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  • "You don't choose a life, you live one"

    6/2/2015 9:51:15 AM, by GLJEWEL

    I watched a movie the other night, The Way, with Martin Sheen and Emilio Esteves. It was a very good movie, one I would gladly watch again. ... Read more

  • My 30 Minute Walking Classic Rock Playlist

    5/2/2015 12:10:51 PM, by CABRIOGAL

    For us Children of the 50-60s Proud Mary - Credence Clearwater Revival (CC&R) Susie Q - CC&R I Heard It Through The Grapevine (lo... Read more

  • The Price of Getting Out

    5/2/2015 11:43:02 AM, by CABRIOGAL

    I finally got out of the house yesterday. I went to my friend's house. Even factoring in the chips and salsa we shared, and the bowl of ice crea... Read more

  • Happy May Day

    5/1/2015 2:23:34 PM, by CABRIOGAL

    May Day is a childhood memory that makes me smile. In Brownies, we dressed in costumes and did the May pole dance. I picked dandelions, Scotch ... Read more

  • Walking Partner Needed in East Vancouver WA

    4/30/2015 3:30:36 PM, by CABRIOGAL

    Now that I am retired, i need a walking partner for those daily power walks in the Hearthwood/Mill Plain area (zip code 98684).... Read more

  • still struggling

    4/30/2015 10:00:45 AM, by CABRIOGAL

    Fifteen days after my last blog post, my oldest sister passed away. She was my sounding board, my confidant, my connection to the world. Since ... Read more

  • Completely off course

    4/29/2015 12:13:01 PM, by QUITBEINGSTUPID

    I stopped the daily accountability, and then the good habits that went with them right after. Back to square one. .... Read more

  • Chicken Sausage Veggie pasta

    4/24/2015 11:58:23 AM, by YELLOWDAHLIA

    This was really good, but WAY too much pasta! next time I will use 1/4 of the amount of pasta. Read more

  • Shrimp Salad

    4/24/2015 11:51:31 AM, by YELLOWDAHLIA

    I was at the store yesterday and saw this shrimp salad in the deli. I decided I could make a lower calorie version...and WOW it was delicious! ... Read more

  • Dairy free life: day 4

    4/22/2015 5:44:17 PM, by HEALTHYSHELLS

    Cutting out dairy has been rough so far, but I've been managing fine so far. M... Read more

  • Dairy free

    4/21/2015 4:46:14 PM, by HEALTHYSHELLS

    I have decided that I really need to put my health first. This is my third day of being completely dairy free. I feel great! It's been a long tim... Read more

  • Closet Redo

    4/18/2015 9:37:46 AM, by EILEEN828

    I did give a description of my closet situation and the steps I took to change it on an earlier blog, and now I have some pictures to share. I'll... Read more

  • Picks from the A&C show- what fun!(Pics)

    4/15/2015 8:28:33 AM, by EILEEN828

    Well I haven't blogged for awhile and that's because I had taken pictures that I wanted to share but I hadn't learned how to edit them or how to ... Read more

  • The next big push

    4/14/2015 5:47:36 PM, by SROBERTS82

    Had a little setback - the Couch 2 5k just wasn't working out for me, and ended up throwing me off, so I am going back to my walking plan, becaus... Read more

  • Doing great! And a lesson about sugar...

    3/24/2015 1:16:09 PM, by SROBERTS82

    My plan is still working. Eat right, exercise, get enough sleep. My weight can easily fluctuate three pounds or more from day to day, but where I... Read more

  • Wrong Way!

    3/11/2015 10:19:10 AM, by CABRIOGAL

    Yikes! The scales are going in the wrong direction. I have gained 20 lbs in the last 9 months, 10 of it since January. I know why I have gaine... Read more

  • Walking with Pain and Politics

    2/25/2015 7:46:33 PM, by CHEFTONITO

    Arthritis is a bitch, especially when the weather is changing. I live in the Pacific Northwest, and while it has been unseasonably warm, we still... Read more

  • Well now, that didn't take long!

