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4/19/2014 11:48:12 AM,  4 COMMENTS

It wasn't pretty. But it was done. This "jiggly butt" got it on! Time to party! 104...  Read more


The Lord Is Risen
4/19/2014 10:38:43 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Tomorrow we who are Christians celebrate the greatest miracle, the miracle of the Risen Christ! May all have a Happy and Blessed Easter and those who...  Read more


Race day morning
4/19/2014 7:34:47 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I know I'm going on and on about this. This helps to write about it. Last night I was at the hospital for my son. He had an abcess behind his...  Read more


Prepared and a little nervous
4/18/2014 8:02:23 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I've done the training. 250 Still a little nervous about showing up tomorrow for the 5k race. It will be rainy and cold in Virginia Beach (win...  Read more


Sleep apnea
4/15/2014 6:39:55 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Went to see the Sleep Apnea doctor for initial visit. She explained that my weight issue could be definitely due to sleep apnea and she is pretty sur...  Read more


Running blog 2
4/13/2014 9:54:54 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Week 7 in the training! One more week to go....  Read more


Mixed Blessings, Tired, Overall a Good Day
4/12/2014 6:35:26 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Well, the schedule for work has changed and I am working only half the days I thought I would work. That is a mixed blessing as I will make only half...  Read more


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year
4/12/2014 3:17:55 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Ahh, spring. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year. Spring kind of came out of nowhere in my neck of the woods-- Our winter was especia...  Read more


Down 6 lbs now! Whoot whoot!
4/12/2014 10:07:36 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I guess altering my food choices and ending earlier in the day is working. Another pound gone! 244 Now is that start of spring break which can be...  Read more


Prom Schedules
4/11/2014 6:52:44 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Well, it seems that I am scheduled to work every Friday and Saturday during Prom Season, including the ones when I will be in Florida! Sent the manag...  Read more


Stressful week
4/11/2014 10:18:32 AM,  2 COMMENTS

It's the week before a big holiday. Always a challenge due to excited kids and extra loads because of coworkers calling off. Handled the stres...  Read more


Great day to be me
4/8/2014 8:36:14 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Think happy thoughts, do smile, be happy. Have a wonderful day! :) 345...  Read more


Long time no see
4/6/2014 6:44:39 PM,  0 COMMENTS

40...  Read more


Redneck Ingenuity
4/3/2014 8:39:54 PM,  6 COMMENTS

My 1991 Miata needed a new mirror (the old one fell off); so I ordered one from the local dealer. My neighbor's son was to put the new one on but wit...  Read more


No, I'm not pregnant. I'm just fat but thanks for asking!
4/3/2014 1:06:39 PM,  8 COMMENTS

So I'm currently out of town for work. My schedule has been really hectic but I've been doing pretty good about eating right and making it to the gym....  Read more


Gonna Be Sore!
4/2/2014 4:09:31 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Today the sun is shining and the air is warm; so, after cleaning out the linen closet in the master bedroom I thought, "Hm, you have on shorts, you ne...  Read more


4/2/2014 11:52:24 AM,  2 COMMENTS

30 Ok, today I stepped on that scale. Down 3 lbs. Now that is in two days of watching my sugars and only eating salad at night for supper. (g...  Read more


4/1/2014 10:13:03 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I haven't been on Sparkpeople for a week. I am discouraged. On March 24th I posted burn burn burn blog. I began to exercise more as well as track f...  Read more


Water Aerobics Instructor or The Grim Reaper?
3/31/2014 10:29:46 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Tonight Yolanda, the regular instructor for Monday water aerobics class instructor, was possessed by the Grim Reaper. I am convinced of it! ...  Read more


Happy Day
3/28/2014 9:56:44 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Happy Friday! The sun is out and the weather is warming up. My health is good. My energy levels are high. My family is well. Who could ask for mo...  Read more


3/26/2014 4:31:50 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I have come to the conclusion that when closet doors are closed and it is dark and quiet in those closets the "stuff" in them multiplies! Yes,...  Read more


