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  • Hay Fever & Injury Update

    7/28/2016 1:47:03 PM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    My Hay Fever is getting better had the peak of it on Tuesday nite but still dealing with my temp going up and down faster more than normal. My ea... Read more

  • OMG One Thing After Another I Swear!!!!

    7/26/2016 3:35:17 PM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    Hi Yall, Well as it turns out I ended up hurting myself thinking putting tiger balm on and somewhat wrapping my ankles somewhat tightly then pu... Read more


    7/23/2016 9:03:19 PM, by SASSYFITCHICK

    Seriously I have never been so proud of myself. Yea this whole healthy and fitness journey has been very hard. But I have kept going instead of g... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    Soo Soo Someawhat Frustrated

    7/11/2016 10:36:52 PM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    so for about a few days my scale is reading the same or alittle bit more than what its supposed to so I took it sat it at a different title in th... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    awesome news/ almost Injured 7-9-16

    7/10/2016 2:07:08 AM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    awesome news about my weight loss journey and almost got injuried by a jerk in the lap pool!!!! Grrrrrr. But I'm Feeling awesome tho. But the thi... Read more

  • Mini Flare

    7/8/2016 10:46:14 PM, by BACCSURFS

    We are scheduled to leave on vacation soon and I am in a small flare. I think it will be okay but I worry whenever we make plans that I won't be... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    extended blog entry 6-28-16

    6/29/2016 12:16:26 AM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    just a extended blog entry and little more of why i am on here kinda like an intro kinda sorta but plain and simple striaght forward just bare wi... Read more

  • Morning Aweness

    6/28/2016 8:47:45 AM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    Well its soo amazing how I can just drop 4 pounds without hardly doing anything at all! But last nite I just was soo depressed that I just ate li... Read more

  • Extremely Over Done Working Out

    6/27/2016 4:25:26 PM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    Well ive over done it in working out. Hardly eating anything and going straight from work to the gym spending 2 hrs then getting home at a late h... Read more

  • First Ever Post!!!

    6/24/2016 4:44:04 PM, by FITINSPIREBABE

    Well HEELLLOOOO there Yinz!! Its been a crazy few dayz here where I had a major wake up call! And started to immediately started a diet or w... Read more


    5/12/2016 10:38:38 AM, by BACCSURFS

    Currently experience a flare of my UCTD (Undifferentiated Connective Tissue Disorder). I haven't felt very well for about week. I had a visitat... Read more

  • Pre-Packaged Snacks

    4/12/2016 12:41:38 PM, by AKALEI349

    Getting all of my snacks pre-packaged as well as my lunch has been a huge help! The only thing I'm still struggling with is remembering to track... Read more

  • Preparation Preperation Preperation!

    4/10/2016 10:21:40 AM, by AKALEI349

    This week I bought... Carrots Pretzels Bl
    ackberries Grapes Peanuts
    Almonds All to prepackage into snacks for myself. I also bought bag... Read more

  • Explanation

    4/7/2016 12:51:49 PM, by AKALEI349

    Well my rough week continues...at least now I know why! So I've basically been feeling like crap lately, overly tired, sluggish, kind of...dim l... Read more

  • Unmotivated

    4/5/2016 12:22:33 PM, by AKALEI349

    I find myself a little unmotivated these days. Okay that is false, I find myself INCREDIBLY unmotivated. I just, I hate cooking! So much! I get ... Read more

  • My lifestyle change!

    4/5/2016 12:02:21 PM, by SASSYFITCHICK

    It has been 3 months since I decided to make a lifestyle change. I'm saying lifestyle change cause I'm not on a diet. Yea I may be exercising and... Read more

  • Rough Days

    4/4/2016 11:59:10 AM, by AKALEI349

    Well, it has been a rough few days. We had a very busy couple of days off together, which translated to not the greatest eating habits plus no ti... Read more

  • Struggle vs Progress - Learning to Think Positively Towards Myself

    3/24/2016 12:12:25 PM, by AKALEI349

    Last night's dinner was a struggle, boyfriend ordered pizza for dinner so I splurged too much but it's the first ordering in we've done in like t... Read more

  • Coffee

    3/22/2016 1:18:25 PM, by AKALEI349

    Today's small win that I am celebrating is how much I have cut back on caffeine in general but specifically coffee and soda. Back in Jan I was d... Read more

  • Working Exercise In

    3/21/2016 11:54:52 AM, by AKALEI349

    I am having trouble fitting exercise into my routine. Partially because I'm tired all of the time, partially because I have a million other thing... Read more

