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  • Day 8

    9/18/2014 12:33:29 PM, by LAU112384

    Yesterday my walking partner switched days on me so we will be walking tonight and I did yoga yesterday. I got a ton of studying done yesterday ... Read more

  • I Know What I Did (or didn't do) This Summer

    9/18/2014 11:53:50 AM, by LULULUCY

    Two blog entries ago, I waxed poetic about the fears I had about starting a new job and changing my entire routine. These fears were entirely war... Read more

  • Day 40/100- Round 2 Fight!

    9/18/2014 11:43:56 AM, by KROWNEDBEAUTY

    Hey Guys! I apologize for the space in the blog, I've been on a roller-coaster of learning experiences some good some not so comfortable but all ... Read more

  • Why am I here and what am I saying

    9/17/2014 11:33:49 PM, by BERKELEYLOVEBUG

    I'm reevaluating why I'm here. More importantly, I'm reevaluating why I don't come back. I observe this cycle. I push, and go, and make plan... Read more

  • Feeling blue...

    9/17/2014 6:36:12 PM, by SARAHEBROWN929

    Today my husband told me that I'm too critical. That made me feel so sad because he's right. I grew up with critical people and now I'm critical ... Read more

  • Dopey Training Weeks 10 & 11

    9/17/2014 1:03:23 PM, by CHEMCHIC2006

    What's been going on in training? Check out Weeks 10 & 11! purplerunningpug.wordpre
    aining-weeks-10... Read more

  • Frustrations, But Positive Notes!

    9/17/2014 10:46:46 AM, by STEN2791

    As far as the job search goes, it was a good week this week (for both agency offers and offers I got on my own). Monday one of the guys fro... Read more

  • Long time no blog

    9/17/2014 10:06:29 AM, by PRINCESSDOVE

    Its been a long time since I've blogged anything but lifes the same . Same struggles . But A little healthier Me. As far as weightloss goes ... Read more

  • Day 7 not bad but Day 8 will be amazing

    9/17/2014 7:32:47 AM, by LAU112384

    Day 7 was not my greatest. I was still in my calorie range but ate a bit more than i wanted to/should have. I tend to eat more when I am tired.... Read more

  • cured of binging???

    9/16/2014 7:50:37 PM, by BAILEDY18

    There was a time when I would binge constantly . Eat something unhealthy then think screw it and carry on eating until I felt sick,then carry on ... Read more

  • Day 312 - The Grass Is Always Greener...?

    9/16/2014 1:10:26 PM, by KENTUCKYMEL14

    This morning I woke up and did my normal morning ritual, including weighing myself. Over the weekend I went crazy in my eating habits and basical... Read more

  • Consistency

    9/16/2014 11:06:39 AM, by SNUFFKINS

    I have a problem with consistency. I have these splurges of motivation and then I just drop ... I struggle a lot with tracking. I'm just ... lazy... Read more

  • week 3

    9/16/2014 10:00:54 AM, by TINY89

    Wednesday September 10, 2014 Hello everyone, My goal this week is to move more. I am trying to teach my children that living a sedentary life i... Read more

  • Day 6 was a success

    9/16/2014 5:31:06 AM, by LAU112384

    Yesterday I walked almost 10k steps and got in my studying. The only downfall was I got an hour and a half less sleep than usual. I tend not t... Read more

  • She's BACK!

    9/16/2014 12:38:03 AM, by BENTOGYRL

    It was a lovely summer vacation. I read journal articles and added quotes from them to my research papers. I also studied lots of Japanese and ... Read more

  • Just started over... yet again

    9/15/2014 10:49:34 PM, by JORDANIE27

    The biggest pant size I have ever been was a 16, but mostly i was a 14. Trying on some pants today I found out that I am a perfect size 18. How d... Read more

  • FitBit Week 2

    9/15/2014 10:08:17 PM, by PEACHYKEEN1985

    This week was another success. I am down another pound and feel great! I was super clean with my eating during the week and gave myself a little ... Read more


    9/15/2014 8:53:37 PM, by KENTUCKYMEL14

    I would like to thank everyone who liked and commented on my last blog post, "20 Things I've Learned In 5 Years." I literally had the inspiration... Read more

  • Oh, hey...

    9/15/2014 4:35:52 PM, by DUBLREED

    Yikes. I am so bad at keeping up with this program. But, in my defense, there have been a LOT of changes lately! 1. I went out of town a LOT... Read more

  • Parents

    9/15/2014 1:18:37 PM, by BLOSSOMGIRL2

    It's been awhile. The last months were extremely stressful. Due to some emotionally very challenging events, I couldn't eat for 2 weeks in Apr... Read more

  • Day 5 and still going strong

    9/15/2014 7:30:59 AM, by LAU112384

    Sunday's tend to be the hardest days for me, but yesterday went great. I got a good amount of studying in and I walked the dog. I got in almost... Read more

  • Climbing back up.

