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  • Starting over again

    1/10/2018 7:07:39 AM, by TAMMYBUBBA

    Hello everyone starting Sparks again.After I had a heart scare that turn out to be acid reflux and I step on the scale and seen I was 270 pounds ... Read more

  • What Works for Me

    11/10/2017 10:02:04 AM, by LISSAEMM76

    So today is the first day I'm really going to make an effort to eat well and track and I plan to walk two miles this evening...been fighting a mi... Read more

  • Happy Halloween

    10/31/2017 7:26:12 AM, by TAMMYBUBBA

    OK coffee in hand no cream no sugar day one,Yikes!I started today of no candy! Lol Having hard boiled egg 1oz Chicken and a smoothie Good start.... Read more

  • An update - almost a year and a half of success!

    10/16/2017 9:31:57 AM, by SURRENDER21

    I used eat to get instant comfort, relief from stress... or I just plain binged for no reason I could understand. I have now been binge-free sinc... Read more

  • Article entry points

    8/22/2017 10:12:52 PM, by CRMWWMJCM

    I read the article but it does not give me my spark points. Help what do you think the problem is?... Read more

  • My weight will not eclipse me.

    8/21/2017 4:53:15 PM, by SO_WORTH_IT

    This morning I watched the eclipse like everyone else. From where I live in Washington state, the sun was 93% eclipsed. Only 7% of the sun w... Read more

  • Sad-Strong in the morning only

    8/12/2017 11:32:34 AM, by LAURIEWY

    OK, I've gained 10 pounds in about 3 weeks. I'm going the wrong direction. I am so strong and determined when I wake up, but then by lunch I've s... Read more

  • Today

    6/21/2017 11:31:15 AM, by KELLIEV

    1 day at a time! My goal is to stay on my program one... Read more

  • Priorities

    6/20/2017 2:20:59 PM, by JGSTEIN

    I have to say I haven't been on in quite a while and the progress (backwards) makes that rather obvious. What is my excuse? Priorities. I am stru... Read more

  • new Goal

    6/9/2017 4:39:05 PM, by CARTOON3

    Today is the first day of the rest of my life I am making lifestyle modifications, eating healthier, getting plenty of exercise and plenty of sle... Read more

  • Ready to Start Keto!

    5/10/2017 10:15:40 PM, by AMYANN2005

    According to the website: http://www.healthcentral.com
    -test-2774-143.html Your Results You have 44% ... Read more

  • A new beginning again?

    4/30/2017 2:16:10 AM, by LOOKPASTMYSCARS

    It's late. I just talked my self out of weight watchers again. Tomorrow I'll make a real "I'm in it to win it" post... Read more

  • Tired

    4/13/2017 6:24:53 PM, by LAURIEWY

    I'm sure I'm coming down with something. I keep telling myself I can't get sick and right now tired and ache. But working it out. Had great day... Read more

  • I feel like a yoyo

    4/12/2017 10:12:19 PM, by MAMAGIDGETJ

    Original Date July 8, 2016 original weight 387.8 lbs. Diagnosed March 29, 2017 with Congestive Heart Failure due to my kidneys functioning at 5o... Read more

  • Goodmorning

    4/10/2017 8:29:31 AM, by LAURIEWY

    Ready for the day. ... Read more

  • Sunday last day of spring break

    4/9/2017 1:17:08 PM, by LAURIEWY

    Last day of spring break and we have snow and high winds. Not very spring like. Doing some cleaning and laundry. Hoping tomorrow's back on ... Read more

  • .??????

    4/8/2017 12:14:13 PM, by LAURIEWY

    Have you had those days you just don't know what to say. That's today. Working on myself is hard focusing on logging in everyday and tracki... Read more

  • Candy bar Plunge

    4/7/2017 1:12:55 PM, by LAURIEWY

    Ok yesterday was a horrible day. After pizza for dinner I finished it up with Milky Way simple Carmel and then turned around and gobbled down a w... Read more

  • Spring Break

    4/4/2017 11:44:13 AM, by LAURIEWY

    We started spring break and have no great Elaborate plans but yet I'm in a hotel room. I'm out of town with my sister in law the fitness woman an... Read more

  • Transition

    4/3/2017 12:47:56 PM, by LAURIEWY

    Due to money I am leaving weight watchers and starting back at sparkpeople. This transition is hard, but much needed. I've been stagnant for almo... Read more

  • Who'da Thunk It?

