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  • Highest weight on the darn scale!

    6/29/2015 7:35:09 AM, by EJGASTON

    I weighed in this morning at 201.35 :( BUT - I won't get down over it. I've made some healthy lifestyle choices and I know I've been getting a ... Read more

  • No Sugar in Coffee - Done

    6/29/2015 7:29:46 AM, by EJGASTON

    After a few weeks, I have gotten used to only adding cream to coffee - no added sugar :) I also cut back to only one cup per day - and some ... Read more

  • Low carb is working!

    4/29/2015 8:08:54 AM, by DJONES3423

    It seems as if I've been on a "diet" for most of my adult life. Recently, after struggling for months with little progress, I decided to give low... Read more

  • Trying out a low-carb/high-fat diet--with SUCCESS!

    4/27/2015 10:49:08 AM, by DJONES3423

    After waking up feeling like crud on yet another Saturday morning a few weeks ago, I started toying with the thought of going low-carb. Even when... Read more

  • My Energy Blog

    4/24/2015 10:43:22 AM, by ELIZABETH1949

    Lately I have lacked energy. So I am starting a serious quest for developing more energy in my life. I am excited to share this journey here. ... Read more

  • Day One No added sugar

    4/9/2015 7:13:23 PM, by EJGASTON

    Started the day with nutribullet with spinach, berries and flax. Got to work, then had flavored coffee without adding sugar, but had half and ... Read more

  • I am back, after a very, very long break.

    3/9/2015 8:22:12 AM, by GREASE31

    I am back, after a very, very long break, which seeems to, have lasted forever, & @ times, has felt like, it!!!! !!!! !!!!. Recently i have... Read more

  • UNDER-eating can be your enemy

    2/17/2015 10:01:12 AM, by DJONES3423

    I made a discovery about my body this morning. Even though I was eating breakfast (an open-faced sandwich made with a fried egg, a serving of lun... Read more

  • Plugging away

    2/12/2015 11:25:56 PM, by DJONES3423

    I set myself the simple goal of logging just 10 minutes per day of exercise. I had to stretch it a couple of times when I didn't have a lot of ti... Read more

  • The Myth of Being Good

    1/29/2015 9:30:09 PM, by RESABILL

    So I went out with friends to a rib place for lunch. I must have sat there for 10, even 15 minutes, agonizing over what I should order. I'm suppo... Read more

  • 12 days and counting!

    1/6/2015 11:13:59 AM, by DJONES3423

    I have logged exercise for 12 straight days now. I'm still moving more slowly than I did before I came down with viral meningitis back in Novembe... Read more

  • I feel fat

    1/5/2015 12:15:52 PM, by BABIRD1

    And that is the main reason I have a strong desire to make healthier choices again; I feel fat. I don't worry about people looking at me thinking... Read more

  • So close!

    12/30/2014 8:22:53 PM, by DJONES3423

    At the beginning of 2014, I set the goal of logging 1500 minutes of exercise for the year. For various reasons, I didn't exercise consistently th... Read more

  • Starting over

    12/28/2014 9:16:41 PM, by DJONES3423

    My working out and getting healthy plans were sidelined back in November when I came down with viral meningitis. Starting November 4, I spent fiv... Read more

  • Chocolate Makes It Better

    12/25/2014 10:50:48 PM, by RESABILL

    it's time for another change. Maybe it won't be seen in lasting weight loss or in a smaller number on my clothes tag. But hopefully, it will be a... Read more

  • The End of an Era

    11/20/2014 9:29:09 PM, by TIGERGRRRL

    Life will settle down a bit as my husband's mom passed away peacefully this afternoon. Thanks to all who have kept our family lifted up.... Read more

  • Resignation

    11/17/2014 12:11:53 AM, by TIGERGRRRL

    Even though I'm going to be doing what I feel in my heart is the right thing for me and for my family, I'm still nervous. I've been in this posit... Read more

  • Jumping Off A Cliff

    11/15/2014 11:22:52 AM, by TIGERGRRRL

    We are pulling my MIL from the hospital after Thanksgiving weekend. I'm training on the ventilator and I'll basically be moving in with her... Read more

  • Beef Stew

    11/10/2014 8:42:01 PM, by TIGERGRRRL

    Chuck roast Steak seasoning for rub Can of cream of chicken soup Place in crock pot sprayed with Pam for 8 hours. On stove top, c... Read more

  • Insane Week

    11/8/2014 10:59:41 PM, by TIGERGRRRL

    The two up sides to the wreck last Sunday night are that my baby can be fixed instead of totaled, and our rental car is a Camaro. The meds ... Read more

