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  • Sore

    6/3/2016 9:37:11 PM, by MYERSKYM

    Oh my goodness I am so sore these classes at the gym are awesome. I want to lose 10 pounds this month.... Read more

  • Alone

    6/2/2016 8:29:51 PM, by MYERSKYM

    Dose anyone just feel alone and not very motivated to do anything but just sleep? I know I can't because I do not want to stay fat. But I would l... Read more

  • New me

    6/1/2016 7:04:37 PM, by MYERSKYM

    This month is the month I start taking care of myself and lose the weight that I gained. One day at a time... Read more

  • New me

    5/31/2016 4:48:16 PM, by MYERSKYM

    Here is too a new me I can not wait to start over and make myself stronger and health. Bye bye fat out of shape me!!!!... Read more

  • Life

    5/30/2016 7:02:44 PM, by MYERSKYM

    Why dose life have to be so hard. I just wish I could wake up and bam I am skinny with nice abs and legs. With no flab anywhere on my body. One d... Read more

  • Working out

    5/29/2016 8:39:40 PM, by MYERSKYM

    I want to workout twice a day once in the morning and once at lunch time. Dose anyone think that us to much? L really want to lose the weight but... Read more

  • Tuesday June 1st 2016

    5/28/2016 9:40:31 PM, by MYERSKYM

    This day starts a new beginning for me. I am going to start taking care of me and eating right. My friend and I workout 5days a week at work. I w... Read more

  • Still Making an Effort

    5/26/2016 8:13:47 PM, by PURRLGIRL

    Since I last logged into this site, I have replaced almost all of my breakfasts with a green smoothie...a healthy one, not a sugary one. It hasn'... Read more

  • Weigh in day

    5/25/2016 8:21:13 PM, by MYERSKYM

    Uge I gained a pound stupid body up and down up and down. Oh well tomorrow is another day... Read more

  • Weigh in

    5/24/2016 7:52:56 PM, by MYERSKYM

    Tomorrow is weigh in day and I am dreading it. I have been eating so bad all week long. I just have to own up to the numbers... Read more

  • Kick boxing

    5/23/2016 12:38:33 PM, by MYERSKYM

    Kick boxing rocks week two trying to get in shape..... Read more

  • Bigger booty?

    5/22/2016 2:17:19 PM, by TBREANN

    Ok...my goal isn't entirely to lose weight...my stomach is getting close to where I want it to be but I have no hips or booty. My fiance is an as... Read more

  • Cardio Drumming

    5/22/2016 8:44:04 AM, by MYERSKYM

    Did Cardio Drumming yesterday and man am I sore this morning. Sore in places i have never been sore before. The class was fun and I will being go... Read more

  • Cardio drumming

    5/21/2016 8:15:00 AM, by MYERSKYM

    Today is the first day of an adventure I am trying Cardio Drumming for the first time today. I am kind of excited but also nervous. Will keep you... Read more

  • Why

    5/20/2016 1:43:57 PM, by MYERSKYM

    Why can I not stop eating my emotions I have eaten so bad today. I need to stop and do nor know how!!!!! Anyone have an idea what to do. I can no... Read more

  • Walked

    5/19/2016 3:40:57 PM, by MYERSKYM

    My friend and I walked 3 miles today at lunch and it was hard and I am super sore. But at least we did it... Read more

  • Weigh in

    5/18/2016 4:52:55 PM, by MYERSKYM

    I lost 4pounds that makes me very happy yay me. Now I just got to stick with it and not give into the food cravings... Read more

  • Weigh in day

    5/17/2016 8:27:39 PM, by MYERSKYM

    Tomorrow is the big weigh in day. I hope that I can drop at least 3 pounds if not it will be my own fault for giving into my emotional eating. No... Read more

  • Lost

    5/16/2016 8:44:51 PM, by MYERSKYM

    I have never felt so lost and a lone in my life. I just feel so sad that I can not stop this road that I have traveled on since I was old enough ... Read more