    9/15/2014 3:46:09 AM, by WRITINGRUNNER

    Last week I could feel myself sliding, this weekend I crashed. And only the week before we were saying how the pregnancy seemed to have helped le... Read more

  • When you are told "you seem really happy"

    9/14/2014 10:47:42 PM, by JAHAR929

    Today has been an incredible day and I was told, after skyping my most favoritest person ever, that I looked incredibly happy....that he could ju... Read more

  • Happy medium

    9/14/2014 2:44:35 PM, by BAILEDY18

    Due to me splitting with my partner and finding myself single after eleven years,I feel a little unsettled. I find myself wandering will I ever... Read more

  • Day 4 9-13-14

    9/14/2014 10:16:18 AM, by LAU112384

    I have been really good with my eating and getting some exercise in but i still need to work on focusing when I study. Only a month and a half l... Read more

  • How faith fits in with my fitness

    9/14/2014 9:41:36 AM, by JAHAR929

    There are many days that I lean into my faith more heavily then others. Days where I need additional strength, guidance, or understanding to real... Read more

  • the start

    9/14/2014 6:03:10 AM, by GUROCECILIE

    Today I write my first blog here. I have tried so much when it comes to ways to lose weith. and then I joind sparkspeople. This was over a year a... Read more

  • Day 309 - 20 Things I've Learned In 5 Years

    9/13/2014 8:06:44 PM, by KENTUCKYMEL14

    I don't remember the exact date but I joined SparkPeople some time in 2009. This means I've been a member for roughly 5 years. I've learned a lot... Read more

  • Day 3 9-12-14

    9/13/2014 1:12:38 PM, by LAU112384

    Yesterday was not the best day but not the worst. I was great during the day and I got my walk in during lunch. We went out to dinner and I was... Read more

  • Excess skin

    9/12/2014 3:50:18 PM, by BAILEDY18

    I am currently trying to put on muscle. I have lost all the weight I need to and more now.I work out regularly and have done from the start of my... Read more

  • Day 2 - On Track

    9/12/2014 7:37:36 AM, by LAU112384

    I started the exercise for 10 min a day goal. I actually did 25 min of yoga the first day. Today I am going to walk around for 20 minutes durin... Read more

  • New Guy + Feels

    9/12/2014 1:11:20 AM, by OPTIMISSPRIME

    This is a... new situation. So I "met" Ben on OKC. After some OKC messaging and texting, we met in person yesterday. He's not as cu... Read more

  • Day 307 - Writing Our Life's Story. What Does Yours Say?

    9/11/2014 8:13:43 PM, by KENTUCKYMEL14

    I'm going to sound shallow for a minute. I used to think stretch marks were gross. It didn't matter if they were the result of a pregnancy, a gro... Read more

  • Busy Summer

    9/11/2014 7:56:53 PM, by JESSIHOVER2

    I have had such an amazing summer. Tons of running, strength training, swimming and sun tanning, this Utah weather has been amazing this summer a... Read more

  • When people project mean things

    9/11/2014 6:32:13 PM, by JAHAR929

    I'll keep this blog brief as it is just simple reflection on my feelings at the moment. I was just put on blast by a friend (or soon to be... Read more

  • How much I love laughing

    9/11/2014 10:40:58 AM, by JAHAR929

    Sometimes I share funny stories about myself and then I think "Jackie, do people really care to read about your ridiculousness or your silly mish... Read more

  • Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday Stars

    9/11/2014 9:57:09 AM, by RUNLIZZYRUN

    Must do a better job of blogging! Maybe add an extra star for every day that I blog? I'd say super busy, but just super unmotivated. However... Read more

  • FitBit Week One Results

    9/10/2014 10:09:23 PM, by PEACHYKEEN1985

    I weighed in on Sunday for the first time since starting with the FitBit Flex. I was happy to see I had shed a pound. I've really enjoyed the com... Read more

  • Life today

    9/10/2014 9:31:07 PM, by SARAHEBROWN929

    I feel so happy right now. I won a drawing for a one month membership to the YMCA! My dad won a boat one time, when I was a kid, maybe his good l... Read more

  • Road to Recovery

    9/10/2014 6:14:50 PM, by AHALTOM

    I have reached a detour in my journey. Not every moment is going to be progress, and this is one of my moments. I strained my hamstring a few wee... Read more

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