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  • Dreaded Work Travel

    9/18/2014 1:57:00 PM, by KABMPH

    I have an awful work travel schedule coming up. I will do my best to work out at hotel gyms, but you won't see me around here very much. Here's m... Read more

  • Made it through and still pushing!

    9/15/2014 6:09:05 PM, by NAYIME

    Finally finished my Graduate Degree Summer quarter on today until the Fall quarter starts on October 1, 2014, so will be enjoying this little bre... Read more

  • September check in (rant alert!)

    9/15/2014 10:34:57 AM, by SDLEE514

    This blog is going to get quite ranty so if you're not into that, consider yourself warned. I haven't been keeping up with my September plan... Read more

  • AmeriCorps

    9/12/2014 7:37:14 PM, by KABMPH

    I don't know what filled your Twitter feed today, but mine blew up with news about the 20th anniversary of the AmeriCorps program. For those who ... Read more

  • kind of coasting

    9/12/2014 6:33:10 PM, by EDELWEISS33

    This week, doing 5 sets of 25 situps, 5 sets of 15 pushups. 2 20 minute bike rides up and down the hilly neighborhood, 2 zumba classes, volunteer... Read more

  • Its Count down time for sure!

    9/11/2014 5:07:46 PM, by NAYIME

    So I went into my closet this morning to try on my new slim hugging skirts I brought last spring with price tags still on them after my new booti... Read more

  • Yesterday I Bought

    9/10/2014 10:03:44 AM, by KABMPH

    A SparkFriend blogged about nutritional yeast, something I've only had on kale chips at a vegan restaurant. A friend posted an article on F... Read more

  • Physical and doing it!

    9/9/2014 2:42:41 PM, by NAYIME

    So I went yesterday for my physical and down to 180 ILBs at 5ft, 9 and a quarter inches, long legs and wearing my weight loss very... Read more

  • Really needed a kick in the butt!

    9/8/2014 12:57:45 PM, by KELLYINVA

    Man have I just been aimless this summer. One of my friends is a coach for the P90X30 program and I finally just bit the bullet and signed ... Read more

  • It's a Way of Life

    9/7/2014 11:50:28 AM, by KABMPH

    I take the stairs 96% of the time. I walk to the library and to the gym and to the grocery store. And when the gym is closed becau... Read more

  • Fininshing Up, Pace, Pace!

    9/6/2014 3:23:38 PM, by NAYIME

    So I am in my last week of my Graduate degree Summer quarter, juggling final assignments, and exams, before starting the Fall quarter October 1,... Read more

  • Workout Clothes

    9/6/2014 9:26:49 AM, by KABMPH

    When I first joined the gym, I would wear old T-shirts to work out in. When I realized I would sticking around the gym, I bought a "real" workout... Read more

  • Persistance pays off!

    9/4/2014 2:28:53 PM, by NAYIME

    So today I took the day off, and reflected that putting me first means everything and that I will not compromise my happiness. My happiness means... Read more

  • Have to keep going!

    9/2/2014 9:35:46 PM, by NAYIME

    This has been a very busy month for me while in Graduate School, maintaining a GPA of 4.0, and my new decision to take better care of me by makin... Read more

  • Vacation road trip & September plans

    9/2/2014 9:35:01 PM, by SDLEE514

    So, I didn't get to where I wanted to be as far as weight loss/fitness goals before my vacation. Oh well, I'm over it. Vacation was wonderful, sp... Read more

  • Persistance equals results!

    8/31/2014 6:20:40 PM, by NAYIME

    I started on here at a weight of 207 lbs, just days ago. I was already wearing a size 12-14. My persistence is paying off and now I am fitting my... Read more

  • Crazy elevations in the Annapolis 10M

    8/27/2014 6:47:54 PM, by PASTAFARIAN

    Ran the Annapolis 10M on Sunday. A nice race for hill lovers. Check this "interesting" elevation chart. (I'm just showing an excerpt since SP squ... Read more

  • The Gadget that Changed My Life

    8/27/2014 12:27:26 PM, by KABMPH

    OK, while that title might be a bit of an exaggeration, I sure do love my new tofu press. Read more

  • All Core, All the Time

    8/26/2014 7:44:23 PM, by KABMPH

    Today's session with the trainer consisted of a lot of core exercises. She told me that core is considered between shoulders to hips... It's more... Read more

  • TRX

    8/19/2014 8:00:18 PM, by KABMPH

    In my second meeting with the trainer, she "showed me the ropes" of TRX. If you aren't familiar, this is what it is like: Read more

  • Why Reinvent the Wheel?

