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  • Simple pleasures of life

    9/29/2016 10:10:34 PM, by ERCELLAJS

    Some simple pleasures of life that I enjoy. *In the summer crawling into bed with bamboo sheets, cool and lightweight *In the winter crawl... Read more

  • 5 things I like about fall

    9/19/2016 11:06:56 PM, by ERCELLAJS

    Come, Little Leaves George Cooper "Come, little leaves," said the wind one day, "Come o'er the meadows with me and play; Put on your dres... Read more

  • Summer to fall

    9/13/2016 11:40:34 PM, by ERCELLAJS

    Does the cooler weather that comes with this time of the year change anything about how you exercise such as your routine?  How will the change f... Read more

  • Bye bye August ... Hello September

    9/2/2016 11:31:50 PM, by ERCELLAJS

    August was a busy month and I managed to stay within my calorie limit or under for 24 days fo the 31. Well maybe I should only coun... Read more

  • favorite fitness activities

    8/29/2016 9:28:43 PM, by ERCELLAJS

    What is your favorite fitness activity and Why? Your least favorite? Is there anyway you could learn to like it? ... Read more

  • 2nd blog about SP

    8/29/2016 9:18:59 PM, by ERCELLAJS

    Why spark people? What keeps you here? What is your favorite feature of the site? Are you a regular blogger?? What do you enjoy blogging about... Read more

  • Childhood memory

    8/21/2016 11:56:36 PM, by ERCELLAJS

    I am blessed to have many childhood memories. This last week I had to do a lot of traveling and part of it was driving through foothills. See th... Read more

  • SP and blogging

    8/19/2016 11:06:14 PM, by ERCELLAJS

    How and why did you come to SparkPeople? What keeps you coming back to SparkPeople? What is your favorite feature of the site? Are you a regular ... Read more

  • A Journey to Lose what's Weighing me Down!

    8/16/2016 8:30:16 AM, by MAMAGIDGETJ

    January 31, 2016 I turned 43 years old. I am 14yrs married to an AMAZING man who supports me & loves me just the way I am. I am a mama Of 2 bio c... Read more

  • # Positive Thoughts

    8/11/2016 8:03:13 AM, by BT9261

    Positive Thoughts today I step on scale no pounds lost,but I will not give up at this point i would say forget it ,So today I can do this :)and s... Read more

  • #noscale

    8/9/2016 2:53:18 PM, by BT9261

    Ok I know I just started my diet been three days and step on scale know I shouldn't have,I know I need to have patients... But proud of myself wa... Read more

  • #healthysnacks

    8/8/2016 8:28:04 PM, by BT9261

    Ideas... Read more

  • First blog

    8/7/2016 4:02:53 PM, by BT9261

    Ok the last two days I have had all my calories with only 240 left for dinner. I need to change some things .No soda today trying... Read more

  • New today

    8/6/2016 10:33:34 PM, by BT9261

    Ok I see how to post now I think lol... Read more

  • Driver's License Photo Made Me Serious About Weight Loss

    8/6/2016 1:04:06 PM, by LAVANDE58

    Well, I updated my driver's license yesterday and the new photo honestly wasn't of bad quality, but oh! I thought to myself "How did I get s... Read more

  • Late night thoughts

    8/6/2016 12:21:27 AM, by MOTHER1994

    All my life I just wanted. To wake up and be skinny... You know I don't wanna be skin I want to be able to chase around my son, I want to be able... Read more

  • July is gone August to be

    8/3/2016 11:44:51 PM, by ERCELLAJS

    Lost a pound. My average calories for the month was 1,433 which is within my calorie limit but towards the higher end. My exercis... Read more


    7/27/2016 9:44:52 PM, by MOTHER1994

    It's almost 8pm. I'm sleepy and ready to clean up and go to bed. I haven't done any kind of workout today... When I was doing insanity yesterday ... Read more

  • Some of my favorite summer recipes for summer

    7/26/2016 10:20:27 PM, by ERCELLAJS

    I really like to keep things simple in the summer. Potato Salad 4 potatos 4 hardboiled eggs 1 small onion Mira... Read more

