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  • reality check in- party of one

    1/22/2015 2:54:15 AM, by BKIRSCHKE86

    So before 2015 even started i had a phenomenal streak of well behaved food guidelines and amazing exercise routines completely had it all togethe... Read more

  • Wanting to Loose Without Loosing My Head

    1/18/2015 12:18:59 PM, by MSFLORES1

    I just weighed in at an all time high of 174.5 this is what I even consider BIG! I demod my kitchen about 6 weeks and the struggle to eat healthy... Read more

  • 5% Winter Challenge Starts Tomorrow!

    1/9/2015 1:11:28 PM, by BRAVERUDE

    Just in the nick of time... I gained 5 pounds through the holidays... Amazing how quickly I gain at this point in my life, and how s-l-o-w-l-y I ... Read more

  • As the Holidays Approach...

    12/14/2014 12:29:52 PM, by BRAVERUDE

    There is always that excitement as the holidays approach, mixed with a bit of dread for what I might eat and drink... If you are anything like m... Read more

  • its been over a year needless to say unhappy panda

    12/12/2014 1:58:50 AM, by BKIRSCHKE86

    Where do i start? I have not tracked nor come to site because of shame and lazyness and so many other life fanatical issues....i was around 20 lb... Read more

  • Starting again!

    11/11/2014 10:38:32 PM, by SLIKITTY97

    Starting over again working on calorie counting and working out! Signed up at a nearby gym that I can walk to & worked out. Gonna walk tonight ... Read more

  • Starting again!

    11/11/2014 10:38:32 PM, by SLIKITTY97

    Starting over again working on calorie counting and working out! Signed up at a nearby gym that I can walk to & worked out. Gonna walk tonight ... Read more

  • Sorry For My Absence

    10/26/2014 4:53:05 PM, by LADYJEZEBEL

    I have been going through a lot lately. I have been having troubles with my heart racing for a few years now, and it keeps progressing as time go... Read more

  • Alert Have Extra Pounds will Give to All Who Request

    10/24/2014 10:53:41 AM, by MARYARVIZU

    I am still 25 pounds over weight after losing 20 pounds this year. Why is this last tonage not leaving my body? Therefore anyone who wants ext... Read more

  • It ain't a challenge if u don't try!!

    8/18/2014 8:39:51 PM, by LACHELY

    I been so motivated with all my sparkpeople friends. I don't do much writing b... Read more

  • Weight Loss - A Guided Meditation

    7/19/2014 12:27:24 PM, by BRAVERUDE

    This you tube bit is so very positive, gentle, and worth a listen! youtu.be/a747iJ5uVlY Enjoy!... Read more

  • Recovering yet again

    7/14/2014 3:07:59 PM, by KMRJPR

    2 weeks ago, I underwent an extraction of the tooth that has been problematic for the past year. I underwent a complex root canal and had a cap ... Read more

  • why?

    6/26/2014 11:05:27 PM, by KMRJPR

    Last June, I had a severely infected tooth, underwent a root canal, months of antibiotics and a crown. Six months later the infection came back.... Read more

  • Gearing up....again

    6/7/2014 7:48:50 PM, by KMRJPR

    Two weeks ago, I came down with a cold. After it progressed to a cough and possible respiratory involvement, I went to the doc. He indicated I ... Read more

  • Thinking Out Loud About Tracking

    6/4/2014 1:38:04 PM, by REZNUT

    It's definitely an eye-opener to see how differently I eat when planning and tracking my meals vs. spontaneous eating. Even after learning my hea... Read more

  • Mindfulness

    5/18/2014 8:06:45 PM, by KMRJPR

    This week, I'm focusing on mindfulness. Being mindful of what I eat, how much I eat, how I feel when I eat. If I'm eating without being hungry ... Read more

  • An Exceptionally Lazy Homebody

    5/12/2014 1:17:35 PM, by REZNUT

    Years of allowing myself to be lazy has really made it difficult to change. I try not to beat myself up when I have gone yet another day, week, a... Read more

  • scary night

    4/17/2014 10:32:02 PM, by KMRJPR

    My DH had a close call last night. While riding to meet some friends for dinner he was rear-ended. He was on his Harley at a stop sign when the... Read more

  • Weekend left me exhausted

    4/14/2014 5:03:16 PM, by KMRJPR

    My husband and I love to ride our Harley. And this past weekend was a beautiful weekend! (ok so this isn't a Harley--but it is a... Read more

  • Visit with family now over

    3/26/2014 11:41:28 PM, by KMRJPR

    Had a nice visit with my sister. An unplanned visit but still nice. Enjoyed a few days with her. Sad to see her leave, but glad to get back to... Read more

  • Just realized...

