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  • 15 pounds down and feeling good

    10/12/2015 12:22:42 PM, by DEVONA8

    Okay so I am feeling pretty good, today is my 4th week weigh in and I am down 15 pounds. I could not do this without God, I am so grateful he has... Read more

  • Goals

    9/21/2015 4:25:32 PM, by DEVONA8

    So okay my goal right now is to lose 1.5 pounds per week. This is my first week and I've done very well. Start - 9/14/15 - 255.5 9/21/1... Read more

  • It's been to long

    4/17/2015 2:37:16 PM, by TIME_TO_SHINE1

    I have been away to long. I have had so much going on in my life. I don't even know where to begin. I just know that it is time I start taking t... Read more

  • Is it Really 2015?

    1/12/2015 1:20:28 PM, by DEBDOOPERDUE

    I cannot believe where the time has gone! Here I am again and ready to tackle the year! It starts with the kids going back t... Read more

  • October, October, October

    10/29/2014 2:07:02 PM, by TIME_TO_SHINE1

    So my birthday is October 21. Last year on that day my youngest broke her arm. So this year I told her not to play on the monkey ba... Read more

  • Weight Watcher and Sparkpeople

    10/9/2014 12:39:12 PM, by TIME_TO_SHINE1

    So my grandmother approached me and asked if I was depressed and how I was doing with my weight loss. I told her the truth, yes I am depressed an... Read more

  • Finally A Break

    9/24/2014 3:17:47 PM, by TIME_TO_SHINE1

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I am still here. I started school and it is talking more discipline than I expected. I know that I have g... Read more

  • The Scale is Definitely going the wrong way

    9/5/2014 9:42:02 AM, by DEVONA8

    So it's been a really long time since I've on here consistently, over a year actually and a lot of things have happened, none of them good. My we... Read more

  • no results

    7/28/2014 1:08:23 PM, by PINKLOTUSFLOWER

    I am very frustrated =/ I have been working my butt off for the last 2 or 3 months and the scale has not moved and neither have my measurements. ... Read more

  • Still Working At It

    7/17/2014 2:27:27 PM, by BEACHY_PEACHY

    Officially signed up with a trainer to help me achieve better results in my new life style! And to learn new things while being safe with my back... Read more

  • SORE =)

    6/12/2014 11:06:15 AM, by PINKLOTUSFLOWER

    holy crap I am incredibly sore!! But its so worth it =) I excersised alot yesterday. But as I do more I have more energy and then I want to keep ... Read more


    6/11/2014 1:18:37 PM, by PINKLOTUSFLOWER

    I think that as we start our journey to weight loss there are other things we discover along the way that take the focus off of only weight loss.... Read more

  • great start

    6/7/2014 11:11:18 AM, by PINKLOTUSFLOWER

    Yesterday went great! I did all the things I said I was going to do and it felt awesome to hit some goals. I went for a 5 min jog in the morning ... Read more

  • My walking buddy

    4/23/2014 1:20:39 PM, by TIME_TO_SHINE1

    My walking buddy is my app, Map My Walk. I love this app, it uses a gps signal to map my route and track my distance. I was kinda ... Read more

  • Monthly Measurements

    4/22/2014 11:00:45 AM, by TIME_TO_SHINE1

    So it has been a month sense I took my measurements. For me to stay on track I have to weight weekly and take measurements monthly, it works for ... Read more

  • I have a question

    4/18/2014 1:54:23 PM, by TIME_TO_SHINE1

    When is the best time to take measurements? In the morning or afternoon? I weigh myself in the morning, I was just wondering if it made a differe... Read more

  • Why do I care?

    4/5/2014 10:45:47 AM, by TIME_TO_SHINE1

    So the day has arrived. The day of my cousins baby shower. She is not the problem it is her older sister that is. Me and her older sister we thic... Read more

  • So Angry

    4/4/2014 1:32:36 PM, by TIME_TO_SHINE1

    So I am all ready to go to the doctor to have a physical and talk to her about some things that are going on, only to get there an... Read more

  • Go me

    4/3/2014 3:55:31 PM, by TIME_TO_SHINE1

    I had a great walk. I did 2.5 mile in ONE hour. Not a personal best, but better than sitting on the couch. ... Read more

  • sleep

    9/17/2013 10:13:38 AM, by TAILORSMOM

    well i got me some much needed sleep last night !!!!! its amazing how the lack of sleeps effects your body !!!!! hope i start feeling b... Read more

  • 5 miles in 83 minutes

    9/14/2013 9:51:34 AM, by TAILORSMOM

    well that about says it all...feeling so accomplished and so wore out.... ... Read more

  • woooohoooo !!!! .i love sparkpeople!!!!!

