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  • Great day!

    9/1/2015 10:42:22 PM, by IAMBIZI

    145.5 this am 8am breakfast consists of 2 cups of coffee with half and half and liquid stevia sweetener. Saw a client who had an ingrown toe ... Read more

  • Finally got my work caught up!

    8/30/2015 9:55:43 PM, by IAMBIZI

    our friends came over last night. This is the friend of mine who was very depressed and is having marital problems. WE had a nice dinner took a s... Read more

  • meds changes....nervous

    8/18/2015 9:32:32 PM, by IAMBIZI

    I have told you that I am bipolar 1 and Have been taking medications for 20 years. I saw my psych doctor today....told her that I was not happy... Read more

  • new york was eventful.....

    8/11/2015 11:46:56 PM, by IAMBIZI

    August 1st, I flew to atlanta georgia and met up with my folks they flew in from Indiana. Then flew into laGaurdia airport. Took a cab to manhatt... Read more

  • Think I've figured it out.

    7/30/2015 4:44:51 PM, by BARNUN311

    I've been having trouble losing lately and not really a plateau but a sabotage. It took about two weeks to lose the last 3 lbs to get to 100 lbs ... Read more

  • Dazzle your DIAMOND Blog

    7/28/2015 6:46:16 PM, by AMY-MIMI77

    My weekly challenge for my BL Dazzling Diamond team is to make a Blog using the word "DIAMOND". D= Do Something For Yourself Night... Read more

  • new york, new york here I come ready or not!

    7/28/2015 8:24:31 AM, by IAMBIZI

    Got up early for me 6;15am, before the alarm. set at 8am. I threw in a load of clothes. Am starting to think about my trip to new york on saturda... Read more

  • I am a binge drinker....sigh

    7/26/2015 2:00:11 PM, by IAMBIZI

    Drank 9 beers yesterday starting at 1;30pm before my hair appointment then stopped by whole foods for a quick beer there before heading home to c... Read more

  • 2 Truths and a dream

    7/17/2015 7:03:03 PM, by AMY-MIMI77

    My Biggest Loser individual team challenge for this week is to make a blog with two truths about myself and a dream. We are not to indicate whic... Read more

  • Down 100!!!!😄

    7/14/2015 2:09:56 PM, by BARNUN311

    As of today I have officially lost 100lbs. 100LBS!!!!!! That's an entire person! Also although still obese I have moved out of the morbidly obese... Read more

  • Not bad place to restart

    7/10/2015 8:48:46 AM, by AMY-MIMI77

    I had a foot injury and couldn't run or do any weight bearing exercises for a while. My podiatrist told me I could only cycle and swim for at le... Read more

  • Charity Miles

    7/9/2015 5:55:12 PM, by AMY-MIMI77

    I found this app that helps earn money for charities. You earn a set amount for every mile you walk, run, or cycle. (About $0.25/mile) I hope ... Read more

  • Charity Miles

    7/9/2015 5:54:45 PM, by AMY-MIMI77

    I found this app that helps earn money for charities. You earn a set amount for every mile you walk, run, or cycle. (About $0.25/mile) I hope ... Read more

  • Kickboxing class Kicks BUTT!

    7/2/2015 12:39:38 PM, by SUNSHINEYRAIN

    I have been trying to move more and build muscle but on my own I am never quite sure if I am doing enough or doing the excerpts right, so I saw t... Read more

  • Day #6 back on track

    6/30/2015 4:54:00 PM, by BARNUN311

    Okay so I didn't do the greatest this weekend but I didn't totally crap it out. Exercised today for about an hour between cardio & strength. Walk... Read more

  • Have had some company....

    6/29/2015 9:21:45 AM, by IAMBIZI

    Well The cat was crying and we still have a guest(17 year old abigail) sleeping in our living room. (It has been a cat free zone since we moved i... Read more

  • Day 2 of back on track

    6/26/2015 10:35:45 AM, by BARNUN311

    Okay so I had a bit of a SNAFU yesterday. Got my exercise in but got a little crazy with the snacks and went quite a bit over my calorie range. N... Read more

  • Getting back up

    6/25/2015 6:50:06 PM, by BARNUN311

    Well, here I am again. Fallen off the wagon for the millionth time. But I'm not gonna dwell on it. All I can do is get back up and hop on again. ... Read more

  • What an excellent day!

    6/13/2015 11:58:59 PM, by IAMBIZI

    Well today went very well. In fact it turned out to be an excellent day! Up early before the alarm went off. Coffee and out the door at 8:30am.... Read more

  • my ordinary day....

    6/11/2015 1:27:46 AM, by IAMBIZI

    My leg is getting better every day I can feel it less of an issue. I was a drenched rat yesterday when I got caught in the rain so had a rain c... Read more

  • Where is that yogurt?

