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  • Halloween Pics!

    10/30/2017 6:36:24 PM, by ERINLINDSAY83

    Forrest Gump and Jenny Read more

  • congestion

    10/20/2017 5:45:47 AM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Everyone here has some form. I have and endless supply that leads to sneezing fits. Yesterday I cleaned windows in one room and pulled ... Read more

  • uptick

    10/18/2017 5:56:00 AM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    In my attitude on the scale this is not a test no pass or fail It's the daily rituals that fill the pail I feel optimistic... Read more

  • sick babe

    10/17/2017 5:57:30 AM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    I ended up sleeping in N's room last night. His cough and snobbly nose is terrible. Poor thing was having a horrible time staying asleep. But ... Read more

  • no sleep

    10/16/2017 5:52:18 AM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    A lot has fallen by the wayside since the school schedule started back up. Such as logging in meal planning I didn't even do my weekly g... Read more

  • Month 1 Updates

    10/11/2017 8:54:01 AM, by MIGHTYJULESTORM

    Tomorrow is my 1 month Sparkaversary but I couldn't handle the anticipation so I did my weigh in and measurements today. I'm pleased to report t... Read more

  • My, How Things Have Changed

    10/8/2017 2:10:39 PM, by MIGHTYJULESTORM

    With a 4 month old baby, it's a common occurrence for me to not get a good night's sleep but this weekend has been more challenging than most. N... Read more

  • I AM Enough

    10/5/2017 8:31:52 AM, by MIGHTYJULESTORM

    It's easy to forget in the day to day that I AM enough. Enough to get what I want, be what I want, do what I want. I, like everyone, get beat d... Read more

  • Book Review: Boundaries With Kids

    10/4/2017 8:20:12 PM, by ERINLINDSAY83

    "Boundaries with Kids" - Dr Cloud and Dr Townsend 5 out of 5 stars. I cannot say enough good things about this book. I wish EVERY PAREN... Read more

  • Well, I am back at the beginning again.

    9/26/2017 1:00:31 PM, by BUTERFLYMOMMA

    Wow, what can I say? I have gained and lost and gained and lost and gained and lost then gained some more. I had my 6th baby in November of 2015.... Read more

  • Book Review: Boundaries

    9/25/2017 12:37:44 PM, by ERINLINDSAY83

    "Boundaries" - Dr Henry Cloud and Dr John Towsnsend 3.5 out of 5 stars This was a decent book. It talks about how to set boundaries to ... Read more

  • still sparking

    9/25/2017 5:31:42 AM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Still here lurking the friend feed Opened up this tab more than once thoughts are so fleeting distractions are many 1 started qu... Read more

  • day 30

    9/20/2017 9:28:47 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    So this is the day to reflect Not addicted too caffeine, as much as the cream n sugar washing & c... Read more

  • Book Review: Love Dare

    9/20/2017 11:29:08 AM, by ERINLINDSAY83

    "Love Dare" - Stephen and Alex Kendrick 4 out of 5 stars This book is typically used to help revive an unhappy Christian marriage. It ... Read more

  • day 29

    9/19/2017 8:52:09 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Well, i survived. My stomach is still a bit iffy at times i have been getting better sleep. i am down to one pint of caffeinated beverage p... Read more

  • On track!

    9/19/2017 4:16:02 PM, by RKLISE

    I hit my exercise and water goals today. On my jog I r... Read more

  • slow Saturday

    9/16/2017 8:57:01 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Looked at grocery circular online. decided tomorrow has more deals walked in the woods looking for maple trees i don't think we have th... Read more

  • oh man

    9/13/2017 5:27:04 AM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    A drunk driver crashed into utility pole on our street last night (No one injured); goodbye login streak. . Yesterday al... Read more

  • Fall 5% 2017

    9/12/2017 10:53:33 AM, by URBANAUDREYE

    Let's do this again! I'm gonna be honest, I don't know how well this is going to go. Life is a bit hectic right now. But I need some motivation a... Read more

  • Monday

    9/11/2017 8:10:09 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Spent close to 3 hours in the yard with LO. Cut all... Read more

  • garden day

    9/10/2017 9:01:58 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Cleaned up two tomato beds and took out the dead daylily stalks. Added compost to empty beds. Up to late last night, and too early ... Read more

  • grocery and food prep

    9/9/2017 9:45:07 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Done fresh batch of ghee bone broth Been watching more videos on fermentation, bought some organic cane sugar . May just stary out wi... Read more

  • Yay the weekend!

