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  • 21 Days

    8/4/2015 9:57:30 AM, by HEALTHANISTA30

    They say it takes 21 days to form a habit. 3 weeks of balanced nutrition to knock out cravings. 3 weeks of consistent exercise to make it s... Read more

  • Happier!

    8/3/2015 7:45:21 PM, by KBS2344

    Ahhhhh!!! Just went and kicked my butt on the treadmill!! Feeling much better than earlier and proud of myself!! I ran (jogged) a l... Read more

  • frustrated and bored

    8/3/2015 4:47:28 PM, by KITTYKATAYAH

    I'm bored waiting at the auto repair shop because my service engine soon light came on. Not only is this going to cost me a pretty penny, but I ... Read more

  • Blahhh

    8/3/2015 4:43:05 PM, by KBS2344

    Just not feeling it today!!! The weekend went well - the interview was great and they want to hire us. So I should be insanely ... Read more

  • Day 533 - Dealing With Negative People

    8/3/2015 4:32:46 PM, by KENTUCKYMEL14

    I work in customer service for a medical distribution company. For the most part, it's not so bad. Customers call in to place orders for their me... Read more

  • full of feels.

    8/3/2015 4:24:09 PM, by FALLINGSTAR24

    To get to the point, I'm terrified my dog has hurt her back again. She seems to have lost a little bit of her leg function. I know we were a litt... Read more

  • Change Your Attitude to Change Your Actions

    8/3/2015 4:11:09 PM, by ~INDYGIRL

    I went shopping for some new yoga pants the other day. When I go shopping, I go with my old 460-pound Beth mentality, trying on sizes larger than... Read more

  • day 8

    8/3/2015 3:57:33 PM, by NAMELESSRAVEN

    6 glasses of water down so far and work out complete.....trying to learn how to adjust my schedule to fit my new lifestyle and it is a challenge.... Read more

  • Baby Fat

    8/3/2015 1:33:12 PM, by MUTEDCALICO

    Time to take back my body after pregnancy. Working to feel better and hoping to control my back and hip pain with stronger muscles and joints. I'... Read more

  • 180.0

    8/3/2015 12:14:23 PM, by GALROCKER

    Goodness, my sweat pants add of lot of weight. So, I averaged it to 180.0... Read more

  • Coming to after big changes

    8/3/2015 11:16:05 AM, by SNOWKC

    I keep thinking the big steps and transitions are dying down, and we're getting there. But this last week was a big one. I took the bar exam... Read more

  • Apartment Layout Ideas

    8/3/2015 9:56:52 AM, by KATRICK528

    I have been spending a decent amount of time preparing to move, thinking of where furniture would go, and how to decorate. I have created a 3D mo... Read more

  • Disney Princess 13.1 Training - Week 9 Review + Birthday!

    8/3/2015 8:34:29 AM, by STEN2791

    What a busy week! So much to go over and so little time. Mon, 7/27 - 6.4 mi, 11:03 min/mi avg overall Tue, 7/28 - 2.7 mi, 10:00 min/mi avg... Read more

  • American Style Lunch!

    8/3/2015 2:50:52 AM, by BENTOGYRL

    Summer vacation will officially start in only three... Read more

  • Back From Vacation!

    8/3/2015 12:53:03 AM, by SOULESSGINGER

    Hey Everyone, I am back from vacation and back to exercising! Can't wait to lose a few pounds, get healthier and feel better! Very excited t... Read more

  • Days 52-65: Back to Blogging!

    8/2/2015 10:22:41 PM, by MADDY19936

    I haven't blogged for awhile due to work piling up, family/boyfriend obligations, packing for school and a ton of other things. Sadly, I haven't ... Read more

  • Day 532 - Three Weeks?!

    8/2/2015 6:55:19 PM, by KENTUCKYMEL14

    Today is day 21 of my streak which means I've successfully gone 3 whole weeks staying on track!! I am so proud of myself! I know today isn't over... Read more

  • New trail

    8/2/2015 3:07:53 PM, by OHIO_BIKEGIRL13

    Decided today to get my bicycle out since the weather was not too hot and not humid, which it has been lately. I could tell that it had been a w... Read more

  • Binge Eating

    8/2/2015 3:02:59 PM, by LOVELY-AMANDA

    This is a terrible cycle. I know I am not the only one who struggles with this. I fall into these episodes where I sneak food and eat as much as ... Read more

  • day 7

    8/2/2015 2:22:27 PM, by NAMELESSRAVEN

    So far 2lbs down.....really good for 1 week but I know it's probably just the initial life change stuff that made that happen. I worked out 3 tim... Read more

  • day 3

    8/2/2015 10:42:49 AM, by HEBGIRL04

    I'm sitting here in the parking lot at work listening ... Read more

  • Day 2

    8/1/2015 1:21:07 PM, by HEBGIRL04

    This morning proved a little difficult. I had an extra... Read more

  • Making an effort

    7/31/2015 9:15:04 PM, by HEBGIRL04

    So. Today is day one of me making an effort to be hea... Read more

  • Every lit bit counts...

