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  • one day soon

    4/17/2015 9:08:49 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    time.... memories to replace the ones that are in the front of vision. most of all, I dont think of it as a hole or something to fill. I think of... Read more

  • It's snowing.

    4/17/2015 1:23:13 PM, by CHESWOL

    It is so dry here. Any moisture is welcome moisture. The weather is very changeable. The day before the snow it was 83 degrees. ... Read more

  • 1,000 Calories a day?

    4/16/2015 10:42:34 AM, by NGCHILD

    Good for him but 1,000 calories a day?? greatideas.people.com/20
    ght-loss-las-vegas-home/ ... Read more

  • Recap & Second Easter

    4/15/2015 8:56:38 PM, by YULSUNNY

    Hey Sparkers, It's been more than a week since I've updated, so I missed it and just being here in general. I wasn't in a very good pl... Read more

  • Gardening

    4/14/2015 1:17:13 PM, by CHESWOL

    There is a lot of yard work to do. It is very enjoyable. How can you beat this; being outside in the sun, burning calories, not even feeling li... Read more

  • Goals Are What Motivates You

    4/14/2015 9:54:45 AM, by LDYSABELLA

    A new subject on one of my new teams, Beast Mode, had me thinking about writing up my goals. It Inspired me to update my page and include them in... Read more

  • Day 2 and 3!

    4/13/2015 12:35:38 PM, by KENDRAB9

    Yesterday went well, could have had a healthier dinner but I stayed in my calorie range! Today I think I'm doing quite well with a balanced bre... Read more


    4/12/2015 4:35:25 PM, by ICECUB

    ... Read more


    4/11/2015 2:15:39 PM, by KENDRAB9

    Ok so today I started off with a larger breakfast, getting my period so I feel kind of sad and out of it, and a little anxious for no reason! I'm... Read more


    4/11/2015 1:50:17 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    TRIGGER WARNING:THIS TOO SHALL PASS BLOG UPDATE: ......I just wanted maybe some advice or uplifting support..I am bipolar/depressive with PTSD. I... Read more

  • Gearing Up For Greek Easter

    4/10/2015 10:02:11 PM, by LDYSABELLA

    I've had a really great week so far. I'm going into Greek Easter in a good place. I hope I can come out of it maintaining for the week. I weigh i... Read more

  • Feeling Good! Day 1

    4/10/2015 10:10:52 AM, by KENDRAB9

    Well Easter had me a little down because I was eating all the things I shouldn't. Now I'm back to eating veggies and regular meals and it feels g... Read more

  • Happy Days

    4/9/2015 2:10:54 PM, by CHESWOL

    It's raining. So very glad. No need to water today. I'm on a roll today. I got up very early and made two Spark recipes. Chester cat got exc... Read more

  • Information on FitBit active minutes

    4/9/2015 9:22:57 AM, by NGCHILD

    We’ve made some changes to your active minutes! We’ve made some improvements to active minutes that are changing how we calculate that ... Read more

  • change this

    4/9/2015 8:29:31 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    I feel like I will never be happy. I can never get my ex off my mind no matter what I do I have done what he always on my mind. I always worry ab... Read more


    4/8/2015 6:38:34 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    I know a few people who are in some sort of an abusive relationship. Recently a woman died at her ex-husbands hands. She was dropping off their p... Read more

  • Good Advice

    4/8/2015 5:54:34 PM, by CHESWOL

    "It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." - Confucius... Read more


    4/7/2015 3:42:42 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    feeling very upset and full of anxiety today as i found out my daughter has been nice to my face and relocated me when i did not want her too and... Read more

  • LOL

    4/6/2015 7:35:14 PM, by CHESWOL

    It's perfect kite flying weather. It is windy. The wind usually comes before the next day rain storm . So does chasing the escaping kite or the... Read more


    4/5/2015 5:13:37 PM, by ICECUB


  • easter/not

    4/5/2015 11:26:43 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    I called the house to talk to him thinking we could finally have closure...we could talk things out rationally...as adults do....but what I got w... Read more