  • Bad Tracking

    3/20/2016 12:09:27 PM, by AKALEI349

    Well, it was a bad couple of days for tracking my food and drink habits. Partially because I was so busy, partially because I was so tired. Toda... Read more

  • Small Victory

    3/17/2016 2:15:37 PM, by AKALEI349

    Yesterday's small victory is that I managed to not overeat, even while home for the day. My calorie count was on the high end of my range but I d... Read more

  • Small Victory Challenge

    3/15/2016 1:00:31 PM, by AKALEI349

    In an effort to be kinder to myself and help combat my emotional eating I am making an effort to celebrate at least 2 small victories each week. ... Read more

  • Planning for the Week

    3/14/2016 2:56:34 PM, by AKALEI349

    So the problem is I despise cooking, and boyfriend only knows how to cook a few (unhealthy) things. I pre-planned our meals. They're relatively... Read more

  • Yesterday

    3/12/2016 11:22:00 AM, by AKALEI349

    So yesterday was not my best day, I ate WAY WAY WAY over my calories because I didn't pre-prepare my lunch. However today is a new day, win a s... Read more

  • Here We Go Again

    3/9/2016 6:15:15 PM, by AKALEI349

    Alrighty... Let's try this again! 1st day went well, I ate under my goal and I tracked all of my food for the day which was a big hurdle! I als... Read more

  • Dizzy spells over

    3/6/2016 11:27:05 AM, by BACCSURFS

    So my dizzy spells started improving just over a week ago about 4-5 days before my appointment with the Ear Nose Throat specialist. While I did ... Read more

  • Proud of myself!

    3/1/2016 2:02:11 PM, by SASSYFITCHICK

    Everything is going good. Since I have been exercising more and watching my portions. I have lost a total of 25 pounds in 2 months. I am seriousl... Read more

  • The rest is up to me.

    2/18/2016 9:06:39 AM, by CWCMWHITE

    I'm now 7 months post gastric sleeve surgery. I hit the 60# mark 2 weeks ago and haven't weighed since. The scale can sometimes discourage me if ... Read more

  • Uterine Biopsy

    2/5/2016 12:53:10 PM, by BACCSURFS

    I had a biopsy of my uterus a few weeks ago. All results were normal. Next week I return to discuss options for dealing with the symptoms I am ... Read more

  • Had to say goodbye to my Fitbit Flex

    2/2/2016 2:30:16 PM, by BACCSURFS

    I had to return my Fitbit Flex yesterday. Discovered it just wasn't accurately measuring my steps. Hubby got the one and we spent a day shoppin... Read more

  • The Gym

    1/27/2016 11:10:10 AM, by TWEETSTER211

    I will be going to the gym after I pick up my son from work. Ready to start working out again. I haven't been since last Thursday 1/21 and to d... Read more

  • Snow Snow and more Snow

    1/23/2016 11:19:18 AM, by TWEETSTER211

    Well it snowed Thursday night and Friday and we may even get some more today. Went to gym Thursday night but haven't been able to go back since. ... Read more

  • Determined

    1/21/2016 11:34:07 AM, by TWEETSTER211

    My church has started a weight loss group. There are about 20 of us in it. I have joined Planet Fitness and have been at 1 time a day for the l... Read more

  • Punctal Plugs

    1/18/2016 11:13:26 AM, by BACCSURFS

    Punctal Plugs were put in my eyes on January 13. I think the dryness is doing better. I put in the eye ointment when I go to bed and drops a co... Read more

  • Tired today

    1/1/2016 6:49:19 PM, by BACCSURFS

    I am extremely tired today and keep finding myself nodding off. This is a regular symptom of my illness but this is the worst it has been in awh... Read more

  • Fitness Happy Planner

    12/27/2015 8:28:05 PM, by BACCSURFS

    I got a fitness Happy Planner and it starts tomorrow. Going to try and do a better job of logging my food, water and exercise. I enjoy paper cr... Read more

  • Merry Christmas

    12/25/2015 6:42:06 AM, by COFFEEMUG2009

    and have a happy new year... Read more

  • More Medical bumps in the road

    12/20/2015 6:14:27 PM, by BACCSURFS

    I had my gallbladder removed in October. I went for my annual physical in November and discovered my uterus is enlarged. Ultrasound shows fibro... Read more

  • Day 34

    12/11/2015 3:11:11 PM, by GIRLGETTINGFIT

    I cannot believe it has been 21 days since my last blog! Well, I ended up with a cold right before Thanksgiving and fell off the exercise wagon.... Read more

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