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Day 357 - Jogged a Pathetic Mile
3/20/2014 7:09:38 PM,  2 COMMENTS

It turned out to be a nice day (after the weird morning snow storm) in the mid 40's with a light breeze, so after work, I decided to jog outdoors. ...  Read more


a long,cool day
3/20/2014 7:07:54 PM,  5 COMMENTS

i finally have some down time today. it is very challenging to work and to get other,equally important things done and to pursue your own interests. i...  Read more


Interesting Article on Willpower
3/18/2014 7:06:54 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Willpower is the ability to align yourself with the brain system that is thinking about long-term goals that is thinking about big values rather...  Read more


I Out-Walked My Daughter!
3/17/2014 9:20:13 PM,  2 COMMENTS

I asked my DD if she wanted to go on my walk with me today. I warned her that I was going to go at my normal pace. I could practically hear her thin...  Read more


an amazing day
3/17/2014 6:55:33 PM,  13 COMMENTS

i had a great weekend and i am having an amazing day so far. the job is going well and i am able to keep up with my school work as well. my daughter s...  Read more


Happy St Patrick's Day!
3/17/2014 1:42:05 PM,  3 COMMENTS

137 438 440 437 May love and laughter light your days, and warm your heart and home. May good and faithful friends be yours, wherever you may...  Read more


3/17/2014 4:51:45 AM,  8 COMMENTS

I posted this on a message board, but it bears repeating. CONSTANT VIGILANCE! If I do not track, I stop losing. If I do not exercise, I sto...  Read more


It's official: Momdom!
3/16/2014 7:19:58 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Tuesday our adoption became final in front of about 35 friends, family and social workers. And one awesome judge who gave our son, David, a quilt made...  Read more


3/15/14 - Weigh Day!
3/15/2014 10:53:33 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Here I am, 2 months and 2 weeks in... and today was weigh day! I lost 1.8 lbs this week for a total of 34.8 lbs! So close to 35 lbs! I am STIL...  Read more


Day 19
3/14/2014 1:18:21 PM,  2 COMMENTS

FRIDAY!!!! I can't wait to get home. I finally feel like doing something. hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can fix the tractor tomorrow....  Read more


Fell off the exercise wagon
3/13/2014 10:41:08 PM,  1 COMMENTS

33 I'm so sad this is what always happens I do really good and I guess I get comfortable and I start slacking off on my exercising. I have plenty...  Read more


Day 18
3/13/2014 2:10:09 PM,  0 COMMENTS

wow 2 days in a row! drive was a bit dicey this am. but not as bad as yesterday. I'm so glad I did not get the snow that they did up here by my off...  Read more


a sunny,cold day
3/13/2014 11:50:28 AM,  10 COMMENTS

i'm inbetween classes right now. enjoying a much needed break. so far, i have not heard about the job that is to start tomorrow. i am prepared to star...  Read more


Trying to Keep Motivated
3/13/2014 11:35:25 AM,  8 COMMENTS

I've been wallowing about my knee since Monday, and I feel like I need to make a concerted effort to snap out of it and stop feeling sorry for myself....  Read more


I Tried Something New
3/12/2014 5:16:25 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Last week I did something I have been wanting to do for some time. I made strawberry jam from strawberries grown in my backyard, then I canned it. I...  Read more


The Big FIVE OH-OH!!
3/12/2014 1:59:10 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Well, my husband & family have helped take the "sting" out of turning 50!! ha ha As my husband so lovingly put it..." wow your a half a century old!!...  Read more


Day 17
3/12/2014 10:58:17 AM,  0 COMMENTS

What a week. The time change was the last straw I was sick fever, sinus stuff and fatigue. I even called off on Monday. I did not work from home I...  Read more


a snowy day
3/12/2014 8:47:16 AM,  17 COMMENTS

it is supposed to snow throughout the day today. my daughter enjoys playing in the snow. me, i do not mind as long as it isn't blowing snow or too col...  Read more


a beautiful mild sunny day
3/11/2014 8:58:35 AM,  13 COMMENTS

had a great weekend! back in town and back at school today. did really well on one of my midterm exams. will find out about the other one this week. m...  Read more


a lovely winter day
3/10/2014 6:01:47 PM,  12 COMMENTS

i found out on friday afternoon that i got the job! i start this friday. i am still waiting for the final details from the agency. then i will be good...  Read more


