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  • Taking a little break

    9/17/2014 8:47:31 PM, by TERRY0217

    I just wanted to let my dear friends know, that, I'll be taking a break from Spark for awhile...I just feel overwhelmed by life right now... My... Read more

  • water aerobics class

    9/17/2014 7:18:19 PM, by LUNORZAHRA

    Finally went to my first water aerobics class. Really it was (almost) accidental. Here's what happened.... I swim at a local private pool and the... Read more

  • Joyful in the Journey

    9/17/2014 12:18:13 PM, by CAT-IN-CJ

    It's been two weeks since I began an 'official' Spark break. And I'm prou... Read more

  • 365promises.com

    9/17/2014 10:24:55 AM, by SUNSETBREEZE05

    Psalm 68:19 WEB Blessed be the Lord, who daily bears our burdens, even the God who is our salvation. Selah. Promise #260: I carry your ... Read more

  • Good-bye Summer!

    9/17/2014 5:34:33 AM, by JSTETSER

    1. Good bye summer, we had lots of fun It's hard to believe that you're almost done Hiking in mountains and swimming at the beach- But now ... Read more

  • Eating at night

    9/17/2014 12:58:13 AM, by BADGUIDO

    Really need to control my eating at night. I am definitely going to try some of the tips that people have posted, like preparing food in advance... Read more

  • Read a random blog . . . make a new friend and influence someone else

    9/17/2014 12:15:31 AM, by KPETSCHE

    A bit of a reflection back on a previous blog. I've added a link to it, if you are so moved to read it also: www.sparkpeople.com/mypaRead more

  • It's A Lie!!!!!!! (Sweet Memories)

    9/17/2014 12:00:17 AM, by M-BRUNER

    So everyone tells me that when you don't eat a lot of sugar and sweets, things containing sugar taste way too sweet and so rich that you can't st... Read more

  • Birthday Bash

    9/16/2014 10:56:38 PM, by REDDOTFLYER

    I officially qualify for senior discounts now! I decided to celebrate my birthday milestone with a Birthday Bash. I was up at 3:30 am so I could ... Read more

  • 365promises.com

    9/16/2014 8:26:13 PM, by SUNSETBREEZE05

    Deuteronomy 33:27 (WEB) The eternal God is your dwelling place. Underneath are the everlasting arms. He thrust out the enemy from before you... Read more

  • Tuesday Goal Review

    9/16/2014 7:20:24 PM, by BARBANNA

    I keep having daily headaches so I seeing my doctor tomorrow. They start mild and get worse as the day advances. I get nauseus with them and th... Read more

  • 100 days of tracking!

    9/16/2014 5:40:03 PM, by LWILKINS60

    This is a nice streak! Today I achieved 100 days of tracking. I also finished P90X3 on Sunday, and have lost a nice round 20 pounds! Can't... Read more

  • New Gyms!

    9/16/2014 3:18:43 PM, by GRANDMABABA

    I get a bit claustrophobic and lonely in our little condo gym so we finally joined one that includes all the county facilities. The one closest ... Read more

  • Fall weather

    9/16/2014 3:11:30 PM, by WENDYSPARKS

    Hi Spark friends, I can feel the cool weather today....but it feels nice....I am looking forward to pumpkin season.....see you here sparking! Read more

  • Week Four

    9/16/2014 1:41:01 PM, by GIGI1208

    The goal this week is to stay on track with a lifestyle change. I now watch what goes into my body. I have been staying away from a lot of proces... Read more

  • My goofy guy

    9/16/2014 12:53:24 PM, by MSLZZY

    DH has some work done on his teeth about a month ago. The dentist told him to expect some sensitivity. He went back 10 days later and the den... Read more

  • Shift Workers

    9/16/2014 11:51:53 AM, by OLD-NACL

    When I started the shifts OCT 2007 I would bring in left overs, frozen pot p... Read more

  • PT Starts Today

    9/16/2014 7:59:40 AM, by RYDERSAUNT14

    This morning, I start physical therapy. The last few days have been very sad for me because I miss my little girl. They were going to come yest... Read more

  • Encouraging

    9/16/2014 7:11:06 AM, by JSTETSER

    I am thankful for the beauty in my life. I am going to make a point of enco... Read more

  • Mondays just fly by

    9/15/2014 11:27:56 PM, by MSLZZY

    I was trying to get done with DS's home insurance quote as today was closing day but the pager went off and we went to pick up an elderly wom... Read more

  • better day

    9/15/2014 11:18:23 PM, by ILOVEJIM851991

    Well today I enjoyed my day staying healthy and at home... Read more

  • better day

    9/15/2014 11:18:23 PM, by ILOVEJIM851991

    Well today I enjoyed my day staying healthy and at home... Read more

  • Singin in the rain...

