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  • Damn plateau!

    9/13/2015 2:03:25 AM, by DIANEPIX

    I've hit a plateau, and it's frustrating the hell out of me. I haven't lost any weight in 3 weeks, and my clothes don't fit any different, either... Read more

  • New Motivation

    8/31/2015 5:44:27 PM, by DIANEPIX

    This December I will celebrate 25 years with my husband. We decided to take a trip, just the two of us, some we never do anything to celebrate ex... Read more

  • Hiked 12 Miles Today!

    8/16/2015 11:39:34 PM, by RAHMAMAH

    I rock!... Read more

  • And there goes May and June

    7/26/2015 5:48:46 PM, by NBARNES

    Well, that last blog entry doesn't seem so surprising once I see the elapsed time between entries this time. Since then spring semester ende... Read more

  • Day 1 - I want a baby.

    7/8/2015 3:22:49 PM, by TRINSY86

    My sister recently had her first child: a beautiful, healthy, amazing baby girl. I love her so much I can hardly stand it, and I feel so blessed ... Read more

  • On Mother's Day

    5/15/2015 12:53:58 AM, by SAL1512

    On Mother's Day, I can think of no mother more d... Read more

  • Well what happened to March?

    4/19/2015 8:13:23 PM, by NBARNES

    How ironic that the last blog entry started with my disbelief that it had been so long since my last post - and here we are again. But this time ... Read more

  • Welcome to February!

    2/21/2015 3:16:06 PM, by NBARNES

    Really? How is it possible that we're into February and I've not blogged since January 1st. Wow. Another wowo in looking back to ... Read more

  • A fresh new start

    1/1/2015 1:28:57 PM, by NBARNES

    Yup, here it is New Year's Day. By the way - happy New Year! I've actually been looking forward to turning over the date on the calendar a... Read more

  • The best laid plans of mice and men...

    12/28/2014 8:54:30 PM, by NBARNES

    Ah yes, best laid plans are basically aspirations that have yet to die. So sad to say that my aspirtions are currently on life support, but... Read more

  • Shopping and crafts today

    12/7/2014 6:05:55 PM, by NBARNES

    Doing my best to be productive today. Wrote out my menus for the week then did the grocery shopping for most of the week. Despite being as effici... Read more

  • Moving beyond the challenge

    11/25/2014 9:24:23 PM, by NBARNES

    Okay, it's been a long time since I was on SP without being in a challenge or waiting for the next one to start. But I've struggled through the l... Read more

  • NSV...okay I'll take it

    10/19/2014 1:07:17 PM, by NBARNES

    NSV...non-scale victories my not be as satisfying as seeing that number on the scale go down but I think it's important to pay attention nonethel... Read more

  • Welcome Fall

    10/12/2014 11:47:11 AM, by NBARNES

    Well its a blustery fall day here on the front range. A good day to ca... Read more

  • Mrs. Crabby-pants has left the building

    9/25/2014 3:09:51 PM, by NBARNES

    Well, I'm happy to report that Mrs. Crabby-pants has indeed left the building...her replacement, Mrs. Woe-is-me is a little better. ... Read more

  • Hello Mrs. Crabby-pants

    9/14/2014 4:51:41 PM, by NBARNES

    Yup, Mrs. Crabby-pants, that's me today. Not sure what's going on but I'm really not a pleasant person today. And I REALLY don't want to be ... Read more

  • Day 1

    9/13/2014 12:38:19 AM, by MOUNTAINGAL13

    Ready to start the SparkPeople journey... Read more

  • Life is too short...

    9/7/2014 5:29:01 PM, by NBARNES

    Life is too short to be serious all the time. I''m the kind of girl who loves to be silly. I'm surrounded by friends in my neighborhood who love ... Read more

  • Fall is upon us...

    8/19/2014 2:02:18 PM, by NBARNES

    Well, this is it. Classes start next week, and I'm back at school fulltime t... Read more

  • Home again Home again

    8/7/2014 9:22:40 PM, by NBARNES

    Nebraska...Washington DC...New York...and home to Colorado! Whew. I'm so glad... Read more

  • End of July...really?

