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  • For all the great teachers in the world...

    5/27/2016 12:26:19 AM, by GODS_TEMPLE

    I saw this TED talk and just had to share it with you. www.youtube.com/watch?v=
    SFnMTHhKdkw ... Read more

  • The A- HA Moment

    5/26/2016 10:47:15 AM, by AMYBRO1

    Okay, I hear of people getting that A-HA moment to lose weight, to take control and get fit and be healthy. So, tell me how do you get it? What... Read more

  • 5/25/2016

    5/25/2016 11:20:35 PM, by TZYDALLAS

    Today was an ok day. I started off good with a bowl of raisin bran cereal for lunch. I only had coffee for breakfast. Then dinner came around and... Read more

  • Back at it

    5/25/2016 6:44:56 PM, by JONNA64

    I've come out of a VERY bad week, culminating with my deciding yesterday F*** it, I'm just going to take today and eat whatever I want, maybe tha... Read more

  • Road Trip 5/24/2016

    5/25/2016 4:07:26 AM, by TZYDALLAS

    Well, we went on a road trip on 5/24/2016. We went to go get my oldest daughter from Tallulah, LA. We left the house at about 2:30 a.m. to be the... Read more

  • Second entry today 5/22/2016

    5/22/2016 10:18:12 PM, by TZYDALLAS

    Today was a good day. I went walking to one of our local stores. I needed to walk. It took a toll on my right calf muscle but, I keep going. I ne... Read more

  • Trying to deal with the struggles of life.

    5/22/2016 5:19:10 PM, by TZYDALLAS

    I did not post yesterday even though I wanted to post. I had one of my nieces over that need help with school work. I tired to stick with the pro... Read more

  • The struggle is real

    5/19/2016 2:27:36 AM, by JONNA64

    The past few days have been HELLACIOUS for me. I've been craving and wanting to binge in the worst way, and unfortunately I gave in. Granted, it ... Read more

  • How did you get on track to exercise like you should?

    4/27/2016 2:51:27 AM, by JONNA64

    Exercising has always been my biggest struggle. I've been sedentary for so long that it's hard to get motivated to move with any regularity! I'll... Read more

  • Really, only two things!!

    4/24/2016 9:51:21 AM, by JONNA64

    We can all relate, right??... Read more

  • Meditation Apps!

    4/20/2016 12:42:43 PM, by FATFIRL

    What are some good meditation apps to try?... Read more

  • Late mornings

    4/15/2016 11:40:52 AM, by JACLYNGFC

    Typically late mornings are wonderful, like Saturday or Sunday or holiday mornings. Those are great! But late mornings can also suck pretty hard.... Read more

  • Getting in the habit

    4/15/2016 2:22:45 AM, by JONNA64

    I'm having a rough time getting into the habit of exercising regularly. I was able to jump right in and start logging my food and do it every day... Read more

  • Curses!!!!!

    4/12/2016 10:04:50 AM, by JONNA64

    My job is trying to do me in! Sunday morning before I left work, the front office manager set up an "All day candy buffet" as a reward for the fr... Read more

  • Yeah, yeah, I know, I've said it before.....

    4/8/2016 12:39:49 PM, by JONNA64

    But I'm going to make this work this time!!! Diabetes is a progressive disease. I won't let it progress if I can help it! I've been back at... Read more

  • Mother

    3/14/2016 12:15:20 PM, by JACLYNGFC

    These little yellow flowers bloom all over my yard ev... Read more

  • Growing

    3/13/2016 10:16:18 AM, by JACLYNGFC

    The kids are playing outside on this beautiful spring... Read more

  • Family

    3/11/2016 8:06:25 PM, by JACLYNGFC

    Whether it be the one you are born to, or the one you choose, family is important. Your family are those who support you, who love you unconditio... Read more

  • Rain

    3/10/2016 8:50:46 PM, by JACLYNGFC

    With all of the torrential rain passing through the country, it is fair to say that I was fully expecting our fair share. It hasn't really starte... Read more

