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  • This week

    6/25/2016 8:02:33 AM, by STACYDICK1981

    I am so excited this week I have logged 20 active miles of walking!!!! This makes me so proud of myself. And today is a much needed rest day. I a... Read more

  • Weight refuses to budge despite excercise!!!

    6/25/2016 6:31:16 AM, by MMELEDY82

    I've been excercising like crazy for 8 days. My weight isn't budging. I'm eating 1,400 a day except one day I ate a little over 1,200 calories. I... Read more

  • Ankle not keeping me down

    6/25/2016 6:15:12 AM, by JULMATT

    My sore ankle kept me from the gym all week, but it did not stop me from doing small amounts of exercise. I used my Leslie Sansone videos managin... Read more

  • Almost got in late thanks to a temp job

    6/24/2016 11:48:26 PM, by MISTYULLEN13

    I love this temp job, just wish I could handle standing for long periods of time or have a chair or stool (which isn't feasible there). I did ge... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    Victory Dance! :)

    6/24/2016 11:36:51 PM, by DREAMS_2_REAL

    A video telling you of my victory this week with a fun question!... Read more

  • Saturday

    6/24/2016 11:20:34 PM, by CHIBIKARATE

    Have avery blessed day and enjoy living having a very tough week hugs... Read more

  • Great day

    6/24/2016 9:56:38 PM, by CWAYMAN01

    Woke up had great breakfast then went to gym in after... Read more

  • Cravings

    6/24/2016 9:45:22 PM, by SPEENORT

    Have you ever had a great day - well within your nutrition ranges, 30 minutes of exercise - to just be slapped across the face by late night crav... Read more

  • 1 week

    6/24/2016 9:19:43 PM, by MEG789

    I have been injured for 1 week. I am still waiting to see what I did to my knee and getting test. Eating right has been very hard since it hurts ... Read more

  • I'm new to all this

    6/24/2016 7:36:23 PM, by KRYSTALWATERFAL

    I've never. Done this exercising blog thing before but if I'm going to reach my goals I need some sort of support group I recently went to the do... Read more

  • CHEAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😁

    6/24/2016 7:14:19 PM, by SWATKILL1985

    Brats and chips. Hot off the grill.... Read more

  • Avoided Binge, Ate Oatmeal

    6/24/2016 6:55:23 PM, by CARDINALCANDY

    I looked at my calories over time report, and I haven't had a binge in 20 days tomorrow! It wasn't that long ago that I was bingein... Read more

  • Big girl pants :o)

    6/24/2016 2:54:10 PM, by TODAYIAM

    So this week has been very stressful and just plain hard! On Tuesday I was hit by someone who ran a stop sign. My airbags went off and I think th... Read more

  • Exciting day on the water

    6/24/2016 2:39:44 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    I went kayaking with my brother, Jeremy, this morning on Lake Erie. Early start. We got on the water by 7:15am. We launched from Wright Park B... Read more

  • Fabulous Friday...

    6/24/2016 2:30:48 PM, by EMSGIRL28

    I was slightly disappointed this morning when the scale hadn't evened out to my most recent lowest low from about a month ago.....but that's ok! ... Read more

  • I think I can I think I can

    6/24/2016 2:15:12 PM, by JLYNN447

    So I started my journey a week ago down 4 pounds! Shoc... Read more

  • Day 10 Sculpted Arms

    6/24/2016 1:28:55 PM, by XOIYASPARK

    So this is actually day 11 of the 30 Day Jump Start challenge. It was more arm exercises and they were a little rough. Can't do a proper tricep... Read more

  • I Believe I Can Fly!