    8/19/2014 2:24:26 PM, by KELLYINVA

    I have decided to go back to my first week on Spark (Jan 6) and see if I can replicate each meal for one week. Perhaps sounds odd, but the ... Read more

  • Refocused - New Christmas Challenge

    8/16/2014 6:04:25 PM, by KELLYINVA

    My hubby and I will be driving down and meeting my family at Disney & Harry Potter this year for Christmas. I am so excited already, because we a... Read more

  • I Beat a Pregnant Woman

    8/15/2014 3:20:07 PM, by PASTAFARIAN

    Half the fun of trail races is how much we complain about them during and afterward. But how could I complain in the presence of her: 29 weeks pr... Read more

  • Spoiler Alert!

    8/13/2014 9:37:03 AM, by KELLYINVA

    I'm bad a maintenence. This summer has been a good opportunity for me to see how well I can maintain my weight loss. The bad news is, not very we... Read more

  • Challenging and Fun

    8/12/2014 8:38:18 PM, by KABMPH

    I FINALLY had my first appointment with a personal trainer at my gym. She had good energy and told me that she lost over 150 pounds! I liked how ... Read more

  • Weekend getaway and August plans

    8/4/2014 12:30:06 PM, by SDLEE514

    Here it is Monday and I find myself needing to regroup and recommit. Again. But cest' la vie, I've been trying to enjoy my summer--its always be... Read more

  • 5 A Day

    7/30/2014 8:46:59 PM, by KABMPH

    I came across this article today and am so happy to report that I am in th... Read more

  • Building Muscle

    7/26/2014 8:02:23 PM, by KABMPH

    I've been thinking about weightlifting for a long time. Last year I read a book that said research says that lifting weights is the ... Read more

  • Lose 5 lbs fast

    7/26/2014 7:20:29 PM, by PASTAFARIAN

    Ran 10M this afternoon. Probably not the wisest thing because the temp hit 90F by the end of my run (which ultimately involved some walking as I ... Read more

  • Sometimes I'm Making Progress and Don't Even Realize It

    7/26/2014 10:01:42 AM, by LINDAC107

    Sometimes it feels like it's 2 steps back and 1 step forward. I am not diagnosed with low blood sugar and in fact, am not supposed to have it. My... Read more

  • Day 7 of 135 - DON'T QUIT

    7/23/2014 10:30:27 AM, by FORZACHANDMATT

    I may feel like this sometimes but I won't quit... Read more

  • Day 7 of 135

    7/22/2014 7:43:44 PM, by FORZACHANDMATT

    Today had mostly good and a bit not so good. The boys went off to camp no problem and loved it! The older one is doing a more adventure camp and ... Read more

  • Day 6 of 135

    7/21/2014 10:05:05 PM, by FORZACHANDMATT

    135 days seems so long but I keep telling myself that if I didn't do this now, where would I be in 135 days - nowhere!! So I keep on although I h... Read more

  • I'm not giving up.

    7/21/2014 9:20:18 AM, by KELLYINVA

    I don't know what it is the past few weeks, but I guess I just got it in the back of my head that I was slowly giving up. Maybe because after los... Read more

  • Vitamin B12

    7/21/2014 9:01:03 AM, by KABMPH

    A couple of months ago I had been feeling pretty tired, so I went to the doctor. I learned I was deficient in both Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. My ... Read more

  • Day 5 of 135

    7/20/2014 9:23:44 PM, by FORZACHANDMATT

    Had a busy day with the family. Got the kids ready for camp tomorrow, then went to a Nationals game (they won) and then dinner with my in-laws to... Read more

  • Podcast

    7/20/2014 5:47:18 PM, by KABMPH

    I'm listening to this podcast interview with fitness expert Krista Scott-Dixon and loving the conversation. They talk a lot about body image, whi... Read more

  • Day 4 of 135

    7/19/2014 7:46:17 PM, by FORZACHANDMATT

    So I didn't get as much exercise today as I would have liked but did get to spend a nice day with my family which was nice. I did eat very health... Read more

  • Day 3 of 135

    7/18/2014 9:10:10 PM, by FORZACHANDMATT

    It was a busy day so I'm glad it was a day I chose to have an easy exercise day! My boot camp instructor had to cancel today and I have been work... Read more

  • Day 3 of 135

    7/17/2014 9:30:56 PM, by FORZACHANDMATT

    Was happy to see 171 on the scale this morning but it made me nervous too because I don't want to lose my motivation. I don't think I am and I fe... Read more

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