  • Clean eating

    7/26/2016 1:08:53 PM, by MOTHER1994

    Anyone have any tips to clean eating like a website or a web page that is most helpful at the grocery store. I am a single mom so I have very lim... Read more

  • Motivation

    7/25/2016 4:20:23 PM, by MOTHER1994

    Having motivation is one of the things I struggle with. Somedays I am like I need to get this done and I do it. Other days I'm moppy and lazy. I ... Read more

  • Back on Track: Week 1 Progress

    7/24/2016 12:31:23 PM, by KNH771

    I started my new health plan on Monday. It was far from a perfect week. It took me a few days to stop craving chips and sweet treats. I'm also... Read more

  • A Goal Is a Wish Until You Write It Down

    7/20/2016 1:41:09 PM, by KNH771

    I've been dealing with some weight regain, and I'm starting a new program to attack the problem. I think in an earlier blog I wrote some of my l... Read more

  • Fresh Start #1,832...

    7/17/2016 3:04:48 PM, by KNH771

    I really don't know how many times I've started over on this whole healthier living/weight loss thing, but it feels like a million. Which i... Read more

  • This Will Only Take 400 years!

    7/15/2016 9:41:35 AM, by KNH771

    Sometimes you just have to laugh... I put today's weight into my weight tracking software, and I got this notice... Read more

  • An ideal summer day

    7/12/2016 11:27:21 PM, by ERCELLAJS

    Actually weekend before last my husband gave me an ideal summer day. We got up and had a light breakfast...he had cereal and I enjo... Read more

  • Typing this Hurts...

    7/11/2016 10:26:11 AM, by KNH771

    I'm a little bit late posting a July update, but I ... Read more

  • New

    7/7/2016 1:19:46 PM, by HHANSEN4

    Hello everyone. My name is Helen. I'm new to spark and am having trouble with motivation. Any advice? Any tips on using this site would be greatl... Read more

  • Goodby June Hello July

    7/6/2016 12:02:36 AM, by ERCELLAJS

    I don't do well with blogs, but have been told I need to journal to help with my stress. I didn't lose any weight, only stayed within my calorie... Read more

  • Graveyard

    6/22/2016 10:59:50 AM, by DSALINGER

    Working a midnight shift at a hotel. Makes for bored eating. I've been bringing a banana, crunchy granola bar, and a light tuna wrap to work to t... Read more

  • Starting Photos

    6/16/2016 1:44:09 PM, by RUPPRECHTS

    This is my body. 215, strong upper body, weak lower body. I'm improving my eating and have a wonderful support system. I'm posting these so I am ... Read more

  • New Goals!

    6/14/2016 1:50:57 PM, by RUPPRECHTS

    I'm making this blog so I can redefine some short term goals. 1- eat out less during the week. (I'm only allowed 4 time MAX a week) 2- ... Read more

  • DAY 3

    6/12/2016 8:44:43 PM, by STOKES52104

    So I have been consulting with a diabetic educator and I just made out my meals for tomorrow wow I eat unhealthy... Read more

  • DAY 2

    6/11/2016 4:23:41 PM, by STOKES52104

    Love this app has helped me realize that I don't really eat the healthiest at all but a little here and a little there I will get there and get m... Read more

  • Day 1

    6/10/2016 4:34:11 PM, by STOKES52104

    Co workers and I have chose to get healthy just the first day so we will see how it will go..... wish me luck... Read more

  • Food Free Zones

    6/6/2016 9:04:00 AM, by KNH771

    I was at my hospital's weight loss support group a couple of weeks ago, when the the dietitian asked an interesting question... Where are the foo... Read more

  • One day at a time

    6/3/2016 11:39:38 AM, by SHANTELLHALE

    Today I'm going to get in 100 ozs of water.... Read more

  • June Goals

    6/2/2016 8:46:49 AM, by KNH771

    Is it just me, or is 2016 zipping by? Hard to b... Read more

  • Hello June

    6/1/2016 10:35:43 PM, by ERCELLAJS

    Enjoyed the first day of June and the shinning sun till around 7 pm then we got some as I was going home from having my... Read more

  • Frustrated

    6/1/2016 9:12:18 AM, by KNH771

    Normally on the first of the month I post my goals and something cheery, but today I'm just not feelin' it. I put a lot of effort into tracking ... Read more

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