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  • Monthly Weigh In

    2/10/2016 11:51:47 AM, by MCASKEY6

    I haven't lost any weight since Jan. 31st. HOWEVER, I have lost; 1.5 inches off my waist .5 inches off my hips and .5 inches off... Read more

  • Is it hunger or a lie

    2/9/2016 4:38:52 PM, by MCASKEY6

    Could it be that my increased workout is revving up my metabolism and thus increasing my hunger? Or could it be something more sinister? ... Read more

  • Setting Goals

    2/7/2016 9:57:33 AM, by EMBRACINGHAPPY

    My goal is to learn to take better care of myself today than I did yesterday.... Read more

  • Adding another resolution to the list

    2/6/2016 8:44:31 PM, by MCASKEY6

    My mother, grandmother, and aunts were all atrocious Packrats. They refused to throw anything away, even if it was broken, unusable, outda... Read more

  • Goals...

    2/6/2016 11:36:29 AM, by CREATINGKRIS

    I have decided to try something a little different to keep me accountable. I am going to start making goals for myself each week. I am still tryi... Read more

  • New Year's Resolutions Feb. Update

    2/5/2016 5:12:31 PM, by MCASKEY6

    It is time to check up on my New Year's Resolutions to see how I'm doing. My Resolutions are: 1) Get my roommate to help out more 2) Red... Read more

  • Marsupial Fit

    2/5/2016 1:29:07 PM, by MCASKEY6

    The latest in fitness craze hits Australia's outback, Marsupial Fit. news.yahoo.com/roo-want-
    dee-i... Read more

  • Struggling to see the loss

    2/5/2016 9:44:36 AM, by MCASKEY6

    I've hit a plateau in the my weight loss. Yet I've had all these non-scale rewards. I'm climbing stairs faster and getting less winded. ... Read more

  • A goal worth fighting for.

    2/2/2016 5:16:43 PM, by MCASKEY6

    It's locked in. The vacation time has been requested and approved, plans are in motion. The week of July 4th I will be going to Pasadena to... Read more

  • That Moment

    2/2/2016 10:34:38 AM, by MCASKEY6

    That Moment when you put on a shirt that USED to be too small and it is now way too big. I used to cringe wearing this shirt, because it s... Read more

  • Humbling.

    2/1/2016 11:31:33 AM, by MCASKEY6

    This guy swam across the Atlantic Ocean. I was exhausted just by riding in an airplane when it flew across the Atlantic. Now he's intendi... Read more

  • Conditioning for Overnight Hike.

    2/1/2016 10:20:55 AM, by MCASKEY6

    I decided to take advantage of the good weather this weekend before the cold front moved in, so I spent the weekend hiking. Which lead to ... Read more

  • Real Talk

    1/31/2016 9:46:05 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    Let me tell you a story about a girl named Kris. Kris comes from a small town in NC. A girl with southern roots and a good ole southern appetite.... Read more

  • Temptation Fail

    1/29/2016 10:25:12 AM, by MCASKEY6

    Well I tried, but I failed. My boss had mentioned she'd be bringing donuts today, so I challenged myself not to have any. Long story short,... Read more

  • Temptation

    1/28/2016 5:38:48 PM, by MCASKEY6

    My boss announced that she will be bringing donuts tomorrow, simply because it's Friday. At first I was like, "Yay! Donuts!" But as... Read more

  • Rewards

    1/28/2016 11:20:14 AM, by MCASKEY6

    I keep reading about the importance of setting up a goal and reward system. I understand why it works. We need to pause and think about just ho... Read more

  • Now or Never

    1/24/2016 11:13:35 AM, by MCASKEY6

    I have a pattern. In the fall around Sept or Oct. I get back on the wagon and start losing a lot of weight. I become very dedicated and focused... Read more

  • MY DO's AND DON'Ts. How did i lose 7lbs and 1 pants size down in 31 days.

    1/21/2016 8:53:13 AM, by MSFIGGY

    I been thinking since I started this new plan to share it with you all, but I was first willing to see if it will work or not. If you're someone ... Read more

  • New Years update

    1/13/2016 10:53:59 AM, by MCASKEY6

    Well, my workout routine is more or less on track. But my food is not. I don't know what it is, but I just can't seem to get myself back ... Read more

  • Hit Reset!!

    1/10/2016 3:52:26 PM, by LAURABRIDGES74

    Had to start over. No matter how many times I trip or stumble I must remember to keep trying. Never give up for good.... Read more

  • New Years Resolutions Stage 1

    1/8/2016 2:07:52 PM, by MCASKEY6

    My first new years resolution was to "allow" my roommate to participate more in the care and upkeep of our apartment. She is a bit unmotivat... Read more

  • How do people with kids do it?