    1/20/2017 8:51:23 AM, by KNH771

    Sometimes it can be easy to lose perspective in the midst of this health journey. There are days when I get caught up with comparing myself to o... Read more

  • Week 2 Check In

    1/18/2017 9:25:15 AM, by KNH771

    Eek! This check in is a few days late. Last week wasn't as strong as the week before. I missed a couple of days of workouts, ... Read more

  • All you can eat buffet

    1/16/2017 10:52:23 AM, by MELONIEJONES64

    Saw a commercial for IHOP the other day: All you can eat pancakes! The voice over invited me to slip on my stretchy pants and see how many pancak... Read more

  • One Week Down

    1/9/2017 11:30:57 AM, by KNH771

    It was a good first week in my new health plan. I exercised six of seven days, and was able to stay in my calorie range 6 of 7 days as well. My... Read more

  • It's Starting...

    1/3/2017 8:33:07 AM, by KNH771

    Tiny non-scale victory this morning... I'm on Day 3 of Beginner Shred and I'm already starting to see improvement. The baby push-ups that had me... Read more

  • A Starting Point

    1/2/2017 7:05:19 PM, by KNH771

    Before I get too far into the new year I wanted to take a moment and mark my starting point. I'm starting the year at around 206 lbs. (I use a ... Read more

  • So Now What?

    1/1/2017 4:11:09 PM, by KNH771

    Happy New Year to everyone! I'm sure that you've s... Read more

  • These Are a Few of My Favorite Things - 2016 Edition

    12/31/2016 4:13:54 PM, by KNH771

    It's here! The last day of 2016! Can you believe it? Today's blog isn't fitness related. I just wanted to think back on some of the thing... Read more

  • The Year in Review

    12/29/2016 10:25:46 AM, by KNH771

    This year has gone by quickly and dragged on at the... Read more

  • A Way to Be More Positive in the New Year

    12/27/2016 2:58:46 PM, by KNH771

    It's the time of year when people tend to look back on the year that's past and think about ways to improve the next one. 2016 has been particul... Read more

  • Life is such a gift!

    12/14/2016 10:41:02 PM, by PERFECT01

    I'm grateful to be up walking, able to care for myself and recovered enough to have a tiny spark of ambition to get myself healthy and in shape a... Read more

  • December Goals

    12/2/2016 7:17:52 AM, by KNH771

    Can you believe this year is almost over?! This ... Read more

  • They don't matter!

    11/7/2016 11:52:59 AM, by MAMAGIDGETJ

    Yes Yes YES!!! I didn't step right into the gym all these years ( as I've been over weight my WHOLE life & still am) as I felt like everyone was ... Read more

  • The Starting Line

    11/1/2016 12:32:38 PM, by KNH771

    It's a new month! I don't know why that excites me... Read more

  • Here I Go Again...

    10/30/2016 10:40:40 AM, by KNH771

    Hello Spark Peeps! Can you believe another month i... Read more

  • I am back

    10/23/2016 10:42:09 AM, by HHARTNELL7

    I came back to sparkpeople! MY first goal is 5 lbs loss by end of November! I am going to eat healthier more protein fiber and low fat. Move more... Read more

  • Plateau-busting

    10/12/2016 9:39:54 PM, by ERCELLAJS

    I have been increasing my level higher on the elliptical and bike. I try to vary my routine. I als... Read more

  • Day 1

    10/8/2016 9:31:44 AM, by JAIMEWINGARD

    I have been here before, day 1. Too many times to count honestly. I am ready for this time to be different. I am struggling to fit into my uni... Read more

  • Simple pleasures of life

    9/29/2016 10:10:34 PM, by ERCELLAJS

    Some simple pleasures of life that I enjoy. *In the summer crawling into bed with bamboo sheets, cool and lightweight *In the winter crawl... Read more

  • 5 things I like about fall

    9/19/2016 11:06:56 PM, by ERCELLAJS

    Come, Little Leaves George Cooper "Come, little leaves," said the wind one day, "Come o'er the meadows with me and play; Put on your dres... Read more

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