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  • Hello again I live amoung

    10/13/2014 1:57:42 AM, by MYAKAYAH

    the living since I am writing this blog. Last week my sister let us know she is moving from California to Colorado. Her & her husband have friend... Read more

  • Progress. Sort of.

    10/11/2014 5:16:04 PM, by FOUTZIOUS

    It's Saturday! And we all know why Saturdays are awesome. I get to sleep in... and I get to relax when I eat. I have never appreciated this more,... Read more

  • The Better Wows

    10/10/2014 11:38:26 AM, by MCJOYFUL

    Right now I'm reading "The Shift: How I Finally Lost Weight and Discovered A Happier Life" by Tory Johnson, a Good Morning America contributor. ... Read more

  • A Visual Reward

    10/9/2014 9:33:37 PM, by MCJOYFUL

    Since yesterday's blog was a bit long, I will keep today's nice and short. I like to have a visual measure of my progress on m... Read more

  • Update!

    10/9/2014 9:21:50 AM, by BLACK-PRINCESS

    My job has been going good. I don't know y I don't have x 2 exercise. I work from 7:30 -4:30, then I come home 2 make dinner, house cleaning, dis... Read more

  • Still sick

    10/9/2014 3:50:31 AM, by FOUTZIOUS

    I am still sick. For a few days I was actually getting better. Little by little, feeling like a normal person. I never regained my energy but I c... Read more

  • Lessons from a Canoe Marathon

    10/8/2014 9:46:14 PM, by MCJOYFUL

    Several years ago a nearby city hosted itís 1st Annual Paddlefest which included a 16 mile canoe marathon and a significantly shorter fun race. ... Read more

  • Busy day or what?

    10/8/2014 8:15:37 PM, by MYAKAYAH

    I was up at 7am basically because my Dad woke me, he was freaking out about the change in the trash schedule this week going from Wednesday to Th... Read more

  • For Women Only: The Weight Loss Solution On-Line Summit

    10/8/2014 3:39:29 PM, by _RAMONA

    istration/ GREAT video, and registr... Read more

  • On children, thoughts from others~

    10/7/2014 11:39:50 PM, by MYAKAYAH

    Kahlil Gibran's take, or perspective, on the parent child relationship. Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daug... Read more

  • Keeping up with the Noreens

    10/7/2014 9:35:29 PM, by FUNNYGIRLJESS

    I have been feeling guilty lately. I cancel commitments because of life's woes. I really do not like myself when I cancel, but it's inevitable an... Read more

  • Backslide

    10/7/2014 12:22:30 PM, by SCHADWE

    The weather is changing. Before we know it the Holidays will be upon us and my summer weight loss plans seem to have flown right ou... Read more

  • Monday night~

    10/7/2014 1:01:00 AM, by MYAKAYAH

    Today was the first day in forever I went over my calories. My high end is 2010 and I made round 2100 so my grazing strategy (which wasn't really... Read more

  • Thoughts on motivation

    10/6/2014 7:08:14 PM, by FOUTZIOUS

    For the first time in my life I have something to be truly motivated about. You see, I actually don't care that much about being overweight, at l... Read more

  • I was tired today~

    10/5/2014 12:06:05 AM, by MYAKAYAH

    went to sleep round 6am, was up at 10am because my stomach said eat something! So I did this and took care of the recycle and trash. Went back to... Read more

  • Grumble grumble

    10/4/2014 5:58:13 PM, by FOUTZIOUS

    I'm just going to admit it... this was not a great week. Parts of it were quite bad. Now, people that know me, know that unsolicited advice... Read more

  • I'm worn out with baseball

    10/3/2014 11:07:25 PM, by MYAKAYAH

    all 4 playoff games today and the Angels are going at it now. Baltimore, The Giants, Cardinals have won already. I'm watching Blue Bloods at 10p... Read more

  • No More Taking Him For Granted

    10/3/2014 8:53:46 AM, by BEAUTICIAN28

    Well I have done pretty good with adding at least one more fruit each day. It's a start right? But now I'm focusing on another aspect of ... Read more

  • another shorty

    10/3/2014 1:28:00 AM, by MYAKAYAH

    I'm feeling a little better and not so hot, hooray. I did a ton of work tonight so I'm a bit tired, may just sleep overnight and work in the day ... Read more

