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back to square one
7/1/2014 10:38:54 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Hey all, I am back to losing weight, after coasting 1.5 years doing little regular exercise. Anyone else out there getting back into it?...  Read more


#ShareaCoke with Pictures
7/1/2014 9:31:02 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Coke has started a new marketing campaign. I didn't know about it until I walked by the soda section and saw my name on a bottle. I thought I was se...  Read more


July plan
7/1/2014 3:47:47 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Simple and short; - Enjoy life! - Enjoy nature. - Eat mostly healthy foods. - Move my body. - Relax. 67...  Read more


Giving up temptations
7/1/2014 1:09:33 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I had to throw out all the junk food in the house. My candy, cookies, chips, lemonade--everything. It nearly killed me. But I've made a vow--nothing o...  Read more


It's time to start focusing on YOU and your HEALTH
6/30/2014 7:24:16 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Tired of being out of breath after walking up a flight of stairs? Tired after trying a short walk or trying to excercise? Are your muscles sore....  Read more


Busy Weekend
6/30/2014 7:07:03 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I took a 1/2 day off on Friday to go hiking with a friend. Of course with unpredictable Oregon, even the end of June isn't safe from rain, and we got...  Read more


You've Gotta Try These!
6/30/2014 4:37:13 PM,  25 COMMENTS

The eats have been good in the Davis household lately, so I thought I'd share one of my recent favorites--this Sweet 'n Spicy Asian Glazed Grilled Chi...  Read more


Sunday, Positive Focus, Day 60
6/30/2014 2:15:23 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Although I was feeling low in the morning, I managed to sleep in a bit, my husband was home, and I was able to do what I wanted for the day. I even ma...  Read more


Sizzling Summertime!
6/30/2014 11:53:37 AM,  2 COMMENTS

Happy Monday, my lovely Sparkfriends! I hope this weekend treated you well and that you're ready to hit the ground running this week! My weeken...  Read more


July 3 = One year without Diet soda
6/30/2014 11:44:14 AM,  6 COMMENTS

In 3 days I will have gone one whole year without any diet soda or colored soda for that matter. Now I had sprite here and there but mainly because...  Read more


Finding The Women Within - Day
6/30/2014 10:04:15 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Sunday - 6/29/2014 Today was a lazy day Breakfast - Pineapple light and fit Greek yogurt. Lunch - Grilled Zaxbys salad with oil and...  Read more


Weight Log: Week of 6/30
6/30/2014 9:13:06 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I nailed my week one goal!! 244 I've realized that I'll need to change my weigh in schedule this week because we're going out of town for...  Read more


Still Spring Cleaning
6/30/2014 8:06:00 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I am still doing the once a year cleaning of my whole apartment. I believe getting rid of accumulated dust will reduce chances of fire hazards. By t...  Read more


July, here I come!
6/30/2014 7:08:13 AM,  1 COMMENTS

June had it's ups and downs. It turned out to become a month centering around making adjustments. The biggest change of pace last month was discoverin...  Read more


Starting Over Where You Are
6/29/2014 8:04:25 PM,  1 COMMENTS

This is what I can do. I have to paint the kitchen, have the apartment cleaned and then I can move back in. I'm going to open every window and run a...  Read more


Finding The Women Within - Day 6
6/29/2014 6:55:39 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Saturday - 6/28/14 We are camping this weekend so I have no coffee. This is never good so I took a drive to Starbucks. Had a low cal. great break...  Read more


Finding The Women Within - Day 5
6/29/2014 6:47:15 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Friday - 6/27/14 My morning started out with an upper body workout. I walked a total of 4,120 steps and only burned 193 calories. I did wal...  Read more


Saturday, Positive Focus, Day 59
6/29/2014 4:21:54 PM,  5 COMMENTS

It's okay to be happy. I give you permission to be happy. The world isn't going to end because you're happy. No one will be mad that you're happy. ...  Read more


Tips for a Better Summer
6/28/2014 8:35:14 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I don't want it to go by too quickly and it still hasn't hit me that I have so much time now to myself. There are a few tips I can follow this summer...  Read more


30DS Level 2 done
6/28/2014 7:49:33 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Now on to level 3... I had a bad food day yesterday and I feel really bloated today. I still did my shreds though! I drank Chelada and it was delici...  Read more


Getting ready for my trip!
6/28/2014 4:26:44 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I will be in NYC for a couple days for work, including "business" dinner, starting on Monday. For the actual presentation I'm wearing my pantsuit that...  Read more