    6/24/2016 1:06:18 PM, by AMYCHAMB03

    Why is it our minds tell us that we can't do something, when we really can? I know because I am guilty of this. I think I can't do it, and I do... Read more

  • Exercise

    6/24/2016 12:27:36 PM, by DSTOCKIGT

    Went for a great walk today... Read more

  • Yawns and writes today's blog

    6/24/2016 11:29:23 AM, by CAKEMAKERMOM

    There's not much to eat in the house at the moment, and the trip to the food shelf last night didn't help much. Those shelves were bare! I only w... Read more

  • Stressful Circumstances

    6/24/2016 10:17:00 AM, by NYMISC

    I tend to come and blog when I am having a hard time not stress eating and not in a good spot. Please don't read this if you are looking for a s... Read more

  • Alright

    6/24/2016 9:19:19 AM, by KEERAKYRAM

    The other day I think I missed my login. I am going to have to go to the main site to be sure. That makes me slightly sad. At the same time I mis... Read more

  • Willpower

    6/24/2016 8:28:20 AM, by BETTYWHITE37

    So in my Fridge I have cheese cake, yeah I had one piece two days ago. I haven't touched it since. I think that is willpower at its greatest know... Read more

  • Traveling!

    6/24/2016 6:49:13 AM, by AGGIEPILZ

    As I am about to board my first flight, since starting this journey, all of these things are running through my head! I haven't been out of town ... Read more

  • Day 175

    6/24/2016 1:12:30 AM, by HEYNOWBNICE

    m Today I was a hot mess. I woke up this morning and procrastinated a little, and then I got smart.  I said ... Read more

  • Double chin

    6/23/2016 11:34:12 PM, by LIZBETHEMILIA31

    Does anyone know how to get rid of a double chin?... Read more

  • I admit it!

    6/23/2016 11:33:33 PM, by SPARKINGMEGHNA

    I did this today. :/ popcorn, chips and gummy bears! A... Read more

  • Starter

    6/23/2016 11:16:53 PM, by BETTYWHITE37

    I just decided to start counting carbs. I need to get back to the weight I used to be. Any tips or work out ideas for beginners would be great. H... Read more

  • Exercise guilt

    6/23/2016 11:15:29 PM, by NICKY4338

    So today I decided to do one if my Julian Michaels DVDs and the stepper for 30 minutes and said to myself that's it that's all I'm doing. But as ... Read more

  • Trying really hard

    6/23/2016 11:09:16 PM, by KCUSIMANO11

    I found it is harder to stick to a diet when u are always on the go. Even at home. Everyone wants this or that for dinner and I'm over here going... Read more

  • Drumstick ice cream cone

    6/23/2016 10:46:19 PM, by GOOD6GIRL

    I've had two today! Everything else wasn't so bad but I definitely made up for it. I saw blogs talking about horrible food choices and thought I... Read more

  • That's a step, right?

    6/23/2016 10:34:35 PM, by TAYLIANNA2

    So, I have not gotten physically active yet. Nor have I changed my diet. I want to say its because of the children. Get up, clean house, baby wak... Read more

  • I didn't know this little engine still could

    6/23/2016 10:29:27 PM, by MTHOMPSON46

    I woke up this morning starting the day with morning stretches, realizing I had energy to burn I turned up my music and danced while making the b... Read more

  • Accountability

    6/23/2016 10:17:27 PM, by SPEENORT

    So this is going to sound simply ridiculous. I had a blog posted on here with this same name, with a whole lot of information about today. ... Read more

  • Friend day

    6/23/2016 9:33:06 PM, by MCHICKERI

    Went to lunch with a friend... Read more

  • Todays the day!

    6/23/2016 9:24:44 PM, by LIZBETHEMILIA31

    Ok so I did not weight myself at the start of the program which was 3 wks ago , but I need to see my progress. So I will be weighing myself today... Read more

  • Clean house

    6/23/2016 8:52:42 PM, by LESLIELENORE

    Today was my weekly deep clean of my apartment and grocery shopping day. Got everything done by 2pm. Then pedaled and read, walked Cooper, made... Read more

  • Day off!

    6/23/2016 8:25:14 PM, by CRE8TED1

    Today, I'm letting my body rest. I went to a friend's... Read more

  • Weight

    6/23/2016 7:14:27 PM, by VARNEYLONA1

    I started out doing this weighing in at 268 pounds back in March i now weigh 226. I am doing it just by walking drinking lots of water and watchi... Read more

  • Am I doing it right?

    6/23/2016 6:32:54 PM, by WILLOWSMOM14

    I feel like I'm wasting my time if all I can burn is 300 a day. I work full time 12 hour midnights but on maternity leave right now. So I have bo... Read more

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