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To all my Spark Friends
7/25/2014 7:26:54 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Thank you all for your prayers 458 and well wishes and kind thoughts I am walking more with a 360 , standing to do many of my other exercises....  Read more


Princess' New Family
7/25/2014 6:53:39 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Better picture of Princess - @6 months old! And me 102 Me when I weighed my lowest, 143 and Sarah, our Little Mama - 3 yrs old! ...  Read more


Transition from trying to maintain to becoming a maintainer and ice cream flashbacks.
7/25/2014 4:39:27 PM,  11 COMMENTS

When I initially lost my weight 3 years ago, I went through the honeymoon period where I was celebrating and happily buying new clothes. However, I ha...  Read more


Pink Slip
7/25/2014 4:06:38 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I had a really rough week. Work has been slim at my company lately and we've started letting people go here and there. We are a construction c...  Read more


Over the hump & winning again
7/25/2014 2:41:34 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I was going to say losing again, but that,s not what it feels like to get rid of excess weight, is it? This round my weight will not budge and th...  Read more


7/25/2014 1:30:35 PM,  4 COMMENTS

This isn't by any means new or even new to me. But, it's been on my mind a lot lately. (Of course, there are exceptions to this. If one of...  Read more


What’s Up With MissB8604? – Weeks 174 & 175
7/25/2014 1:03:54 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Nutrition: Not good, but not because of depression. I've been eating what I want and haven't been paying attention to my portions. I've relaxed a bit...  Read more


Thursday, Positive Focus, Day 85
7/25/2014 12:47:37 PM,  2 COMMENTS

It ended up being a quiet day where I didn't do much. The computer sucked me into a lot of games for the day. I had therapy appointments for all of us...  Read more


Four Ways to Get Your Weight-Loss MOJO Back!!
7/25/2014 12:37:13 PM,  4 COMMENTS

All if takes for me to be tempted to eat something I shouldn't is just read about it, a blog, in a book, in the newspaper, magazine. If...  Read more


Are catcalls good or bad?
7/25/2014 12:32:14 PM,  4 COMMENTS

I was watching GMA this morning. They had a woman on there that talked about catcalls. She would approach them and tell them that their behavior made...  Read more


Wildflower Walk Photos
7/25/2014 11:58:54 AM,  16 COMMENTS

Mom decided to take Daisy out for a quick run and swim and to beat the weather coming in, had Angus drop us off at the start of the trail in the grass...  Read more


Orientation and Final Interview
7/25/2014 11:18:13 AM,  4 COMMENTS

Waiting on the job to schedule my orientation :) Waiting sure is a pain but I'm just happy knowing I have a job! I called Target back since when...  Read more


Physical went well...
7/25/2014 11:15:02 AM,  1 COMMENTS

I just had a physical and my health is good other than sinus pressure in my ears. No infection or anything. My blood pressure 114/80 and my EKG was...  Read more


Day 74/90 - Adios, Vacation!
7/25/2014 10:20:52 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I understand water leaks are onerous to diagnose. But after two repair shop visits and replacement faucets & showerhead that we apparently didn't...  Read more


FIL not doing well again
7/25/2014 9:59:54 AM,  20 COMMENTS

When I went out to visit him yesterday he was in bed again on IV and not doing well. The say he is not eating. Yesterday they were going to cut back...  Read more


30-Day Shred: Level 1, Day 4
7/25/2014 9:15:20 AM,  1 COMMENTS

Day 4 was a lot like Day 3. I did not want to get out of bed, but I was able to make myself do it. Now it's done and I'm glad I did. Surprisingly...  Read more


Portland and Such...
7/25/2014 9:14:17 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I made it back from Portland/Oregon adventures last week. Unfortunately, the jetlag and everything caught up with me, so I've been a little out of it...  Read more


7/25/2014 9:11:21 AM,  8 COMMENTS

Choose to make it a good day Spark Friends! 334...  Read more


Inspiration from the Web
7/25/2014 8:54:15 AM,  3 COMMENTS

I used my first "You're OKAY" day yesterday. I couldn't bring up the energy to even walk littledogs. I went outside to tell my husband he had a phone...  Read more


Tough Day
7/25/2014 8:02:59 AM,  17 COMMENTS

Started out tough. Gonna get tougher. Oh well oh well. I'm tough enough to take it. But -- can't say that I like it!! [Won't...  Read more


