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  • #Terrible

    9/18/2014 11:07:57 PM, by COACH_BRETT

    I feel like I have been doing so terrible lately.... Ever since the quarter ended I have been more aware of what I have been eating, but seeming ... Read more

  • Day 46, worse than plateau

    9/17/2014 4:01:48 PM, by GLJEWEL

    So I knew it was going to happen, I went up two. I'm not going to justify it, just say that an inordinate amount of stress and too many appointme... Read more

  • Reflecting

    9/17/2014 1:22:00 PM, by KATHY98665

    I am back! I stepped back over the summer while I worked on a commitment to challenge myself to add even more exercise to my week. As some of my ... Read more

  • 39 days and counting

    9/10/2014 5:47:04 PM, by GLJEWEL

    12 pounds down. That's 2 pounds a week. I've been trying to drop 2 pounds a week for years and finally it happens. I am grateful for every ... Read more

  • Downs and Ups

    9/9/2014 12:30:03 PM, by SROBERTS82

    So this has been a tough couple years. Losing my farm and getting used to living in town and working 9-5 has been really hard on me, and hard to ... Read more

  • Grateful for friends

    9/7/2014 11:17:48 PM, by GLJEWEL

    I like certainty. I am a perfect person to invest in CD's, no, not music, certificates of deposit. I like knowing what I'll get back in the end. ... Read more

  • Time rolls on.

    9/5/2014 7:45:14 AM, by EILEEN828

    Well it has been awhile since I have written a blog. The wind kind of got knocked out of my sails. In the early part of August my chicken Owl cam... Read more

  • Day 32

    9/3/2014 10:37:49 AM, by GLJEWEL

    If you remember last week, I didn't lose any weight because I held a bunch of strife in instead of letting it go. So this week I dropped a little... Read more

  • Swim Workout #1

    9/3/2014 12:49:45 AM, by LOTUSBEE

    Just so that I have my own record of my workouts and how I've progressed, I'm going to share my workout here with a description of how I'm doing ... Read more

  • Back into the Swim of Things

    9/3/2014 12:42:27 AM, by LOTUSBEE

    That's right... Swimming! I've been trying to think of ways that I could get active and stay active. The trick was coming up with something ... Read more

  • Day 25

    8/27/2014 10:32:10 AM, by GLJEWEL

    I was really looking forward to today's weigh in. Things were going well. I was on the program. I did the right things. Instead I am in the same ... Read more

  • Day 18 of 30

    8/20/2014 11:07:15 AM, by GLJEWEL

    First the fact, I'm down 8 pounds. I was looking back at my chart, it took me months to lose 8 pounds before. To lose 8 pounds in 3 weeks...well,... Read more

  • Going strong

    8/18/2014 6:25:04 PM, by SHELLEYO615

    Today is day 5 of my weight loss journey and I am going strong. I have not had any issues with cravings or going over my calories. I eat what I... Read more

  • Embarking on my 15 pound challenge

    8/14/2014 7:51:55 PM, by SHELLEYO615

    Today I have finally found the motivation to lose the 15 pounds that I like to call my "honeymoon weight." The problem is my honeymoon was almost... Read more

  • It's day 12 of 30

    8/13/2014 11:43:22 AM, by GLJEWEL

    I'm still on the plan. I've lost 6 pounds which didn't seem much until I realize it's only been 12 days. Okay, now I feel phenomenal! I actu... Read more

  • A small defeat...

    8/13/2014 11:17:02 AM, by COACH_BRETT

    I feel slightly defeated. Yesterday was a pretty good day overall. Except for the part where I ate about 12 white chocolate macadamia nut cookies... Read more

  • It's Day 7 of 30

    8/8/2014 12:53:03 PM, by GLJEWEL

    It's still a lot early to see if I've made any progress but there are some unscientific indicators that I'm on the right path. Lost 4 pounds... Read more

  • Tomato Wrap (Flat Out)

    8/8/2014 11:44:51 AM, by YELLOWDAHLIA

    I love these Flat Outs! 90 calories! And 9g of protein! This is what I've been having for breakfast everyday for the last few weeks Read more

  • A lot to chew on

    8/7/2014 11:29:32 AM, by GLJEWEL

    It seems to be a lot of time consumed just chewing. This 30 day challenge is a lot of effort. There's the shopping list, the actual shopping. The... Read more

  • New Life.... Mostly...

    8/6/2014 5:22:30 PM, by COACH_BRETT

    So... since the last time I was actually active on SP. I have been blessed with another child separated, divorced, remarried, gained another daug... Read more

  • Alright, I'm doing this ALL WRONG!

