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  • In 15 Minutes

    8/29/2014 7:21:19 AM, by BDJOHNSON

    I managed to run 1.32 miles this morning according to my RunKeeper application on my smartphone, and I did it at a pace of 11:26. That is an acc... Read more

  • Save Some In the Tank

    8/29/2014 4:52:24 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " The secret of success is to go through life as a man who never gets used up." Albert Schweitzer The human race usually does to much . We j... Read more

  • Bad day into a good day!

    8/28/2014 10:51:58 PM, by ORODEO73

    Wake up late! Rush the kids to get ready for school! Son forgets glasses! Argue with the kids! Make up with the kids! Go home and get glasses to ... Read more

  • Fantasy Football and a Challenge

    8/28/2014 10:44:02 PM, by NINETOZE

    So I love Professional football. Monday Night, Thursday night and sometimes alllllll ddddaaayyyy Sunday! That's a lot of sitting on your butt! ... Read more

  • Going clothes shopping makes me feel...

    8/28/2014 8:09:40 PM, by ORODEO73

    Fat! I have never liked clothes shopping!... Read more

  • Take me as I am

    8/28/2014 4:39:41 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " Never think you're not good enough yourself. A man should never think that . My belief is that in life people will take you at your own reckoni... Read more

  • Loading up the right way

    8/27/2014 6:36:23 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    Don't hitch your wagon to a falling star." Judge Judy People will try to derail you and mess you up. Yes even your friends and family. Fin... Read more

  • Exercise is important

    8/26/2014 10:13:02 PM, by TANJERM

    I have realized how important exercise is now. I feel so much better everyday. The problem is now that school has started I am finding it hard ... Read more

  • Don't Worry

    8/26/2014 4:39:59 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " Don't fear God, Don't worry about death: What is good is easy to get, and what is terrible is easy to endure. Epicurus Don't spend your da... Read more

  • New tracking

    8/25/2014 7:46:55 AM, by SHERREE66

    This week I started using the tracker that adds calories to your allowed intake when you exercise. So, I am eating more then I usually would on t... Read more

  • Change your course

    8/25/2014 4:42:02 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " Take the course opposite to custom and you will almost always do well." Jean-Jacques Rousseau It's hard to exercise or eat right when in a... Read more

  • Walking Angels

    8/24/2014 1:58:45 PM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " If only you could sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet; how important you can be to people you may never even dream of. T... Read more

  • Take a Step Back and Really See

    8/23/2014 9:33:38 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " The closer you look at something the more complex it seems to be ." Vint Cherf Stuck In the weight loss quagmire . Who isn't . What to... Read more

  • emergency room

    8/22/2014 9:35:20 PM, by BJHARRIS549

    spent all day in the emergency room with my mother.She had headache that was so painful when she went to bed last night she couldn't get rid of i... Read more

  • Be a Leader

    8/22/2014 5:14:17 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " You should always ask yourself what would happen if everyone did what you are doing.' Jean -Paul Sartre Sometimes we are not willing or un... Read more


    8/21/2014 5:38:42 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    Your not supposed to understand everything ." Rod Steiger Some people crack me up lucky thing I am not an egg. I know bad humor , But I do ... Read more

  • Mini Bootcamp Challenge 8/20/14

    8/20/2014 7:52:41 AM, by NINETOZE

    Well, hello! Thanks for comin by!! I've been working on my own daily bootcamps and have a challenge for you too! I love Pinterest and... Read more

  • Are You amused Yet

    8/20/2014 5:10:54 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " Everything considered work is less boring than amusing oneself." Charles Baudelaire Yes exercise is sometimes hard but: I find i... Read more

  • Ninja's Coming! (I'm a Navy Ninja in the BLC)

    8/19/2014 2:18:00 PM, by NINETOZE

    Looking for something else on Pinterest and I kept seeing Ninja pictures! Had to share the fun... Read more

  • Hoping

    8/19/2014 4:57:16 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    "If you do not hope, you will not find what is beyond your hopes." Clement of Alexandria Being healthy involves a lot of hoping . But i... Read more

  • Almost Right

    8/18/2014 5:13:24 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    It is better to approximately right than precisely wrong ." Warren Buffett Yesterday I told everyone we were going to the beach closest to... Read more

  • New Running Shoes - if only for a day

    8/17/2014 11:09:46 PM, by NINETOZE

    It was time for new shoes. I'm getting ready to run half a dozen races or so this fall and wanted (needed) new shoes. I went to a speciality stor... Read more

  • Had a baby!