Stop For A Second And Be Proud Of Yourself
7/25/2014 7:48:51 AM,  6 COMMENTS

It's so easy to just dismiss all the hard work that you do on a daily basis and not give yourself credit. If you just started today - it's all th...  Read more


7/25/2014 7:43:57 AM,  8 COMMENTS

Thank you to all my SparkFriends who shouted out encouragement as I "held on tight" yesterday. I did. Yesterday was a day of roller coaster emotions...  Read more


Quotes for the Day
7/25/2014 7:31:33 AM,  7 COMMENTS

Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving...  Read more


Taking time for the second guessing
7/25/2014 7:29:49 AM,  16 COMMENTS

Over-peopled as I was, I decided to take a half day vacation yesterday. I delegated an afternoon meeting to a team member who is more suited for the...  Read more


Twenty five years & order among chaos
7/25/2014 6:17:26 AM,  3 COMMENTS

Sunday is the 25th Anniversary of my Mom's death. 39 In years past, depending on how life was going, my siblings and I would have a really crap...  Read more


Today's Inspirational Quote
7/25/2014 6:02:02 AM,  17 COMMENTS

“...the reward centers of the brain--where the pleasure of those high-calorie foods registers--also respond to other substances that bring about pleas...  Read more


7/25/2014 3:19:04 AM,  0 COMMENTS

blank...  Read more


Leaving Lisbon later, coming home!
7/25/2014 3:09:15 AM,  9 COMMENTS

Its going to be an interesting trip home but I'm ready to get back I do believe. Its been a lovely trip abroad full of fun, learning, a birthday and o...  Read more


today's motivation
7/25/2014 2:57:33 AM,  19 COMMENTS

...  Read more


Once Again with the Amazing Cherry Baby Arugula Salad!!!
7/24/2014 11:33:11 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Oh man if you haven't already tried it, once again I highly recommend the Cherry Baby Arugula Salad!!! It's so awesome! You would not think Ch...  Read more


Update On My Son's BF Mike...
7/24/2014 10:22:24 PM,  11 COMMENTS

Mike was told he isn't a candidate for the trial drug. He went for a second opinion and was told he probably will not live another year. Please...  Read more


Mountain Hiking in Park City Utah
7/24/2014 10:02:14 PM,  0 COMMENTS

I had a beautiful week in Utah. I went for work and it was a productive week, but I also took every chance I could to hike in the mountains. What a lo...  Read more


Starting to Feel Better
7/24/2014 9:50:59 PM,  1 COMMENTS

I am starting to feel better and to gather my strength and motivation to get back to basics of eating healthy and exercising. Looking forward to Augu...  Read more


7/24/2014 8:33:59 PM,  2 COMMENTS

Hey, I had no idea the UN had a happiest country list.
ness_Report How great is this?...  Read more


Return to Walk-Run Intervals
7/24/2014 8:26:45 PM,  7 COMMENTS

It's Thursday, a normal work at home day. The weather at noon was near-perfect for cycling, 72° F with sunshine and a light breeze. I didn't get out...  Read more


WOW! What a Great Team!
7/24/2014 7:32:34 PM,  14 COMMENTS

Thanks Jeff Galloway Training for Any Length Race Team. I had 9 positive messages from teammates about my Watermelon Sunrise 5K #3 coming up Saturday...  Read more


Back from Vacation...
7/24/2014 7:17:32 PM,  12 COMMENTS

I'm back from 3 weeks sailing around Washington State's San Juan Islands. Our sailboat is 26 feet long, and has no room for my scale or many steps wh...  Read more


Streakin'... Day 2!
7/24/2014 6:45:41 PM,  8 COMMENTS

(I won't do one of these every day, but for now the sense of accomplishment helps me do it all again tomorrow...) First there was......  Read more


Greek Yogurt Strawberry Mango Smoothie
7/24/2014 5:58:34 PM,  1 COMMENTS

One of my fave afternoon treats is this Greek Yogurt Strawberry Mango Smoothie. I make it with a half cup milk and a cup of vanilla greek yogur...  Read more


Quote for the Day
7/24/2014 5:12:43 PM,  9 COMMENTS

Have a Blessed evening....  Read more


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