    7/31/2015 8:17:52 PM, by LIMDUR

    I wasn't feeling very much up to exercise today, but I did 30 minutes on the exercise bike at least, which is better than nothing. It might... Read more

  • The Girl Who Walks

    7/31/2015 4:09:41 PM, by FRAZIEK2

    I started this journey simply because I needed something to do. I wasn't expecting where it would take me--my first and only expectation was to j... Read more

  • Crap beginning = good ending

    7/31/2015 3:51:49 PM, by SEAUNDERSKY

    I won "STAFF OF THE MONTH" in the nursery I work in after being so late all the time, having difficulties with my profiles & development stuf... Read more

  • day 5

    7/31/2015 1:35:20 PM, by NAMELESSRAVEN

    Ugh made some bad choices yesterday for dinner but it's hard when everyone around me wants to eat in and out :( those burgers are so yummy. Goin... Read more

  • Perspective: Why?

    7/31/2015 1:10:20 PM, by ~INDYGIRL

    One day I woke up and was astonished to find that I had grown to 460 pounds and was using my family as helpers. I didn't do this on purpose. Fr... Read more

  • Day 530 - I Reached My First Mini Goal!

    7/31/2015 11:06:41 AM, by KENTUCKYMEL14

    I think it's safe to say that everyone on SparkPeople knows that weight loss doesn't happen on a particular schedule. I can say I want to lose X ... Read more

  • What A Difference

    7/31/2015 10:17:07 AM, by HEALTHANISTA30

    This past week has been a whirlwind. Between the multiple servings of birthday cake, and eating what I want for a few days, I noticed a little ex... Read more

  • Vacation in T Minus....

    7/30/2015 11:09:38 PM, by MISHAMW

    10 HOURS!!! Well my real vacation happened the moment I clocked out of work tonight. Work was, well bad. Like super bad. Like I am being ... Read more

  • Frustration Boiling Over

    7/30/2015 6:38:26 PM, by NYCMIZZOU

    It's been several years since I was last on SparkPeople, but I've lost 63 pounds (down from losing 70 pounds a few months ago), and I'm 19 pounds... Read more

  • Feeling ready for a new healthy lifestyle.

    7/30/2015 3:50:49 PM, by DMGONZA

    I just got surgery today. I know I have to wait at least 4 weeks to start working out but I want to start with my diet. I need to exercise more b... Read more

  • Day 529 - Almost To My First Weight Loss Mini Goal!

    7/30/2015 3:25:29 PM, by KENTUCKYMEL14

    I am proud to say that I am almost at my first weight loss mini goal! That goal is to weight 169. I started at 177 and today I weighed in at 170.... Read more

  • Healthy week!!

    7/30/2015 2:50:02 PM, by KBS2344

    Hi all! It's been a good week so far! I made it... Read more

  • Nearing the close of Month #2

    7/30/2015 12:34:40 PM, by CATLAKESIDE

    Hey, all! I'm still around - have nearly maintained through the last four weeks of summer camp, which was my goal. Hope to continue to do so... Read more

  • day 4

    7/30/2015 12:20:59 PM, by NAMELESSRAVEN

    Very sore from my workout yesterday.....but trying not to let that mess with my workout planned for today. Yesterday was hard....eating out makes... Read more

  • day 3

    7/29/2015 4:48:46 PM, by NAMELESSRAVEN

    Lucky to have a free fitness camp at my local park on Wednesdays. So did that this morning and I'm feeling really good. Ate a ton of veggies for ... Read more

  • Day 528 - Forming Habits

    7/29/2015 4:18:31 PM, by KENTUCKYMEL14

    Today is day 17 of being on track and I feel like I'm starting to get into a groove. I've noticed some of my actions are budding habits. For exam... Read more

  • Being Brave

    7/29/2015 8:08:16 AM, by ~INDYGIRL

    I can't tell you how many opportunities I've passed up because I've beaten myself down before I've even had a chance to go for the brass ring.... Read more

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