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  • Focusing on my goals

    8/30/2015 7:29:50 PM, by HEALTHY_SARAH

    Yesterday didn't go as planned, in fact, I went completely off the food rails (compared to usual), going as far as to buy a decadent chocolate b... Read more

  • Nervous

    8/30/2015 6:24:16 PM, by CHEYANNE67

    tomorrow is my day 15 weigh in. Don't feel like I've lost any weight in this new program but my body is definitely changing, for the better! ... Read more

  • August 30, 2015 - wedding dress shopping w/ pics

    8/30/2015 12:01:32 PM, by DO4FIT

    Okay so it has been a heck of a week. Tomato canning last week, mom left for home on Monday. Had an unplanned meal out for dinner Monday and also... Read more

  • Day 12

    8/29/2015 10:13:00 PM, by WALTSAMA93

    How do you learn to breath and deal with some things? Over all the day has been really good. However its obvious that my motions a... Read more

  • It's my birthday!

    8/29/2015 11:14:08 AM, by CHEYANNE67

    It's my birthday! 20 years old today! Great news too! ... Read more

  • Meals & Stress

    8/29/2015 9:53:45 AM, by HEALTHY_SARAH

    I stayed on track during the day yesterday but made some poor food choices while out for dinner with my husband. I had half a Croque Monsieur san... Read more

  • 8/29 bad eating evening

    8/29/2015 9:12:56 AM, by DEA5011

    I was doing so well. So. Well. And then last night happened. I did well with dinner, italian sausage and veggies. But then. Sigh. I had the brigh... Read more

  • Day 11

    8/28/2015 2:59:12 PM, by WALTSAMA93

    I have a lot going on. I know it might be taking... Read more

  • Willpower

    8/28/2015 11:40:12 AM, by HEALTHY_SARAH

    I logged on this morning with plans to add another blog post, and was so pleased to see comments on my last blog post, thank you to those who did... Read more

  • 8/28 day off

    8/28/2015 10:44:57 AM, by DEA5011

    Yesterday went really well again! I am on a good streak this week! We had a really good workout at the dojo last night, I'm so glad I started goi... Read more

  • Friday!

    8/28/2015 8:00:32 AM, by CHEYANNE67

    It's my birthday tomorrow! At work they got me angel food cake and low fat whipped cream instead of actual birthday cake! They know I'm trying to... Read more

  • Getting the Best Essay from Essay Writing Services

    8/28/2015 1:20:46 AM, by ANDREWTHOM

    Anyone who’s ever gone to college knows how much work and time goes into writing an essay. Needless to say, most students will struggle with co... Read more

  • Enjoying Being Active & Healthy

    8/28/2015 12:42:22 AM, by XAOSREX

    Yesterday was one of the best days I've had since we moved to New Zealand. While I love winter and the actives that come with it, the cold winter... Read more

  • Rest Day

    8/27/2015 5:13:15 PM, by WMELLOR

    A little disappointed I didn't work out today. I went in to work, on my day off, early this morning and errands the rest of the day. I wanted to... Read more

  • Spent the last year coasting on weight loss

    8/27/2015 12:23:37 PM, by HEALTHY_SARAH

    I've had the goal of losing weight for the past year, and have definitely talked about it a lot, but I haven't put in the effort that I need to i... Read more

  • 8/27 work in progress

    8/27/2015 10:31:14 AM, by DEA5011

    I followed plan all the way through dinner and into the evening yesterday. Ate healthy. Got all my exercise in. I did so well. But then I was sit... Read more

  • Day 11

    8/27/2015 9:21:20 AM, by CHEYANNE67

    im very proud of myself and boyfriend for sticking to healthy living:) he's been supporting me throughout my journey and has even complemented me... Read more

  • Fishy bento

    8/27/2015 3:18:36 AM, by BENTOGYRL

    I just had the dickens of a time finding that pictu... Read more

  • Day 9

    8/27/2015 2:55:55 AM, by WALTSAMA93

    So i have had a pretty good day. i still had some l... Read more

  • August 26, 2015

    8/27/2015 1:55:50 AM, by DO4FIT

    Just sitting here with stuff on my mind, and the best way to get it off my mind is to write it out so I thought I would post a blog! A littl... Read more

  • Training

    8/26/2015 10:32:01 AM, by WMELLOR

    Today: 3.5 miles, 36 minutes. Run/walk. Cooler weath... Read more

  • Neighborhood tragedy :'(

    8/26/2015 10:08:28 AM, by COFFEEHACKER

    Warning : This post is really sad. You may not want to read it if you're just browsing blogs for motivation. But please, if you have trouble wi... Read more

  • Day 10 Shredz

    8/26/2015 8:47:22 AM, by CHEYANNE67

    I broke my own rule and got in the scale. I'm down 1 l... Read more

  • I'm Back!