    3/18/2014 12:53:43 PM, by LEMONCHEESECAKE

    Since I haven't done well in keeping up with spark people, I am unfamiliar with the new layout. The home page looks different. I want to change m... Read more

  • Happy St. Patrick's Day

    3/17/2014 11:30:33 PM, by KMRJPR

    Today I made my first ever corned beef and cabbage. Normally family member... Read more

  • Contract for Success

    3/13/2014 1:36:20 AM, by KMRJPR

    I just read a great article on accountability. www.sparkpeople.com/reso
    sp?id=748 ... Read more

  • I'm still here...

    3/6/2014 3:22:22 PM, by LEMONCHEESECAKE

    Its been awhile... I hope all my spark friends are doing well. :) I bought an arm band for my phone for when I exercise. I'll try it out tonight ... Read more

  • Love Spark People

    3/4/2014 11:34:23 PM, by KMRJPR

    I just read a great article about getting organized for weight loss. Reminds me that everything in life is linked in some way or another. Makes... Read more

  • Let the streaking begin!

    2/28/2014 3:01:47 PM, by KMRJPR

    So, I found my pedometer...and discovered it stopped working about the same time I did last year...thankfully my husband found a battery and he's... Read more

  • not doing well

    2/18/2014 1:41:47 AM, by KMRJPR

    Valentine's day was a BAD day. Woke up at 530am to a dying pet. My sweet baby Topaz, a corn snake not yet a year old died suddenly shortly after ... Read more

  • I'm back!

    2/9/2014 11:05:28 PM, by KMRJPR

    After a long hiatus due to work, I'm returning to SP. I'm glad to be back. I've learned that I absolutely MUST make myself and my health more of ... Read more

  • Making time...

    12/13/2013 4:42:44 PM, by LEMONCHEESECAKE

    Hi everyone! Work has been very busy.. the longer holiday hours are really exhausting me. I haven't much time for exercise but I do walk a lot at... Read more

  • Long weekend

    11/12/2013 12:31:08 PM, by LEMONCHEESECAKE

    Hi to all my sweet spark friends!!! I hope you had a nice Veterans weekend. I thought of my grandfather who was a Marine. I looked at his picture... Read more

  • I'm here... :)

    11/6/2013 1:48:04 PM, by LEMONCHEESECAKE

    Hi sparkers! I have been busy working.. I have taken on more hours due to the early holiday shoppers. The store is set up with Christmas trees, l... Read more

  • Making activity a priority

    11/6/2013 1:34:47 PM, by 7SUPERMOM

    I enjoy walking for a purpose, so I find an errand to run, someone to walk with, or do a prayer walk. This gets me outdoors and exercising! ... Read more

  • Spark Points...

    11/5/2013 2:57:10 AM, by READY4BEAUTY

    At some point in the last few days, I decided that I want to hit 100 points per day. So far, so good. It helps that there are so many ways to do ... Read more

  • Being a Positive Influence

    11/4/2013 1:01:32 PM, by 7SUPERMOM

    As I work at making healthy choices, my children are noticing and making better choices themselves.... Read more

  • End of week one, beginning of a new month.

    11/4/2013 2:23:24 AM, by READY4BEAUTY

    I love November. It's my second favorite month. February is my first favorite, because of my birthday. I love that its the time of year where I d... Read more

  • This week

    11/3/2013 6:57:32 PM, by 7SUPERMOM

    Fitness is priority. This week I have done better at tracking, and moving- even for a few minutes at a time. My lifestyle is gradually becoming o... Read more

  • November 1st

    11/1/2013 1:16:46 PM, by 7SUPERMOM

    I am grateful for Sparkpeople because it has so much good information.... Read more

  • Happy Halloween.

    11/1/2013 2:53:05 AM, by READY4BEAUTY

    Today was hectic. Very hectic. It started out fine. I drank 3 glasses of water before leaving for school, of which I am so proud. I made good foo... Read more

  • Building support

    10/31/2013 1:41:13 PM, by 7SUPERMOM

    It really helps to read success stories, since I don't have positive support at home.... Read more

  • Food

    10/29/2013 10:22:34 AM, by 7SUPERMOM

    Throughout this journey to fitness, I find my tastes for healthy foods are stronger than cravings for sugar and junk foods.... Read more

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