling the whole "I feel shame about being gone fo... Read more

  • Excited

    2/10/2017 12:15:18 PM, by POSEY440

    Well it is official I am traveling to Australia. My son lives there now, with wife and my Grandson Beto, he just got me my tickets, have to buckl... Read more

  • Day 34

    2/8/2017 8:08:13 PM, by LADYLUCKNY67

    I just released I haven't updated in a little bit. As of January 5th, I am officially down 22 pounds since the challenge began ( down 36 pounds ... Read more

  • Not a Fan of Sundays and Other Random Thoughts

    1/29/2017 5:57:27 PM, by JLPEASE

    Sundays are tough for me. I just keep thinking about how I have to go to work the next day and for four days in a row after that. Don't get me ... Read more

  • Day 18

    1/22/2017 9:25:14 PM, by LADYLUCKNY67

    Time for my weekly blog. It has been a good week overall! I have continued to use sparkpeople to track my calories everyday and have been able ... Read more

  • Call to Action

    1/21/2017 2:21:23 PM, by JLPEASE

    I wanted to march today. I actually wanted to go on the DC March. I feel very strongly about human rights, especially now. So why didn't I? ... Read more

  • It's Tough When You Live with a Chef

    1/20/2017 2:59:30 PM, by JLPEASE

    I am back at it again! One of these days I'll get this weight-loss thing right. One of the things that I have read over and over here and e... Read more

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