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  • Day 54

    9/24/2016 4:24:33 PM, by GEAUXN

    I had a really good day at TOPS today. I lost 3 lbs, got my 20 lb charm, won the TOPS dollar, won the best loser basket, won the quarter drawing... Read more

  • Post-Surgery Blog

    9/23/2016 7:49:45 AM, by LKWQUILTER

    Today is Friday and it has been a long 3 days since surgery. We were at the hospital before 7 a.m. and was told surgery would be at 12. Ok, tha... Read more

  • Day 53

    9/23/2016 7:12:41 AM, by GEAUXN

    I sure wish that we could get out of the mid 90s and dew points in the 70s! I've decided not to walk this morning before work because of it too... Read more

  • It is getting closer !

    9/23/2016 2:45:47 AM, by NWME4EVRMARYANN

    Lost my post, had to start over Quiet day today, slept but not rested. I am going to work on my daily stuff list, with the 5% ... Read more

  • Day 52

    9/22/2016 7:15:33 AM, by GEAUXN

    I am running on less than 6 hours of sleep total for the last 2 nights combined...not good. Work is going to be interesting today because of it ... Read more

  • 21 Sep 2016 Daily Accountability

    9/21/2016 11:51:08 PM, by NWME4EVRMARYANN

    Have done a few things, but not caught up again. Laundry sorted, but not washed . I have noticed a pattern over the last few weeks, not t... Read more

  • Day 51

    9/21/2016 6:48:58 AM, by GEAUXN

    I had to wake up at 3 am so I could leave with DH this morning. We only have 1 car so I'm dependant usually on my daughter to take me to and fr... Read more

  • Day 50

    9/20/2016 7:13:38 AM, by GEAUXN

    Well I'm officially a full time employee after going through new hire orientation. I just need to get past my 90 day probation. Yesterday w... Read more

  • 19 Sep 2016 Daily Accountability

    9/20/2016 12:25:35 AM, by NWME4EVRMARYANN

    I am tired tonight, TOPS and weight recorder wear me out. Not sure if I should be doing this. Hope to get to bed early so I can get things... Read more

  • Excited about Tuesday

    9/19/2016 7:25:16 AM, by LKWQUILTER

    Tomorrow is the big day--back surgery. I am a little scared and excited at the same time. This past week has been a roller coaster--problems wi... Read more

  • Day 49

    9/19/2016 7:19:06 AM, by GEAUXN

    Today I have a new employee orientation at a destination that I'm not familiar with in this town. Thankfully my daughter is going to drive me the... Read more

  • 18 Sep 2016 Semi-daily accountability

    9/19/2016 1:43:33 AM, by NWME4EVRMARYANN

    Interesting weekend. Payday always is. ;-) This is one of (usually) two paychecks that are "extra". Of course, there some bills to pay ... Read more

  • Day 48

    9/18/2016 5:44:17 PM, by GEAUXN

    Sunday is usually a day of rest for me. I clean a bit and cook a nice dinner. A really good day means that nothing monumental happens in betwee... Read more

  • Day 47

    9/17/2016 6:52:04 PM, by GEAUXN

    I went to TOPS this morning and had a turtle! I am not complaining! It means that I didn't loss but I didn't gain...I stayed the same as last... Read more

  • Surgery Scheduled and Internet Frustrations

    9/16/2016 7:16:44 PM, by LKWQUILTER

    Today I had pre-op for surgery next Tuesday. 9/20. I am to call Monday afternoon to get time. I am excited that Dr. Mark moved so fast consider... Read more

  • Day 46

    9/16/2016 3:37:32 PM, by GEAUXN

    Has anyone experienced a dull constant pain in 1 leg below the knee? I don't know what it is but it really hurts when I walk. Extra strength ... Read more

  • 15 Sep 2016 Daily accountability

    9/15/2016 10:39:44 PM, by NWME4EVRMARYANN

    Last couple of days have not gone well. Sleep problems, as usual. On my awake times, I have been accomplishing my goals fairly well. Going ... Read more

  • This is the reason to pray

    9/14/2016 9:58:31 PM, by SAINTBERNARD6

    ... Read more

  • 9/14/16 Almost a month

    9/14/2016 9:56:21 PM, by TEDYBEAR2838

    9/14/16 Almost a month since I blogged. Checking in on everyone. Been keeping up with some things, but not real active. I do check i... Read more

  • Day 45

    9/14/2016 7:54:16 AM, by GEAUXN

    I walk 2 miles every work day right before I start working. I walk into my office all hot and soaked due to all the sweat. It takes me forever... Read more