    1/8/2016 10:33:37 AM, by MCASKEY6

    Last night my roommate was hyper, it was raining, so she paced for at least an hour while I was trying to sleep. Thump, thump, thump, thump,... Read more

  • Dogs Rule!

    1/7/2016 12:43:39 AM, by CHRISBEM

    I totally fell off the band wagon last year, but I'm ... Read more

  • Simply amazing

    1/6/2016 9:26:38 PM, by BEHAPPYALISSA

    its simply amazing when you stick to your plan and follow through. Worked out as soon as I got home and then made dinner and I was able to lose m... Read more

  • Turned my day around!

    1/5/2016 9:17:55 PM, by BEHAPPYALISSA

    today started off rough, but I got home and started a fire and warmed me up. Decided to dance around my living room and racked up my steps and re... Read more

  • 2016 the year of Possibility.

    1/5/2016 6:29:07 PM, by MCASKEY6

    Last year at this time I weighed 198.5lbs. Today I weighed in at 187lbs. Yes, that's only about 10lbs in a year. But those 10lbs were hard... Read more

  • Can I do it?

    1/5/2016 6:08:40 PM, by MCASKEY6

    Holidays are over and I weigh 187lbs. Next month I want to weigh 180lbs. Can I do it? Read more

  • New Years 2016

    1/4/2016 10:42:34 AM, by MCASKEY6

    I celebrated New Years at a Star Wars Prom. A local bar threw a Star Wars themed New Years party. I have to say, the Dark Side never look... Read more

  • Using bad habits to promote good ones

    1/2/2016 5:53:17 PM, by MCASKEY6

    TV is a horrible time sink. TV just turns off my brain and sucks up my time. But I just spent an an hour and a half on the elliptical because I ... Read more

  • Happy New Year

    12/31/2015 10:09:16 AM, by MCASKEY6

    I'm learning that getting back in the saddle is easier then I feared. I just got back from my Christmas Holiday with family, lots of choco... Read more

  • Birthday Wishes...

    12/28/2015 10:48:53 AM, by CREATINGKRIS

    It's hard to believe December is almost over...Didn't it just start? And not to mention where did 2015 go? I was thinking the other day about res... Read more

  • New Swim Challenge

    12/22/2015 3:04:40 PM, by MOSTEDGAARD

    It's been awhile since I've talked about swimming and I'm super excited about my new challenge, so I thought I'd share with my lovely friends her... Read more

  • Ready for my vacation

    12/18/2015 6:00:26 PM, by MCASKEY6

    4:00pm, on a Friday, before a two week holiday, is torture. All my work is done, I'm ready to go, I have an hour left, and I'm literally s... Read more

  • Stress in the mail

    12/15/2015 1:14:20 AM, by MCASKEY6

    Ugh, I got a letter today with more student loan drama. So I just spent 2.5 hours trying to sort all this out, figure out if I can even afford t... Read more

  • Finally back on my schedule

    12/9/2015 10:44:47 AM, by MCASKEY6

    It really is shocking how a couple of weeks of low activity can undo months of vigorous activity. After Thanksgiving vacation, a massive a... Read more

  • Apparently, that blush was all wrong for me.

    12/7/2015 4:22:12 PM, by MCASKEY6

    Feline ownership takes patience. Especially, when your fuzzy loved one has a UTI, the meds haven't kicked in yet, and he pees on your makeup bag... Read more

  • Pinched Nerve.

    12/7/2015 10:33:54 AM, by MCASKEY6

    So I spent almost my entire birthday in my PJs, watching TV, trying not to move my right arm or my neck. After resting it all day, heating... Read more

  • Tis the Season...

    12/6/2015 3:01:29 PM, by CREATINGKRIS

    for overeating....or maybe not! Thanksgiving has come and gone and I am happy to report no weight gain was reported. I was still able to have my ... Read more

  • It's my birthday

    12/6/2015 10:14:50 AM, by MCASKEY6

    It's my birthday, and at some point in the early morning I somehow pinched a nerve in my neck/shoulder. I was in such agonizing pain I cou... Read more

  • I don't think Hollywood is the problem.

    12/5/2015 10:07:56 AM, by MCASKEY6

    The other day I watched a Youtube Video that discussed the unrealistic waistlines of Disney Princesses, and the impact that had/has on young girl... Read more

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