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  • Stressing About What's "Best"...

    8/8/2014 9:59:09 AM, by BLONDY01

    Obviously I'm not a big blogger, but I hope putting this down will help me figure how to deal. I've kinda hit a wall for weight loss... I feel he... Read more

  • Self Hate

    8/5/2014 9:25:52 AM, by KARRIMARIE

    I posted this last night on my personal weightloss blog - I'll post the link below if you'd like to check out other posts. Self hate. Why d... Read more

  • Depressed

    7/18/2014 11:55:40 PM, by FOUNDER3

    I am pretty depressed right now. Have had an infection in my body, and I don't think that is helping. Have not been able to decide ... Read more

  • One more thing right

    7/11/2014 9:18:42 PM, by FOUNDER3

    I am sitting here knowing that I have done something else right. Now, I just have to realize what it is. Because I am having such a hard ti... Read more

  • One thing right

    7/10/2014 1:55:09 PM, by FOUNDER3

    I am having a really hard time with food. I am eating too much. But, as I was doing my daily goals, I recognized that I was almost never ... Read more

  • More time in the day

    7/4/2014 9:57:19 PM, by AMCCURDY1

    Im sure I could carve more time if I would get up a little earlier each day and if I would put my phone away thru the evening hours. My phone def... Read more

  • An extra hr a day

    7/4/2014 9:54:53 PM, by AMCCURDY1

    If I had an extra hr a day I would like to use it to plan some healthy meals incl grocery lists. I often have good intentions and find the recipe... Read more

  • Every step counts!

    6/28/2014 9:51:16 AM, by SUNNYFUNNYSARAH

    I swear this is going to be my new motto! A lot of steps are baby steps. But what we don't always realize is that each step means that we're... Read more

  • Feeling DETERMINED!

    6/27/2014 11:55:13 PM, by SUNNYFUNNYSARAH

    Just shared my story a bit with a friend. She asked me why I started on this journey. What made me start doing this process again. It's a hard st... Read more

  • Results

    6/27/2014 9:25:49 AM, by KARRIMARIE

    I got a call on Wednesday evening about the results of the lab work. Not necessarily horrible news but definitely news. So my thyroid, kidneys, a... Read more

  • A great exercise day, actually a great exercise week

    6/26/2014 9:33:18 PM, by FOUNDER3

    I have no commitments this week, and I am so enjoying that. I know that when I exercise regularly, that I eat better, think better, feel be... Read more

  • An off day...

    6/25/2014 8:08:00 PM, by SUNNYFUNNYSARAH

    So today has been an off day. I ate right, I worked out, but I still feel off. It's one of those things that I can't quite put my finger on, but ... Read more

  • Doctor, doctor tell me the news....

    6/22/2014 10:40:00 AM, by KARRIMARIE

    So I went to the doctor on Thursday. For most people this probably isn't a big deal but I have just recently got insurance so this was the first ... Read more


    6/21/2014 10:16:23 PM, by FOUNDER3

    Went to a party for those of us who volunteer at the Community Theater I have been with for over 20 years. Each year, they honor those of us... Read more

  • Feeling pretty good

    6/18/2014 5:35:17 PM, by FOUNDER3

    I have been working to get back to basics, replacing negative messages with positive ones, forgiving myself for the "mistakes" I have made, and l... Read more

  • The Great Clothing Rejection

    6/17/2014 9:06:10 AM, by KARRIMARIE

    A few years ago when I initially lost nearly 100 pounds I recall “the moment.” Those that are familiar with trying to lose weight pretty mu... Read more

  • CSA Week 1, and the complete derailing of my plans

    6/15/2014 2:16:55 AM, by RHIANNONTHEWOLF

    Plans, I had so many plans for this year, and then the outage at work lasted 100 days. Some really good things happened in those 100 days though... Read more

  • Figuring it out

    6/14/2014 3:32:26 PM, by FOUNDER3

    Last night, I was going through my yearbooks from junior high and high school. We are planning a reunion, and I was trying to brush up on pictur... Read more

  • I've (kind of) fallen off track...

