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  • Food Bully

    12/17/2014 5:12:53 PM, by MCASKEY6

    When I first started working for my office, I was stunned by how much food circulates in this place. They would bring in cake and ice cream AND ... Read more

  • Perception is a crazy thing

    12/12/2014 6:15:40 PM, by LIVENLOVELIFE

    Well...I think so far this month has been a wash for me. I know I can still do the 6 lbs but I have definitely made some not so great decisions ... Read more

  • For the love of rowing

    12/11/2014 6:12:18 PM, by MCASKEY6

    Not too long ago I read an article that stated that the rowing machines were the gymís most underrated piece of equipment. So I decided to give ... Read more

  • My next birthday present to myself.

    12/9/2014 11:35:03 AM, by MCASKEY6

    My birthday was this last weekend. As part of that, I sat down and wrote out a list of things I want to have accomplished by my next birthday. ... Read more

  • Itís rain, not acid.

    12/4/2014 10:52:52 AM, by MCASKEY6

    So granted I live in a desert and rain is a rare thing. But the way people act, itís like they think its acid falling from the sky and not water... Read more

  • ugh

    11/30/2014 1:45:20 PM, by LIVENLOVELIFE

    Since my last blog I was doing really really well. My food was pretty on track, I was killing it at my workouts, and I was really starting to f... Read more

  • Small but Simple Update

    11/25/2014 1:13:43 PM, by MCASKEY6

    So I didn't reach my goal. I had hoped that by today I would have lost 3lbs and would be at 190 or 189. But I'm 191, and I'm ok with that... Read more

  • New Video on my Youtube Channel!

    11/25/2014 1:11:10 PM, by BESTKIMEVER

    Hey guys :) I posted a new cooking video on my channel. I made keto pancakes with coconut flour! Come check it out ♥ https://www.you... Read more

  • I wish I liked to run.

    11/20/2014 12:51:41 PM, by MCASKEY6

    I would love, to love to run. I see people jogging and running, and they look so happy. My sister in law and brother love to run. They are alw... Read more

  • Simple and small

    11/17/2014 3:11:53 PM, by MCASKEY6

    At my last weigh in, on 11-12-14 I was 193. On my next weigh in, on 11-25-14, I want to have lost 3lbs. ... Read more

  • Plan B

    11/17/2014 12:03:54 PM, by MCASKEY6

    Iíve been in survival mode for some time now. One of my routines thatís fallen by the wayside is going to the gym. But this weekend I set... Read more

  • Renewed spirit

    11/15/2014 10:20:49 PM, by LIVENLOVELIFE

    This weekend was exactly what I needed to get back on track. Before I get into my weekend, let me share a little bit about the past year. In Ja... Read more

  • The Much Ignored Killer

    11/14/2014 2:53:52 PM, by MCASKEY6

    I just read an interesting article about a man who sued Nestle and is pushing the FDA to have stricter policies on food, after his mother died of... Read more

  • what will it take this time?

    11/11/2014 4:27:02 PM, by PUNKYPOWER21

    Here I am again...groundhogs day. I'm writing this entry as I wait for my oncology follow up appointment. I hit a new high with my weight. I'v... Read more

  • I DID IT!!!!

    11/8/2014 7:10:06 PM, by MISTY1127

    I ran my second 5k today. I only had 2 weeks between the two races, so I didn't get alot of time to train. I am so ecited, I had a goal of unde... Read more

  • Interesting Video

    11/7/2014 11:09:28 AM, by MCASKEY6

    Interesting video on how weight loss advertisement photos can be faked with just posture and lighting. https://screen.yahoo.com
    ... Read more

  • What do you say?

    11/5/2014 1:28:30 PM, by MCASKEY6

    I have a person in the periphery of my world, who actively tries to convince me that they aren't making bad health choices. They are morbid... Read more

  • Jimmy Johns

    11/4/2014 9:02:23 PM, by LIVENLOVELIFE

    It's on. I've been eating right for 4 days now and it's amazing how much better I feel. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. Today I did eat... Read more

  • Getting back on track

    11/2/2014 10:21:44 AM, by LIVENLOVELIFE

    Ok so I haven't done a very good job of posting or being accountable since I logged back onto spark. October was a disaster. There's no other w... Read more

  • Weekend

    10/27/2014 11:43:04 AM, by MCASKEY6

    So my big plan to vegetate fell through, but in a good way. Saturday I ended up spring cleaning the entire house by noon, then went shoppi... Read more

  • Hooray!!!

