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  • 15# and 35# to go!

    4/29/2016 4:07:32 PM, by MSCOTT138

    So, I can do laundry and then RUN up my basement stairs and not feel worn out or breathless. I ran up and then talked coherently to my Dad. How a... Read more

  • Chunks and chubs and all

    4/29/2016 3:06:28 PM, by PRINCESSKIANE

    I had to make another post ... I ducking love how I lo... Read more

  • Feeling kinda blah

    4/29/2016 2:18:36 PM, by CSMITH698

    I have lost 30 pounds. I'm looking good. But today fe... Read more

  • Just The Beginning..oh Jeez!!

    4/29/2016 2:05:25 PM, by SCARLETTEFYRE

    OK... Day One...Here we come! After five years of depression and anxiety I've gained some pounds. And after a doctor's visit yesterday that didn'... Read more

  • Planning ahead

    4/29/2016 1:31:03 PM, by NEWMAMA414

    So I've started buying lettuces and making my own ready to eat mix. On days like today when I'm not feeling my best and it'd be too easy to grab ... Read more

  • Long Time

    4/29/2016 1:07:21 PM, by ASH22WEE

    Hello, It's been a while since I wrote on my blog. I'm not sure if anyone is reading it but it help me feel better. I had my first weigh in... Read more

  • Yoga day 7!

    4/29/2016 12:50:22 PM, by PRINCESSKIANE

    Still hanging there !! Lost a cpl pounds this week! Ya... Read more

  • I want to challenge myself.

    4/29/2016 12:40:58 PM, by MIDNIGHT-LACE

    I have never really challenged myself, I always start. I always say. I always put off. I stay in my comfort zone and convince myself that i... Read more

  • Back at it

    4/29/2016 11:29:08 AM, by SUMSUMS

    I am at 145. I didn't do anything to get here, I am just lucky. I have 10 lbs left to get off and I want to tone up. I had gallbladder surgery on... Read more

  • I need help: April 29, 2016

    4/29/2016 9:45:14 AM, by BANDIIIT

    I'm having issues and I kind of just want to give up but at the same time, I don't want to give up and go back to the way things were. I'm curren... Read more

  • Trying to stay motivated

    4/29/2016 9:33:19 AM, by RHANSON89

    I am officially down 38lbs. I feel great, and I know I look much healthier than before. But now the weight loss has slowed down. I only lost h... Read more

  • Two years...WOW!

    4/29/2016 9:08:23 AM, by MLM2588

    Wow it's been two years since I have been on here. I am still the weight I was before I dropped off the face of the earth XD... I did gain weight... Read more

  • Friday

    4/29/2016 7:08:49 AM, by CHUBBY_KT

    Woke up early as usual. But went to the gym. I feel good. Did 45 minutes of workout and i feel great! Hopefully I could stick to the eating healt... Read more

  • not enough calories!!!

    4/28/2016 11:21:18 PM, by ALABRA

    Need advice on how to eat enough calories im a breastfeeding mom and i feel i eat a ton but not enough calories i guess and thats why im gaining ... Read more

  • To Be Aware

    4/28/2016 11:04:32 PM, by PRAYLENA

    Y'all. Somehow, I have managed to lose another inch in my waist. And another half inch in my hips. And thighs. But NO CHANGE in my arms. At all.... Read more

  • Still hanging on.

    4/28/2016 10:36:13 PM, by MUSICHOUR

    I feel kind of lame for my rant from yesterday, so I felt like just dropping in and saying that I'm still hanging on and feeling motivated. I'm s... Read more

  • Are those actually big????

    4/28/2016 9:15:30 PM, by TRACEEE24

    Back in december, i bought a misfit. A cheap $20 fitne... Read more

  • Day 10

    4/28/2016 9:10:06 PM, by SARABELL2016

    I have been doing a pretty good job tracking my food, and realized today that my biggest problem is I am eating way to many carbs. So starting t... Read more

  • Headaches

    4/28/2016 7:07:57 PM, by JMHERR

    Anyone else have a problem with getting headaches in the evening? Its just started since I started counting calories and dieting. I'm drinking to... Read more

  • Day 10: 29/4/16

    4/28/2016 6:51:39 PM, by SOSMOND

    Woops been a busy few days and forgot to blog! Life ... Read more

  • It it weird at all?

