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4/19/2014 11:48:50 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Well, I am down 4.2# since Monday or Tuesday. So it definitely was processed foods and perhaps Advil. So good lesson learned. Either avoid processe...  Read more


4/9/2014 12:44:16 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Well, I learned one very valuable thing from last week. Processed foods are not my friends! I was going along smoothly, losing weight, and all of a...  Read more


Day 3
4/2/2014 10:18:51 AM,  6 COMMENTS

Today is only day 3 and I am still so excited! I realize I am in the "honeymoon" phase, but I have high hopes of this being the time that I really do...  Read more


New Month and a New Perspective
4/1/2014 3:00:47 PM,  8 COMMENTS

When one of my teams asked if we had any success in March, I had to say yes. Even though I have been off track with both nutrition and exercise. I h...  Read more


Wishing I knew how!
3/31/2014 11:31:29 AM,  5 COMMENTS

I sure wish I knew how to get my husband to let me clean out the back of our storage areas. Of course he wants me to clean, but when I pull things ou...  Read more


12/30/2013 4:31:44 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Here are the jeans I patched. Used embroidery thread to stitch the patch after using heat and bond to put the patch on with. ...  Read more


Have To Change My Mind Set ...
12/24/2013 11:15:21 AM,  5 COMMENTS

Had an appointment with a new Endocrinologist yesterday. Really hate Breaking In a New Dr.! But, seems like this will be a good connection for me....  Read more


Does it get easier?
10/4/2013 5:14:44 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Wishing my Mom was here to remind me of the struggles she faced when raising 4 kids by herself. Or shoukd I say her solutions? Sometimes I think it...  Read more


Weekend Challenges
9/27/2013 1:08:58 PM,  4 COMMENTS

It's going to be a Challenge to stay within my calories this weekend, as we've been invited to two cookouts - one tonight and one tomorrow night. I'm...  Read more


Losing Weight!
9/26/2013 10:34:20 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Lost 3 lbs. already this week. Just a small loss and already I can tell a difference in how my clothes fit! ...  Read more


Goal for this week
9/25/2013 6:43:42 PM,  0 COMMENTS

My goal for this week is to download a journaling app to my Ipad. Any suggestions anyone?...  Read more


8/29/2013 10:32:25 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Ran tomatoes through my old 1979 Oster mixer with sieve attachment yesterday and today. Love this machine, it saves so much time. Anyone ha...  Read more


Grocery shopping for new
8/29/2013 4:23:03 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I love grocery shopping. I used to go with my son who enjoys the same things. We loved to peruse the aisles looking for new and different items. We sh...  Read more


Almost Finished Motorhome
8/28/2013 11:23:12 PM,  5 COMMENTS

We got the motor home pretty much ready to go. I have a few more details I want to do to it. I am looking for a picture that goes with the fish and...  Read more


Doing so much better
8/19/2013 6:53:11 AM,  1 COMMENTS

We joined three other couples at De Soto state park on Saturday and had a blast! We joined Jim and April on Friday night. The other two couples join...  Read more


Reflecting on Behavior
8/18/2013 11:28:21 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I'm actually pleased with my eating this weekend. I made some great choices. When my husband brought home a box full of large bags of chips that he go...  Read more


8/18/2013 10:21:51 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Made some pillows for my motor home today. Just bought pillows from the thrift store and covered them. The cab seats are this turquoise and t...  Read more


A Promising Start
8/17/2013 3:17:50 AM,  0 COMMENTS

Following a vacation to my hometown filled with wanton abandon and no-holds-barred consumption of food, ice cream, soda, topped off with a 17 hour dri...  Read more


A Re-Set Is In Order
8/12/2013 10:15:19 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I have been doing a lot of self-study work lately, including a 12-step group to help me work through some long standing issues. One of those issues i...  Read more


Healthy vegetarian dishes? Potlucks?
7/29/2013 12:45:50 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I wish I could find a social group that held pot lucks on a regular basis that shared healthy vegetable dishes. I need to learn to make more vege...  Read more


