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  • Beck: My Response Cards

    9/1/2015 2:20:45 AM, by JUDI_CUTIE

    I have checked over my response cards including the ARC, reasons I want to lose weight. I have made a few changes. A long time ago, I taped toget... Read more

  • Beck: Plans while away

    8/31/2015 5:11:10 PM, by JUDI_CUTIE

    Hi Friends, I am going on a trip Wednesday morning. Until then, I am tutoring a lot and also moving away tons of stuff because we are having a ... Read more

  • Beck: Sit down to eat

    8/30/2015 10:23:48 PM, by JUDI_CUTIE

    I have always thought that I do this in general but I remember the first time through, I really noticed how much I just pop something into my mou... Read more

  • 2015.005: Real thoughts

    8/30/2015 12:29:14 PM, by LUNDIEP

    I checked in and got my points. I read the coach thought of the day. I'm wearing my Charge HR regularly. I am going to show up and be honest, and... Read more

  • Beck: Food Plan, a little out of order

    8/30/2015 1:32:37 AM, by JUDI_CUTIE

    Today I want to share my diet plans. I am crashing together a few of the early tasks. I have reviewed my reasons to lose weight and I want to twe... Read more

  • (Beck) Today's eating insanity!

    8/30/2015 1:08:58 AM, by JUDI_CUTIE

    I was very glad that I am not yet on a particular eating plan because this would have been difficult. I was at a Bar Mitzvah, and the food for bo... Read more

  • Beck Progress

    8/26/2015 8:43:34 PM, by JUDI_CUTIE

    Still working on the foundation laid in Chapter 2. I now have a coach. Gwyn (also from this ReBoot group) and I are going to coach one another. I... Read more

  • Beck Chapter 2

    8/25/2015 5:56:12 PM, by JUDI_CUTIE

    This is my second time really going through Beck. I see in my notes that I "almost" did it in October 2011, but I fizzled out. The support here i... Read more

  • 2015.004: Sleep and fit bits and...

    8/25/2015 12:27:58 AM, by LUNDIEP

    Mostly just rambling. Last night was awful. Went to bed late then J4 and I both woke after an hour and could not go back to sleep. Tossing and tu... Read more

  • Beck Reboot!

    8/24/2015 2:28:03 PM, by JUDI_CUTIE

    I joined the Beck Reboot group and I have been reading the pink workbook again (which I think is just like the pink book). I see from my no... Read more

  • 2015.003: Just Breathe

    8/23/2015 5:33:55 PM, by LUNDIEP

    I'm about to go to one of the #1 triggers of overeating. Dinner at the in-laws. I'm already feeling out of sorts. Don't know if it's hormonal,... Read more

  • 2015.002 - Late Ramblings

    8/22/2015 2:03:23 AM, by LUNDIEP

    Read another inspiring quote on FB today. It was a stupid graphic meme and I can't remember who posted it so I'm not likely to find it for exact... Read more

  • 2015.001: Ch-ch-ch-changes!

    8/20/2015 12:25:31 AM, by LUNDIEP

    The more things change, the more they stay the same. Was just poking through some of my recent/old blog posts and videos and realized I wish... Read more

  • Where is Judi?

    4/5/2015 8:14:46 PM, by JUDI_CUTIE

    Hi Friends, I have not been posting or tracking food. I need to get motivated again. Right now, I am in the middle of eating too much during Pa... Read more

  • Happy holidays

    12/23/2014 11:18:45 PM, by KATYPHOENIX

    Feeling good after losing 3 pounds and being consistent in getting enough water for th... Read more

  • What lies ahead

    12/10/2014 2:39:57 PM, by MARGARITA312

    As I'm progressing with my weight loss journey,I've been thinking about what comes after the weight, I've seen pictures and videos of the( should... Read more

  • A New Challenge

    12/3/2014 7:30:56 PM, by MARGARITA312

    The past 3 weeks is the first time I've felt connected to sparkpeople for years it's been a place where I would record my exercises and get my po... Read more

  • Feeling MOTIVATED.

    6/3/2014 4:30:10 PM, by SOULSISTAHD

    I'm not sure if it's the nicer weather, or the fact that I can't fit into ANY of my pants, but the past two days I have been religious about diet... Read more

  • Vegan Before 6:00

    3/23/2014 8:39:31 AM, by SLIM242

    I ran across this information on spark. I going to try eating vegan foods before 6pm. Check out the link. It's on sparkpeople start page. ... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    First Video Blog

    3/9/2014 8:15:35 PM, by SLIM242

    Trying a new way to communicate... Read more

  • I'm Back !

