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  • July/August slump...and righting the ship!

    8/23/2016 2:52:39 PM, by BILLBILLBILL

    We sent our oldest back to school today which kind of makes it feel like summer is over. What a blast we had! I spent time camping in the mounta... Read more

  • Rough Week

    8/12/2016 9:36:38 AM, by MUSIKAT62

    It has been a rough week for me emotionally. Started on Sunday with lots of stressors, including the air conditioner dying on us and spending $6... Read more

  • Consistency

    8/7/2016 1:43:37 PM, by LUCKEE40

    So last week I made this awesome video on consistency but after hours of trying, the stupid thing would not work. It may have been too long becau... Read more

  • Guardian Angel

    8/4/2016 4:48:47 PM, by DYLANDERYN

    Feeling really thankful to have met someone a year and a half ago. He helped me lose 50 pounds which is an absolute miracle for me. He helped m... Read more

  • Getting back to work

    8/4/2016 9:32:35 AM, by DMANNING92

    During vacation, I took a hiatus from SP to really enjoy time with my family. While I did try to keep up with the exercise and work, I failed to ... Read more

  • Lazy keto

    8/1/2016 10:18:56 PM, by SELDNYC

    So we are not as hardcore as when we began but still doing pretty good. Staying pretty full. Downside with it, I notice my depression starts to c... Read more

  • July Recap & August Goals

    8/1/2016 11:15:14 AM, by BILLBILLBILL

    July Results- Starting Weight: 295.6 End Weight: 293.0 Total Lost: 2.6 lbs Hmmmm.....just looking at the raw numbers, July doesn't lo... Read more

  • GYM

    7/28/2016 11:36:50 PM, by DYLANDERYN

    On days I go to the GYM I feel happier and healthier. Getting to the GYM is no problem for me. I just have to work a little harder on my diet, ... Read more

  • Wendy's 4 for $4.00

    7/28/2016 9:53:29 PM, by RANAEJUSTET

    Wendy's Jr Bacon Cheese Burger 4 for $4.00 is with a diet soda is a whopping 860 calories!! But the Crispy Chicken BLT 4 for $4.00 is 960 calorie... Read more

  • Weight-loss

    7/25/2016 8:42:10 PM, by DYLANDERYN

    Everybody has hopes and dreams to be Healthier and Happier. I'm getting Healthier, but not Happier. I have to start making some tough decisions... Read more

  • Stress

    7/24/2016 1:52:12 PM, by DYLANDERYN

    Out of the eighteen years we've been married only five of those years did my Husband work. So I've had to work a lot of overtime affecting my he... Read more

  • GYM

    7/23/2016 2:44:17 PM, by DYLANDERYN

    I'm only 45 years old and a Mother of 13 years old Twin Boys. I have Type Two Diabetes, High Cholesterol, High Blood Pressure, Lower Thyroid, an... Read more

  • Tired

    7/22/2016 7:50:50 PM, by DYLANDERYN

    Feeling so tired this week. Over 100 degrees this week. Just want to sleep. Can't decide which GYM class to take tomorrow. Should I take the ... Read more

  • YAY! Finally!

    7/20/2016 10:25:33 AM, by PRISM57

    OMG! I finally did it!!! And on my birthday even. I'm finally out of the 180's. My weigh in this morning was 178.6 Well, Ha... Read more

  • Breakfast

    7/18/2016 3:51:01 PM, by RISSRISS16

    I used to have such problems getting sick, so I never ate breakfast, but lately I have been so good about eating breakfast and having a full glas... Read more

  • Weight loss

    7/18/2016 8:45:01 AM, by DYLANDERYN

    My main goal in all this is to lose another thirty pounds. I'm very good at going to the GYM everyday day. My only issue is the diet. Too bad ... Read more

  • It's an anniversary- Before and After

    7/17/2016 5:25:42 PM, by LUCKEE40

    It just hit me today that I have an anniversary this week. It will be exactly a year tomorrow that I was sick of tired of being unhappy and out o... Read more

  • Pizza...

