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  • Doctor Today

    6/10/2017 11:05:35 PM, by LIMDUR

    Went to the doctor today. Couldn't go to work, so once the office opened, I went to the doctor. Been told to take it easy, sleep all of today an... Read more

  • Frustrated

    6/10/2017 3:51:52 PM, by SMACLACHLAN

    So I've been eating in the right calorie range and running every other day for like 4 weeks now and although i feel much better and have clearer ... Read more

  • Saturday, June 10th

    6/10/2017 10:18:40 AM, by JBDTRI

    It's a nice day out today. I had raspberries for breakfast. I have a birthday party for my friend later, hence the light breakfast... Don't want ... Read more

  • Friday, June 9th

    6/9/2017 6:37:58 AM, by JBDTRI

    Glad that my 80 day anniversary on sparkpeople can be a sunny one! I can't wait for the weekend!... Read more

  • Not Feeling Well

    6/9/2017 5:03:53 AM, by LIMDUR

    The thought of food is making me so sick... I am on antibiotics right now due to a dog nip/bite that I got on Wednesday. (The dog is up on his s... Read more

  • Gym Journal

    6/8/2017 7:18:49 PM, by AKOERBEL1988

    Entry 1 Jogged a 5k in 31 minutes today.. The guy in front of me smelled like beer.. Realized some girl was on the stair climber doing ninja mov... Read more

  • Thursday, June 8th

    6/8/2017 6:50:30 AM, by JBDTRI

    Another sunny day mrans more exercise which means more healthy!... Read more

  • Lessons from the circus

    6/8/2017 6:21:48 AM, by REMUSBLACK

    Last night, I got to see Cirque du Soleil's new show. It is great. Beautiful costumes, music, set. And since I am on a wellness journey, there ar... Read more

  • Wednesday, June 7th

    6/7/2017 3:57:36 PM, by JBDTRI


  • Fire

    6/7/2017 1:39:37 PM, by AKOERBEL1988

    Worked 36 hours in 3 days .. Shower then gym .. Cant wait to do a bicep tricep teardown..... Read more

  • Progress

    6/6/2017 9:16:16 PM, by SMACLACHLAN

    Today I went out and ran 6 miles!!! That is the farthest yet!! I'm making so much progress on my running and I'm starting to realize that my prev... Read more

  • Work Vrs Workout

    6/6/2017 5:06:44 PM, by AKOERBEL1988

    Today im dealing with two issues.. First.. I worked a... Read more

  • Why weight-loss isnt my goal anymore

    6/6/2017 8:35:06 AM, by REMUSBLACK

    It's not because I am thin. I am chubby. And I do want to lose fat. But I've realised, becoming stronger and fitter is more important to me than ... Read more

  • Tuesday, June 6th

    6/6/2017 6:46:49 AM, by JBDTRI

    Another rainy day, but I wont let something as little as that keep me down!... Read more

  • Gainz OClock

    6/5/2017 2:32:40 PM, by AKOERBEL1988

    Today i hit the gym with a desire to change. Im going... Read more

  • My progress

    6/5/2017 8:15:11 AM, by MEDIEVALBEAUTY

    My progress is like a yo yo but I will get there eventually. I need to combat my heartburn issues first. Last time I checked my weight I had lost... Read more

  • Monday, June 5th

    6/5/2017 6:53:36 AM, by JBDTRI

    I saw baby birds yesterday in my shed. I have mixed e... Read more

  • Sunday, June 4th

    6/4/2017 10:15:29 AM, by JBDTRI

    I have a family cookout today. Hopefully I manage to stay in my calorie range. Fingers crossed!... Read more

  • Lonely

    6/3/2017 8:18:44 PM, by SMACLACHLAN

    I feel like I'm pushing all of my friends and family away just to have this healthy lifestyle because I want to make sure that everything I eat a... Read more

  • Saturday, June 3rd

    6/3/2017 9:50:56 AM, by JBDTRI

    How is it already June!?!?? Anyways, this weekend is time for me to make the old house look presentable for the next owners... I hope this burns ... Read more