New Workout Routine
3/25/2014 1:24:32 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Starting a new workout routine today and am thrilled to death about it! I definitely need something to get me out of this lull I'm in. I haven't been...  Read more


Funny how that works...
3/24/2014 11:51:29 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I was seriously just going to walk for 10 minutes to get my streak going. Once I started, I thought I could probably go 20. As 20 got close I thought...  Read more


6 months away. Time to burn, burn , burn baby
3/24/2014 1:30:35 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Ok, stepping up the the gameplan. Committing to 60 minutes of exercise 5x a week. Getting ready for the trip of a lifetime to Paris France for...  Read more


Asking for Prayer
3/21/2014 3:38:35 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I am asking for prayer for a developing friendship/relationship. The person who has become a friend is funny and easy to be with and I would like for...  Read more


Back on track
3/21/2014 11:46:59 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I got up to exercise on Tuesday and rolled my foot over and injured my foot. 198 So I went to the doctor on Wednesday after icing, staying off...  Read more


BLC 5 Week Progress Update
3/21/2014 9:49:35 AM,  4 COMMENTS

So we are on week 5 of the BLC, so here are my updates! Numbers as of 1/20/14 (I had my sister do my measurements before starting the challenge)...  Read more


Why here and not there?
3/20/2014 12:51:07 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I'm visiting my parents in WA right now, because my dad had back surgery and I traveled out here to help my parents out. This is not my first trip to...  Read more


Back on the Wagon!
3/18/2014 4:36:31 PM,  0 COMMENTS

The flu is gone, the chest crud is gone, and I'm back on the wagon. I got back into the swing by slowly increasing my cardio until I was feeling good...  Read more


A rainy day but healing nonethelesss
3/18/2014 3:05:30 PM,  0 COMMENTS

As titled it was rainy today, sadly ive met my weight goals but im going back to start once more...just out of an abusive relationship I feel like a g...  Read more


Down on Myself Today
3/16/2014 9:03:49 AM,  0 COMMENTS

I'm feeling really down today. I seem to have lost all control of myself and am carrying the idea of not denying myself way too far. I don't usua...  Read more


Pre and Post fueling plan
3/15/2014 3:34:24 PM,  2 COMMENTS

This is my sparkcoach challenge today! Before I exercise I like to eat breakfast at 7am after I drop off the high school kids at school and bef...  Read more


1st video blog
3/14/2014 12:08:42 PM,  3 COMMENTS

2nd attempt to upload first video. 334 I think it worked! 244...  Read more


1st video blog
3/14/2014 12:06:51 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Well tried to upload my first video blog. After trying to video 3 times. 334 Somehow It didn't work. I won't quit. 521...  Read more


I am soooo guilty of this!!
3/14/2014 10:21:03 AM,  4 COMMENTS

A big mistake people make when trying to get healthier is when they fall off the wagon a bit and think, ''I have to start over!'' - SparkCoach Nicole...  Read more


Excuses - SparkCoach Blog
3/13/2014 9:25:18 AM,  19 COMMENTS

Spark Coach is dealing with exercise excuses today and we are supposed to blog about our excuses for skipping exercise and our plan to counter those e...  Read more


3/12/2014 12:01:32 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Just realized today that only one short month ago I could only run for 1 minute at a time at 4mph max. Today I ran for 6 1x and 5 2x min at 5mph. (...  Read more


26 Hours at the Oceanfront
3/11/2014 10:27:20 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Yesterday I went to the Va. Beach oceanfront to spend a day with a friend from Maryland who has a timeshare week this week. My friend, whom I met yea...  Read more


A week later...
3/11/2014 10:13:20 AM,  3 COMMENTS

This post comes a week late. I should have posted LAST Tuesday, but didn't. The culprit? THE FLU! (Even though I'm required to get the flu shot at wor...  Read more


Signed up for 1st 5k in 14 years!
3/10/2014 11:25:58 AM,  5 COMMENTS

I'm a little nervous. But I signed up for my first 5k in 14 years and only my 2nd 5k! I'm excited too. Can't wait to do this. Hated the p...  Read more


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