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  • November 15 2015

    11/15/2015 7:31:53 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Birthday party was fun. They had so many people show up for grandpa and it was his sister in laws 80 Birthday to so there were a lot of people. ... Read more

  • Gym

    11/15/2015 7:25:09 PM, by KRISSY82

    I made it to the gym today. I told my boyfriend I wanted to go on Saturday night, building accountability. It worked! I walked for 23minute... Read more

  • Feeling discourage

    11/15/2015 5:33:10 PM, by DESILOVEY

    I've been eating eating healthy . working out but stil... Read more

  • My Special Gift

    11/15/2015 10:03:51 AM, by STARMONICA

    ... Read more

  • Sun

    11/15/2015 9:46:53 AM, by RO2BENT

    Gonna visit with my brother and family after church and make corned beef cabbage and potatoes... Read more

  • November 14 2015

    11/14/2015 9:14:29 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Been a great day. Got some good cleaning done and laundry. Not completely done but I feel good about what I've accomplished. Know I'm having one ... Read more

  • 7 day challenge

    11/14/2015 7:15:15 PM, by JENNI_FIT4

    I go home next Saturday afternoon! Then, it will be a whole new set of planning and adapting my new healthy habits to my home routine. To kick st... Read more

  • Fri Sat

    11/14/2015 6:37:20 PM, by RO2BENT

    Spent Fri with brother and his family, his kids spent the night, and visited more Sat morning... Read more

  • Out of Control

    11/14/2015 4:07:51 PM, by DUGGIT

    This is my first blog entry on SP. I have allowed myself to spin out of control. When does it stop? In the past, I have always been able to set... Read more

  • Body Revolution results

    11/14/2015 12:40:22 AM, by MAEACULPA

    I finished Jillian's Body Revolution yesterday and I feel awesome! 90 days start to finish! I lost 12 lbs and 10.75 inches and I'm pretty proud o... Read more

  • November 13 2015

    11/13/2015 9:58:28 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Day was good. Went to my aunts funeral that was a bit hard. Got to meet some cousins that I never knew. My aunts kids were all like 10-20 years o... Read more

  • Weighed

    11/13/2015 3:45:02 PM, by DESILOVEY

    I gave the scale a break for awhile even working out its been so cold and I haven't had the motivation to even get a hood wrkout in to my suprise... Read more

  • Here we go again.......

    11/13/2015 11:02:23 AM, by EBPOTTER

    I'm back at it. I've gained, I've lost, I've gained, I've lost. It's a yo-yo of back and fourths. I had a baby over a year ago, an amazing beaut... Read more

  • Strength training/rowing

    11/13/2015 10:49:09 AM, by CITYBLUESGIRL

    Workout w/ my trainer last night: Glute bridge: 1x @ 30 secs Single leg glute bridges: 6/leg Glute bridge: 1x @ 30 secs Plank: 1x, 4 l... Read more

  • Thursday and Friday

    11/13/2015 9:30:44 AM, by RO2BENT

    Cardio kickboxing good sleep my brothers in town , gonna be a good weekend... Read more

  • Music Concert and weekend aspirations

    11/13/2015 4:24:08 AM, by MADZOYA

    Calorie Intake I ate my regular calories, plus 100 from cereal, after gym. I was feeling peckish. It is my TOM so it is not unusual. Ex... Read more

  • The overconfidence trap

    11/13/2015 3:48:57 AM, by NUOVAELLE

    Hi friends! It's been a looooong time, hasn't it? It feels like my last blog was ages ago! Simply because I couldn't find any reason to blog... Read more

  • November 12 2015

    11/12/2015 9:15:34 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Great day, I slept through the night or (should I say my baby slept through the night). First time all week I got a good night sleep. Work was bu... Read more

  • Re-do

    11/12/2015 3:51:50 PM, by LIONESS321

    I deleted my blog post from earlier. I was receiving a few, non-supportive comments that took me for surprise. Not exactly the feedback I was loo... Read more

  • Wed

    11/12/2015 10:59:06 AM, by RO2BENT

    Momma was busy all evening so I was on kid duty with the oldest and youngest, busy but calm.... Read more

  • Here's the Math

    11/12/2015 9:52:49 AM, by ALNEAGLE

    This morning I sat down and did the math. I really, really, really want to be to 140 by the end of this year. I am SO close to that goal. I on... Read more