Friday, Positive Focus, Day 58
6/28/2014 1:34:00 PM,  3 COMMENTS

When I woke up, the weather was being just right to have my mood be peaceful. I stepped out on my balcony to see all the wildlife running around. Ther...  Read more


Weight Log: Week of 6/23 - Saturday update
6/28/2014 1:11:31 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Weight for week of June 23rd. Morning weigh ins. Monday: (START) 160.4 Tuesday: 158.8 Wednesday: 158.8 Thursday: 158.8 Friday: 157.8...  Read more


Ards Half Marathon - first sub 2hour time!
6/28/2014 6:51:21 AM,  6 COMMENTS

After all the drama with my foot a few days before the race, I ended up doing really well. 1hr58.46 was my finishing time and 1hr58.25 my chip ti...  Read more


Summer Has Begun!
6/27/2014 5:03:16 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Today is the first day of Summer Vacation and I feel weird. Like I'm supposed to be doing something for work and I know I don't have to do anything....  Read more


Vacation 2014 - The First Part - Calgary and Vancouver
6/27/2014 3:11:11 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Wow. What a holiday. We started in Calgary. I ran the half marathon with my son in Calgary on June 1. There was an elvis impe...  Read more


Thursday, Positive Focus, Day 57
6/27/2014 2:12:18 PM,  6 COMMENTS

It was a pretty calm day with little to do. The biggest thing we had to do was get to our appointment in the afternoon. Since that was downtown and I...  Read more


Day 181 - 1500 monthly fitness minutes
6/27/2014 12:35:10 PM,  1 COMMENTS

First time ever to get this trophy! Really excited about this! That means 25 hours this month have been spent intentionally burning calories! Good...  Read more


Happy Weekend!
6/27/2014 12:09:07 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Hope you had a great week so far, and it's FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!! This week has truly been the BUSIEST I've had in a while. I won't go down to the det...  Read more


6/27/2014 10:59:24 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Which healthy habit is the most difficult to stick with? Not eating inflammatory foods. They are everywhere in almost everything. Avoiding dairy is...  Read more


6/27/2014 10:11:11 AM,  2 COMMENTS

I am so glad it is Friday. I have been absolutely exhausted all week long. It started on Monday when I had to be up early to take my mom to the airp...  Read more


Jab-cross-hook-cut! Whooo!
6/26/2014 9:57:50 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I always use 1-lb hand weights for most of TurboKick, the exception being the punches section when I use 2-lbers. Tonight I used them in the finale to...  Read more


P90X DAY 18. YOGA...You can even look up in upward dog if you want to.
6/26/2014 5:09:06 PM,  1 COMMENTS

From 3/7/14 Please see Link Below
x-day-18-yogayou-can-even-look-up-in.html ...  Read more


P90X DAY 17: PLYO and 2 out of 4 Ain't Bad.
6/26/2014 5:06:54 PM,  0 COMMENTS

From 3/6/14 Please see link below
o-paraphrase-mr.html ...  Read more


P90X Day 16: I'll "Bring it,"...Tomorrow.
6/26/2014 5:04:13 PM,  0 COMMENTS

From 3/5/14 Please see link below
ff-for-3514-well-my-wisdom-tooth.html ...  Read more


P90X DAY 11: CARDIO X because "Something Suddenly Came Up."
6/26/2014 5:00:26 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Whoops Skipped over Day 11. From 2/28/14 Please see link below
x-day-10-cardio-x-because-somet...  Read more


P90X Day 15: I've got a Navy Bean goin' on Right Here
6/26/2014 4:56:41 PM,  0 COMMENTS

From 3/4/14 Please see link below
90x-day-15-ive-got-navy-bean-goin-on.html ...  Read more


P90X DAY 14: Don't say I can't, Say I presently am incompetent at this thing.
6/26/2014 4:51:26 PM,  1 COMMENTS

From 3/3/14 Please see link below
x-day-14-dont-say-i-cant-say-i.html ...  Read more


Monday thru Thursday Salad for Dinner Challenge.
6/26/2014 4:44:40 PM,  0 COMMENTS

From 3/3/14 Please see link below
onday-thru-thursday-salad-for-dinner.html...  Read more


day twenty eight
6/26/2014 3:44:09 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Evening 524 Well today was a little bit better I made a more conscious effort to keep within my calories. I still went over but I am slowly ge...  Read more


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