    6/10/2014 10:40:48 AM, by KIKI_LALA

    It's crazy how easy you can fall off track. It really takes no effort at all to fall into that slump. When I first started T25, I was so gung-h... Read more

  • Rock Bottom

    6/8/2014 11:31:12 AM, by KARRIMARIE

    Rock Bottom (noun): the very lowest level. I've been a hot mess the last couple weeks but for some reason yesterday appears to have been my ... Read more

  • Day 7

    6/7/2014 4:40:03 PM, by FOUNDER3

    I have lost about 4 pounds this week, but that is not the real progress. The real goal of all of this Nutrisystem food was for me to get back to... Read more

  • DAY 3

    6/3/2014 10:16:11 PM, by FOUNDER3

    Had a good day with all 4 kids today. Took a walk, moved around a lot. The weather was great and we spent a lot of time out in it. They wanted... Read more

  • New Day

    6/1/2014 7:00:07 PM, by FOUNDER3

    I have been having so much trouble getting back on the "making good choices" wagon, that I decided to do the Nutristytem for a bit. Today, I... Read more

  • It's Time

    5/27/2014 5:36:13 PM, by KARRIMARIE

    So it’s been a little bit since my last post, I apologize. It got really chaotic with the conference/internship – all of which was incredible. I’... Read more

  • Tracking and learning (about a lot of things)

    5/9/2014 9:39:32 AM, by JOLENE662

    Good morning, Gentle SparkReaders! It is windy and overcast in Toledo this morning; rain and thunderstorms are predicted for this afternoon and ... Read more

  • Omm… Venting session…

    5/6/2014 10:50:49 AM, by SAEABRYONY

    I am soo sorry for the following vent… I had to get it off my chest or I would explode. My blood pressure is raised so much because of the c... Read more

  • Cinco De Mayo...

    5/5/2014 10:41:18 AM, by SAEABRYONY

    I have super busy weekends lately in which absolutely no house work seems to get done. I know I can do it during the week, but then I always seem... Read more

  • Pretty good day

    5/3/2014 10:37:37 PM, by FOUNDER3

    Slept quite well last night. I guess the adjustments I made to my C Pap mask really did help. None of that "I am almost asleep, not quite awake"... Read more

  • Lazy Day

    5/2/2014 9:54:26 PM, by FOUNDER3

    I have not been sleeping well for the last week or so. Consequently, I am sleeping in late, and not having too much energy. Hoping to rectify t... Read more

  • It's Gonna Be May...

    5/1/2014 11:46:11 AM, by SAEABRYONY

    So some of you may know, and most of you will not, I am still a HUGE NSYNC fan. I know I know, I’m going to be 32, I should grow up right? Why? G... Read more

  • Starting over, again

    5/1/2014 9:16:49 AM, by JOLENE662

    So I see in 2011 that I reported falling off the wagon and crawling back up, Gentle SparkReaders. Couldn't tell you how long I stayed on that ti... Read more

  • Sad Day

    4/30/2014 7:42:59 PM, by FOUNDER3

    Kind of blue today. Have had an issue with a really good friend, and it is not resolved as of yet. I am working on being patient, but it is... Read more

  • More water... and ice queens?

    4/30/2014 11:46:26 AM, by SAEABRYONY

    So I have decided that I am mostly giving up soda. I’m going to be realistic and not say that I’m giving it up completely, but instead I’ll use i... Read more

  • Memories

    4/29/2014 11:59:04 PM, by FOUNDER3

    Had a tough time sleeping last night. Going through the ideas to work on with my therapist got me upset and emotional. Finally got to sleep... Read more

  • Onward

    4/28/2014 11:16:57 PM, by FOUNDER3

    Went to see my psychologist today. We had a good session, and have identified things we are to work on, and things I am to work on. Time to get... Read more

  • I feel so old...

    4/28/2014 9:43:39 AM, by SAEABRYONY

    13 years ago yesterday, I got a call from my brother saying that my sister Rachel was in labor. Now the funny thing was, Rachel was not the one t... Read more

  • Social Time

    4/25/2014 11:56:34 PM, by FOUNDER3

    I am having a very lovely weekend. Today had lunch with old friends who are also retired from where I retired from, and we had a great visit. ... Read more

  • Thank You... and Uh Oh...

    4/25/2014 10:27:53 AM, by SAEABRYONY

    Just a quick thank you for the words of encouragement on my last blog, and the sympathy about my furry baby. I really appreciate it. So yes... Read more

  • Day 3 of being reasonable

    4/23/2014 8:29:45 PM, by FOUNDER3

    I decided that my first change in going back to basics would be to eat only if I am hungry. Trying to be reasonable, and tracking my food, b... Read more

  • Third official times a charm?...

    4/23/2014 11:53:40 AM, by SAEABRYONY

    So here I am again… starting over. This happens every year, and every year I say this is going to be the time that I actually keep my motivation.... Read more

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