    9/8/2017 9:09:16 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Whole 30 strong. Bus is the bus. Dinner was too paleo for dh, god forbid the meatloaf contain coconut flour. Digestive issue... Read more

  • coming together

    9/7/2017 10:12:10 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Whole 30 update No problems with cravings or hanger. major gi problems these past few days has wiped my appetite out. I learned about fod... Read more

  • blerg

    9/6/2017 9:01:50 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    sat down to write and LO is going ballistic, not sleeping. gotta run...catch you on flipside. peace out.... Read more

  • day 14?

    9/5/2017 10:19:20 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    1st day of school. feel like i got runned over by bus. excuse me if i make no sense i cant find my reading glasses ans t... Read more

  • whole30 d12

    9/3/2017 6:57:16 AM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    "Kill all the things" & the urge to nap just caught up at once, But everyone survived and all is OK, I remember this from the 1st who... Read more

  • whole30 d11

    9/1/2017 10:00:44 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Long walk with dh and lo. Spread fertilizer and lime on deer hunting meadow. Watched wood duckling videos with lo before bed. ... Read more

  • Zoo Pics!

    9/1/2017 3:30:00 PM, by ERINLINDSAY83

    Ellie waving to some monkeys ... Read more

  • Need to Vent!

    9/1/2017 10:44:39 AM, by ERINLINDSAY83

    First off.....thank you. I am so grateful to have a safe place to vent about things. I'm currently not in therapy, though I wish I was, lol. Spa... Read more

  • whole30 d10

    8/31/2017 7:02:36 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Just finished the dinner dishes and DH has LO outside, so I have a moment. I was able to go to sleep much easier than the 3 previous nights bec... Read more

  • whole30 d9

    8/30/2017 4:01:14 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    I just put down, "it starts with food" by the Hartwigs www.amazon.com/Starts-Fo
    cted/dp/1628600543 Read more

  • whole30 d8

    8/29/2017 8:57:42 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    spaghetti squash for the win! DH loves it LO Devoured it I think its alright! Yesterday I cooked leftover pot roast, carrot noodl... Read more

  • whole30 d7

    8/28/2017 10:36:02 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    So the strings were not that big of a deal after all, I just loosened them and straightened the two crossed strings so that they were no longer i... Read more

  • whole30 d6

    8/27/2017 11:10:26 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    What a long day. I am very proud to say that i was able to bake hamburger buns for family without sampling the goods. Today's roadtr... Read more

  • whole30 d5

    8/26/2017 11:00:16 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Dinner was much better, this evening. Everyone ate well. I can not clear out the non compliant foods so i have to refocus inward on why i ... Read more

  • w30 d4

    8/25/2017 10:36:40 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Dinner was a s@#t show. Sorry, but all the whole30 recipes i have used, my family absolutely abhors. so back to boring basics grilled meat,... Read more

  • Poor Emma

    8/25/2017 11:02:33 AM, by ERINLINDSAY83

    *sigh* I just need to vent. I'm not even sure where to start...it's pretty deep. Emma is my step-daughter. I've been in her life sinc... Read more

  • whole30 d3 2050

    8/24/2017 11:20:00 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Ugh, got sucked into another sparkpeople rabbithole, this is a problem. i know its bad for my sleep. but there are so many mental and emot... Read more

  • Whole30 d2 2051

    8/23/2017 9:35:07 PM, by POCKETFULOFSUN

    Haircut this morning, i decided at last minuted to go drastic and get a bob. I love it! Took LO to York Beach ME. after lunch. It was beaut... Read more

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