  • Today I Weighed In

    11/12/2015 9:28:21 AM, by VEG_GIRL04

    Today I weighed in for the first time since August. I knew I haven't been treating my body right. I knew my clothes felt much tighter. ... Read more

  • Weight not budging

    11/12/2015 4:29:43 AM, by MADZOYA

    Calorie Intake Perfect. Not a calorie eaten out of place. Exercise Walked home. Did 11.000 steps and rested. Mood Great ... Read more

  • November 11 2015

    11/11/2015 10:16:10 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Still don't have a good day. Started out my alarm clock went off late. Had to throw die clothes on and run out the door. Then the whole day at wo... Read more

  • feeling sort of motivated

    11/11/2015 9:35:30 PM, by TURTLEDAWN

    I'm actually feeling sort of motivated. I mean, I'm also sort of anxious. Being unemployed will do that to you but at this point I should be used... Read more

  • Keeping on...

    11/11/2015 6:31:04 PM, by JAMIEBEADLE

    I'm not at my goal weight yet, but I'm keeping on. I'm 10 pounds from where I'd like to be, but I'm going to slow down a bit and work at it slowl... Read more

  • Dinner and a show

    11/11/2015 12:18:56 PM, by RO2BENT

    Another busy evening getting kids dinner and homework done, then dinner and a show with the in-laws. Home late, short on sleep but all is well.... Read more

  • Chestnuts

    11/11/2015 4:49:55 AM, by MADZOYA

    Calorie intake I was a nice girl yesterday and got back to my usual 1500 calorie routine. Ok, I hate half of a cracker with jam last night. ... Read more

  • Brisk walk/biking

    11/10/2015 9:51:10 PM, by CITYBLUESGIRL

    I did a brisk walk at lunchtime. I am really enjoying doing that. It is so wonderful to get some fresh air, clear my head, and get some fitness i... Read more

  • November 10 3015

    11/10/2015 8:43:07 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Got to work and I got a text from my sister my aunt passes away. Was not a very happy day for me. At times I was sad then I would smile thinking ... Read more

  • Four pieces of lego...

    11/10/2015 6:22:28 PM, by JAMIEBEADLE

    My youngest boy is playing with 4 pieces of lego. There is three yellow pieces and one white piece. He has made them into a T-rex, a car, a human... Read more

  • Ugh

    11/10/2015 3:11:32 PM, by SOPHIABETH

    I've been resisting buying new clothes since I'm trying to lose what I gained, but apparently the comfy knit dresses I like to wear make me look ... Read more

  • Struggling

    11/10/2015 2:18:18 PM, by CSLEAPER

    I'm trying to figure this out but I'm not sure if I can. I know I am supposed to stay strong and lean on others but I don't have anyone to lean ... Read more

  • C25K: Failed

    11/10/2015 1:50:56 PM, by LIONESS321

    I was so excited to start on the C25K training last night. But everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. First, I could not find my sn... Read more

  • Monday

    11/10/2015 9:32:20 AM, by RO2BENT

    Busy day at work, home for a quick run (time and speed), dinner, then groceries for a basket for my brother's family for a surprise for their hot... Read more

  • hanging by a thread

    11/10/2015 8:49:44 AM, by JMYSSES

    Well, I have no excuse but laziness. I had time to log, plan and exercise but didn't. Instead of throwing in towel until next week... I'm starti... Read more

  • Need to get back on the losing train

    11/10/2015 4:20:13 AM, by MADZOYA

    Calorie intake I ate an extra 100 calories of cereal last night. It didnít go over my limit, but it was an extra I usually wonít do. E... Read more

  • Brisk walk Monday

    11/9/2015 11:20:05 PM, by CITYBLUESGIRL

    I did a brisk walk at lunchtime. I did 2.04 miles in 36:49.... Read more

  • November 9 2015

    11/9/2015 9:55:16 PM, by CBULLIS1

    Wow what a day. I'm so tiered. It was my day off. Cleaned the house a bit did some laundry and went through bills. Then went to a BB game. By the... Read more

  • Shia LaBeouf Just Do It

    11/9/2015 9:10:09 PM, by MAEACULPA

    This is the best motivational speech ever. I love it and I don't even appreciate Shia Labeouf as an actor. Maybe I'll start! If you need a kick... Read more

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