  • Frustrated today

    3/9/2016 8:15:13 PM, by JACLYNGFC

    Everyone has those days, right? Those days where things seem like they are going both too fast and too slow at the same time. We'll today has b... Read more

  • A little magic

    3/8/2016 6:54:55 PM, by JACLYNGFC

    My kids spent some time jumping on the trampoline this afternoon while I was cooking dinner. As I glanced out the window, I noticed that they wer... Read more

  • life finds a way

    3/7/2016 4:35:40 PM, by JACLYNGFC

    all too often I find myself in a position where thing... Read more

  • Spring

    3/6/2016 8:21:21 AM, by JACLYNGFC

    Signs of spring are popping up everywhere. Trees are ... Read more

  • Down

    3/4/2016 10:32:26 AM, by TULALU111

    I'm down 14 pounds! I have been sick and it helped me alittle:)... Read more

  • Can't stop thinking of food!

    3/3/2016 4:11:08 PM, by REBECCAINNOLA

    Why do I seem to be obsessed with the thought of eating today? I am thinking of even the how it crutches in between my teeth. What is wrong with ... Read more

  • Excuses

    3/1/2016 10:10:00 AM, by JACLYNGFC

    I am the queen of them. I know you probably think that you are, but you would be wrong. I make excuses for everything. It is the reason that I ha... Read more

  • Playground

    2/28/2016 4:00:13 PM, by JACLYNGFC

    Kids are playing it's a beautiful day and I got new shoes. I should be able to move around and play with them but I'm tired. I know moving will h... Read more

  • Blue and gold

    2/27/2016 2:34:45 PM, by JACLYNGFC

    Today is my son's scout packs blue and gold event. It... Read more

  • Thursday

    2/25/2016 7:11:03 PM, by JACLYNGFC

    Today was a strange day. It felt like a friday, but also a tuesday. So I was all discombobulated. At least I was able to get in a walk with the p... Read more

  • Tax refund

    2/24/2016 10:56:14 PM, by JACLYNGFC

    Got my refund in today and treated myself to some much needed new workout clothes and a pair of star wars leggings. So excited to break them in. ... Read more

  • Changes

    2/23/2016 7:30:30 AM, by JACLYNGFC

    I have so many changes to make in my life. I'm trying to not get overwhelmed, but it's like staring at a giant wall and trying to figure out how ... Read more

  • Good day.

    2/21/2016 7:49:39 PM, by JACLYNGFC

    Played outside with the kiddos and chased down my dog who got out. It was a beautiful day so he didn't want to come back in. Neither did the kids... Read more

  • Meal planning

    2/20/2016 7:09:12 PM, by JACLYNGFC

    I always struggle with figuring out what's for dinner. I need to spend some time planning before shopping, but with my recently busy schedule, ev... Read more

  • Tired

    2/19/2016 3:43:57 PM, by TULALU111

    Been sleeping so much this week have no energy to do anything:( today I had to force my self to stay out of bed but I didn't get anything done ju... Read more

  • Post-workout snack

    2/17/2016 11:19:17 PM, by ELPAJARONEGRO

    ... Read more

  • Couch to 5K

    2/17/2016 11:01:45 PM, by ELPAJARONEGRO

    Started Couch to 5K today. Almost halfway through my 50 Days of Workouts challenge & three weeks into my Fitness Blender 8-week workout program. ... Read more

  • Children and lack of sleep

    2/16/2016 8:29:33 AM, by JACLYNGFC

    My daughter has been keeping my hubby and I up until all hours of the night. Her sleep schedule is completely out of whack. And, because of space... Read more

  • Breakfast time.

    2/15/2016 6:57:14 AM, by JACLYNGFC

    Starting my day with some toast and peanut butter. An... Read more

  • Motivation? What motivation?

    2/14/2016 8:47:26 PM, by JACLYNGFC

    This has been how I have felt for the last... three years. My hubby has tried off and on to get me going, with limited success. This time, howeve... Read more

  • It's my bday

    2/11/2016 4:29:37 PM, by TULALU111

    It's my bday having a great day today... Read more

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