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  • It's elfing COLD out there.

    12/12/2017 2:54:44 PM, by CASEYTALK

    I had another gig this week -- this time it was as one of Santa's elves. One would think that people who work at the north pole might have warme... Read more

  • 8 Week Diabetes Challenge -- Week One

    12/4/2017 4:43:31 PM, by CASEYTALK

    Requirements include setting three goals this week. Exercise -- Do Tabata training often. I will consider myself successful at this goal ... Read more

  • The love in the air is thicker than the smoke

    10/13/2017 3:13:22 PM, by CASEYTALK

    Everyone here knows people who have lost their homes, or have themselves lost their homes. Everyone knows people who have lost pets, cars, memor... Read more

  • Picture of my progress -- take two

    7/31/2017 12:47:11 PM, by CASEYTALK

    Spark Coach has again given me the task of making a... Read more

  • 47

    7/21/2017 1:54:31 AM, by _XIALA_

    Today was a mostly rest day. I was supposed to do strength training and just never managed it. I did about 30 minutes of aerobic stuff cleaning, ... Read more

  • 46 (late)

    7/20/2017 4:17:19 PM, by _XIALA_

    My Wednesday wander turned into being held prisoner to my partner's (literally) crappy diet. We couldn't leave in the early part of the day becau... Read more

  • 45

    7/18/2017 5:49:41 AM, by _XIALA_

    I know it's early but! I just did two workouts in one "day" (wake period, sleep schedule is all screwed up). I started with cardio before coffee,... Read more

  • 44.2 - Weekly Wrap Up

    7/17/2017 7:00:39 PM, by _XIALA_

    A bit late after this weekend, but here it is. Fitness Minutes: 449 Miles: 4.25 Weight Lost: 0.5 lbs Average Resting Heartrate: 72 ... Read more

  • 44

    7/17/2017 5:15:09 PM, by _XIALA_

    I sorta ended up taking the weekend off. I still tracked most of my food (missed a sandwich on Saturday), but I didn't do much exercise, spent a ... Read more

  • 43 (for Sunday, skipped)

    7/17/2017 5:08:25 PM, by _XIALA_

    Another high pain/low energy/too much screen time day. Pffft.... Read more

  • 42 (for Saturday, skipped)

    7/17/2017 5:07:42 PM, by _XIALA_

    Tripped and fell in Second Life. High pain/low energy, didn't do nuffin.... Read more

  • 41 - SPM > MPH

    7/14/2017 5:07:55 PM, by _XIALA_

    Well. I tracked my heart rate during my workout on Mal. Even at load 3 and 170-185 spm, I never got above 101. I need to get to at least 123 for ... Read more

  • 40

    7/13/2017 7:06:13 PM, by _XIALA_

    I'm making awesome progress on the disgusting mess in Mithril's bathroom. Yay! I'm also starting to monitor my heart health. I take my resti... Read more

  • 39

    7/13/2017 1:43:20 AM, by _XIALA_

    resting heart rate before rising - 74 heart rate during walk at armstrong - 128 (55%?) heart recovery rate... no idea... Read more

  • 38

    7/11/2017 4:06:47 PM, by _XIALA_

    A bit better today. Been doing lots of dream work, figuring out what's going on with me. An interesting note: when looking at the yes.fit (... Read more

  • 37 (delayed)

    7/11/2017 4:03:48 PM, by _XIALA_

    I was wildly depressed all day. Forgot about blogging. Blew off food tracking. Couldn't get up the energy to flop over in bed much less work out.... Read more

  • 36 - Weekly Wrap Up

    7/10/2017 12:45:23 AM, by _XIALA_

    Before I start my weekly wrap up, I just want to brag on my first full body strength training workout. I only did 8 of the 15 reps Nicole did and... Read more

  • 35

    7/9/2017 1:36:06 AM, by _XIALA_

    I was really depressed and cranky and totally lacking in motivation today. Still, I went and did my workout, and I felt ridiculously better, part... Read more

  • 34 (a day late)

    7/9/2017 1:28:46 AM, by _XIALA_

    I completely forgot about blogging! So, yesterday was a scorcher, 108 degrees. Yikes! I still managed to get in my workout, in the morning, with ... Read more

  • 33.2 Another Trial Exercise Schedule

    7/6/2017 8:23:38 PM, by _XIALA_

    I got my resistance band today, yay! That opens up a whole new world of workouts for me. The yoga props will probably be here tomorrow. My tentat... Read more

