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  • May blooms

    4/28/2017 1:46:51 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    This month has been intense, as April is often transformative to me. I'm always reminded of "April showers bring May flowers." So, let's see it b... Read more

  • First 100 days 2017 Stats

    4/18/2017 7:17:49 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    Physical March 2017 Results: Blood Sugar – 89 (65-99 Normal) Blood count normal White Blood count – Elevated 10.9 (norm 3.4-10.8 , but s... Read more

  • Just Venting...

    1/30/2017 7:00:22 PM, by WEBLIZARD

    I have been in this site for many years now, I love most of the features, but there is one thing that is driving me nuts right now. I can seem to... Read more

  • The Big Plan - TCY

    12/30/2016 11:55:51 AM, by WOLFKITTY

    I am desperately out of shape, it's impeding doing fun things. Sometimes in rescuing an animal, the person themselves is rescued. For me, i... Read more

  • Great Autumn Changes

    9/9/2016 10:51:38 AM, by WOLFKITTY

    So at 330 I am closer than ever to my original star... Read more

  • Oh my sweet toot!

    8/31/2016 7:19:57 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    Yes, toot as in intestinal gas and bloating! I started... Read more

  • New Dawn/325

    7/5/2016 1:28:06 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    Today I woke up and was shocked to find 325 on my scal... Read more

  • Day 175

    6/24/2016 1:12:30 AM, by HEYNOWBNICE

    m Today I was a hot mess. I woke up this morning and procrastinated a little, and then I got smart.  I said t... Read more

  • Today, I did up my bra: Success!

    5/15/2016 10:02:08 PM, by SHIBI_HUNTRESS

    Today I did up my bra. For the longest time, I've been using a bra extender to help with my back pain and because I'm clearly a larger pers... Read more

  • The Booby-Belly Test

    5/13/2016 1:09:24 AM, by SHIBI_HUNTRESS

    An old friend told me about this test and it made me feel a little better about myself at the time, but now I'm actually using it as a measuremen... Read more

  • Almost 12 inches lost!

    5/7/2016 4:31:51 PM, by SHIBI_HUNTRESS

    I went to visit Doctor Pretty last week (That's not her actual name, but that's what I'm calling her) for a simple prescription. Unfortunat... Read more

  • Six inches in a month!

    4/26/2016 4:38:28 PM, by SHIBI_HUNTRESS

    Since the boys broke the scale (I wrote about it a couple of blogs ago - but the boys are my husband and our best friend, J), I've resigned mysel... Read more

  • When you're counting calories knowing you went over...

    4/22/2016 12:17:39 PM, by SHIBI_HUNTRESS

    Counting calories is nothing new to me, I've been doing it since I was ten years old (and maybe here's the reason I've always been unsuccessful..... Read more

  • Learning Tai Chi

    4/14/2016 7:36:45 PM, by SHIBI_HUNTRESS

    Something that I've wanted to do for a while is Tai Chi, and unlike yoga or swimming, you don't really need anything for it. You can do it in the... Read more

  • My Scale Broke

    4/12/2016 5:59:01 AM, by SHIBI_HUNTRESS

    "Gabriel! I lost 28lbs! ...I think I need to see a ... Read more

  • Tracker Lackin'

    4/11/2016 3:26:24 PM, by SHIBI_HUNTRESS

    I've been completely ignoring my tracking here on Sparkpeople, but that doesn't mean that I haven't been actively working towards my goal of livi... Read more

  • April 2016

    4/4/2016 2:35:45 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    "April showers brings May flowers..." I've always loved that saying, and for me, April has historically been a month of dramatic change. It's in... Read more

  • Selfies & self-deception

    3/30/2016 8:42:04 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    It's kind of a crime to base your self-worth on how you "look". I took three selfies within a few minutes of each other and they all look differe... Read more

  • 2013 and the trail.. off...