    4/28/2016 5:50:25 PM, by ARLANABEECHAM

    Is it bad that im only 13 and using a lose weight app? Cause i feel like people would think im weird because of it. But my Docter suggested Spark... Read more

  • Day #3

    4/28/2016 5:40:58 PM, by BSBETHSX

    Feel really good today. Gym again 3 days in a row. Knackered but in a good way :) bring on tomorrow... Read more

  • Damn dog!!!

    4/28/2016 4:32:01 PM, by SARAHMONTAGUE

    Actually I should probably thank her... I had set out a plate of left over pizza for my lunch and went to the bathroom. While in the bathroom I g... Read more

  • Fiber

    4/28/2016 4:27:32 PM, by JENNAYSAYHEY

    I've been keeping an eye on my fiber intake and I seem to never get in the range listed on SP. Good days and bad days alike. I'm not worried as... Read more

  • I am a product of my generation

    4/28/2016 3:21:58 PM, by CARLIED7

    I so often talk with my friends about how we are a product of our generation. We are so used to instant gratification that hard work and waiting ... Read more

  • Welcome home gift!

    4/28/2016 1:47:35 PM, by PPW001

    I knew my husband was getting ready to leave for 4 months (military) so it was hard trying to lose weight AND enjoy out last weeks together. But ... Read more

  • 10 days left Tinkerbell half marathon: Fighting the stress with my workout. :D

    4/28/2016 1:35:51 PM, by BEACHCALSIX

    It's getting to the point where I'm getting really excited. In one week I'll be all packed up and ready to go. I may leave on Friday, may leave e... Read more

  • Waking up is hard to do....

    4/28/2016 1:33:28 PM, by VIXENSILVERA

    Ok, waking up isn't hard. But waking up and eating within 30 minutes is. When I wake up, I don't want to cook, and rarely do I want to eat, that ... Read more

  • What am I doing wrong.

    4/28/2016 1:16:36 PM, by SHEIDENTHALER

    I've continued to eat healthy. I'm always under my calories for the day. I do at least 30 minutes of excercise. I'm not losing weight, I'm ei... Read more

  • Don't tell me I can't

    4/28/2016 9:16:30 AM, by TRACEEE24

    If you tell me I can't do something, you are just going to push me even more to show you I can, so thank you!! Amazing video about athleticism... Read more

  • Knowledge

    4/28/2016 9:08:22 AM, by SELDNYC

    Came across an amazing video that explains how fat is lost. The misinformation i have been given for years is amazing. I had been looking into th... Read more

  • Yoga day 6 - 6 pack ab day

    4/28/2016 8:48:36 AM, by PRINCESSKIANE

    Today's yoga was about stomach muscles , only 24 mins but it felt good - getting easier - longer stamina - relaxed -happy ... Read more

  • New to neighborhood

    4/28/2016 8:30:29 AM, by DBENGE5

    Just moved to Florida I'm in North port area need a workout buddy... Read more

  • Times Will Get Better

    4/28/2016 8:05:32 AM, by CHUBBY_KT

    This week I've been very emotional. That has cause me to over eat, lose motivation and not let me focus. I've only been to the gym once and havin... Read more

  • 😊

    4/28/2016 12:59:55 AM, by JMAYS3

    I'm slowly losing down 7 1/2 pounds Started off at 21... Read more

  • First Five Gone!

    4/27/2016 11:13:12 PM, by DANIBANANIBOO

    Hey, Hi, Hello! Thank you for reading this blog entry! I slacked off the last few days with posting my blogs but I'm hoping to get this int... Read more

  • Sigh, why...

    4/27/2016 10:19:22 PM, by MUSICHOUR

    I decided to weigh in today and somehow despite eating under my calorie goals and actually moving I gained 3 pounds?! Okay, whatever. My body is ... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    My secret dancing shame...

    4/27/2016 10:17:34 PM, by CARLIED7

    My energy tonight is WAY less depressing than last night...I might also let you in on my secret shame :0... Read more

  • My journey

    4/27/2016 9:45:51 PM, by LASHLEIGH32

    It's day 3. It hasn't been long and I have a lot on my mind. I've personally made bad decisions in my life recently that have put very important ... Read more

  • Day 122

    4/27/2016 9:43:47 PM, by MCSCOTT25

    I just realized that it has been over 120 days since I started my latest weight loss journey. I'm also pretty sure that it is the longest I have ... Read more

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