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  • Deez Ole Bunions

    7/29/2015 12:48:27 PM, by MELTNSUE

    ... Read more

  • Summer recap

    7/29/2015 1:15:10 AM, by IDNYCAGIRL

    As August begins I am wondering where did all my motiva... Read more

  • 100%

    7/28/2015 11:38:50 AM, by JPTOWNSEND

    Yup. I do give 100% during my workouts. Tho on any given day that may be a bit more or less depending on what I have in the tank.... Read more

  • A lot has happened

    7/27/2015 12:50:09 PM, by TECH1960PS

    Its nice to be back on sparkpeople. The biggest piece of news is that I have gotten married! and am in the process of moving. My life is go... Read more

  • Ugggggh......

    7/27/2015 8:22:53 AM, by PURPLEBRAIDS

    It's funny how small things can have a huge impact on your day. My allergies are acting up which is causing me to have a sore throat. When your t... Read more

  • how to make this journey more fun and exciting

    7/26/2015 12:58:56 PM, by JPTOWNSEND

    changes in habits and outlooks - try a new exercise each week - like a new SP video, a new class, a new hiking route. - go plein air painti... Read more

  • Want to find something cardio outside besides hiking

    7/24/2015 10:44:47 AM, by JPTOWNSEND

    I want to do something outdoors to increase intensity without increasing impact. It is so beautiful outdoors and I don't want to go inside to the... Read more

  • Slow and steady wins the race

    7/24/2015 6:04:25 AM, by MUSLIMAH555

    FINALY! got on the treadmill!! did 10 mins at first and then said go on lets do another 10. A trip to the shops at 11am I am on 5000 steps. Those... Read more

  • 3 good things

    7/22/2015 10:44:16 AM, by JPTOWNSEND

    1. I so enjoyed the weather. Best summer ever. Hiking, walking, flowers, air smells so good. Life feels abundant and wonderful. 2. Received se... Read more

  • Water, water everywhere!

    7/22/2015 8:22:48 AM, by PURPLEBRAIDS

    Hey Sparkpeeps! We are getting into those dog days of summer. Getting the daily recommended amount of water has always been difficult for me... Read more

  • Day 1 kind of

    7/22/2015 5:09:49 AM, by MUSLIMAH555

    The new lifestyle. Craved egg n toast but avin fruit an app called habit bull and will spin the wheel daily and do raw till 12 for no... Read more

  • Exercise

    7/21/2015 10:58:36 AM, by JPTOWNSEND

    I'm good at weight training and I enjoy it. But it's getting harder to get my heart rate up doing my hikes, and I hate cardio machines, especiall... Read more

  • Days 17-20

    7/21/2015 9:46:05 AM, by EMMIE106

    My water intake is fine - no problem with that. Saturday a.m. I woke up to a problem with my knee- not sure if it was the new sneakers I wore F... Read more

  • What a journey.

    7/21/2015 9:23:20 AM, by MUSLIMAH555

    It has taken a while to reach this page and this link to enter a new blog entry. I remember all those years ago when we didn't have wifi and the ... Read more

  • Really good

    7/20/2015 1:40:37 PM, by JPTOWNSEND

    For exercise I'm really good at planning. I could use done help sticking to the plan.... Read more

  • A New Week

    7/19/2015 12:10:02 PM, by FITMAMA_

    So this past week wasn't great. Ok... so it wasn't that good either. I had to work 3 overnights in a row which totally screws me up. I have li... Read more

  • Days 14,15 &16

    7/17/2015 1:08:39 PM, by EMMIE106

    I took Wednesday as my rest day. Thursday when I got to work there was no one to open the office, so I though I'd just walk around the building ... Read more

  • "Public" blogs vs. "private" blogs

    7/17/2015 10:09:10 AM, by FISHPOND7

    I have been mainly blogging to myself, writing down my meal descriptions and exercise in the "notes" at the bottom of the food tracker on SP. It... Read more

  • Now blogging on the "notes" section of the food tracker.

    7/16/2015 7:25:27 PM, by FISHPOND7

    It is just easier for me to write my thoughts to myself there, rather than doing an official blog.... Read more

  • Do you make excuses?