  • Annoyed

    6/2/2017 2:32:17 PM, by SMACLACHLAN

    Ugh today started out just like any other day but then my family started to frustrate me and tire me out. I was excited to go for my run, but now... Read more

  • Friday, June 2nd

    6/2/2017 7:10:11 AM, by JBDTRI

    Big presentation for me today... Wish me luck!... Read more

  • New month and new goals

    6/2/2017 12:59:40 AM, by NOAHKI

    A new month has begun. It's still cold here, but at least the snow is gone. My goals changed tremendously when I found out I was pregnant. While ... Read more

  • Thursday, June 1st

    6/1/2017 6:51:46 AM, by JBDTRI

    Nice warm way to start off the new month!!!! I'm already excited for the beach!... Read more

  • Lazy day

    5/31/2017 11:18:58 AM, by SMACLACHLAN

    I don't have much planned today so I've just been lounging around. I don't like feeling lazy but We need some rest every now and then. ... Read more

  • Wednesday, May 31st

    5/31/2017 6:18:30 AM, by JBDTRI

    I'm feeling good today. Im in it to win it (or in this case lose it)... Read more

  • Feeling caught up

    5/30/2017 9:11:15 PM, by SMACLACHLAN

    I have been on such a strong path lately. Things seem to be getting better do me. I'm eating healthier, counting my calories, and getting better ... Read more

  • Tuesday, May 30th

    5/30/2017 3:25:51 PM, by JBDTRI

    Didn't do much today... My day of rest!... Read more

  • Rain

    5/30/2017 1:47:26 PM, by HAVETAT

    Thank God for my exercise bike... Read more

  • Why? How? When?

    5/29/2017 10:14:42 PM, by AMANDAJOHNSTON

    Why? After years of dieting and falling on and off of the wagon, I often times wonder, why? Why does this beast follow me - constantly looking fo... Read more

  • Excuse-busting ideas!

    5/29/2017 8:24:06 AM, by REMUSBLACK

    I currently have no issue motivating myself to exercise. This is what works for me now: -Make a plan for the week: make sure I work every muscl... Read more

  • Monday, May 29th

    5/29/2017 8:14:27 AM, by JBDTRI

    Going to spend this rainy Memorial Day moving... again lol. This is day five or six of moving, I can't remember, butI guess it's worth it for the... Read more

  • Sunday, May 28th

    5/28/2017 9:51:07 AM, by JBDTRI

    More moving today... more calories burned!!!... Read more

  • Feeling Brave

    5/28/2017 6:53:31 AM, by CAULIFL0WER

    I'm really feeling like I'm making progress, not necessarily with my weight, but with my mental state. I'm breaking away from Sparkpeople sometim... Read more

  • Saturday, May 27th

    5/27/2017 9:55:26 PM, by JBDTRI

    In the process of moving... Managed to exercise for over 3 hours today moving boxes, walking around, exploring the new neighborhood, building/ pu... Read more

  • Accomplished

    5/27/2017 6:23:28 PM, by SMACLACHLAN

    I'm feeling very accomplished today as yesterday was my birthday and I was afraid that party to hard and over eat but I ended up enjoying myself ... Read more

  • Friday, May 26th

    5/26/2017 5:13:07 PM, by JBDTRI

    Red Sox game today.. Has anyone else been to one? This is my second... Read more

  • Time To Stop Self Sabotaging

    5/26/2017 6:14:07 AM, by CAULIFL0WER

    All I seem to do these days is put off my health and say I'll start another day. I find myself frequently saying, "Oh, what's one more binge? I c... Read more

  • Moderation

    5/26/2017 4:19:57 AM, by SMACLACHLAN

    Well today is my birthday and I'm still somewhat beginning on my healthy journey so I think it is too early for me to take a day off and not watc... Read more

  • Thursday, May 25th

    5/25/2017 7:53:37 PM, by JBDTRI

    Went to Friendly's to get ice cream today but still didn't go over my calorie goal!!!... Read more

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