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  • 194.4

    5/29/2016 12:35:49 PM, by GALROCKER

    So, I've lost a bit of weight. I'm down to 194.4. Although, I'm doing something probably not recommended. I'm trying to eat a bit of food and kee... Read more

  • Day 3

    5/29/2016 11:33:02 AM, by PAINTMEKAY

    So yesterday I think I did pretty well, I have eaten eggs and we're drinking cranberry juice and three cups of water. I am still working with the... Read more

  • Day 6

    5/29/2016 8:52:14 AM, by 1BUSYMOMMA18

    I didn't put anything on here yesterday. I was at the lake all day. Let's say I'm defiantly out of shape but will be in shape by end of summer th... Read more

  • Relax

    5/28/2016 11:41:59 PM, by SPARKINGMEGHNA

    After an incredibly busy day, Mike forced me to relax.... Read more

  • Sugar Cravings and Goals

    5/28/2016 2:55:13 PM, by ILLINITURFIEE

    This past week, my sugar cravings have been really up and down. Some days, I haven't wanted any sugar and some days it's all I want. It's tough t... Read more

  • Did a no no

    5/28/2016 1:43:52 PM, by JBRAZIER

    I went on a date with my ex but it was awesome. We we... Read more

  • Breakfast

    5/28/2016 1:39:42 PM, by JBRAZIER

    Strawberrys & cinnamon apples slices with v8 splash t... Read more

  • Wow

    5/28/2016 11:18:35 AM, by MARIYA1991

    Changes being seen :)... Read more

  • On the way home

    5/28/2016 9:00:36 AM, by CATHERINEXYZ

    I am at Mexico City airport waiting for a flight to Vallarta. Spent a great few days with my family in the UK. I am looking forward to getting ho... Read more

  • It's really working!

    5/28/2016 8:34:08 AM, by WENDY4QUIROZ

    My sister has lost three pounds already in three weeks! I can't believe this is really working but I love it and it just motivates us to keep goi... Read more

  • Under 200lbs

    5/28/2016 6:50:57 AM, by CHRISSYWEBB2015

    I just want to be under 200 lbs . I hate being over 200. My family is all big like 250 or bigger and they all have sugar and high blood pressure ... Read more

  • Baby tummy

    5/27/2016 7:35:56 PM, by SURAHERMIZ

    How do you lose your baby tummy? It's been 2 years and I still can't get to what I was. Everything looks good it's just that baby tummy that I ca... Read more

  • Mike is home!

    5/27/2016 6:12:52 PM, by SPARKINGMEGHNA

    Been waiting and waiting and the day is finally here!!! Read more

  • New Day

    5/27/2016 5:28:10 PM, by PAINTMEKAY

    I have decided to try something new to maintain and or lose weight, so I have downloaded this app. Which so far I am loving it. I am currently a ... Read more

  • Day 1

    5/27/2016 2:55:59 PM, by CESPYY

    It's my first day of getting back into a running groove. Got on the treadmill and did intervals. Felt good!... Read more

  • Keto and a Wedding

    5/27/2016 11:29:10 AM, by KEITAURIN

    So i've switched over to a ketogenic diet at the encouragement of my boyfriend, who's done it before and loves it. I'm on day 5 of my transition ... Read more

  • Day five.

    5/27/2016 8:44:53 AM, by 1BUSYMOMMA18

    Started out with my coffee and felt any calories with it. Today's goal is to walk 3.1 miles. Not making myself do that in one setting unless my k... Read more

  • My motivation

    5/26/2016 10:48:45 PM, by TURK2007

    Looking in the mirror and not being happy with what I... Read more

  • Change is Possible

    5/26/2016 10:40:57 PM, by SPARKINGMEGHNA

    I go through the blogs, messages and the status updates. So many people are discouraged. Many of them are discouraged because of the people in ... Read more

  • Day four

    5/26/2016 10:35:35 PM, by 1BUSYMOMMA18

    Today went well walked my normal mile then added another 1.5 miles to it. Amazing. Love it actually surprised walking it was easy even did a litt... Read more

  • Busy Busy!

