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Sir Anthony Hopkin's waltz
6/30/2014 11:15:08 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Anthony Hopkins wrote a waltz as a young musician but had never heard it played by an orchestra. He went into acting and gave up on the music end ...  Read more


Me vs the Scale
6/26/2014 12:26:06 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I have battled with my weight from as early as I can remember and have had the same battle with the scale. I went years without weighing myself becau...  Read more


It is time to Dig Deep
6/23/2014 1:34:38 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Last week I saw my therapist. It was a tough session but one I needed to have because we discussed some things that were hard for me to hear. One...  Read more


Baby Carrots vs Oreos
6/10/2014 7:10:17 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I read an interview with Rosie O’Donnell several years ago where she said (and I am paraphrasing) “Of course I should eat the baby carrots, but I want...  Read more


In the Last 30 Days....
6/6/2014 12:31:05 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I have done: 830 Squats 216 900 - Bicep Curls 362 900 - Tricep sets 362 30 minutes of planks 320 and walked 36 miles....  Read more


A Tale from Emotional Eating Mountain
6/5/2014 1:24:05 PM,  2 COMMENTS

This morning when I was getting ready I started to think about writing this blog because of how my day went yesterday. What popped into my head was...  Read more


Summer update...
6/2/2014 10:12:41 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I have missed sparkpeople! I hope to get back in the swing of things and start blogging again more regularly. Update: I've been taking metformin...  Read more


Weekend Off...
5/26/2014 1:20:35 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I had to skip swimming this past Thurs, Fri and Sat - but we were doing quite well before that and I went out this evening and knocked out 200 laps......  Read more


Saturday and A Day Off
5/17/2014 1:49:27 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I didn't get lucky enough to get the whole weekend off this week, but I do have today off. I had my usual weekend breakfast with my kids and we have...  Read more


Tuesday of a week that has gone kinda wrong!
5/14/2014 1:24:57 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Yesterday in the middle of the afternoon, I got dizzy and thought I might pass out. Then I felt like I might throw up for a while, then light-headed...  Read more


It's Sunday and Tomorrow It's Back to Work!
5/12/2014 12:50:45 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I feel like we had a productive weekend! Got some deep cleaning and organizing done. I got caught up on some tracking I've wanted to do, finished a b...  Read more


5/10/2014 2:17:50 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I managed to score TWO weekends off in a today is actually MY Friday AGAIN!! I got off work too late to do a bike ride (getting dark),...  Read more


A Bike Ride!
5/9/2014 12:41:55 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I started with a bike ride (a little over 8 miles) this afternoon then the kids still wanted to swim, so I did a quick 50 laps with my daughter (12 la...  Read more


Wednesday and the Middle of Another Week
5/8/2014 12:20:33 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Swam today...we did 105 minutes. 108 laps, 26 without the noodle. At the end I did some leg exercises and I also got in 3 miles of walking going to/fr...  Read more


Yep, It's Tuesday!
5/7/2014 12:36:33 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I didn't get up and go for the bike ride...but I did swim when I got home and I got in 3 miles of walking going to/from the bus stop. I only did a li...  Read more


Back to the Grind...
5/5/2014 11:41:11 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Monday at work, weird hours...but it was an ok day. Mostly standing in one spot processing catalog returns. Came home and did some necessary paperwo...  Read more


2nd Day off...
5/4/2014 7:55:37 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Up a little later today, but we laid around talking and just having a good time! We started the say with leftovers and swimming. Today we only did 45...  Read more


It's my day off...
5/4/2014 1:32:57 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Working in retail, I don't get a lot of weekend days off and a WHOLE weekend off is a rare species indeed! I got to sleep in (which really mean...  Read more


Got To Swim Today...
4/30/2014 11:53:29 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I got exercise all this week because I worked...and that's 3 miles minimum going to/from the bus stop....but today (after about a week break) I went o...  Read more


Changes and Renewed Commitment
4/27/2014 1:18:08 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Since I last posted, I have changed jobs, have both my teenage kids come to live with me and much more...but those are the biggies! Since I chang...  Read more