    7/15/2015 9:16:36 PM, by EVOLUTIONFITNY

    Are you constantly finding yourself saying “I’m t... Read more

  • The Dress and the Donation Pile

    7/14/2015 1:37:31 PM, by NJOYNOW

    Last night I got together with two grade school pals - women that I've known for a long time, yet don't see very often. Like years in between vis... Read more

  • Days 10-13

    7/14/2015 11:00:57 AM, by EMMIE106

    Time got awa y from me the past few days but I'm doing well. Friday- Zumba class 45 minutes Saturday - Body Pump 60 minutes Sunday- Zumba ... Read more

  • moderation

    7/13/2015 1:06:35 PM, by JPTOWNSEND

    I think that reading may need moderation. I spend all morning reading and tracking. I think I could do with a little more action and a little les... Read more

  • Detox week

    7/12/2015 9:00:13 PM, by FISHPOND7

    I have just started with a new doctor--one whose staff answers the phone, and whose nurse you can get to know. A doctor who has time for you. S... Read more

  • The Fight to get Stronger

    7/12/2015 12:01:20 PM, by FITMAMA_

    My body started rebelling again about 3 years ago. It was like a reminder to me that just because I became healthy and was feeling good, that do... Read more

  • Days 8 & 9

    7/10/2015 5:30:24 PM, by EMMIE106

    I didn't do my best on Thursday - I walked 12 minutes before work, about 6-7 minutes at lunch, and danced to some silly show on TV when I got h... Read more

  • Ways around those excuses

    7/9/2015 6:58:27 AM, by EVOLUTIONFITNY

    We are all guilty of the never ending list of excus... Read more

  • Day 7

    7/8/2015 8:35:23 AM, by EMMIE106

    Walked the railway bridge with friends today, beautiful scenery and there was a nice breeze once we were over the Hidson. Got the water in too.... Read more

  • Tired of Starting Over?

    7/7/2015 9:02:25 PM, by EVOLUTIONFITNY

    Have you been on and off the wagon so many times yo... Read more

  • Days 5 & 6

    7/6/2015 5:56:24 PM, by EMMIE106

    Yesterday was a busy one - went to Zumba class in a.m., then food shopping, then prepared for family barbecue, then we all went to the pool for a... Read more

  • Don't Quit

    7/6/2015 1:48:26 PM, by MCHAN0514

    I was browsing motivational images and I found one that said Don't Quit. What was cool was the "n't Qu" were faded out leaving the phrase "Do It"... Read more

  • Biggest Supporter

    7/6/2015 11:10:30 AM, by JPTOWNSEND

    La la. Ever encouraging and affirming. Means a lot to me.... Read more

  • The Battle!!

    7/6/2015 9:13:11 AM, by RISSA_INDIA

    Its been a long time and for some reason it seems like its been a long big battle on and off again. I have been fighting hoping to get to where i... Read more

  • Days 3 & 4

    7/4/2015 4:29:40 PM, by EMMIE106

    No problem yesterday - I did a Zumba class at the gym x 45 minutes, and had my 8 glasses of water in before noon! Also got to have dinner with ... Read more

  • Day 2

    7/2/2015 6:26:17 PM, by EMMIE106

    Good day - I walked before work in the parking lot, and did a quick Zumba DVD when I got home, even though I was tired and hot and cranky! Dran... Read more

  • July goals

    7/1/2015 11:14:55 AM, by EMMIE106

    I've been slacking lately and I don't like it so time for a reminder to myself of my goals. For July: Drink water Get 30 minutes of activit... Read more

  • Grateful

    6/30/2015 12:22:16 PM, by JPTOWNSEND

    I am grateful for my friend LaDonna because she's so supportive and motivates me.... Read more

  • Biggest Diet Saboteur was me

    6/29/2015 12:15:20 PM, by JPTOWNSEND

    Thinking about it, I realize that I am blessed to be with people who support me in my weight loss goals. Really support me. I have to say, I am m... Read more

  • I'm making plates

    6/28/2015 1:07:14 PM, by JPTOWNSEND

    Goal for this week: throw and trim 12 dinner plates.... Read more

  • If I had an extra hour

    6/26/2015 1:14:06 PM, by JPTOWNSEND

    If I had an extra hour I would lay on the deck with the flowers and soak in the peace and beauty.... Read more

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