    5/26/2016 9:45:04 PM, by WEAZER4070

    Finally got myself to do my exercise routine, this mo... Read more

  • Blog of shame

    5/26/2016 11:51:45 AM, by MELISSAMARIE66

    I've been trying to lose weight all year, and I've gained 3 lbs. Doesn't that seem to be how it always goes? I always get so frustrated b/c i s... Read more

  • Must read ladies

    5/26/2016 10:11:04 AM, by DNAVA20972

    This post was very interesting and he made valid point... Read more

  • We Have a Dog!

    5/26/2016 9:39:45 AM, by ILLINITURFIEE

    Last night, my family adopted a dog! His name is Jack and he's absolutely precious. He likes to go on walks, so I've seen that as a fantastic opp... Read more

  • 16 days

    5/26/2016 9:36:57 AM, by SILVERSPARROW04

    Swimming in the pool is a lot easier than swimming in the ocean. Today's numbers in the pool were 1025 metres in 35 minutes as compared to 8... Read more

  • I changed my username

    5/25/2016 6:28:55 PM, by SPARKINGMEGHNA

    I decided to change my username. I'm slowly changing, inside and out. Sparkpeople has changed my life. The site, you sparkfriends, and really,... Read more

  • Whole 30 Report Week 2

    5/25/2016 5:39:52 PM, by AHALTOM

    Day 10!!! I am proud to say that I have not cheated once. I will admit the weekend was rough. I was low on energy and moody. I was never tem... Read more

  • Feeling ready to go.

    5/25/2016 2:17:03 PM, by GBRICE

    So yesterday I was beyond tired with a healthy (8hr) amount of sleep. Eat all protein and worked out. And today I had 5 1/2 hours of sleep. Eat... Read more

  • Busy day ahead...

    5/25/2016 1:46:15 PM, by WEAZER4070

    Waiting for my Fiance, Jamin, to return home from tur... Read more

  • Day three

    5/25/2016 12:36:40 PM, by 1BUSYMOMMA18

    Birthday day for me today. So far my exercise and calories are better today than last two days.... Read more

  • Cardio

    5/25/2016 11:58:41 AM, by DNAVA20972

    Hills workout 😩😥😤🏃... Read more

  • 31:37

    5/25/2016 10:21:11 AM, by SILVERSPARROW04

    That's how long it took me to swim from Governor's Be... Read more

  • "Push day"

    5/25/2016 2:43:51 AM, by MANDA_MON-STARR

    "Push day" at the gym. Mainly chest and triceps. And ... Read more

  • "Push day"

    5/25/2016 2:42:01 AM, by MANDA_MON-STARR

    "Push day" at the gym. Mainly chest and triceps. And ... Read more

  • Tomorrow...

    5/24/2016 11:54:07 PM, by SPARKINGMEGHNA

    Estimated plan... What will happen.... Checking off ... Read more

  • So hard with foods

    5/24/2016 8:55:30 PM, by KAWIKA_VIDA

    I'm thinking about going on an alkaline diet, is anyone on this type of diet?? I'm thinking it will be good for me since I'm a diabetic 2. I want... Read more

  • Weight loss

    5/24/2016 8:34:04 PM, by EWONEAL

    Getting rid of extra weight takes a while and can be discouraging. Staying positive and eating on my caloric range... Read more

  • Bad day

    5/24/2016 7:11:16 PM, by INKDMOMMY

    Gained almost half a pound, but I worked out extra hard and might fit in an extra walk!... Read more

  • Feeling normal

    5/24/2016 4:22:58 PM, by MISSCALFO

    I haven't posted anything for a while and I just want to say that I finally feel good. I started eating right and sticking to it for a solid mont... Read more

  • Lousy day

    5/24/2016 12:39:17 PM, by GBRICE

    I'm so tired. I've been sleeping but with working two jobs currently it's exhausting. Luckily this is my last week at my second job and I can f... Read more

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