    9/10/2013 10:22:42 AM, by TAILORSMOM

    9 more pounds to go to i reach my goal weight of 150 !!!!!! feeeling pretty amazing !!!!!!!... Read more

  • walked 10.5 miles in two days

    9/9/2013 12:29:21 PM, by TAILORSMOM

    walked 5.5 miles saturday in 1 hr 46 miuntes... and walked and jogged 5 miles in 1 hr 20 minutes.... ... Read more

  • sparkpeople 5k your way

    9/5/2013 12:50:01 PM, by TAILORSMOM

    feeling accomplished !!!!! i have done the 5k ur way every morning since sunday ....feeling really good about that .... and i'm speeding up to... Read more

  • feeling good...

    8/28/2013 10:06:22 AM, by TAILORSMOM

    walked 31 minutes this morning ..1.72 miles ....woohoo... came into work and told the girls we have time every morning b4 we open to do a bootc... Read more

  • prayers needed !!! thanks in advance !!!

    8/22/2013 12:03:14 PM, by TAILORSMOM

    well i guess i will just start from the beginning !!! my husband (of almost 3 years). was not going to church with us..and i have been prayi... Read more

  • stressed but blessed

    8/21/2013 12:40:47 PM, by TAILORSMOM

    well yesterday started out in a hurry....but i walked for 1 hour and 45 minutes...went to work went home only to get upset with my husband bc ... Read more

  • feeling blessed and excited

    8/19/2013 2:19:41 PM, by TAILORSMOM

    really enjoying my new job !!!! loving my new church !!!!! and really excited about getting back on track with my exercise program !!!... Read more

  • July 27,2013

    7/26/2013 7:51:06 PM, by OCEANMISTCALI

    My guy called me to tell me he needed to see the doctor this morning he was not feeling well at all and had a fever. he called me when he got bac... Read more

  • July 26,2013

    7/26/2013 9:15:45 AM, by OCEANMISTCALI

    went to take care of my future husband yesterday morning. I cooked him so lunch and then organized the other bedroom and hung up the clothes, did... Read more

  • July 25,2013

    7/25/2013 7:15:47 AM, by OCEANMISTCALI

    Yesterday Mitchell and I went to Fayetteville for his physical therapy appointment. They had to do something involving reversing something in his... Read more

  • July 24,2013

    7/24/2013 7:47:14 AM, by OCEANMISTCALI

    My Future husband is doing a lot better with his shoulder. I have been taking care of him a lot. I have got a lot accomplished with the place as ... Read more

  • July 24,2013

    7/24/2013 7:47:14 AM, by OCEANMISTCALI

    My Future husband is doing a lot better with his shoulder. I have been taking care of him a lot. I have got a lot accomplished with the place as ... Read more

  • July 18,2013

    7/18/2013 10:13:34 PM, by OCEANMISTCALI

    My fiancée got released today from the hospital about 2pm. I found out from him they had wanted him to stay one more day but he didn't need to. H... Read more

  • July 17,2013

    7/17/2013 11:13:43 AM, by OCEANMISTCALI

    My fiancee is now in surgery getting his right shoulder done. I am really missing him like crazy and hate not being there by his side today. my ... Read more

  • July 11,2013

    7/13/2013 7:50:59 AM, by OCEANMISTCALI

    I am a day late on writing this. my boyfriend asked me to be his wife:) yesterday he got me an engagement necklace and put it on me. He wanted ... Read more

  • July 10,2013

    7/10/2013 7:47:22 AM, by OCEANMISTCALI

    I have been really busy being out with my boyfriend. we hang out everyday especially this week because on the 17th he is going for surgery on his... Read more

  • missing what was !!

    7/6/2013 10:22:38 AM, by TAILORSMOM

    well i had a bad week the end of the week before i had headaches and it rained a lot (which we needed the rain) but of course i used it as ... Read more

  • July 6,2013

    7/6/2013 9:15:13 AM, by OCEANMISTCALI

    I had a really great time with Mitch and Rylee at the movies. In the past my folks did not like my choices for dates I had always went for the ab... Read more

  • Hi! my name is Katie and I am a food addict

    7/5/2013 1:33:25 PM, by OCEANMISTCALI

    this is my first step on admitting the problem I have with food. I am always thinking about food on a daily basis. From the time I wake up what I... Read more

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