An amazing weekend and my Astronaut dream of Algonquin
3/10/2014 1:20:37 PM,  4 COMMENTS

It's been a tough run this winter. Balancing skiing with hiking, balancing fun and fun, great friends and the outdoors. Rough life for a girl like me....  Read more


Seven Stitches.
3/9/2014 5:57:23 PM,  11 COMMENTS

Ugh. I wiped out today, talking a walk. Three hours in the emergency room and seven stitches later, I am home. Unable to swim, do Zumba or even sta...  Read more


day 14
3/9/2014 11:24:03 AM,  1 COMMENTS

yes yesterday was a very busy day! I missed blogging. sorry Friday night we had a fire and burned a ton of wood trash that had been collecting. The...  Read more


Every Week Now! I Must! LOL
3/8/2014 4:00:51 AM,  8 COMMENTS

I was weighing on the 1st and 15th of every month, but I think every week sounds good now. It's been 2 months and 1 week and I'm STILL motivated and...  Read more


Today was a good day
3/7/2014 6:37:09 PM,  3 COMMENTS

Today is normally the day my husband and I would go out of town for our anniversary weekend this year we chose to pay bills and start getting rid of s...  Read more


The Big Difference One Small Pound Makes
3/7/2014 12:48:47 PM,  2 COMMENTS

The difference between 170 pounds and 169 pounds seems insignificant; after all it is only one pound. But that single pound can seem huge when it cha...  Read more


Day 12
3/7/2014 12:15:42 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Oh what a headache I have. and my sinuses are a mess. and the contractor just Screwed up my Saturday (not the word I wanted to use 2 he is done an...  Read more


"Not Cool, Mom"
3/7/2014 12:55:39 AM,  3 COMMENTS

These are the words I heard from my preteen DD. She dared me to try on her new size 12 pants. They fit! I think she is scarred for life. 334 Th...  Read more


so much sunshine
3/6/2014 3:02:57 PM,  8 COMMENTS

so far, i have not yet heard whether or not i have that job. so i will start applying for others. i will get ahead in my homework, so that if the job...  Read more


Day 11
3/6/2014 2:11:27 PM,  0 COMMENTS

Whew! I just had a touch base with the boss and I am not leaving what I am doing or the IT department. Certain people are just messing with my head....  Read more


Day 10
3/5/2014 2:53:46 PM,  0 COMMENTS

OMG what a day. I am getting the distinct impression I don't work here anymore, but I don't know where I'm going to work. If they move me outside th...  Read more


a less cool day
3/5/2014 11:45:16 AM,  5 COMMENTS

i'm having a great day so far! taking a mini break just now. then i'll be off once again to do some errands. my daughter will start march break as of...  Read more


Where Are You on Your Priority List?
3/4/2014 7:04:09 PM,  1 COMMENTS

Everyone has a list of priorities: family, work, school, and other obligations. Where do you put yourself on your list? If you are anything like me,...  Read more


March Goals
3/4/2014 3:58:42 PM,  4 COMMENTS

Well my goals for March are quite simple to just try to stay focused and on track. 521 I am also starting my tomato and pepper plants 376...  Read more


Day 9
3/4/2014 11:56:20 AM,  0 COMMENTS

1/3 of the way to 21 days! Stove when crazy yesterday. I think our spirits are unhappy we are leaving. I see them much more outside, and things a...  Read more


a cool and cloudy day
3/4/2014 9:59:12 AM,  12 COMMENTS

i will be working on some homework today. my good friend surprised me with some beautiful flowers the other day. i was definitely not expecting any. m...  Read more


Day 8
3/3/2014 8:42:21 AM,  0 COMMENTS

No snow last night!!! though it was 8 degrees this am. I forgot to put makeup on again, maybe I need to put that on the list! anyway yesterday......  Read more


Not Giving Up
3/3/2014 6:36:13 AM,  4 COMMENTS

I was going to wait but I have chosen that it's time to share my progress: I have been working through a Concussion Syndrome & Cervegogenic Dizz...  Read more


a sunny winter day
3/2/2014 2:24:12 PM,  9 COMMENTS

i am enjoying my weekend so far. i have a job interview tomorrow afternoon and i know i will do very well. even though it is a week off school for me,...  Read more


3/2/2014 1:26:15 PM,  5 COMMENTS

Ok, so it took me a while longer to get below that 221 that I was planning to pound the last time I wrote. Things happened...between way to much snow,...  Read more


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