    7/27/2014 10:34:37 PM, by NBARNES

    Had to pinch myself today when I realized July is nearly over! EEK! The summer has been so crazy. From rural Nebraska to cosmopolitan ... Read more

  • Bear, I'm Out Here In Your Woods

    7/15/2014 5:28:08 PM, by TERESA159

    I've been losing weight! Yay! It's been steady and I even skipped right over 157, bam! Just right on to 156 for me. One reason for my recent succ... Read more

  • Making it work...kinda

    6/26/2014 11:36:26 AM, by NBARNES

    Well here I am in the middle of the cornfields...wrapping up my second and final week of the residency at Homestead National Monument Park. This ... Read more

  • Stumble on the baby steps

    6/11/2014 4:00:43 PM, by NBARNES

    Figured it had been awhile since the last blog so I should get caught up. In reading that blog I realize that I'm taken quite a stumble in my bab... Read more

  • Alaska, your beer is killer.

    5/29/2014 12:15:10 AM, by TERESA159

    Remember how well I did in NYC and how I came back the SAME WEIGHT? And how that never happened before?? Well. I wasn't so successful in the grea... Read more

  • Baby steps

    5/25/2014 10:28:11 PM, by NBARNES

    Yes, today I took a baby step. It's been a lONg time since I've take any kind of step the right direction. We went out for breakfast (rode bikes ... Read more

  • It's a busy time

    5/20/2014 9:37:01 PM, by NBARNES

    Yup nothing new here. And nothing unique. It's a busy time of year for us all and I'm not using this as an excuse. Just sayin' ... Read more

  • Time for an update.

    5/15/2014 11:39:50 AM, by NBARNES

    Have to say I was thrilled to get on the scale this week and FINALLY see it in... Read more

  • New York, New York!

    5/14/2014 6:54:37 PM, by TERESA159

    I went to NYC with my mother-in-law, God bless her, if you know what I mean. ;-) She's a trip. Grew up very privileged, very spoiled and her wo... Read more

  • Hmm...interesting start to the summer

    5/9/2014 10:48:23 PM, by NBARNES

    So glad that while our spring weather is 'unpredictable' at least it's not been as devastating as other parts of the country. Read more

  • Grrrr...

    4/27/2014 6:59:43 PM, by NBARNES

    Yup, that pretty much sums things up. Turmoil continues at work with the office administrator telling us Monday that she's leaving as well (... Read more

  • I'm back?

    4/24/2014 11:32:20 PM, by NEWDEBBIE

    We'll see. I want to eat right and lose this weight, but then I feel, why bother? At this point I have very little motivation. On the plus s... Read more

  • 10 pounds down, 20 to go!

    4/17/2014 6:20:42 PM, by TERESA159

    Hello folks. I have lost 10 pounds in the last eight weeks. I am very happy about this. How'd I do it? Simple, I ate good food, not too much... Read more

  • Keeping fingers busy

    4/17/2014 2:58:58 PM, by NBARNES

    Nothing much to blog about today, in fact I wouldn't be here at all if I wasn't in desperate need of keeping my fingers busy today. I had good re... Read more

  • It's Friday!

    4/11/2014 10:27:00 AM, by NBARNES

    Yesiree...can't even express how delighted I am that it's Friday! I work Monday through Friday so I'm on the cusp of my weekend and looking forwa... Read more

  • Go Firecrackers!!!

    4/10/2014 2:17:04 PM, by TERESA159

    I've been busy so here's a blog I should've written a week ago! I'm happy, so happy, to be back into Spark and doing the 5% Challenge. Spark... Read more

  • Getting old is not for the weak at heart

    4/6/2014 4:14:20 PM, by NBARNES

    Too much to do...not enough time. Recognize that sentiment? I'm sure you do. It's a pretty common mantra. I'm sure feeling it today. B... Read more

  • Two Months...Really?

    4/1/2014 9:24:25 PM, by NBARNES

    Yes...really. It's been two months since my last post. Not that I've been ignoring SP. It's just been crazy busy. And I have pretty muc... Read more

  • Long Time

    3/31/2014 5:32:57 PM, by SDLMOM

    I haven't blog since jan. the weather was cold and I seem to cuddle up and just read. Hope that I am out of the blues and back into things. Ju... Read more

  • Stepping back from morning yoga :(

    3/29/2014 5:40:20 PM, by RODEOMAMA14

    So it's official; I've been cut off from my morning yoga routine due to back and hip problems. I wish I could just magically heal myself so I co... Read more

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