  • 33

    7/6/2017 3:46:24 PM, by _XIALA_

    Saw this mentioned on the community feed, looked it up and found it: https://yes.fit/ Virtual races in an online community with medals ... Read more

  • 32

    7/5/2017 11:33:23 PM, by _XIALA_

    Walked the entire road from the upper lot to the shady picnic tables in the lower lot at Armstrong Grove. It's a mile (roughly), and it took me 3... Read more

  • 31.2 - Schedule Tweaks

    7/4/2017 11:23:18 PM, by _XIALA_

    I'm working on tweaking my exercise schedule to add strength training twice a week. Sunday: stretching/yoga & rest day Monday: stretching/... Read more

  • 31

    7/4/2017 10:56:38 PM, by _XIALA_

    Independence Day, and we're celebrating by curling up with our nervous dogs while the sky explodes, distracting them with bully sticks and binge ... Read more

  • 30.2 - List of SparkCoach Action Steps 21-29

    7/3/2017 8:50:27 PM, by _XIALA_

    21: Writing down a list of reasons why regular physical activity is important in your life can be a source of motivation when you don’t want to g... Read more

  • 30.1 - July's "New Normal"

    7/3/2017 8:28:49 PM, by _XIALA_

    I normally exercise for at least 10 minutes each day, either stretching, yoga, walking, riding my NuStep, strength training, cleaning house, or o... Read more

  • 30 - June Wrap Up

    7/3/2017 6:47:20 PM, by _XIALA_

    I skipped the usual Weekly Wrap Up yesterday, mostly because I just had a really down day following the trigger. Utterly predictable, if annoying... Read more

  • 29 - Weekly Wrap Up Delayed

    7/3/2017 2:08:24 AM, by _XIALA_

    Wildly depressed today, completely predictable. Still worked out, still did SP, still took care of my core responsibilities, still made good food... Read more

  • 28

    7/1/2017 10:33:59 PM, by _XIALA_

    Saturday is for strength training, and this one was a doozy! I did the 9 minute seated arm and shoulder workout: http://www.sparkpe... Read more

  • 27.2

    7/1/2017 1:38:02 AM, by _XIALA_

    Getting pretty frustrated by not meeting the bottom range of my calories. I'm trying to lose 1 pound a week. It's safe to lose two pounds a week.... Read more

  • 27.1

    6/30/2017 7:58:36 PM, by _XIALA_

    Just link caching some useful articles. Go back and poke 'em for points! www.sparkpeople.com/reso
    id... Read more

  • 27

    6/30/2017 3:56:15 AM, by _XIALA_

    I'm on my way to bed, thinking about my Friday fitness goals, and I suddenly realize I can't remember my exercise schedule. Turns out I goo... Read more

  • See, whatcha otter do. . . .

    6/29/2017 6:59:00 PM, by CASEYTALK

    I bought a kayak last year. I live near a beautiful river and I love to kayak, so it made sense. Besides, the road to my house floods in the wi... Read more

  • 26.1

    6/29/2017 6:31:05 PM, by _XIALA_

    I had a mini-revelation/inspiration today. Here I am, trying to learn new ways to eat, right? Well, why not actually .... um... learn a new way t... Read more

  • 26 - Thankful Thursdays

    6/29/2017 3:22:53 PM, by _XIALA_

    I'm thankful for so many things: The Boo, my Daddy, my dogs, my home, being given the opportunity and resources to become healthier. I'm grateful... Read more

  • Dad joke for the win!

    6/18/2017 2:16:57 PM, by CASEYTALK

    My father and I have a very good relationship, built on mutual respect, curiosity, fondness for wordplay and, most of all, love and laughter. ... Read more

  • I ain't that lonely yet

    6/11/2017 6:13:24 PM, by CASEYTALK

    I heard a song on the radio today -- "I'm lonely, but I ain't that lonely yet." Since the divorce, I have thought about dating and there are... Read more

  • Day 8 - Small Changes and a Loss

    6/8/2017 1:01:24 PM, by FINDINGMYZEN

    Small changes are paying off. I am down 3 lbs in one week, have more energy and am sleeping better. I continue to track everything I eat a... Read more

  • You'll see it's all a show -- keep them laughing when you go!

    5/21/2017 12:03:27 PM, by CASEYTALK

    I had a big audition yesterday. I flubbed the singing, though there was enough there for me to show I can carry a tune and be heard at the back ... Read more

  • Weight

    5/17/2017 1:02:00 PM, by COLLY57

    One week into it, weighed in this morning, lost 2 pounds. It's a start. Keep doing 2 pounds every week, I'll have the first 50 pounds off by Ha... Read more

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