  • hard day night

    4/5/2015 9:47:48 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    stayed in bed from noon to 9pm last night and stayed up for hours then slept 3 hours,wanted to go to church this morning but cant get a ride.no f... Read more

  • bad emotions

    4/4/2015 11:47:46 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    I feel like a big bum!!!! I have been gone from my home siince feb. with 0 income and all the help i have applyed for has not come threw so i can... Read more


    4/4/2015 8:11:56 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    I will try to keep my life calm & unruffled. This is my great task, to find peace & acquire serenity. I must not harbor disturbing thoughts. No m... Read more

  • Those wacky food traps.

    4/4/2015 4:58:50 AM, by CHESWOL

    Who hasn't heard eat your food, there are starving children in .......... (wherever). Or the classic you sit there until you eat your ............. Read more

  • Marching on into April

    4/3/2015 8:51:00 PM, by LDYSABELLA

    March has been full of ups and downs for our family. I was doing really well and totally psyched for the Spring challenge when a family crisis se... Read more

  • Happy Easter & this past week

    4/3/2015 7:32:13 PM, by YULSUNNY

    Hey Sparkpeople, This week has been a bit tough for me. My bf's mum and her partner were visiting, so I wasn't able to exercise properly unt... Read more

  • It's Working

    4/3/2015 4:55:16 PM, by CHESWOL

    I'm contemplating which workout activity/activities I wish to begin. I walk almost every day, mostly to relieve stress. I have never chosen a f... Read more

  • new day

    4/3/2015 10:58:25 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    I left him for the last time on Feb.14 2014., our anniversary!!!! He was extremely abusive and controlling. I mean we're talking borderline capti... Read more

  • home

    4/1/2015 8:43:30 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    I escaped 6 weeks ago and after a hospital stay!!!! he was very calm and polite, no real conversation between the 2 of us but it really pulled at... Read more

  • Breaktime

    3/31/2015 2:51:34 PM, by CHESWOL

    I am grateful for so many things. Right now I am grateful for a break. So much to do, so little time. I think we must make time for ourselves.... Read more

  • Good advice

    3/30/2015 1:46:11 PM, by NGCHILD

    ... Read more

  • Obesity & Disease

    3/29/2015 7:07:29 PM, by CHESWOL

    So many diseases are linked to obesity. Sometimes it is hard for me to separate fact from fiction. For example: I know of a person in the mari... Read more

  • Quiet

    3/29/2015 1:07:59 AM, by CHESWOL

    Everyone in the house is sleeping. The house and the neighborhood is silent. How nice it is to experience the silence. When it is quiet the st... Read more

  • Eating Out & Water vs. Diet Sodas

    3/27/2015 7:25:11 PM, by CHESWOL

    Even Sweet Tomatoes has hidden calories. I added up the calories of everything I ate. Sad to say I have less calories to eat tonight than I nor... Read more

  • Camping and Sweets

    3/26/2015 8:24:21 PM, by YULSUNNY

    Hey Sparkpeople and my lovely sparkfriends, I am back from my camping trip, and it was an interesting time. The track to the campsite was an... Read more


    3/25/2015 5:54:13 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    FREEDOM ISN'T FREE: My abuser/husband kicked/locked me out while i was in the hospital. I have envisioned this day, listened to the audio I have ... Read more

  • depression

    3/24/2015 4:46:36 PM, by WILDXANGELS

    What I hate most about anxiety is waking up with it. It’s like an emotional hangover – the first thing you feel before you open your eyes. I ... Read more


    3/24/2015 10:52:20 AM, by ICECUB

    ... Read more

  • this to shall pass when?

    3/24/2015 7:24:34 AM, by WILDXANGELS

    I feel like I have have spent the majority of my life either alone and neglected or under the thumb of the abuser at the time. There have been fl... Read more

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