7/10/2013 10:52:52 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Here are some things I have been working on in the motor home. I covered the valance treatment with this material that I have had for 19 years...  Read more


quiet weekend
7/8/2013 1:58:20 AM,  0 COMMENTS

a lot of not sharing with others, keeping my opinions to myself, but I also know that taking a step backwards and being quiet the way that I h...  Read more


Happy Anniversary to me, 7 years today with Sparks
7/7/2013 9:16:28 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Nice huh? Joined seven years today and am 44 pounds lighter. Change has been slow, but it happened. I'm still throwing clothes which are too...  Read more


Phase two of Weight Loss
7/7/2013 8:32:17 PM,  6 COMMENTS

I have lost 41 Lbs since starting on this journey , 26 lbs this year. I am at 158 and did not really want to start working out until I was below 160....  Read more


7/2/2013 5:40:14 AM,  1 COMMENTS

been copying a box of old family pictures to prints and cd I've decided on three prints to enlarge and hang in my bedroom they were taken by...  Read more


June 30, 2013
6/30/2013 7:59:01 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Thinking of my upcoming anniversary with Sparks--7 years. Procrastinated with a project, and am spending a few hours on it each day....  Read more


My personal roller coaster
6/20/2013 5:26:06 PM,  3 COMMENTS

I wouldn't want to repeat the last few weeks of my life. It involved: student assessments, rating scales, reports, transition meetings, graduation, fi...  Read more


6/15/2013 12:24:13 AM,  6 COMMENTS

I am making a shower curtain for my motor home from a shower curtain I got at a thrift store. I can make a curtain for the back window and the showe...  Read more


6/5/2013 5:54:44 PM,  9 COMMENTS

This is my 12-week plan for success. What can I do to succeed? 1. Settle on what healthy plan I can live with. And hopefully enjoy doing. 2....  Read more


Motor home update
6/3/2013 7:43:34 PM,  5 COMMENTS

I have been working on the motor home. It is still a work in progress. After doing some cleaning in the kitchen area. I was going to paint the...  Read more


5/28/2013 10:26:12 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I finally got to have some fun with my scrapbook cabinet. I made some cards and had a great time making them. This cabinet worked out real...  Read more


1988 19ft. Motorhome
5/28/2013 10:16:26 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Here is our newest (to us anyway) motor home. I am currently cleaning it. Visiting Pinterest and other sites for decorating ideas. Will d...  Read more


California Visit
5/20/2013 4:07:31 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Visiting in California with my daughterr and her husband as well as my grand daughter. She is so glad I am here to see all the things she has acc...  Read more


4/20/2013 8:04:26 PM,  7 COMMENTS

While we were eating lunch out today, I happened to notice that I was not the fattest person in the restaurant. In fact, it dawned on me, that si...  Read more


Reactions to the Boston Marathon Bombings
4/16/2013 8:12:22 AM,  9 COMMENTS

Yesterday I was driving home from Anacortes after a very pleasant weekend with my son and his daughters. The traffic was flowing very smoothly and I w...  Read more


Bunk Beds
3/30/2013 10:49:01 PM,  2 COMMENTS

My honey found an older bunk bed and he spent the day painting it. It turned out really great. My son went to get mattresses out of storage....  Read more


Non-scale Ways I See Healthy Changes
3/18/2013 6:49:42 PM,  6 COMMENTS

Here are some non-scale ways I see an improvement in my health: I am wearing a smaller size I can walk long distances without aches or pains My...  Read more


Quick & Easy Meals
3/9/2013 11:14:57 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Quick & Easy Meals: Corn tortillas, black beans & salsa, grated cheese Meatloaf Stuffin' Muffins Salad with leftover chicken, shrimp or beans ...  Read more


3/8/2013 4:27:44 PM,  2 COMMENTS

My honey, my son and I went for a ride to find a road that is suppose to have geodes. It took us most of the day to find the road. We took a roa...  Read more


Main page entry from 2009
3/7/2013 7:34:41 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Ok so today I am a little older, a little wiser and thanks to a lot of website research a little less stressed than this time last year. I just read...  Read more


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