    9/15/2014 10:53:06 PM, by RLKARMAN

    I mean raking in the rain... Left work this evening on my motorcycle under a big dark cloud. I hurried to Trader Joe's to pick up coffee and... Read more

  • Excel at being YOUR best

    9/15/2014 10:12:19 PM, by KPETSCHE

    I got in 2 walks today - one at work and another tonight before it got dark. It wasn't a lot and I knew I didn't even have to get the 2nd walk ... Read more

  • Flippin' it!

    9/15/2014 8:28:22 PM, by KLONG8

    Is it agreed that we can be our own worst enemy? That sometimes we get VERY down on ourselves and do some damage, emotional and physical to ours... Read more

  • Tough Monday

    9/15/2014 3:55:58 PM, by SKOOTEILENE

    I'm having a very difficult day. I made sure I got to the gym and did my workout just because it is such a difficult day. I had breakfast with m... Read more

  • September 15th

    9/15/2014 3:17:09 PM, by TURTLE-135

    I started April 27, 2014 with the goal of reaching 139 lbs by September 14th. Today is September 15th and I'm at 145.6 lbs. So while I didn't r... Read more

  • Yoga In The Morning

    9/15/2014 12:19:04 PM, by KLONG8

    I don't think there's a better way to start the day. At least not for me today. There's nothing like yoga to help me center, loosen up, sit up ... Read more

  • When given the choice, don't choose like Lot

    9/15/2014 12:01:36 PM, by CLAIREMZM

    This morning as I was reading and praying Genesis 13, God reminded me not to choose like Lot. Abram and Lot had been traveling together, and both... Read more

  • Time to Clean, Organize and Straighten the Garage ! !

    9/15/2014 11:30:46 AM, by VDALE4

    Last week I began working in our Garage. A large job. Accumulations of items there is almost overwhelming. I really do hate clutter and so does m... Read more

  • 365promises.com

    9/15/2014 10:26:03 AM, by SUNSETBREEZE05

    2 Thessalonians 3:3 (WEB) But the Lord is faithful, who will establish you, and guard you from the evil one. Promise #258: I will be fa... Read more

  • Richmond, Va. Out of The Darkness Community Walk 2014

    9/15/2014 7:50:20 AM, by CVRONEK

    Saturday, Sept. 13th 2014, saw cooler temperatures and clouds, with the tease of rain in the air. This was my families first time, at this w... Read more

  • Morning beauty

    9/15/2014 6:54:29 AM, by JSTETSER

    Every morning I take at least 1 minute to enjoy my ride to work. Even on a busy day, it helps me to stay grounded. Read more

  • Cool and clear Sunday

    9/14/2014 10:36:08 PM, by MSLZZY

    The weather was plenty cool this morning. I was surprised to notice that the furnace was running in church but it is a fairly tall room so I ... Read more

  • Fall Swing Quest 2014

    9/14/2014 10:27:50 PM, by REDDOTFLYER

    Today was a big fitness day for me. I completed my Fall Swing Quest in 92 minutes using a 26 lb kettlebell. This is from Tracy Reifkind's trainin... Read more

  • Eating out of boredom

    9/14/2014 7:14:43 PM, by TRYHARDER2014

    I really blew it today. For some reason (I don't know what unless it is boredom) I have wanted to eat things I shouldn't. This feelin... Read more

  • Hello Mrs. Crabby-pants

    9/14/2014 4:51:41 PM, by NBARNES

    Yup, Mrs. Crabby-pants, that's me today. Not sure what's going on but I'm really not a pleasant person today. And I REALLY don't want to be ... Read more

  • SUNDAY CHECK IN - getting ready to begin 12 exercise week program

    9/14/2014 4:02:01 PM, by BRENDABRE

    I haven't been on Sparks for awhile. I just reread my posts and see what happened. I left to visit my parents on 19 June. My last post was 18 Jun... Read more

  • Mowing the Lawn...

    9/14/2014 3:43:46 PM, by JSTETSER

    I am thankful today for a wonderful husband who mows the lawn for me all the time. Today was my first time mowing in about 5 years. I forgo... Read more

  • Marle´s Melody

    9/14/2014 1:48:21 PM, by WENDYANNE61

    This morning there was a lovely breeze blowing here in North Kurdistan and I lay in the hammock, working on a short story that has been percolati... Read more

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