    3/21/2016 8:43:58 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    In 2012 I started a new job, then nearly 18 months later was managing a team there. That was 2013, when I handed over the reins of some Done Girl... Read more

  • Day 6

    1/7/2016 1:02:56 AM, by HEYNOWBNICE

    This morning I got on the elliptical for 20 minutes. I'm ok with that. It's getting a tad easier to get myself out of bed earlier each day to exe... Read more

  • Hello

    1/6/2016 1:30:05 PM, by HEYNOWBNICE

    Just a fun post to say "hello." Dedicated to all those peepz out there that can relate! Hello! https://youtu.be/vg3
    CkeskV7c... Read more

  • Day 5

    1/6/2016 2:16:12 AM, by HEYNOWBNICE

    Today I was able to get up early enough to get on the elliptical, but not for as long as I wanted. All good, I have many days to get there. I d... Read more

  • Day 4

    1/5/2016 1:17:54 AM, by HEYNOWBNICE

    I had a really hard time trying to wake up early this morning bc I went to bed much later than I normally do, so today is gonna  be short and swe... Read more

  • Day 3 Commit

    1/4/2016 2:13:15 AM, by HEYNOWBNICE

    Today was a typical workday for me. I am a telemetry tech so I'm locked away in a centralized telemetry room for 12 hours in a hospital monitori... Read more

  • Day 2

    1/3/2016 1:42:36 AM, by HEYNOWBNICE

    Another day has been and gone and I stuck with my resolution to make good choices and exercise (and read/memorize a scripture*).  I got on the el... Read more

  • Day 1 Don't think, just do.

    1/2/2016 1:35:48 AM, by HEYNOWBNICE

    I did this once before (2009) and was successful. I hope I'm prepared mentally to stand up against all of the excuses I know I will throw at myse... Read more

  • Day 20 Post-op

    12/14/2015 9:53:16 AM, by JUDITHROXANA

    Today is day 20 post-op. First I want to say thank you to all who have left encouraging words on my wall! It means so much. I was supposed to ... Read more

  • 2 weeks post-op update

    12/9/2015 2:55:29 PM, by JUDITHROXANA

    It has been 2 weeks since my knee surgery and at least the pain is less. It has been really tough. I miss dancing and moving. I have 4 more we... Read more

  • Tough couple of months!

    12/2/2015 12:39:45 PM, by JUDITHROXANA

    On Oct 11th I was playing soccer when my grass cleat got stuck on the artificial turf, causing me to tear my acl and meniscus. I am now 1 week p... Read more

  • 21 years + 100 pounds

    10/12/2015 12:53:24 AM, by WOLFKITTY

    I remember me on the right- 16, lots of acne and feeli... Read more

  • Food Changes

    9/11/2015 6:43:53 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    My boyfriend is eating paleo and I've had the oppor... Read more

  • 309/ Workplace Weight Challenge

    9/1/2015 6:24:31 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    I recently lost 10 pounds and decided since I was alr... Read more

  • What a difference a year makes!

    8/25/2015 11:43:20 PM, by NICOLES0305

    Wow. I just realized that one year ago I hopped back on the crazy train called weight loss. In the beginning of last year, I started off really s... Read more

  • Wow - It's Been Awhile

    8/11/2015 4:20:48 PM, by SILVERCHICK

    40 Wow - it's been a whil... Read more

  • Woohooo

    8/2/2015 4:15:10 PM, by KIMMYM111

    Just got back from biking to visit my parents. Got the kids going too. So glad we chose this transportation rather than car. Beautiful day to enj... Read more

  • excuses

    7/31/2015 8:48:21 PM, by KIMMYM111

    Friends are great when everyone is committed but I've found it only takes one friend with an excuse to stop everyone from being active. I feel su... Read more

  • success

    7/31/2015 8:25:41 PM, by KIMMYM111

    I have a sit down job selling tickets but while working with a friend today we took a halfhour to work out (reasonably) during a very slow time. ... Read more

  • older and wiser

    7/29/2015 6:38:18 PM, by KIMMYM111

    I'm ready, I'm consciously making healthy decisions. Since I have last been on spark people I have recovered from brain tumor surgery, found the ... Read more


    7/18/2015 8:33:54 PM, by JUDITHROXANA

    Warning: Long vent ahead: I am so tired and have so much to do! How do people do it all? Today I went grocery shopping for healthy stuff (... Read more

  • Lost 110-Someone Else's Story

    7/14/2015 8:58:52 PM, by WOLFKITTY

    -loose-skin I came across this story, and overall it is bleak, except for the ti... Read more

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