Wow what a voice.
3/25/2014 11:19:03 PM,  21 COMMENTS

Thought you might enjoy this! You are not going to believe this little girl.
el...  Read more


I'm a PF Chang's 1/2 Marathoner
3/14/2014 12:30:34 PM,  3 COMMENTS

So the year before last I thought it would be awesome to do a half marathon, and I started to train but then for financial reasons, I just could not m...  Read more


Metformin and Me...
3/9/2014 6:48:20 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Metformin is traditionally a medication used for diabetics but also can be used for polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). I nickname PCOS the "ugly synd...  Read more


Senior Olympics Cycling Events
3/9/2014 9:44:58 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Last weekend I did three cycling events as part of the Arizona Senior Olympics. As you can see, the weather wasn't very good while people w...  Read more


Emotional eating to fill a void...
3/6/2014 6:43:10 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I've gotten into a bad habit the past two weeks of snacking in the late evenings. I tell myself that my body needs some more food, when in fact I had...  Read more


Things to do...
2/27/2014 8:58:20 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Things to do today -take dogs to dog park -walk dog afterwards -at least 30 minutes of weight training at gym -house cleaning and organizin...  Read more


Hiking in the Rain Macklyn Cove Beach
2/27/2014 12:57:02 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I've read many, many books about thru hiking the three major U.S. trails. While there may only be 7-10 rainy days on any given trail in the 5 months...  Read more


Re-doubling efforts...
2/23/2014 12:55:34 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Clothes shopping when you put on a significant amount of weight. Is there a more humbling experience? I'm looking for a new job so needed some intervi...  Read more


Audio books, wigs, and more
2/20/2014 2:04:00 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I've been way behind house cleaning and organization lately... In order to motivate myself I've been playing audio books to keep me engaged while I cl...  Read more


2/17/2014 10:36:40 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Ok so Saturday I made the decision to be a healthier me. So it is day three of a vegan/ raw food lifestyle and I have been craving processed foods. I...  Read more


Serenity prayer...
2/17/2014 8:55:19 PM,  1 COMMENTS

It's been 7 days since my DIY TCA peel... ill planned idea. Even after doing lots of research online and following the instructions, my healing did no...  Read more


2/13/2014 4:01:14 PM,  0 COMMENTS

As you wander through life not knowing what might be your goal keep your eye upon the donut not upon the hole. 334...  Read more


Warrior's Diet...
2/12/2014 1:29:59 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Yesterday I did another 24 hour fast. So for the past few days I've been only eating dinner. You would think I would be ravenous, but on the contrary!...  Read more


Weighing in...
2/11/2014 9:47:54 AM,  1 COMMENTS

So far it's been a success with weighing in each morning! I've seen a steady decrease in my weight for the past week. Granted, part of it may be becau...  Read more


February...time for a change
2/5/2014 10:28:04 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Wow! Can't believe it's February already. Well, I'm resolved to implement some changes. For me, though, in order for habits to solidify and be consist...  Read more


Year 2014
1/13/2014 11:42:19 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Happy (belated) New Year!!! I've been having major internet connection issues due to a resistant computer virus. But hopefully can get back into...  Read more


It's All About the Perspective......
1/11/2014 9:58:33 PM,  3 COMMENTS

So, I'm a daily weigher. Many think me crazy for doing it. I say it helps me. However, there are moments where the numbers can really start to drag yo...  Read more


December @ a Glance
1/11/2014 9:53:56 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Daily WI's for the month of December were nearly excruciating, but I hung in there and stay committed to doing it. I needed to. The holidays are gruel...  Read more


Can't run away
1/6/2014 11:38:10 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Today was a good day for running, but it has not been a good week. The realizations for the future are quite scary. There are many uncertainties for u...  Read more


Veggies, Yeah not so much!
1/6/2014 8:58:42 AM,  4 COMMENTS

So I am finding that I am not doing a very good job at my veggie challenge! It's just hard. I want to eat carbs and protein and that's it and by car...  Read more


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