  • You Can Be Accountable and Still Be Optimistic

    10/2/2014 10:33:50 PM, by MCJOYFUL

    Today there was an article on SparkPeople on optimism. Here's the link for it: www.sparkpeople.com/reso
    urce/wellness_articles.a... Read more

  • A shorty~

    10/1/2014 11:46:13 PM, by MYAKAYAH

    Man to be comfortable I have to sit under a fan until this is over practically. It will be in a few days! High body temperature from the monthly ... Read more

  • October

    10/1/2014 2:28:37 PM, by FOUTZIOUS

    Very slowly feeling better. Not all the way better, just... better than last week, I guess. I do get to have a little fun this week, though.... Read more

  • OCTOBER 01

    10/1/2014 7:54:41 AM, by WINTERROZE

    * I am back from my time off ... Had a great VACATION w/ family * I am needing some extra support this month * I am needing friends to help m... Read more

  • Tuesday, observations!

    10/1/2014 12:14:58 AM, by MYAKAYAH

    My parents Nissan is in the shop and they have a loaner and its like a little roller skate of a car! I drove it earlier, not my thing but my brot... Read more

  • back on track

    9/30/2014 9:53:49 PM, by DELIA38961

    finally after months of being derailed bc of one reason or another , im happy to say im back on track the mind fog has finally clea... Read more

  • Sparked Friend

    9/30/2014 9:24:43 PM, by MCJOYFUL

    The past few days I've been struggling with some pretty negative feelings - things like feeling "less than", feeling inadequate and like a misfit... Read more

  • Getting Back on Track.

    9/29/2014 12:11:17 PM, by SIMPLYLANA

    So, I have had to take a Spark blog vacation due to things getting quite busy, and our new internet being more unreliable than I would have liked... Read more

  • Week 4

    9/28/2014 11:45:06 PM, by MYAKAYAH

    I don't like having week 4 in football starting the bye weeks. I mean Seattle, Denver, Arizona, Cincinnati off. I know the schedule makers couldn... Read more

  • Stranger in the Mirror

    9/28/2014 11:20:11 PM, by TALLGIRLX3

    You know what I like about being on Sparkpeople? I feel like I can be real and not like I'm being judged when I have something to say or post. Ma... Read more

  • Update!

    9/28/2014 7:29:32 PM, by BLACK-PRINCESS

    Well! I didn't get the other job, but I do clean my friends bar & her house on the wkend. I barely have x 2 clean my own house, but it gets do... Read more

  • Almost a week since I posted an entry, for shame!

    9/27/2014 12:24:48 PM, by MYAKAYAH

    Anyhow, it was fairly busy this last week with the car situation & its paid off now so no worries about that situation. My parents have outstandi... Read more

  • Backyard Camping

    9/27/2014 10:51:27 AM, by ERINLINDSAY83

    We wer... Read more

  • Autumn!!!

    9/26/2014 11:23:43 AM, by KILIKI

    I'm loving this Autumn weather and I hope all of you out in Sparkland are loving it as well! I want to thank everyone for their... Read more

  • Polyvore and UrbanOg

    9/25/2014 7:31:54 PM, by ERINLINDSAY83

    I love Polyvore....I spend hours every workday (I have a job where I do a lot of sitting around...lol,) making outfits on Polyvore. I do it becau... Read more

  • It's time for a change!

    9/25/2014 3:41:28 PM, by IAM_HIS

    This is something I need to remember. I have my PhD in criticizing me.... Read more

  • What Am I Putting First?

    9/25/2014 2:28:35 PM, by MCJOYFUL

    I have a confession.....I can be a bit obsessive at times, I think it's part of my perfectionism. When I decide to do something, it can easily ... Read more

  • The uphill climb

    9/25/2014 12:34:26 PM, by FOUTZIOUS

    I ate too much food yesterday. Not all at once, but over time. I can reasonably blame it on being sick. And not being able to track my food at al... Read more

  • Walk to End Alzheimer's 9-20-14

    9/22/2014 9:53:19 AM, by ERINLINDSAY83

    (Brother-in-law, Older Sis, Younger sis, Me, Husband, and my niece in the fr... Read more

  • A Lesson Learned

    9/21/2014 11:28:19 PM, by IAM_HIS

    ... Read more

  • Update!

    9/21/2014 11:54:19 AM, by BLACK-PRINCESS

    new job going great. I was contacted 2 work @ another job over the wkend. I'm not sure I'm going 2 do it .... Read more

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