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  • rushing in to it?

    8/15/2015 4:50:27 PM, by DARK_ANGEL88

    I know you cant rush diet and health etc but can you rush into it? I mean ive given up junk and gone into pure fruit, veg and healthy foods (crac... Read more

  • to gym or not to gym..

    8/6/2015 6:12:51 PM, by DARK_ANGEL88

    Ok so i went to see my doctor last week and i broke down and begged for help with my weight. My doctor told me about a sceme that the government ... Read more

  • to me health means. ..

    6/21/2015 1:04:52 PM, by MOXYJONES

    Being able to do the things i want to do. Through stronger, healthier body and good, positive habits.... Read more

  • And That Makes a Week

    6/5/2015 8:55:12 PM, by NICODARKELF

    Well, I've been at this for a week & one day. I've lost 5 lb.s, but for some reason I feel like I haven't done enough. Or that I could have done ... Read more

  • Gamer Fit: Xbox Fitness Group

    1/5/2015 2:46:42 PM, by MOTO_GRRL

    Gamer Fit: Xbox Fitness Group Wanna join a nice group of gamers focus... Read more

  • A New Seed of Hope!

    11/17/2014 11:44:54 AM, by BATHRICB

    A New Seed of Life I have been thinking about things a lot lately. About the way I look, the way I feel, and what I can and cannot do anymore ... Read more

  • Let the excuses stop and help me become a healthier/happier me!

    11/17/2014 11:39:51 AM, by BATHRICB

    This is my story a new chapter, a new day, a new chance, in my life. A chance to make a difference into who I am a chance to make me healthier, h... Read more

  • Oct 28

    10/28/2014 9:23:05 PM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    Things are going well with the program. Although, I've been fighting some extreme nausea. Luckily I still have my prescription grade anti-nausea ... Read more

  • Let's Get This Party Started

    10/26/2014 1:27:55 PM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    After throwing myself one last pity party for one last night.. I'm ready to get back into the trenches of losing weight. Looking back through all... Read more

  • Tough Year

    10/23/2014 6:24:58 PM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    This has been one tough year. I kinda fell off the face of the Earth in the summer. I wish I could say things are better.. they're worse. I'm on ... Read more

  • Weight Loss Bucket List

    9/9/2014 8:03:24 AM, by HEARTSWYRD19

    I've seen bucket lists on several peoples pages and I was inspired to make one for myself! Real Motivations! ... Read more

  • Sick

    7/3/2014 11:24:37 AM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    I cought a virus while I was on the conference in Florida. I flew back in last Thursday and I've been sleeping since then. After the projectile v... Read more

  • NSV and Greedy Hotels

    6/23/2014 8:42:56 PM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    So I've been in Orlando, FL since Saturday for a work conference. It's been one misfortune after another. I had double layovers flying in which r... Read more

  • Paleothic Diet

    6/20/2014 1:35:01 PM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    Calories planned for today: 1,304 People at work have been raving about this Paleo diet, or "caveman" diet and I'm gonna give it a try. It f... Read more

  • Calorie Counting

    6/19/2014 9:36:40 AM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    I think I'm going to stop doing these stupid short term fad diets and just count my calories. I'm going to net 1200 a day. I plan on going to the... Read more

  • Visit to Psychiatrist

    6/17/2014 1:20:03 PM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    You never really know how much is wrong with you until you talk to a psychiatrist for 10 minutes. The guy absolutely shredded me. Clinical depre... Read more

  • Weekend

    6/16/2014 3:35:17 PM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    I had many beers this past weekend. This morning I woke up with a giant cold sore under my nose. To add to my medical calamities recently, I migh... Read more

  • I want a beer

    6/13/2014 3:38:51 PM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    All I want to do is go home, grab a beer, go shower with the beer, put on a mud mask, and space out to Netflix. And more beer. We... Read more

  • Woe is Me

    6/12/2014 9:51:34 AM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    I am just not having a good week. Jesus. I had dinner with my friend and I kept itching my face because that morning I woke up wi... Read more

  • Stood Up

    6/11/2014 4:39:45 PM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    At lunch time yesterday my power went out. It didn't come back on until 8 PM! We had a bad storm here and the box got hit with lightning. I went ... Read more