    8/6/2014 2:05:42 PM, by ESPRESSOSUE

    Whenever I try to eat sensibly--choosing whole foods and avoid processed food, all the food abolitionists come out of the closets to tell me what... Read more

  • Okay so it's day 4 and I've deviated

    8/5/2014 6:00:08 PM, by GLJEWEL

    Not how you think though. I didn't like the plan for today and frankly I'm tired so I am improvising. Instead of the smoothie I had planned for... Read more

  • My plate, on this new diet

    8/4/2014 10:09:45 AM, by GLJEWEL

    1 cup of dark leafy greens 1 cup of colored vegetables maybe a few berries 1 cup of sulfur vegetables 3 to 4 ounces of meat It's a big... Read more

  • What is the quality of your compassion?

    8/3/2014 6:04:48 PM, by EILEEN828

    I love it when I come across another person who is self aware. By that I mean they have the common sense to reflect on their life and actually le... Read more

  • 30 day trial period

    8/1/2014 1:01:26 PM, by GLJEWEL

    I'm going to give myself 30 days to try eating differently. No more sugar (OMG!!!), no more grains, no potatoes (what the ?). I'm going to ... Read more

  • The Chicken Queen at the Lady Farm

    7/7/2014 2:35:08 AM, by EILEEN828

    Don't you just love it? The little neighbor girls (7 & 8 yrs old) said they spent about three days creating the two booklets they put together fo... Read more

  • Owl is doing great

    6/24/2014 2:17:16 PM, by EILEEN828

    Owl is doing great. She looks very alert,except when she sleeps. She's eating and drinking. She stands tall on her feet. When I took the lid off ... Read more

  • Ohhh Noooooooooo the Chicken Hawk cometh!!!!!

    6/24/2014 6:00:25 AM, by EILEEN828

    Oh it was terrible. My poor, poor baby chick Owl was pounced on by the chicken hawk. Owl is the white americauna chick. My husband said he heard... Read more

  • 5% complete

    6/22/2014 4:30:12 PM, by ANOTHERJEN76

    Starting weight: 258.8 on 5.24.14 1%=256.2--[255.8 on 5.30.14] 2%=253.6--[252.6 on 6.5.14] 3%=251----[248.0 on 6.12.14] 4%=248.4--... Read more

  • Sunday Weigh In (week 5)

    6/22/2014 4:22:11 PM, by ANOTHERJEN76

    I had a really bad week moodwise and didn't exercise. There were also graduations and sweets. I had a hot dog and chips along with fruit and a co... Read more

  • Check out my turkey tail! ( pic, especially for beaders)

    6/21/2014 4:15:58 PM, by EILEEN828

    I was showing this picture to a new bead buddy and I realized that I hadn't shared this yet with my Spark friends. So what you see here is the ta... Read more

  • Beet Soup

    6/17/2014 10:47:21 PM, by EILEEN828

    So I had a bunch of odds and ends that I thought I'd turn into homemade soup. I love home made soup and its always a great way to use up leftover... Read more

  • 4% Complete

    6/15/2014 1:46:08 PM, by ANOTHERJEN76

    Starting weight: 258.8 on 5.24.14 1%=256.2--[255.8 on 5.30.14] 2%=253.6--[252.6 on 6.5.14] 3%=251----[248.0 on 6.12.14] 4%=248.4--[246... Read more

  • Sunday Weigh In (week 4)

    6/15/2014 1:43:36 PM, by ANOTHERJEN76

    Had some really bad days. Not the kind where you binge--the kind where you get really depressed and stop eating all together because it's not wor... Read more

  • Feeling strong!

    6/11/2014 4:24:00 PM, by MRSOSBORN1130

    Today was a great day at the gym, spent 25 minutes interval training on the treadmill and another 20 minutes on the elliptical - great sweat! I ... Read more

  • interruptions

    6/10/2014 4:53:07 PM, by ANOTHERJEN76

    Interruptions annoy me. Whether it's a commercial during my favorite show, a kid butting into a conversation, or my husband randomly telling me t... Read more

  • Day 2 and feeling good

    6/10/2014 1:19:35 PM, by MRSOSBORN1130

    So I know it's only day 2 but I'm feeling great, motivated and down 2.5 pounds since my initial weigh-in yesterday morning. Yes, its just water ... Read more

  • fat mom, skinny kids

    6/9/2014 11:15:26 PM, by ANOTHERJEN76

    I often wonder what people see when I walk around with my kids. Do they think my kids are adopted, because I'm so fat and they're so skinny? Do p... Read more

  • Countdown to Vegas

    6/9/2014 5:28:00 PM, by MRSOSBORN1130

    Today I have begun my 15 pound journey to Vegas! I've hit a weight that I've not seen since the early 2000s after maintaining a 20 pound weight ... Read more

  • Sunday Weigh In (week 3)

    6/8/2014 4:27:43 PM, by ANOTHERJEN76

    I can't remember if I started weighing in on Sundays or Mondays or if I decided on one of the other, but I'm doing them on Sundays now. I we... Read more

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