    8/26/2015 8:22:58 AM, by WMELLOR

    After a four year hiatus, I'm back! I'm training for a half-marathon in March in addition to improving my nutrition. There are a lot of changes... Read more

  • 8/26

    8/26/2015 7:50:25 AM, by DEA5011

    Another good day yesterday! I stuck to plan, both food and exercise wise. Awesome. I weighed in this morning at 139.6, back under 140! I'm still ... Read more

  • Day 8

    8/26/2015 12:58:49 AM, by WALTSAMA93

    Having a really rough day. I like to tell myself im aloud to have them. i woke up and have had the worst charlie horses ive h... Read more

  • Day 9

    8/25/2015 1:10:30 PM, by CHEYANNE67

    I tried a new food today. Whole wheat pancakes! I added a bit of cinnamon and boy were they good! ... Read more

  • 8/25 good start to the week

    8/25/2015 7:55:37 AM, by DEA5011

    I did it! I made it through yesterday pretty much on plan. I got in my exercise and ate on plan for most of the day. I must have overestimated di... Read more

  • Shame

    8/25/2015 3:36:03 AM, by AETR9285

    Do you ever see a picture of yourself and just feel the most incredible shame at how you look? Shame that you let yourself get that way? Shame ... Read more

  • Fighting though my plateau

    8/25/2015 12:06:45 AM, by XAOSREX

    I've decided that I won't let my plateau defeat my motivation. I'm going to keep powering through and start changing my weight-loss plan to accom... Read more

  • Day 7

    8/24/2015 10:10:26 PM, by WALTSAMA93

    I have severally hurt myself. i went out for a walk and couldn't finish. honestly i haven't ever faced that in my entire life i have never been w... Read more

  • Workouts 8/18/15 -- 8/24/15

    8/24/2015 9:41:30 PM, by JESMOD

    Busted it out last week, made up 2 workout skipped from the week before to get myself back on track for my August goal of no workout skipped. So ... Read more

  • Thoughts on the 21 day Fix

    8/24/2015 11:32:00 AM, by AMYABLE97

    I've been trying out the 21 Day Fix program the last few weeks. It's a clean eating type diet that teaches you portion control with color coordi... Read more

  • Shredz update

    8/24/2015 9:36:15 AM, by CHEYANNE67

    its Day 8 of my Shredz program. I definitely enjoy it and am now starting to see small improvements in my body. I feel stronger and healthier. I'... Read more

  • 8/24 need to change

    8/24/2015 7:44:54 AM, by DEA5011

    Well. The weekend ended up being terrible eating wise. I won't go into it because it's bumming me out. But. Terrible. This morning I was up above... Read more

  • August 23, 2015 - Weigh in!

    8/23/2015 7:36:27 PM, by DO4FIT

    So I am officially down 15lbs as of this morning! Start 353 today 338! My month long goal is to get to 335 or my really big goal but wont be sad ... Read more

  • Marine girlfriends/wife's?

    8/23/2015 1:52:52 PM, by CHEYANNE67

    my boyfriend of 6 months just signed up for the marines. Yes I am proud and happy for him, but I also find myself angry. I feel selfish. I don't ... Read more

  • Mental tired...

    8/22/2015 10:51:26 PM, by CHEYANNE67

    I am mentally tired. I have been in such bad moods lately for no reasons, to the point where I can't stand myself.. I've pissed off my boyfriend ... Read more

  • 8/22: Ice Cream Birthday Party

    8/22/2015 9:42:26 PM, by ZZZZEA

    >full omelette and fried potato breakfast >ice cream, cake and more cake >tomato, chips, chicken breast patties as a weird combo dinner My body ... Read more

  • 8/22 warm yoga

    8/22/2015 10:35:03 AM, by DEA5011

    Yesterday went pretty well. I may have slightly overdone dinner. But we took the long way home and I ended with over 20,000 steps for the day. So... Read more

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