    8/17/2014 6:08:34 PM, by WYO_CASEY

    Well, I had my baby on August 6 via csection (breech). Her name is Timber Gail (Gail is my mother's middle name); 5lbs 12.5oz, 18.5". It was de... Read more

  • Opportunity Knocks

    8/17/2014 8:14:13 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    We should never lose an occasion. Opportunity is more powerful even than conquerors or prophets." Benjamin Disraeli The early bird gets the ... Read more

  • You Have the Power

    8/16/2014 9:10:27 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " Nobody is as powerful as we make them out to be." Alice Walker Have you ever stopped doing something because someone said something? Have... Read more

  • Another Mile Run

    8/16/2014 6:24:51 AM, by BDJOHNSON

    I ran 1.07 miles in 12 minutes yesterday, and it was good to finish up. I think my body liked the track's surface instead of the concrete on the... Read more

  • Fight for your Health

    8/15/2014 5:01:15 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " if you're about to get into a fight , and you know for sure you're going to fight , make sure you punch first. " Vincent Vecavalier Whethe... Read more

  • A Winning Hand

    8/14/2014 5:05:41 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " One should always play fairly -----When one has the winning cards, Oscar Wilde When It come to weight loss we all have a winning hand or ... Read more

  • Leg Pains - Swelling

    8/13/2014 9:50:33 PM, by TANJERM

    So now that I have added 10,000 steps a day to my routine, I am suffering major leg pain. The pain is right below the knee between the front and... Read more

  • Try Some More

    8/13/2014 5:09:35 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " You don't try. That's very important: not to try, either for Cadillacs , creation, or immortality . You wait , and if nothing happens , you wai... Read more

  • My homemade Bootcamp workout!

    8/12/2014 11:38:10 PM, by NINETOZE

    So I've been working the last couple weeks on a morning workout routine to get some strength training in. I have always made excuses on ST but kn... Read more

  • Trust your Gut

    8/12/2014 5:12:02 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " Trust your Gut." Barbara Walters We are all born with an inner voice . It is our protector our best friend. The voice will tell you if you... Read more

  • One Mile Monday

    8/11/2014 7:30:57 AM, by BDJOHNSON

    After waking up around 3:00 A.M. and heading to my recliner, I set my alarm and began to read my novel. Once it woke me up from a dead sleep, I ... Read more

  • Think Wisely

    8/11/2014 5:01:10 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " Reserve your right to think , for even if you think wrongly is better not to think at all." Hypatia Before you eat think. Will this... Read more

  • Love one another

    8/10/2014 8:16:32 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    Love one another and you will be happy .It's as simple or as difficult as that." Michael Leunig It is early morning there is a cool gentle b... Read more

  • Trusting Yourself

    8/9/2014 9:59:27 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " Trust your instincts . Your mistakes might as well be your own instead of someone else's" Billy Wilder You know You . You really do... Read more

  • What to do not to cave to craving!

    8/8/2014 8:53:27 AM, by GOODNITE2

    I have given in lately to cravings. As a result all progress is a distant memory. It has to be real change not temporary. I need to commit to the... Read more

  • Making Tire Tracks

    8/8/2014 4:53:19 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    " We know what happens to people that stay in the middle of the road. They get run over ." Aneurin Bevan Are you always straight and tr... Read more

  • No mistaking It

    8/7/2014 4:50:41 AM, by ALEXSGIRL1

    "The greatest mistake you can make in life is to be continually fearing you will make one." Elbert G. Hubbard A Mistake is always a chance ... Read more

  • A lazy day that turned around!

    8/6/2014 5:52:19 PM, by RKTHETEXGAL

    Upon waking early this morning to let my doggies out, I was dragging butt! I-was-exhausted! I ate a good breakfast and drank my water and heade... Read more

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