  • Wreck = Stress but I am still on track

    11/2/2014 9:15:55 PM, by TIGERGRRRL

    I did well tonight. On my way home to fix chili, my itty bitty Buick got rear ended by a Suburban. No injuries to humans. Ate a Kashi bar instead... Read more

  • Observation

    11/2/2014 1:57:18 PM, by TIGERGRRRL

    Even a less than stellar breakfast is better than skipping, because I'm still on track for the day. I decided to snag a hash brown patty and a tu... Read more

  • Ouch

    11/2/2014 11:04:53 AM, by TIGERGRRRL

    If broken ankle is not FULLY HEALED, do not wear high heels even for a short period of time.... Read more

  • No mentor

    7/3/2014 1:32:43 PM, by BETANIKNITS

    I'm a shy person, so it's difficult for me to approach anyone. My husband is trying to get healthier too, so at least I have him to turn to.... Read more

  • Fitbit Challenge

    6/20/2014 9:13:09 PM, by EJGASTON

    Still on the lookout for a sparkpartner - no luck. However - Aetna is now offering me $5 a day - for every day that I sync my fitbit to them... Read more

  • Back after a long hiatus

    5/26/2014 9:58:05 PM, by DIALY_STORM

    I am working at losing the weight I regained and I am very disheartened by that thought. Ever since I was 17 years old it has been like this. G... Read more

  • Memorial Day

    5/26/2014 11:07:08 AM, by EJGASTON

    Happy Memorial Day! Yesterday, I spent most of the day at Forest Park, walking around the zoo, then playing tennis - or trying to play tenni... Read more

  • Sleeping -

    5/11/2014 7:29:08 AM, by EJGASTON

    With the fitbit ONE, I have been tracking my sleeping consistency and I am quite happy with it - last night, finally a little over 8 hours of sle... Read more

  • Got another Fitbit

    5/4/2014 7:36:44 AM, by EJGASTON

    Yesterday...I had been thinking about getting another fitbit. I love the little zip, it is a set it and forget it kind of pedometer. I think a ... Read more

  • Walk of Champions

    5/4/2014 7:34:41 AM, by EJGASTON

    Last minute - but doing it anyway... Walk of Champions today is a walk for cancer in Ware, MA at the Quabbin. The route is 1.5 miles ar... Read more

  • My BCL25 Goals

    5/2/2014 12:42:14 PM, by DENAMARIE1

    The fresh start.....12 weeks to make a difference! Yep! Gonna make some progress this time. So, without further ado, here are my goals for ... Read more

  • Tried cycling, failed miserably

    3/27/2014 9:46:06 PM, by NARAYUME

    Since I have been not allowed to walk, I haven't really exercised. I kept planning to, but with all my standard exercise of limits, it has been e... Read more

  • Took a break from the Scale for awhile

    3/21/2014 6:07:11 AM, by EJGASTON

    So - I was noticing the same yo-yo and decided to step off the scale for a month. This morning - I stepped on and to my surprise - I am down... Read more

  • Much time in kitchen today

    3/15/2014 8:48:43 PM, by SUZLOOZ

    I made the salmon burgers my husband loves: ten of them, and froze eight. And soup with mini sausage meatballs, spinach, and pasta. I made him c... Read more

  • Blood sugar crashed

    3/14/2014 8:19:19 PM, by SUZLOOZ

    Maybe I will rethink my decision since I ate dinner and recovered from my ... Read more

  • stream of thoughts

    3/14/2014 5:27:01 PM, by SUZLOOZ

    I have the impulse to make this blog private. I haven't participated, I don't have the time to go on the boards, I have made a few nice friends b... Read more

  • Nicolas - Gone Four Years!

    3/7/2014 4:21:57 PM, by MONIEE2

    Greetings SP Family!! I realize that it's been a while, so how has everyone been doing in their journey? I haven't fared so well, but guess ... Read more

  • My long and bumpy journey to gluten and dairy free.

    2/18/2014 2:45:47 PM, by MLVASQUEZ

    Wow! It's been a while since I was on Spark and blogged and I wish I had done it more because it's been a journey. According to my blogging I fir... Read more

  • One step forward, twelve steps backward

    2/18/2014 1:03:08 PM, by SUZLOOZ

    I find myself back at the vending machine at work. Most times I look and talk myself out of buying anything. I've gone backwards, but I hav... Read more

  • RE: I'm Back, After A, Very Very, Long Break.

    1/31/2014 10:50:36 AM, by GREASE31

    RE: I'm back, after a very very, long break, i'll be, very very, honest with, you now, i have not had the energy to go out much, so have been hi... Read more

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