    2/28/2014 11:39:06 AM, by HI-NRG

    Well, I had foot surgery Nov 4, 2013. I should have been back in regular shoes and walking by Christmas. That did not happen. My wou... Read more

  • Tuesday, Feb 18-2014

    2/19/2014 12:53:49 AM, by KATERRING

    I've been working a lot at my retail job. Those long hours, standing on your feet and working really hard are exhausting. Plus, I am always get... Read more

  • Thur- 2/6

    2/7/2014 1:07:55 AM, by KATERRING

    A little bit of a yucky day..and boy..did my eating habits go out the door. Started with a BK egg sand..brought yogurt, banana and apples to wor... Read more

  • Feb 4- Tuesday

    2/4/2014 9:22:45 AM, by KATERRING

    strength training this morning...all of a sudden was thinking..and I realized, I've never really purposely lost 5 lbs ever, by exercise...Probabl... Read more

  • Hey do you....?

    2/3/2014 7:47:50 PM, by KATERRING

    I appreciate your supportive comments so much. How can I comment back to something that you posted? I'm clueless.... Read more

  • Not wearing a hat..

    2/2/2014 11:19:33 PM, by KATERRING

    Working out suddenly dawned on me that I was no longer wearing a visor or hat while working out. I hated feeling like I was being look... Read more

  • huh?

    2/1/2014 2:24:26 PM, by KATERRING

    For so long..maybe 10 years..I haven't had the motivation to work out..adjust reading habits. I usand wanted myself to get ... Read more

  • Still not eating enough..but still working out

    1/31/2014 8:59:06 AM, by KATERRING

    I don't think I'm eating enough still...and if I am,,,I have made some mistakes and eaten the wrong foods. But I am conscious of it now...where ... Read more

  • Being a Featured Motivator

    1/31/2014 12:33:46 AM, by JUDI_CUTIE

    I just got an email telling me that my page is being listed as motivational. I want to thank all of my friends who "voted" for me or however this... Read more

  • Tues- Jan 28

    1/28/2014 1:32:11 PM, by KATERRING

    Today is the second day of the schools being closed because of the bitter cold. I worked out at the Y yesterday, which was impressive, because n... Read more

  • Day 4 - 1/24

    1/25/2014 12:08:50 AM, by KATERRING

    It occurs to me that I'm probably not eating enough calories right now..because I'm being extra extra careful (somewhere around 1100), which shou... Read more

  • Day 3-1/23

    1/24/2014 1:43:10 AM, by KATERRING

    Still feeling motivated. but I keep wondering to myself when will the motivation stop..and will I be able to continue anyway. Gosh..I wish I co... Read more

  • Day 2- 1/22

    1/23/2014 9:13:59 AM, by KATERRING

    I was in a pretty good mood. Got up and worked out before going to work...which was kind of challenging because the kids woke up late, had to dr... Read more

  • Starting- day 1

    1/21/2014 2:40:26 PM, by KATERRING

    Just wanted to write myself a note about motivation. That this isn't a quick fix...but consistency. Even if only for a little bit every day, I ... Read more

  • After the Storms!

    11/18/2013 9:12:13 AM, by GRACE1054

    Yesterday was pretty wild day here in Illinois. By now, many of you may know about the storms that ravaged our area and sent 60,000 people strea... Read more

  • Helping me to "bloom"

    11/16/2013 11:43:49 AM, by GRACE1054

    Every day that I come on SP and read the blog entries, I am reminded why I keep coming back even when I am losing motivation. We all need to kno... Read more

  • Being my own Best Friend!

    11/14/2013 8:40:33 AM, by GRACE1054

    We've all heard the phrase "I am my own worst enemy". Well, that statement... Read more

  • A reminder to myself!

    11/6/2013 9:57:29 AM, by GRACE1054

    I just need to remind myself that it's not about how fast I get to the goa... Read more

  • Stay in the Present

    11/5/2013 9:08:42 AM, by GRACE1054

    First of all, I am loving the new Start page here on SP. I know it's been... Read more

  • Avoiding what needs to get done!!!

    11/4/2013 12:40:39 PM, by GRACE1054

    Is it just me or does this time of year feel incredibly overwhelming. I'm looking outside at all of the leaves on the ground knowing that I sho... Read more

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