  • Day 10/60 Country Club

    6/10/2014 4:39:33 PM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    Yesterday I volunteered at the local country club for a charity golf tournament. I got to drive a golf cart around all day recording the score of... Read more

  • Day 8/60 Feeling Good

    6/8/2014 11:01:08 AM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    I managed to fight through the cravings yesterday and I've been sober for 3 days. That in itself is amazing. Even though my weigh in wasn't what ... Read more

  • Week 1 Weigh In

    6/7/2014 8:31:54 AM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    Current weight: 163 lbs. ARGGGGGGGGGGGG. I followed the plan like maybe 3 days this week. So yea, still 20 lbs to lose for me. I guess I'll ... Read more

  • Day 6/60 Plantation

    6/6/2014 6:53:15 PM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    I've been off the wagon since the drama hit on Wednesday and undid all the progress I've made so far. Today I had lunch with my mother in law. Sh... Read more

  • Day 6...Week 1....Year 1.....

    6/6/2014 1:06:42 AM, by BATHRICB

    Over the past few days I have been eating healthier and trying to get healthier, by moving more and adding in some exercise. I set out to start m... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    DAY 1 Turn around no talking.....

    6/6/2014 1:05:13 AM, by BATHRICB

    Please refer to my blog titled: Day 1....Week 1.....Chapter 1..... Page 1..... for more in-depth information about me and my journey! ... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    Day 1 this is me!

    6/6/2014 1:00:59 AM, by BATHRICB

    Please refer to my blog titled: Day 1....Week 1.....Chapter 1..... Page 1..... for more in-depth information about me and my journey! ... Read more

  • video blog Video Blog
    Day 1 Intro

    6/6/2014 12:56:13 AM, by BATHRICB

    This is the beginning to a new me! Please refer to my blog titled: Day 1....Week 1.....Chapter 1..... Page 1..... for more in-depth informa... Read more

  • Day 3/60 Drama

    6/4/2014 8:06:37 AM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    Oh god, the drama. It began with my mom calling me around 4 PM on Monday about a letter she received but it was addressed to me. It w... Read more

  • Day 2/60 Enough is Enough

    6/2/2014 10:19:07 AM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    I made it past day 1! I got some cravings around the mid afternoon because the day was literally dragging on and on. Then my husband tries to tem... Read more

  • Day 1/60

    6/1/2014 2:06:16 PM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    The day sure is dragging. I think it's because I can't breathe. The asthma is either manageable or not, depending on what I eat or drink. A drank... Read more

  • Body Image

    5/31/2014 5:31:55 PM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    The first time I thought about losing weight was when I was in 5th grade. I was small and athletic. I had just learned to speak English fluently ... Read more

  • Well, OK.

    5/30/2014 12:56:17 PM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    I went to the gym yesterday and it still didn't help so I went and bought a turkey sandwich and some wine. After about 3 glasses I got enough cou... Read more

  • Bad Day

    5/29/2014 11:13:00 AM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    You ever notice how it's not something big but just a bunch of little thing... Read more

  • Supersize vs. Superskinny

    5/28/2014 10:04:17 AM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    First, a bit of good news. I am down almost 3 lbs since yesterday! I am currently giving fasting another go since I am not under the pressure of ... Read more

  • Applebee's and Mass Effect 2

    5/27/2014 3:36:54 PM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    My mom and I had lunch today after she realized that they needed to take my depression seriously. I had never eaten at Applebee's but they advert... Read more

  • New Jobs and Busy Times

    5/27/2014 1:16:48 PM, by THESB25

    Hey guys! So sorry for the recent bout of missing-in-action. Last week I started both my new positions. I am working evenings at a private... Read more

  • Down the rabbit hole

    5/25/2014 10:19:22 PM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    You ever feel like you are no longer on the tracks? You're not even in the train? You're "flying to Hogwarts on a magical car"off the plan? ... Read more

  • Cleaning

    5/23/2014 4:00:27 PM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    It's my first day off. I started bright and early because I couldn't sleep. I had an egg white scramble with tomatoes, green onion, and 1/4 cup o... Read more

  • Taking some time off

    5/21/2014 9:50:38 PM, by PRINCESS_SOFI

    I'm taking off two weeks from work. I just can't handle it anymore. What really upsets me about the entire issue is my parents. I'm so mad I actu... Read more

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