    6/9/2015 1:21:24 AM, by IAMBIZI

    well today I ate well: 2 cups of coffee with half and half and stevia sweetener. lunch was stuffed talapia with shrimp and spinach, purple ca... Read more

  • 112 days - Down 78 pounds

    6/8/2015 10:06:58 AM, by QUANTIMKAT

    At around 100 days in my weight/fat loss has started to level off. Although I have lost at an amazing rate so far, I am not starving myself or ge... Read more

  • good things and some things...

    5/21/2015 12:37:26 AM, by IAMBIZI

    I weighed 140 this morning! it is 118 day Alcohol free. I lost 3 inches all over when I measured this morning. 3 weeks ago I had a hip inju... Read more

  • Hard work out last night!

    5/5/2015 9:05:13 AM, by IAMBIZI

    down to 141 this morning again slept until 7 am so that is 6 1/2 hours sleep, but I feel really rested. (I will stick to the 1 mg ... Read more

  • Been slacking on exercise

    5/4/2015 5:35:09 PM, by BARNUN311

    the last few days I've had trouble getting myself on the treadmill. I have been running around doing stuff and most days I'm at the same burn lev... Read more

  • I am happy with my progress!

    5/1/2015 11:29:06 PM, by IAMBIZI

    I definitely jogged longer with out a break like 6 minutes jog(5mph) 1 min walk(3.5mph) for most of the hour. 9 minutes straight at the end. ... Read more

  • 71 Days & 57 Pounds - Feeling Good

    4/26/2015 2:29:07 PM, by QUANTIMKAT

    71 days in and I haven't lost the Spark. :) A friend who hasn't seen me for a while commented on my weight loss so apparently it is making a visi... Read more

  • I survived a beer garden...whew!

    4/25/2015 11:56:57 AM, by IAMBIZI

    It is pouring and we have festival international this weekend. We went last night. Fun but I can't just stand around and listen to music, it hurt... Read more

  • pushing my self too hard....

    4/23/2015 9:42:12 AM, by IAMBIZI

    How does one determine max heart rate? It took me a long time to get it back to 100. This is how I know that I am not in good shape. I have t... Read more

  • jogging history

    4/20/2015 11:46:54 PM, by IAMBIZI

    Aug 2013-Jan 2014 165 days AF, July 30- AF, August 19- AF, 8 DD, 4 mod., September 21- AF, 6 DD, 3 mod. October 14- AF, 3 mod, 14 DD, November: 1... Read more

  • Hi There

    4/19/2015 7:38:11 PM, by EMILIA_RIE

    I'm here..again, I guess you could say. Or rather, still here. This place where I know what I need to do, know how to do it, and can picture it... Read more

  • Down a size! Woo-Hoo!!

    4/18/2015 10:54:33 PM, by BARNUN311

    Last night I bought a new pair of jeans and a new pair of capri's. Down to a size I haven't fit into for almost 25 years!! Having a few hiccups b... Read more

  • Goals!

    4/17/2015 11:03:46 PM, by IAMBIZI

    Well .... I made it 3 days off the internet. Better than none. I can't believe I just said to my husband that "I am going to be alcohol fr... Read more

  • taking a break from the internet.

    4/12/2015 1:31:43 AM, by IAMBIZI

    I am taking a break from the internet. Have been running hypomanic for a while now and I need to reel it in so to speak. I will check back in nex... Read more

  • sort of survived a dinner party.

    4/10/2015 11:14:24 PM, by IAMBIZI

    We went to a dinner party. There were about 10 of us there. Right away they wanted to give us alcohol...I told the hostess Molly that I was n... Read more

  • Great day!!!!!

    4/9/2015 11:46:08 PM, by IAMBIZI

    Today was a great day! Saw a nursing home client this morning...her feet were in such bad shape. I washed and soaked them and worked off all of... Read more

  • 1st time fit bit user!

    4/8/2015 8:11:12 AM, by IAMBIZI

    Aug 2013-Jan 2014 165 days AF, July 30- AF, August 19- AF, 8 DD, 4 mod., September 21- AF, 6 DD, 3 mod. October 14- AF, 3 mod, 14 DD, November: 1... Read more

  • 73 days...I wobbled tonight....

    4/6/2015 12:03:22 AM, by IAMBIZI

    Happy Easter! Yesterday I spent 2 hours getting food items from various stores for todays meal. I picked up 2 pounds of shrimp. paul is makin... Read more

  • 68 days today! 147 this morning!

    3/31/2015 8:08:45 AM, by IAMBIZI

    147 this morning, 10 weeks ago(1-12-15) I weighed 164. I could not have done this still drinking! up early again at 6;15, drinking that first c... Read more

  • I am so full!

    3/27/2015 11:07:13 PM, by IAMBIZI

    I ate a lot today for dinner: After the guitar competition we met up back home. We have a friend staying with us and I had driven separately si... Read more

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