  • Day 44

    9/13/2016 7:16:29 AM, by GEAUXN

    I sure do wish that fall weather would finally hit south Texas! I am so tired of temps in the 90s with unbearable humidity! I start walking a... Read more

  • 12 Sep 2016 Daily accountability

    9/12/2016 11:44:07 PM, by NWME4EVRMARYANN

    Today was TOPS day. I decided that I would take a hit today, so that I could eat on my weigh-in days. It really isn't good for me to not eat... Read more

  • Day 43

    9/12/2016 7:22:51 AM, by GEAUXN

    It's Monday and the beginning of another week. Just your head up (and your chins) and make this be the start of one terrific week!... Read more

  • Day 42

    9/11/2016 10:41:38 PM, by GEAUXN

    Sunday should be a day of rest, but instead I cleaned. I used to clean on Saturdays but thanks to going to TOPS on Saturday mornings, I'm stuck ... Read more

  • 10 Sep 2016 Daily accuntability

    9/10/2016 11:37:18 PM, by NWME4EVRMARYANN

    Still not quite "daily" yet, but working on it. Up all night again .. wish I knew what causes my body to just not go to sleep. Started at ... Read more

  • Day 41

    9/10/2016 11:07:56 PM, by GEAUXN

    My scales both said I lost this week, but the scale at TOPS said that I had a 0.4 lb. gain. I traced faithfully (as usual) and I walked 5 days t... Read more

  • Day 40

    9/9/2016 7:45:42 AM, by GEAUXN

    All I can say is TGIF! I'm supposed to be at 2 mandatory meetings this morning during the same time period. The district meeting wins out over... Read more

  • 8 Sep 2016 Daily? Accountability

    9/9/2016 12:19:37 AM, by NWME4EVRMARYANN

    Most of the week has past with very little done. Knees are still creaking and rubbing so I am trying to let them rest. I did find a good... Read more

  • Day 39

    9/8/2016 7:14:02 AM, by GEAUXN

    Another blogger just made me realize that 15 months from today I will be 62 and finally eligible for the senior discount for taking the bus! The... Read more

  • Day 38

    9/7/2016 8:03:38 AM, by GEAUXN

    2 of the 3 women instructors we have in our department are sick and insisted to come into my office and sneeze and sniffle all over it. So who h... Read more

  • Day 37

    9/6/2016 7:40:42 AM, by GEAUXN

    I swear that my internal clock must have thought that last night wad Sunday night! I went to bed early enough to get 8 hours of sleep, but I w... Read more

  • Day 36

    9/5/2016 11:15:03 AM, by GEAUXN

    DH decided yesterday that he wanted to go to Six Flags and basically gave me 5 minutes to get my stuff together and get out the door. He wanted ... Read more

  • 4 Sep 2016 Daily accountability

    9/4/2016 10:44:16 PM, by NWME4EVRMARYANN

    Finally got to sleep, really enjoyed reading thru the new books. Lots of neat projects. Slept in late but feel pretty good right now. Cu... Read more

  • Day 35

    9/4/2016 10:09:37 AM, by GEAUXN

    Woke up groggy, tired, and bad back pain this morning. I sleep on our couch which is always cruel to my back. We're taking our grandson to a b... Read more

  • 4 Sep 2016 Early morning musings

    9/4/2016 6:03:19 AM, by NWME4EVRMARYANN

    It is 3:30 am, and I am still awake, but having loads of fun. Today, dh and I went to Goodwill to look at/for some books I had been thinki... Read more

  • Day 34

    9/3/2016 3:53:56 PM, by GEAUXN

    Apparently all the exercise I did this week really did pay off. I lost 4.8 lbs this week. I was my TOPS chapter's best loser of the week. If I... Read more

  • 3 Sept 2016 Needing to settle back in.

    9/3/2016 3:20:37 PM, by NWME4EVRMARYANN

    Well it is Sat. already but can't say I have made a whole lot of progress in my weight challenges. Up 1 lb from last week, and I know why, to... Read more

  • Day 33

    9/2/2016 3:32:27 PM, by GEAUXN

    TGIF! Does anyone else feel that way? I am looking forward to a 3 day weekend. I now get paid for Monday so that'll make it even better! I ... Read more

  • Day 32

    9/1/2016 5:10:48 PM, by GEAUXN

    My first day of full time ... and I managed to get myself in trouble with IT ... not a good start. I spent all morning finally making my office ... Read more

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