    10/25/2014 2:02:14 PM, by MISTY1127

    I completed my first 5k this morning. It was so much fun! I can't wait until the next one!! Read more

  • I really need a weekend

    10/24/2014 6:03:53 PM, by MCASKEY6

    I really need a weekend. I am planning on doing nothing this weekend. I m... Read more

  • Fundraisers

    10/23/2014 4:32:23 PM, by MCASKEY6

    After two weeks of fighting the Halloween candy invasion, I had a co-worker walk in today with a box of candy bars for his daughter's performing ... Read more

  • The Oreo Test

    10/23/2014 12:35:10 PM, by MCASKEY6

    During lunch yesterday, my boss ran some errands. While out, she bought some Oreo cookies. She then walked around to everyone in the office and... Read more

  • I am still here

    10/22/2014 4:54:57 PM, by EDEN30

    Been a rather busy 2 months with getting sick with Pneumonia and then this month bad Asthma and upper respiratory cold so been home. I am thinki... Read more

  • Halloween Again,

    10/21/2014 7:30:21 PM, by MCASKEY6

    That time of year again, when suddenly everyone has a burning desire to buy candy by the pound and dump it on my desk. Itís so obnoxious a... Read more

  • Stress and the dieter

    10/20/2014 7:46:42 PM, by MCASKEY6

    Stress is an amazing appetite suppressant, but not one I would recommend for long term usage. I have been so stressed. Between the move a... Read more

  • Eating good and feeling good

    10/20/2014 1:45:00 PM, by PUGGIRL47

    Well, I have to say I never thought I'd see this day. I'm in my office on lunch break. I just ate a salad for lunch (chef salad, but still ... Read more

  • Beginning: Take Two

    10/20/2014 1:30:10 PM, by MCASKEY6

    Iím finally to the point where I feel like I can give this weight lose thing another, honest, try. Iím back up to 193lbs (granted itís not the 2... Read more

  • Oct 20 2014

    10/20/2014 12:44:14 PM, by YOGAWITCH

    I can't believe I am still doing this. I am up and still doing this. Today is day two. Take three thousand. I am hungry but feel good being empty... Read more

  • 15 months later

    10/19/2014 7:59:09 PM, by LIVENLOVELIFE

    I'm back! I need to update my page but I wanted to come on here and write a quick little blurb to begin holding myself accountable. I used to l... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    I took your advice!

    10/13/2014 8:06:30 PM, by PUGGIRL47

    Thanks for the feedback in my PM's and in your comments! I made going to Crossfit a priority in my day today!... Read more

  • Back to life.

    10/13/2014 12:15:55 PM, by MCASKEY6

    The universe has a rather cruel sense of irony. I had been thinking of my motherís health and how her health has impacted my life; the habits Ií... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    Finding time for working out

    10/11/2014 10:53:58 AM, by PUGGIRL47

    Even when you love your preferred fitness activity, it can be hard to work it into your routine.... Read more

  • I am Queen of the World!!!!

    10/7/2014 9:32:37 PM, by MISTY1127

    Ok- no I'm not the queen, but you know those days when you feel that everything is going great, you are so proud of yourself, how well you are do... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    My first group WOD!

    10/7/2014 8:31:39 PM, by PUGGIRL47

    Finally in classes with the big kids!... Read more

  • Keep Pushing!

    10/2/2014 10:42:37 PM, by MISTY1127

    I am still working on my 2 week challenge with my nutrition. So far, I have not done too bad- I did slip today- with having a small cheat food- ... Read more

  • Changes

    9/29/2014 3:07:22 PM, by MISTY1127

    I haven't seen much action on the scale lately even though I have stepped up my exercise routine so time to add a little more... I always track m... Read more

  • Feeling Hopeful.

    9/28/2014 10:00:00 PM, by BESTKIMEVER

    This feeling of control I've had the past few days is completely new to me. Normally, I'd be a ball of anxiety anticipating the moment of failur... Read more

  • I'm back!!

    9/27/2014 4:30:07 AM, by BESTKIMEVER

    It's been a long time since i've been here. I wish I had time to catch you up on every detail. Long story short, depression and weight gain have ... Read more

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