    2/24/2015 7:52:41 AM, by EILEEN828

    So I can't leave chickens well enough alone. When I was checking out reasons for Copper's demise on, I decided to get update... Read more

  • Walkin' the dogs

    2/18/2015 1:01:10 AM, by EILEEN828

    Today ended up being a balmy 63 degrees, sp what else to do but go for a jaunt. I took the dawggies to a farmer's field near our house and walked... Read more

  • The sisters are OK

    2/17/2015 9:32:04 AM, by EILEEN828

    I asked for comments at and it was suggested that Copper may have had Egg yolk peritonitis, based on a drescription of her s... Read more

  • Not a happy 14th

    2/16/2015 9:48:07 AM, by EILEEN828

    I was shocked to find out that my youngest hen Copper, had died suddenly. My husband had went to let them out of the coop in the morning, and she... Read more

  • My first blog

    2/12/2015 12:41:36 AM, by KATIE_EMERALD75

    Hello. I want to get healthier so I can be a role model for my daughter. I also want to be more active because it will make me feel better. I ho... Read more

  • Doing Ok - Not great

    2/11/2015 2:52:33 PM, by QUITBEINGSTUPID

    In general I think I'm making better choices than before. I'm still not where I want to be on a daily basis but I'm getting there. Some succ... Read more

  • Day 32: 1 month pics!

    2/4/2015 7:03:36 PM, by MAMAMOJO3

    What a day to make a comeback! I know that I've fizzled out on my blog, but I definitely didn't fizzle out on anything else!! I met all of my goa... Read more

  • Learning something new everyday

    2/3/2015 7:01:00 PM, by SROBERTS82

    So after fits and starts recently, I started the new year with some simple resolutions - Track my food, walk every day, get to bed at a decent ti... Read more

  • New Year, New Strategies

    2/2/2015 1:13:55 PM, by CABRIOGAL

    Best laid plans...when I retire, I will walk my dog everyday, I will go to the gym at least three times a week, I will travel more, etc etc. So ... Read more

  • Jumping Jazzy January...Woohoo!

    2/1/2015 5:34:37 PM, by BRENDABUNNY

    DH and I had decided prior to this New Year that we could no longer keep playing around with our health, we had joined Spark People in March 2010... Read more

  • Small changes, small victories

    1/31/2015 4:50:38 PM, by QUITBEINGSTUPID

    Decided I needed some new clothes today. Thrilled to find I fit into size 14 and not 16. The pairs I purchased were snug ("skinny jeans" instead ... Read more

  • Cooking as sabotage

    1/31/2015 1:35:40 PM, by CHEFTONITO

    I love to cook, and that always means tasting your food during the process. I bought 20 spoons at a warehouse store just to keep in my utensil dr... Read more

  • Sunny day

    1/30/2015 2:43:58 AM, by EILEEN828

    It was a nice day outside so I took the doggies for a walk. Towards the end I broke into a jog. I need to do my running program, or at least a ve... Read more

  • Slipping

    1/28/2015 11:46:42 AM, by QUITBEINGSTUPID

    The past few days I have found myself stress & loneliness eating. Plus opening a bottle of wine generally leads to bad choices later in the nigh... Read more

  • It was such a gorgeous day!

    1/26/2015 10:04:36 PM, by GLJEWEL

    and all day long all I wanted to do was take the day off. Enjoy the sun. While I did get a brief walk in here I am at 7pm still working on report... Read more

  • Home is always where the heart is

    1/23/2015 8:18:26 PM, by CHEFTONITO

    I get to work from home one day a week. I'm stunned how much easier it is to keep to my food plans when the hustle and bustle of the office ... Read more

  • Friday night

    1/23/2015 7:59:59 PM, by GLJEWEL

    Someone's sleeping soundly so I'm taking a moment to catch up on my ancestry files. It feels so good to get some of this done for a change. Intri... Read more

  • Day 19: Punishment

    1/23/2015 2:54:43 AM, by MAMAMOJO3

    I don't know why I feel so run-down! I feel even worse than I did last night. Maybe it is because I didn't do a second workout yesterday, but I a... Read more

  • Day 18

    1/22/2015 2:08:35 AM, by MAMAMOJO3

    Today started out with a great 3 mile outdoor walk with my BFFs! It was nice to walk outside has been awhile. We also planned an indoo... Read more

  • Day 17

    1/21/2015 1:43:15 AM, by MAMAMOJO3

    I didn't wake up early again, of course. So I left the house dreading a big workout later in the evening, and came home feeling guilty for the po... Read more

  • Day 16: Take that, Monday!

    1/20/2015 2:39:11 AM, by MAMAMOJO3

    I didn't get up early today, but when I finally did get up about 10:30, I felt GREAT! I busted out 2 miles of Walk Blasters, 1 Mega Mile with Spe... Read more

  • I think it was a good day

    1/20/2015 1:17:25 AM, by QUITBEINGSTUPID

    Not logging my food does make me a bit nervous. I think I made good choices but without adding up every calorie its hard to tell if I'm just reme... Read more

  • Good Medicine or Poison, I have to choose

    1/19/2015 7:19:52 PM, by GLJEWEL

    So two years ago I got really sick. Lots of tests, months of illness and then suddenly I was better. Diagnosis, mystery virus. This past summer, ... Read more

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