  • Workout

    5/16/2016 9:32:37 AM, by MYERSKYM

    Today is another day starting a kick boxing class and scared to death lol. I am kinda of excited to start... Read more

  • Bad day

    5/15/2016 9:24:06 AM, by MYERSKYM

    I am gaining all my weight back that I lost I am so piss out at myself. Why can I not stop eating junk food... Read more

  • Great day

    5/14/2016 8:35:44 AM, by MYERSKYM

    With my family all weekend and love it I always have fun with them. Going rummage sailing and going to buy stuff i really do not need but still f... Read more

  • This is the day God has made

    5/13/2016 11:04:28 AM, by MYERSKYM

    This day is a new day and i have been blessed to wake up to enjoy his creation. I will do my best to make him proud. I am going to eat cleaner an... Read more

  • A great day

    5/12/2016 7:34:31 PM, by MYERSKYM

    I just feel down in the dumps. Yesterday was sneaking bad food and just eating everything. But today is a better day I still have 30 lbs to loss ... Read more

  • Better days

    5/11/2016 6:36:18 PM, by MYERSKYM

    Went to the doctor today and he told me that my tendons and ligaments in my ankle are just irritated and no sprain. I need to ice it and take my ... Read more

  • Ouch

    5/10/2016 7:09:42 PM, by MYERSKYM

    Hurt my ankle again running this will be the third time in three years. I have an appt tomorrow to sew my doctor I hope I do not have to where th... Read more

  • Ramblings

    5/10/2016 3:34:00 PM, by FOUNDER3

    I see that I haven't written a blog since August. I have been quite disheartened with regaining most of my weight, and not wanting to change my ... Read more

  • I'm back!

    5/4/2016 5:11:48 PM, by AL9MC2

    After quite a LOOOOONNNNGGGG hiatus - I'm back!!!! It probably seems like I dropped off the earth, but I've still been here! Got a different jo... Read more

  • Disaster

    5/1/2016 11:27:02 AM, by ALMOSTAMEDIC

    Yesterday was a disaster! I went over by 700 calories! Started with a quick trip through chick fil a. Baseball game with cracker jacks then one t... Read more


    4/22/2016 10:06:41 PM, by TKOLES

    SO HAPPY TO SAY I VE LAST 34 LBS SENCE 2/21/16 SO HAP... Read more


    3/31/2016 11:51:47 AM, by OUTLAWWOMEN613


  • Getting back on track

    3/19/2016 12:53:22 AM, by EWULFF9

    I'm ready! Spring is here and although it's going to be cold here in Ohio this weekend, I have plenty of spring cleaning to do. A complete ove... Read more


    3/14/2016 8:53:16 PM, by OUTLAWWOMEN613


  • Starting

    3/8/2016 7:37:56 PM, by TLONG19

    Yesterday I decided I wanted to do something about my weight instead of just complaining about how fat I was ...I came acrossed the Military die... Read more

  • My health journey

    3/3/2016 1:30:44 PM, by DAVINAGRANT

    Weight loss... Read more

  • Active Day

    3/2/2016 6:06:16 PM, by PURRLGIRL

    Cold and a little icy...I had my day off today, so I got on my treadmill and walked a whole mile and actually got up to 3mph. This doesn't sound ... Read more

  • Slow starter

    3/1/2016 4:10:30 AM, by RAINEY90210

    Week two. I act like I m still in the planning and p... Read more

  • Disappointed...

    2/29/2016 8:28:07 AM, by JMAC7194

    So since it is February and all footlong subs are $6 I've been eating tons of subs... Big mistake... Before using spark I never knew how many cal... Read more

  • Weight fluctuation

    2/29/2016 3:46:49 AM, by RAINEY90210

    This has been a problem for me with every program I have been on. Yesterday I weighed in at 204. Then today on my official weigh in day I weigh... Read more

  • Drinking water

    2/27/2016 12:59:30 PM, by RAINEY90210

    Getting the hang of it . On cup number six and the day is only half over. In my non program life, I wait until I leave work to drink it. Some ... Read more

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