    7/16/2016 3:59:38 PM, by TIGRESS_MINO

    So either you eat it and have veggies and fruit the r... Read more

  • Health vs Money

    7/16/2016 2:24:55 PM, by DYLANDERYN

    People talk about winning the lottery. We all dream of that. But what's more important is your health. If your in bad health, how do you enjoy... Read more

  • GYM

    7/14/2016 1:50:43 PM, by DYLANDERYN

    Sometimes I compare how strong I am compared to others at the GYM. Sometimes it pushes me to workout harder and other times it's discouraging. ... Read more

  • GYM

    7/13/2016 1:45:05 PM, by DYLANDERYN

    I have GYM membership at Orangetheory Fitness. There can be up to 45 people in a class and one Fitness Trainer and one Floor Coach. The Fitness... Read more


    7/12/2016 4:53:28 PM, by AURORAMILLET

    Over the weekend, I did a HALF CENTURY!!! (This is a 50... Read more

  • GUM

    7/12/2016 3:59:35 PM, by DYLANDERYN

    I have a lot of stress. I'm the sole provider of my Family. When I'm stressed I tend to eat to much. I buy a lot of GYM. So instead of eating... Read more

  • New Doctor

    7/11/2016 11:36:01 AM, by PRISM57

    I finally have a doctor again. My last doctor closed their door almost a year ago and I've been living on my old thyroid med R... Read more

  • Climbing over that wall

    7/10/2016 12:50:24 PM, by LUCKEE40

    Life really does work in mysterious ways and whether you believe in god or another higher power you really need to sometimes stop and think to y... Read more

  • GYM

    7/10/2016 12:23:37 PM, by DYLANDERYN

    I work out really hard when I'm at the GYM for one hour, then when I come home I eat something like an apple and yogurt then after that I'm so ti... Read more

  • Sleep

    7/9/2016 10:57:12 PM, by DYLANDERYN

    How many hours of sleep do you average every night?... Read more

  • Active Lifestyle

    7/9/2016 9:50:02 AM, by DYLANDERYN

    Already went to the GYM. Then later taking Mt kids to Trampoline Warehouse, then after that swimming. Life is good.... Read more

  • Chores

    7/9/2016 12:21:47 AM, by DYLANDERYN

    Spent all day doing chores. Didn't have time for exercise. Feeling guilty about that, but today is a new day. Going to the GYM todsy.... Read more

  • Diet

    7/8/2016 8:48:02 PM, by DYLANDERYN

    Very hard to lose weight when you're stressed out. When you're stressed out you don't sleep well at night, then you wake up tired, and you crave... Read more

  • You Can Do This!

    7/7/2016 2:55:54 PM, by LUCKEE40

    How you start your morning sets the tone for the re... Read more

  • Can I do it this time???

    7/6/2016 10:01:10 AM, by PRISM57

    Once again I'm teetering on the edge of the 180's. Balancing on the line and all ready to step over into the 170's. I've been here many times ... Read more

  • My fourth and a bit of a catch up

    7/6/2016 9:46:45 AM, by DMANNING92

    So, weight loss has come to a bit of a halt since I have been a little out of control this week with the holiday and what not. My husband has bee... Read more

  • My First Open Water swim

    7/5/2016 5:32:24 PM, by AURORAMILLET

    ... Read more

  • June Recap & July Goals

    7/5/2016 12:43:57 PM, by BILLBILLBILL

    It's 5 days into July and I haven't set my goals yet...Lets rectify that now! June Results- Starting Weight- 301.2 End Weight- 295.... Read more

  • Happy 4th of July

    7/4/2016 8:03:10 PM, by DYLANDERYN

    Took my Twins to the Movie Theatre then after that to TCBY for Yogurt then off to the Fireworks. Tomorrow going back to the GYM.... Read more

  • Stress

    7/3/2016 11:24:03 AM, by DYLANDERYN

    I go to the GYM everyday. Having a very difficult time losing the last thirty pounds. I do stress a lot. Wishing I could relax and just enjoy ... Read more

  • Stress

    7/1/2016 9:17:06 PM, by DYLANDERYN

    I've often let stress get the best of me, and let it affect my health. Going to the GYM helps with my stress, but how do you all handle stress s... Read more

  • Week 23- Lost Weight While Camping

    6/30/2016 3:45:00 PM, by BILLBILLBILL

    Week 22 is in the books. I had a pretty successful week overall. The big news to celebrate- I successfully lost weight camping!!! Not ... Read more

  • Grumpy pants

    6/29/2016 7:26:28 PM, by SELDNYC

    Husband today decided this was horrible and u unfair. He almost broke and got French fries. Convinced him to stick to keto. He was then upset tha... Read more

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